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John* Pray

Male 1653 - 1733  (79 years)

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John Pray, Jr.
Male Abt 1702-Aft 1730
Job Pray
Male Abt 1704-Aft 1720
John Pray
Male 1679-1751
Sarah Downing
Female Abt 1679-Aft 1720
Freelove Whipple
Female 1728-1751
James Fenner
Male 1729-1751
New chart
Abigail Brown
Female 1704-1736
Capt. John Whipple
Male 1685-1769
Deborah Comstock
Female Abt 1731-Aft 1771
Enoch Arnold
Male 1725-Aft 1748
Sarah Comstock
Female Abt 1732-Aft 1771
Moses Farnum
Male Abt 1732-Aft 1771
Samuel Comstock
Male 1736-1815
Lucy Arnold
Female 1748-1825
New chart
William* "Guilermo" Comstock
Male 1735-Aft 1810
Rachel* Aldrich
Female 1742-1810
New chart
Nathan Comstock
Male 1739-1832
Abigail Arnold
Female 1744-1830
New chart
George Comstock
Male 1740-Bef 1820
Catherine Arnold
Female 1735-Aft 1774
New chart
Anna Comstock
Female 1748-1784
David Ballou
Male 1744-1818
Benjamin Comstock, (infirm?)
Male Bef 1756-Aft 1771
Deborah* Brown
Female 1706-1764
David* Comstock, Esq.
Male 1704-1771
Nathaniel Phillips
Male 1733-Aft 1780
Katherine Comstock
Female Abt 1746-1768
Sarah Brown
Female 1709-Aft 1730
John Phillips
Male Abt 1708-Aft 1730
Anne Brown
Female 1713-Aft 1733
(..) Whipple, Mr
Male Abt 1712-Aft 1733
David Brown
Male 1741-Yes, date unknown
Sarah Peck
Female 1748-Aft 1750
Abigail Brown
Female 1743-Yes, date unknown
Sylvanus Bucklin
Ephraim C. Brown
Male 1744-Yes, date unknown
Alice Whipple
Female 1740-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Stephen Brown, Jr.
Male 1746-1787
Huldah Dexter, (dau of who?)
Female 1750-1826
Elihu Brown
Male 1750-Yes, date unknown
Sarah Arnold
Female 1751-1824
New chart
Elijah Brown
Male 1752-Yes, date unknown
Anna Ballou
Female 1756-Yes, date unknown
Ruth Brown
Female 1754-Yes, date unknown
Isaac Otis
Mary Brown
Female 1756-1777
Dr. John Gould, Jr.
Male 1754-1789
Jesse Brown
Male 1760-Yes, date unknown
Beulah Ballou
Female 1766-1832
New chart
Mrs. Mary W. (..) Brown, (2nd wife)
Sarah Brown
Female 1763-Yes, date unknown
William Sheldon, (son of who?)
Stephen Brown, Sr.
Male 1715-1795
Ruth Ballou
Female 1720-1806
Benjamin Brown
Male 1717-Aft 1736
Priscilla Chilson
Female Aft 1716-Aft 1736
Mary Brown
Female 1719-Aft 1720
Israel Comstock
Male 1743-1828
Daniel Comstock
Male 1745-1814
Patience Jenckes
Female Abt 1750-Aft 1800
Jacob Comstock
Male 1747-Aft 1760
Caleb Comstock
Male 1750-Aft 1760
Chloe Comstock, (1st wife)
Female 1752-Aft 1760
Reuben Ballou
Male 1747-Yes, date unknown
Martha Comstock
Female 1754-Aft 1760
Martha Brown
Female 1721-1812
Daniel Comstock
Male Abt 1717-1753
John Farnum
Male Abt 1721-Aft 1750
Amey Brown
Female 1723-1777
Daniel Ballou
Male 1722-1801
Abraham Brown
Male 1727-Aft 1728
Deborah Brown
Female 1749-1749
Joseph Brown
Male 1726-Aft 1775
Deborah Inman
Female Abt 1722-Aft 1750
Hopestill Dexter
Female 1726-Aft 1772
Sarah* Pray
Female Abt 1681-Aft 1733
Joseph* Brown
Male 1680-1764
Sarah Pray
Female -Aft 1755
Rachel Pray
Female -Aft 1755
(..) Hinds
Mary Pray
Female -Aft 1755
Ezekiel Hopkins, Jr.
Male Abt 1704-Aft 1760
Richard Pray
Male 1683-1755
Mrs. Rachel (..) Pray
Female -Bef 1755
Mary Pray
Female 1685-1752
Richard Brown
Male 1676-1774
Patience Pray
Female 1718-Aft 1750
John Greabeak
Male Abt 1718-Aft 1751
Abigail Pray
Female 1719-Aft 1721
Sarah (or Susan) Pray
Female 1721-Aft 1751
Elijah Blake
Male 1723-Aft 1751
John Pray
Male 1722-Bef 1750
John Pray
Male 1749-1830
Deborah Wade
Female 1755-1832
Jeremiah Pray
Male 1750-1808
Ruth Burgess
Female 1769-1840
Jonathan Pray, II
Male Abt 1750-1827
Sarah Aldrich
Female 1751-1827
New chart
Abigail Pray
Female Abt 1752-Aft 1792
Simeon Seamans
Male Abt 1752-Aft 1792
Joseph Pray
Male 1753-1830
Ruth Phetteplace
Female 1756-1794
New chart
Jacob Pray
Male Abt 1757-Aft 1760
James Pray
Male Abt 1759-Aft 1760
Amey Pray
Female Abt 1761-Aft 1792
Squire Bucklin
Male Abt 1760-Aft 1792
Jason Pray
Male 1766-1847
Amy Carpenter
Female 1767-Aft 1792
Jonathan Pray
Male 1724-1792
Phoebe Aldrich
Female 1728-1832
William Pray
Male 1760-Aft 1780
Richard Pray
Male 1762-1822
Elizabeth Wood
Female 1763-Aft 1785
Hugh Pray, III
Male 1764-1853
Esther Sanders
Female 1770-1846
New chart
Lillis Pray
Female 1767-Aft 1767
Richard Greene
Male Abt 1755-Aft 1780
Hugh Pray, Jr.
Male 1727-1816
Lillis Cole
Female 1736-1768
Eunice Pray
Female 1776-Aft 1800
Daniel W. Potter
Male 1772-Aft 1800
Mary "Molly" Pray
Female 1778-Aft 1800
Hawkins Wade
Male Abt 1770-Aft 1800
Abigail Pray
Female 1779-1837
James Cole
Male 1776-1868
New chart
Capt. John Pray
Male 1782-1836
Lydia Sanders (Saunders)
Female Abt 1782-Aft 1810
New chart
Oliver Pray
Male 1783-Aft 1850
Amey Hopkins
Female 1793-1817
Fannie Hill
Female Abt 1793-Aft 1840
Laura Gray
Female Abt 1793-Aft 1860
Rhoda Pray
Female 1785-1882
Jonathan Pray, III
Male 1786-1855
New chart
Nabby Pray
Female Abt 1787-Aft 1791
Stephen Pray
Male 1789-1871
Loviea Seamans
Female Abt 1789-1860
New chart
Eunice Pray
Female 1795-Aft 1820
Daniel W. Potter
Male Abt 1790-Aft 1820
Mary Aldrich
Female 1748-1811
Mary Pray
Female 1728-Aft 1751
Abner Hopkins
Male 1724-Aft 1751
Martha Pray
Female 1731-Aft 1760
George Westcott
Male 1727-Aft 1760
Jeremiah Pray
Male 1733-Aft 1800
Anne Pray
Female 1735-Aft 1760
Cornelius Walling
Male 1730-Aft 1760
David Pray
Male 1739-Aft 1741
Mercy Pray
Female 1741-Aft 1743
Caleb Seamans
Male 1739-1793
Hugh Pray, Sr.
Male 1687-Bef 1761
Abigail Blake
Female 1698-1775
Jeremiah Aldrich
Male 1711-Aft 1736
Hannah Plumley
Female 1713-Aft 1736
Rachel Aldrich
Female 1713-1713
Rachel Aldrich
Female 1714-Aft 1715
Hannah Winter
Female 1751-1780
Peter Martin
Male 1741-1810
New chart
Ruth Aldrich
Female 1716-1760
Christopher Winter
Male 1713-1760
Joseph Aldrich
Male 1718-Aft 1736
Elizabeth Prentice
Female Abt 1718-Aft 1736
David Aldrich
Male 1757-1828
Mary Brown
Female 1784-1843
New chart
John Aldrich
Male 1720-1792
Mary Hill
Female Abt 1720-Aft 1749
Issac Aldrich
Male 1722-Aft 1743
Zilpha Fisk
Female Abt 1722-Aft 1743
Samuel Aldrich
Male 1724-Aft 1725
Dorcas Aldrich
Female 1767-1837
Samuel Andrews
Male 1770-1837
New chart
Stephen Aldrich
Male 1726-1794
Mary Brown
Female 1740-1808
Deziah Aldrich
Female 1728-Aft 1749
William Rawson
Male Abt 1728-Aft 1749
Solomon Aldrich
Male 1730-Aft 1751
Elizabeth Jones
Female Abt 1730-Aft 1751
Penelope Pray
Female 1688-1752
John Aldrich
Male 1688-1750
Mary Arnold
Female 1730-Aft 1770
Judge Joseph Caleb Aldrich
Male 1726-1809
New chart
Catherine Arnold
Female 1735-Aft 1774
George Comstock
Male 1740-Bef 1820
New chart
Sylvania (Susan) Comstock
Female 1707-1736
Thomas Arnold, Esq.
Male 1705-1765
James Comstock
Male 1745-Aft 1745
Jonas Comstock
Male 1745-Aft 1745
Andrew Comstock
Male 1745-Aft 1745
Elnathan Comstock
Female 1745-Aft 1750
Penelope Comstock
Female 1745-Aft 1756
William Comstock
Male 1708-1745
Diana Arnold
Female 1719-Aft 1750
Adam Comstock
Male 1740-Aft 1750
Alpha Comstock
Male 1741-Aft 1750
Ruth Comstock
Female 1744-Aft 1760
True Comstock
Female 1746-Aft 1750
Gideon Comstock
Male 1709-1801
Ruth Arnold
Female Abt 1724-Aft 1757
Amey Comstock
Female Abt 1749-1828
Governor Arthur Fenner, Jr.
Male 1745-1805
New chart
Freelove Comstock
Female Abt 1757-Aft 1760
Gideon Comstock
Male Abt 1759-Aft 1760
Amy Phillips
Female Abt 1723-Aft 1757
Rachel Comstock
Female 1711-1806
Catharine Comstock
Female 1713-1751
Katherine Comstock
Female Abt 1746-1768
Nathaniel Phillips
Male 1733-Aft 1780
Stephen Comstock
Male 1748-1838
Hannah Aldrich
Female 1760-1840
Caleb Comstock
Male 1762-1784
Hazadiah Comstock, Jr.
Male 1715-1801
Mary Arnold
Female 1728-Bef 1821
Penelope Comstock
Female 1717-1736
Anthony Comstock, Sr.
Male 1719-1762
Mary Staples
Female Abt 1719-Aft 1844
Susanna Comstock
Female 1758-Aft 1810
John Osborne
Male Abt 1758-Aft 1780
Peter Albruy
Male Abt 1758-Aft 1800
Anthony Comstock, Jr.
Male 1762-1808
Hannah Southwick
Female 1773-1862
New chart
Catherine Fenton White
Female Abt 1719-Aft 1763
Andrew Comstock
Male 1721-1738
Nancy Comstock
Female 1742-1780
Joseph Hamilton
Male 1827-1863
Joanna Comstock
Female 1743-1813
Wanton Comstock
Male 1743-1833
Elizabeth Sayles
Female 1759-1804
John Comstock, Jr.
Male 1751-1804
Ruth Sayles Rich
Female 1758-1811
William Comstock
Male 1780-1842
Lois Eastman
Female 1785-1803
New chart
Levi Comstock
Male 1783-1859
Lucy Skinner
Female 1786-1875
Rhoda Comstock
Female 1790-Abt 1852
Olive Castle Gillett, (son of who?)
Male 1788-1852
John Comstock
Male 1724-1790
Ruth Comstock
Female 1723-Aft 1750
Catherine Pray
Female Abt 1690-Aft 1733
Hazadiah Comstock, Sr.
Male 1682-1764
Susanna Wilkinson
Female 1708-Aft 1710
Prudence Wilkinson
Female Abt 1710-Aft 1735
Isaiah Angell
Male 1704-Aft 1740
Ishmael Wilkinson
Male 1712-Aft 1750
Sarah Mowry
Female 1717-Aft 1750
Benjamin Wilkinson
Male 1713-1803
Christopher Wilkinson
Female 1715-Aft 1720
Martha Wilkinson
Female 1718-Aft 1720
Mary Wilkinson
Female 1720-Aft 1730
Joseph Wilkinson
Male 1721-1755
Alice Jenckes, (dau of who?)
Female Abt 1721-Aft 1756
John Wilkinson
Male 1722-Aft 1730
William Wilkinson
Male Abt 1724-Bef 1734
Samuel Wilkinson
Male 1726-Aft 1730
Susanna Wilkinson
Female Abt 1728-Aft 1762
Oliver Westcott
Male 1720-1795
Sarah Wilkinson
Female 1730-1759
Andrew Waterman
Male Abt 1724-1812
William Wilkinson
Male 1734-1818
Ruth Wilkinson
Female Abt 1736-Aft 1775
Benjamin Williams
Male 1741-Aft 1775
Martha Pray
Female 1693-1784
Joseph Wilkinson
Male 1682-1740
New chart
John* Pray
Male 1653-1733
Sarah* Brown
Female Abt 1657-Abt 1733

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