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Benjamin Clarke

Male Bef 1721 - Aft 1725  (~ 5 years)

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Less detail
Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Benjamin Clarke was born before 1721 in Saint Mary Co, Maryland (son of Robert Clarke, Jr and Mrs Elizabeth (..) Clarke); died after 1725.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Robert Clarke, Jr was born in Mar 1652 in Saint Mary Co, Maryland (son of Robert* Clarke, Sr and Winefred* Seybourne); died on 31 Jan 1725 in Saint Mary Co, Maryland.

    Other Events:

    • Will: 31 Jan 1725, Saint Mary Co, Maryland


    1689. Robert Clarke ??, Abraham Clarke & Richard Gardiner paid by John Darnall's estate, Lib 10 fol 230 SMC and in Lib 10 fol 210 Robert Clarke ??
    owed the estate of Richard Gardiner.

    1696 Robert Clarke paid estate of Richard Gardiner, Lib 14, fol 78. Payment to Gilbert Clarke.
    Mentions Thos Gardiner, brother of dec'd, Luke Gardiner,
    Exr. [note says 'Luke Gardiner knew of Robert Clarke's Father'. - to me Luke is referring to the Surveyor.

    Clarke, Anne, dau of robert & Mary 16yrs servant of Mathew Stonehill 11 Jan 1675. [ct&land F#1.163]
    Clarke, Susannah dau of Robert & Mary to age 16 servant of Robert Thompson 11 Jan 1675 [ct&land F#1.153]
    Clarke, Mary dau of Robert & Mary to age 16 servant of Henry Hawkins 11 jan 1675 [ct& land F#1.163]
    Clarke, Robert son of Robert & Mary to age 21 servant of John Allward 11 jan 1675 [ct& land F#1.163]

    Daniell Hamon 9.262 A SM 34.5.3 #3482 Apr 30 1687
    Payments to: Mr. Stephen Goff by order of Col. Henry Darnall, Richard Chapman, Robert Clarke, Richard Edlen, James Heath.
    Administrator: Thomas Deakings.
    John Crooke 19.159 A SM 23.8.11 12.10.8 Jul 13 1699
    Payments to: Jacob Moreland, Robert Clarke, Thomas Crabb.
    Mentions: 3 orphans (unnamed).
    Administratrix: Sarah Warren, wife of Samuell Warren.
    Powell, George, 1st Jan., 1648; 19th July, 1685.
    To wife Sarah, execx., life interest in estate.
    To son George 2/3 of estate at 21 yrs. of age, and entire estate at death of his mother.
    Test: Cor Watkinson, Garrett Comerford, Evan Jones. 4. 144.
    George Powell 9.137 A CA 14.10.4 #6259 Aug 9 1686
    The amount of the inventory is equivalent to #1590.
    Payments to: Col. Henry Jowles, Mr. Richard Gardner, Mr. Henry Brent, Robert Clark, Peter Wood, Edward Wood, Cornelius Watkins, John Galwith, William Taylard.
    Executrix: Sarah Crooke, wife of John Crooke.
    Charles County Circuit Court Liber F, Page 184
    {abt 28 March 1676}[undated]; Deed from William Marshall, planter, to Robert Clarke and John Clarke, sons of Robert Clark; for 5,000# tobacco; a parcel of land sold to me by Walter Beane; /s/ William Marshall; wit. Daniell Johnson, John Small
    Charles County Circuit Court Liber P, Page 30
    12 Sep 1688; Indenture from Robert Clark, planter, to Philip Lyne; 2,000# tobacco; a parcel called Small Hopes on the main fresh of the Wicomico River; containing 100 acres; also a parcel called Purchase adjoining a parcel laid out for Henry Moore called Small Hopes; also 50 acres formerly surveyed by Richard Edelen for Robert Clark; joining 600 acres formerly laid out for George Goodrich; /s/ Robert Clark (mark); wit. Cleborne Lomax, Ralph Shaw, Peter Dent
    From: WILLIAM CLARKSON formerly of Charles County, now of P. G. County, planter.
    To: ROBERT CLARKE of P. G. County, planter
    Price: 7000 lbs. tobacco
    Property: All the 192 acre tract called "Clarksons Purchase" on Broad Creek below the mouth of Clash Creek and bounding on "Addisons Expidition" and "Bachellors Harbour."
    Ackn'd: WILLIAM CLARKSON and RUTH his wife, 15 January 1700.
    Recorded: (day & month unspecified) 1699, Vol. A, p. 197.
    Charles County Court and Land Records, Liber H #2, Page 284
    23 Sep 1719; Recorded at request of Capt. John Fendall, Gent.:
    5 Sep 1662; from William Marshall, planter, for 5, 000 # of Tobaco; a parcel sold by Walter Beane to Robert Clark and John Clark s/o sd. Robert Clark; paying rent to Walter Beane; /s/ William Marshall (mark); wit. Daniel Johnson, John Small


    Clarke, Robert, St. Mary's County, 19th Aug., 1721; 31st Jan., 1725.
    To eldest son Thomas and hrs., land he now lives on in "Bever Dam Mannor"; personalty.
    To son Robert, "Addition"; and personalty.
    To little son Benjamin and hrs. (son of wife Elizabeth), dwelling plantation -- and personalty; to be in care of his mother and to be brought up in faith of Church of England; shd. he die during minority, plantation after wife's decease to son Thomas and hrs.
    To wife Elizabeth, extx., residue of personal estate during life; at her decease, to be divided among eldest children, viz. Thomas, Robert, daus. Sarah Grinwell, Anne Hall, Jeny Gough and Elinor, wife of Henry Grinwell.
    Test: Richard Osbern, Robert Hutchings, Michael Realy.
    Codicil, 8th Nov., 1725: Shd. wife die during minority of son Benjamin, she may assign him as she thinks flt, security for complying with above will being given.
    Test: M. Jenifer, Jno. Read, Henry Realy. 18, 438.

    Robert married Mrs Elizabeth (..) Clarke before 1725. Elizabeth was born about 1670; died after 1725. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 3.  Mrs Elizabeth (..) Clarke was born about 1670; died after 1725.
    1. 1. Benjamin Clarke was born before 1721 in Saint Mary Co, Maryland; died after 1725.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Robert* Clarke, Sr was born in 1611 in Cambrideshire, England; died in 1654 in Charles Co, Maryland.

    Other Events:

    • Emigration: 1636, Maryland
    • Will: 21 Jul 1664, Charles Co, Maryland


    Robert Clark, Gent., immigrated in 1636.
    Source: Maryland Land Office, Patent Records, Liber ABH, p. 132.

    Robert Clark, immigrated 1637.
    Source: Maryland Land Office, Patent Records, Liber ABH, p. 81.

    On Nov. 28, 1637, in the Unity of Isle of Wight: ... Robert Clark servant to Mr. Copley.
    Source: Maryland Land Office, Patent Records, Liber 1, p. 17.

    Robert Clerk demanded 5 [sic] acres for transporting self in 1637 ....
    Source: Maryland Land Office, Patent Records, Liber 1, p. 71.

    Patent to Philip West as assignee of Robert Percy (gentleman) who transported self in 1635 & assignee of Robert Clerk (gentleman) who transported self in 1637.
    Source: Maryland Land Office, Patent Records, Liber 1, p. 74.

    Robert Clark, immigrated 1638.
    Source: Maryland Land Office, Patent Records, Liber ABH, p. 9.

    Robert Clarke demanded 100 acres for transporting self in 1638 & 250 acres for transporting 3 servants in 1640: William Shepherd, Roger Plesto, Mary Shepherd. Assignment to Capt. William Haweley.
    Source: Maryland Land Office, Patent Records, Liber 2, p. 425.

    Mr. Robert Clark, married Winifred, widow of Thomas Green, Esq. prior to 1654.
    Source: Maryland Land Office, Patent Records, Liber ABH, p. 403.

    Aug. 30, 1649 - Jane wife of Nicholas Cawsin late widow of John Cockshott demanded 2000 acres for Mary & Jane Cockshott her children by said John, due said John for transporting self & 7 persons in 1642, per Robert Clarke (surveyor.) Warrant for Patowmeck River between Cedar Point & head of Port Tobacco Creek.
    Source: Maryland Land Office, Patent Records, Liber 2, pp. 506-7

    1 Apr 1651 -
    1651-Deposition of Mary the wife of John Greenway taken in open court the 20th day of March 1651 saith that upon or about the 17th day of February last Mr. Robert Clarke being in the house where the desponent (the home of John and Mary Greenway) liveth in at Inner Room of the said house and having left a Pistol upon the table in the outward Room where this desponent was about her occasions where in removing the Said pistol off the table the same went off in this deponents hands unawares. and this desponent thereupon going out of the room upon her return thither again found the said Mr. Clarke in the room where the said pistol so went off, who this deponent answered She did not know that she shot the same off, and the said Mr. Clarke thereupon asked her whether she cocked the pistol whereupon she relied no or to that effect and said Mr. Clarke not long after Charged the said pistol again putting a paper doubled into the panne, and being so charged laid the same again upon the table whereupon Phillip Anther was afterwards killed with the said pistol by James Langworth unawares as she verily believeth. His lords Attorney General this day declared by the way of indictment Against Mr. Robert Clarke and James Langworth thereby showing unto this court that Philip Anther late of St. Mary's County deceased being upon or about the 17th day of February last in the house of Newtown in the County afores where John Greenway and the said Langworth then dwelt, was there by the said Robert Clarke or James Langworth or one of them or by their or one of their means default or carelessness shot into the head or otherwise discharging of a pistol of the said Mr. Clarke's that he suddenly thereupon died, the same pistol having been the same day in the same house but a small time before unwittingly discharged by the wife of the said John Greenway in taking the same in her hand to her great affright and amazement.... Depositions were given by all persons present in the house that day including the deposition of Robert Clarke which was taken on the 18th day of February 1651 (Mr. Robert Clarke and Mr. Langworth) James Langworth gave his age as 22 years onld on the 18th day of February 1651. Upon the verdict of this court after some debate of the matter thought fitt and doth hereby acquit the said Robert Clarke in every respect touching the Philip Anther's death and doth fine James Langworth 500 pounds of tobacco and Cask to the lord proprietary, and doth order him to pay all court charges, dated 1 April 1651.

    21 July 1664 - Mr. Henry Addams to swear Thomas Mathews & George Goodricke to appraise the estate of Robert Clarke.
    Inventory of Robert Clarke, Esq.
    Date: 10 August 1664.
    List of debts: Isack Abrahams, Peter Sharpe, Francis Armstrong, Thomas Alonson, Tho. Baker & Richard Dod.
    Source: Maryland Prerogative Court, Testamentary Proceedings, Liber 1E, pp. 74-5.

    Aug. 20, 1677 - Sheriff (Charles Co.) to summon the following to render accounts: ... Philip Lynes administrator of Robert Clarke.
    Source: Maryland Prerogative Court, Testamentary Proceedings, Liber 4C, p. 25.
    1659. Freehold, 600 Acres, Charles Co, surveyed for Robert Clarke, 26 Aug
    1659 John Clarke had warrant for 500 Acres, Lib 4, folio 217.

    1661. From Lib A fol 189-196 we are told that Robert Clarke sold Burtom's Hill to John Clarke [son age 19?] who then sold it to Richard Trew who is now [4 Mar 1661] re-selling the land.

    1662. Robert Clark and John Clark, sons of Robert Clarke, the Surveyor, purchased a parcel of land from Walter Bean on 5 Sep 1662, with rent to be paid to Bean, Lib LH2, folio 284. Walter Marshall purchased land from Clarke's and sold in 1719. John is 20, Robert 9.

    1663. Robert Clarke, Esq of Charles County, [the Surveyor] appoints Thomas Notley of St Maries County, Merchant, Attorney to plead accons I have in Prov Court 8 Sep 1663, Lib BB folio 96.

    1664. From the 1664 Will of Robert Clarke, the Surveyor, Lib 1, folio 207/8, we know that his son, John Clarke was of age [born c1642]; his son, Robert was born in Mar 1653; and his son Thomas was born Dec 25, 1654; and daughter Mary, still a minor.

    1677. Robert Clarke, deceased, Phillip Lynes, Admr St Maries Co, Lib TP 4C f25.
    1677. Robert Clarke, deceased, Phillip Lynes, Admr Charles Co, made oath that never any goods or chattels of the dec'd has as yet come into his hands save 500 lbs of Tobacco, a gun discovered and something due from Robert Thompson for trespath and prays that he my have liberty to act for the said
    summe and granted. Lib TP 9, fol 334 or Lib TP L 9. I believe this is the Surveyors estate.

    MSA No. S538
    Prerogative Court (Wills)
    Robert Clarke
    Volume 1 Pages 217-218

    October 29, 1656 Sold and delivered by me Robert Clarke , unto Robert Macklin one Black Cow aged six years or thereabouts, commonly known by the name Ffoole, which sale and delivery I do & will announce and meantime against all lawful Claims. Witness my hand the day and year above written. Witness Signature John Clarke, Robert Clarke

    Court and Testamentary Business, 1657
    Mr. Robert Clarke aged forty six yeares or thereabouts Sworne and examined this 4th of November 1657 Sayeth that he this Deponent bought of Mr. William Eltonehead one servant for two thousand pounds of Tobacco which said Tobacco Mr. Eltonhead turn'd over to Mr. Thomas Marsh, and the Deponent farther Sayeth that he stood Debtor in Mr. Marshes book near two year for the same and farther this Deponent Sayeth, that when Mr. Marsh made up his accompt with this Deponent, that he said Mr. Marsh did not charge the said debt of two thousand to this Deponent. and farther this Deponent Sayeth not Robert Clarke

    Robert Clarke served Upper House 1658, 1659/60, 1661,1662, 1663 Died before 2nd Session of 1664.

    Robert Clarke-1658-1664 stands on Public/ Private issues:

    1658- William Hewes instituted action against Robert Clarke for repairs on "Green's Rest." . at that time the Madam Greene-Clarke was deceased. Hewes Claimed that the Captain William Stone engaged him
    for the work and that overseers of the estate of Thomas Greene should be responsible for the expenditures.
    (source: The Flowering of the Maryland Palatinate by Harry Wright Newman - Page 218 )

    1658- Richard Collett complaineth against Mr. Robert Clarke in an Action of Debt of 656 principle debt by bill, besides court charges. Summons to Robert Clarke to answer the Complaint.

    Robert Clarke
    1658-1664 Justice, Provincial Court
    Saturday 26 February 1658 Provincial Court
    Josias FFendall Esq. Govenor, Mr. Robert Clarke , Mr. Brook , Philip Calvert Esq. Secretary.
    Mr. Job Chandler, Mr. Edward Lloyd, Capt. William Stone, Dr. Luke Barber

    10 September 1663, Thursday Robert Clarke Plaintiff and Robert Robins Defendent appear in Provincial Court. concerning a matter of who owns some horses.

    Robert Clarke , Esq., enters his brand mark for himself and his family (source: Page 167( Page 200 in entry) of Charles County Court and Land Records, Volume 1

    Page 182 ( Page 250 in entry) of Charles County Court and Land Records, Volume 1
    letter of attorney appointing George Thompson; 26 Jan 1663; /s/
    Robert Clark; wit. Ignatous Causine; defendand confesses judgment;
    court orders payment 250# of tobacco and costs Robert Clark, by his
    atty. George Thompson, plt.; Mrs. Verlinda Stone, by her atty.
    Richard Stone, Def.;
    Charles County Circuit Court, Liber A; 4 Mar 1662, Page 189 - 190
    461. John Clarke, Gent. sells his rights to a parcel of land formerly surveyed by his father, Robert Clarke, Esq. at the head of the Wicokomeco River; on a branch between land of Daniell Johnson and John Courts; containing 600 acres to Henry Moore; 25 Feb 1661; /s/ John Clarke; wit. George Thompson, Henry Adames
    Charles County Circuit Court, Liber H, page 190
    9 Sept. 1679; indenture from George Thompson late of Charles County,
    now of St. Mary's County., Gent. to Benjamin Rozer, esq., for 18,000
    # tobacco; a parcel of land called poiresefield; on the east side of
    St. Thomas Creek; bounded by 100 Acres of land formerly laid out for
    Robert Clarke , Esq., and Mr. Goodwicks; laid out for 100 acres; /s/
    George Thompson; wit. Henry Bonner, John Godshall, Edmund Dennes
    Charles County Circuit Court, Liber A; 8 Jul 1662, Page 215
    512. Deed of Gift: from Thomas Clarke to his wife Jane Clarke, a black mare; 2 Jul 1662; /s/ Rob Clarke; wit. George Thompson, Richard Row (mark)
    Charles County Circuit Court, Liber B, 3 Feb 1663/4, Page 253
    Robert Clarke and John Clarke, gent. assign to Thomas Baker, gent. a 4 year old mare; 4 Feb 1663/4; /s/ Robert Clarke, John Clarke; wit. George Thompson, Ignatius Causeene
    Robert Clarke and John Clarke sell to George Thompson a gelding; 18 Feb 1663; /s/ Robert Clarke, John Clarke; wit. Ignatius Causeene, John Dodson
    Editors: Robert Clark, Gent. immigrated to Maryland in 1636 (Patents AB&H:132, Gibb) Before 1654, ?Mr. Robert Clark married Winifred, widow of Thomas Green, Esq. (Patents AB&H:403, Skordas) and by 1658, ?Mr. Robert Clark? had married Joan Cousine (Colsin, Causin), widow of Nicholas (Patents Qo:264, Gibb). His son, Robert, married Sarah Combe, daughter of Abraham (See Combs &c.'s Abraham Combe (of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia and St. Mary's and Charles Counties, Maryland) and Combs &c. of St. Mary's County, Maryland for more on this family)
    Charles County Circuit Court, Liber B, 3 Feb 1663/4, Page 256
    Robert Clarke, Esq. enters his brand mark for himself and family
    Charles County Circuit Court, Liber B, 5 Mar 1663/4, Page 290
    Robert Clarke, Esq., binds himself to pay Mr. Edmond Custis of London 200# of tobacco by 10 Dec; /s/ Robert Clarke; wit. Henry Crage, Edward Richardson
    Prince George's County, Maryland - Land Owners at Time PGCo Was Formed - 1696: Tract Name: CROUCHES GIFT; Owner: Clarke, Robert: Orig County = C {Charles = C, Calvert = V}; Patent Date: Jun 30, 1663: Ref: Liber 6 f 223 : Map Location: M-21
    MR. WILLIAM PRESLY, 1000 acs. in Petomeck freshes about 3 mi. above land called Mr. Robert Clerke's land, Ely. upon sd. river, Sly. upon land of Mr. Francis Grey & John Lancelott. 15 July I657, p. II6, (I72). Trans. of 20 pers: Roger Bell, James Arden, Ro. Rodes, Tim. Lawrence, Bernard Nash, Jno. Vamell, Edd. Cooper, Law. Seines, Dan. Armstronge, Hugh Davis, Tho. Madrin, Nich. Peake, Rand. Jackson, Tho. Beale, Peeter Hughes, Mary James, Martha Hiller, Judith Chroshaw, Wm. Batty, Corl. May.
    ROBERT CLERKE, 2000 acs. upon a creek issuing out of Petomeck freshes above the narrowes at Puscatoway which divides this from a tract aperteining to John Wood, Rob. Smith & John Ayres. 15 July 1657, p. 173, (259). Trans. of 40 pers.?


    After Winefred Seybourne died in 1658 he married Jane Cockshut Causine.
    (from Gail Compton, GComp85822@aol.com Her line continues from Mathew Compton, III)

    (this Robt Clarke???)
    27 Jun 1647 Maryland Provincial Court and Testamentary Business, 1647. Liber A. June 27th Memorandm tht I Willm SMOOTE doe acknowledge my selfe to owe vnto Cuth: ffenwick Gent 210 l Tob: assigned unto him by Robt CLARKE Surueyor being the charges of his suruey dew from mee W S
    Teste me Willm BRETTON Clk. (Archives of Maryland, Vol. IV, page 318

    3 Nov 1647. Maryland Provincial Court and Testamentary Business, 1647. Liber A. Nouemb: 3 Whereas Capt: John PRICE hath vndertaken in my behalfe to pay certaine vnto seuemall psons wthin this prouince: ffor his better security: I doe hereby sell, assigne and set ouer vnto the sd John PRICE, my Pinnace I bought of Leonard CALUERT Esqr wth all the rigging, sales, Anchoridge, or what-so-euer belongs vnto hem: I will and doe hereby avouch the sale against all men wittness my hand the day and yeare aboue written Signe
    Concordat cum origini Willia W S SMOOT
    Wittness Robt CLARKE
    John METCALFE Teste me Robt CLARK Clke

    MSA No. S538
    Robert Clarke
    Volume 1 pp. 207-208

    In the name of God Amen
    The last Will and Testament of Robert Clarke being of perfect sence and memory though infirme of body is as followeth -

    first I do Constitute and appoint my Eldest son John Clarke my sole Executor and
    heir after my decease to possess and Enjoy all my whole Estate whatsoever, and I do now in the presence of the witnesses of this my last will make null and voyd all former wills whatsoever and that
    this last and only in full force & virtue.

    Secondly I do give unto my son John Clarke all my goods - whatsoever either household goods or otherwise, moveable or inmoveables and all the Cattle male and female and all the horses and mares excepting what I do now hereafter except and also all the servants I do give unto him.-

    Thirdly I do appoint my son John Clarke to give unto my son Robert Clarke when he is eighteen years of age being now twelve years old last March, one able man servant - one filly foale and three cowes and one steer four years old and a good flock bed and bolster and rugg and if in case
    that Robert Clarke dye before he comes to Enjoy this Estate that then the one halfe of this be given to Thomas Clarke my sonn.

    Fourthly I do appoint my sonn John Clarke to give unto my son Thomas Clarke when he is eighteen years of age being now tenn years old last Christmas one able servant one filly foale and three cowes and one steer four years old and a good flock bed and bolster and rugg and if in case that Thomas dye before he comes to enjoy this Estate that then the one halfe of this be given to my sonn Robt. Clarke.
    Fifthly I do appoint my son John Clarke to give unto my daughter Mary Clarke when she is eighteen years of age two yearling heifers and a filly foale four years hence and when I am dead to sell my stone house and to give half the value of house to the church and the other half to my daughter Mary Clarke.

    Sixthly I do require my son John Clarke to take care to the bringing up of my two sons Robert and Thomas as to writing and casting of account. and that he brood them to worke and
    give them a just account of the bennefit of their own labours and that it be laid out the best for their profitts this I charge you on my blessing that you do faithfully performe.

    Lastly I do order you to pay my just debts in the first place and then to performe. those legacies. Furthermore I do give unto my sonn John Clarke all my lands tenements and herediments whatsoever and also all my right title & interest entered upon record within this province unto any title or right of land unto him the said John Clarke and his heirs forever. Unto this my last will and testament I have hereunto set my hand and seale, this 14th of July 1664

    Signed in the presence of (Locus Siguli)

    Thomas Mathews Robert Clarke

    George Goodricke

    This will was on the 21st day of July 1664 in common form proved by Thomas Mathews one of the witnesses to the said will and that it was in his presence signed sealed and delivered as the act and deed of the dec'd Robert Clarke for his last will and testament revoaking all former wills whatsoever, before me Charles Calvert. 21 July 1664.
    Commission to Henry Adams and William Marshall for either of whom to take the oath of George Goodrick. a witnesses in the afore said will (his inability not suffering him to travel so farr as the office) and the same to returned into the secretaries office with convenient speed.


    Robert* married Winefred* Seybourne about 1651 in Saint Mary Co, Maryland. Winefred* was born about 1611 in England; died on 01 Oct 1656 in Saint Mary Co, Maryland. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 5.  Winefred* Seybourne was born about 1611 in England; died on 01 Oct 1656 in Saint Mary Co, Maryland.


    She was the widow of Thomas Greene who briefly served as governor of Maryland.

    Mistress Winifred Seybourne emigrated to Maryland in 1638 " who by his title indicated gentle birth and likewise one who had arrived to the discretion to be recognized as a feme sole in matter of ethics and business." p. 215, ...Maryland Palatinate On 30 July 1638 Lord Baltimore personally issued instructions for a warrant of 100 acres Mistress Winifred Seyborne [Seaborne] for transporting herself in 1638 and at the same time a warrant of 100 acres for Mistress Troughan. [Boderbund WFT Vol. 16, Ed. 1, Tree #1313,

    Mrs. Winifred Seyborn Immigrated 1638, and afterwards married Thomas Green, Esq., and later Mr. Robert Clarke prior to 1654.

    Above notes from WFT coincide with earlier research showing Winifred Seybourne. Dates do not seem to make sense.

    See 18 WFT 332 for extensive Calvert family and a different version of this person and the Calvert connection for our family: Helen Calvert the mother of Governor Thomas Green who was allegedly born on the high seas en route to Maryland. According to 22 WFT 1907, Helen or Ellin,= born 12-5-1615 to George Calvert and Anne Mynne.

    Thomas Green, came to MD with the Ark and Dove Expedition in 1634. He= married 1st. Anne Cox, 2nd. Millicent Brown and 3rd. Winifred Seybourn widow of Nicholas Harvey. Winifred married Robert Clarke.
    James Hughes 2006-02-05 10:24:55
    Supplement to Early Settlers Query

    Gerard, Gerrard, Winefride
    Qo:278 Film No.:
    Transported by 1658
    Transcript. Q:431
    MSA SC 4341-
    From: David Roberts [mailto:droberts@olg.com]
    Sent: Friday, February 03, 2006 11:43 AM
    To: MDSTMARY-L@rootsweb.com
    Subject: [MDSTMARY-L] Thomas Greene

    Mary Ann:

    There is nothing stated in "The Ark and the Dove Adventurers" to show any family relationship between Thomas Greene and Lord Baltimore's family. None of Lord Baltimore's daughters listed married anyone named Green/Greene.

    The Thomas Greene in the book came w/ the Ark & Dove. He had 2 wives: Ann Cox and later Winifred Seybourne, widow of Nicholas Harvey. He was appointed Governor on 9 June 1647 by Leonard Calvert, but in 1648 William Stone became Governor. He was dead by 23 January 1651/52.

    The book covers LOTS of his descendants, pp. 112-137. Among the surnames besides Greene: Wheeler, Marbury, Alvey, Simpson, Thompson, Clements, Noble, Hoye, Deakins, Hatton, Frazer, Smallwood, Hagan, Spalding, Hamilton.

    Descendants pretty much cover all of Southern Maryland; later lines to Virginia, Kentucky, South Carolina.

    One descendant #221. Raphael Spalding was the father of the famous Mother Catherine Spalding, founder of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.

    Interesting family line, but gives zero on the parents of Thomas Greene nor any marriage connection into the Lord Baltimore family.


    1. Mary* Rebecca Clarke was born about 1645 in Maryland; died before 1718 in Charles Co, Maryland.
    2. John Clarke was born about 1646 in Maryland; died after 1651.
    3. 2. Robert Clarke, Jr was born in Mar 1652 in Saint Mary Co, Maryland; died on 31 Jan 1725 in Saint Mary Co, Maryland.
    4. Thomas Clarke was born in Dec 1654 in Charles Co, Maryland; died after 1664.

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