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Angelina Co, Texas



Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Collins, William Lamar  Dec 1836Angelina Co, Texas I103174
2 Jones, Bernice  1851Angelina Co, Texas I79205
3 Jones, Berry  1853Angelina Co, Texas I79206
4 Jones, Carrie Mae  1854Angelina Co, Texas I79207
5 Collins, Lucretia Delphine  27 Nov 1854Angelina Co, Texas I103177
6 Jones, Loy  1855Angelina Co, Texas I79208
7 Jones, Henry Calvin  6 May 1856Angelina Co, Texas I23112
8 Scroggins, John Henry  31 Mar 1869Angelina Co, Texas I99566
9 McGaughey, Samuel DeKalb  11 May 1869Angelina Co, Texas I93488
10 Morehead, Charles L.  20 Dec 1871Angelina Co, Texas I58482
11 Guinn, Mary  1872Angelina Co, Texas I93479
12 Jones, Enoch Thomas  27 Jan 1875Angelina Co, Texas I106687
13 Guinn, Alma Kathryn  26 Jul 1875Angelina Co, Texas I93480
14 Nerren, Henry Alex  13 Feb 1877Angelina Co, Texas I99548
15 McClure, Savelia  24 Aug 1877Angelina Co, Texas I103152
16 Guinn, Flora Nell (twin)  13 Jun 1878Angelina Co, Texas I93482
17 Guinn, Nora Ella (twin)  13 Jun 1878Angelina Co, Texas I93481
18 Hill, Gertrude Levert  1880Angelina Co, Texas I87698
19 Morehead, Henry  1880Angelina Co, Texas I58486
20 Guinn, Sarah Lee "Lela"  16 Jul 1886Angelina Co, Texas I93490
21 Morehead, Katie Luella  Oct 1887Angelina Co, Texas I58538
22 Morehead, Robert Q. (or J.) "Boss"  17 Sep 1889Angelina Co, Texas I58539
23 Baker, Cora Evelyn  14 Jul 1890Angelina Co, Texas I106740
24 Morehead, Oma Carry  Jul 1893Angelina Co, Texas I58540
25 Morehead, Mary Adline  Jul 1897Angelina Co, Texas I58541
26 Lovelady, Bulah  Jan 1898Angelina Co, Texas I49718
27 Parish (Parrish), Louis A.  20 Aug 1898Angelina Co, Texas I68462
28 Burns, Hazel  1899Angelina Co, Texas I103167
29 Davis, Dewey Owen  7 Jan 1899Angelina Co, Texas I93493
30 Jones, Britton  Apr 1899Angelina Co, Texas I103142
31 Burns, Eunice  1905Angelina Co, Texas I79202
32 Davis, Aubra Tommy "Aubrey" (neph of C.Guinn)  13 Aug 1905Angelina Co, Texas I48496
33 Burns, Ruth  1909Angelina Co, Texas I103165
34 Shelton, Ola  1909Angelina Co, Texas I61621
35 Hawkins, Ford C.  1918Angelina Co, Texas I93485
36 Welch, Malcom Truman  16 Apr 1918Angelina Co, Texas I87699
37 McWaters, Edward Loyd  30 Jan 1919Angelina Co, Texas I101479
38 Hawkins, Guy A.  1920Angelina Co, Texas I93486
39 Nerren, John Linwood  5 Apr 1927Angelina Co, Texas I99568
40 Cook, James Dorvin   I23667
41 Cook, Stephanie Allena   I41150


Matches 1 to 72 of 72

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Skelton, John  28 Jan 1836Angelina Co, Texas I81763
2 Brashears, James M.  25 Jan 1855Angelina Co, Texas I52689
3 Vanwinkle, Catherine  1859Angelina Co, Texas I43304
4 Vanwinkle, Mary Caroline  1859Angelina Co, Texas I23775
5 Anderson, William  Bef 1860Angelina Co, Texas I58534
6 Burks, Simpson D.  1862Angelina Co, Texas I106684
7 Matthews, Annie  1863Angelina Co, Texas I99562
8 Jones, Rhoda Ann Elizabeth  1866Angelina Co, Texas I20245
9 Ashworth, James Joseph  1868Angelina Co, Texas I13709
10 Jones, Little Bell  Bef 1870Angelina Co, Texas I52982
11 McAnelly, Caroline  1870Angelina Co, Texas I22284
12 Perkins, Mary "Polly"  Aft 1870Angelina Co, Texas I85555
13 Robinson, Martha "Patsy"  1871Angelina Co, Texas I103182
14 McCarthy, Sarah "Sallie"  4 Jun 1871Angelina Co, Texas I41643
15 Jones, Melinda Emily  27 Jun 1871Angelina Co, Texas I22290
16 Scarborough, Silas S.  26 Apr 1872Angelina Co, Texas I103181
17 Jones, Sarah Jane  2 Jun 1875Angelina Co, Texas I23367
18 Welch, Sarah Jane "Sallie"  17 Feb 1876Angelina Co, Texas I103418
19 Scarborough, Horace Monroe  10 Nov 1877Angelina Co, Texas I103179
20 Cooley, Middleton  1878Angelina Co, Texas I28795
21 Jones, Margaret (or Marguerite)  Abt 1878Angelina Co, Texas I22534
22 Shoffner, William  1879Angelina Co, Texas I99551
23 Welch, John Wesley "Buck"  1883Angelina Co, Texas I87696
24 Oates, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1886Angelina Co, Texas I58479
25 Jones, William Marion  17 Sep 1887Angelina Co, Texas I19099
26 Scarborough, Hollie  Aft 1887Angelina Co, Texas I103188
27 Jones, Clisby Riggs  2 Jan 1890Angelina Co, Texas I19167
28 Shoffner, Jasper Newton  3 May 1890Angelina Co, Texas I99561
29 Burns, Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie"  Aft 1890Angelina Co, Texas I103148
30 Arrington, Jehiel B.  13 Oct 1891Angelina Co, Texas I41994
31 Landrum, Maston Lee  18 Sep 1897Angelina Co, Texas I42055
32 Vanwinkle, Malinda  Abt 1899Angelina Co, Texas I23113
33 Arrington, Sterling James  11 Feb 1899Angelina Co, Texas I41995
34 Jones, Mary Fetna  8 Sep 1899Angelina Co, Texas I106689
35 Jones, James Green  22 Oct 1902Angelina Co, Texas I94817
36 Parish (Parrish), Richard E. (twin)  8 Jun 1903Angelina Co, Texas I58530
37 Scarborough, William Bascomb  14 Dec 1903Angelina Co, Texas I103178
38 Arrington, William James  21 Dec 1903Angelina Co, Texas I41642
39 Bascomb, Mariah J.  1905Angelina Co, Texas I103180
40 Jones, Eliza Catherine  22 Jan 1909Angelina Co, Texas I23781
41 Ashworth, Sublett  Aft 1910Angelina Co, Texas I85539
42 Jones, William  1918Angelina Co, Texas I106685
43 McEwen, Martha Elinor  29 Nov 1918Angelina Co, Texas I103191
44 Guinn, Jacob Helflin Polk "Simon"  18 Jun 1921Angelina Co, Texas I93477
45 Duke, Robert Washington  7 Jul 1921Angelina Co, Texas I74516
46 Berry, Biddie  31 Mar 1928Angelina Co, Texas I68463
47 Baird, Susan Josephine  9 Jan 1929Angelina Co, Texas I87695
48 Franklin, Alice Narcissa  19 Jun 1929Angelina Co, Texas I58536
49 Kimmey, George Augustus  16 Jan 1931Angelina Co, Texas I103138
50 Weaver, John R.  14 Mar 1936Angelina Co, Texas I93487
51 Reed, Susannah Elizabeth  25 Mar 1939Angelina Co, Texas I99564
52 Walker, Sarah Ann  27 Apr 1941Angelina Co, Texas I103139
53 Scroggins, John Henry  10 Apr 1943Angelina Co, Texas I99566
54 McGaughey, Samuel DeKalb  1944Angelina Co, Texas I93488
55 Burns, Sarah Jane  4 Feb 1945Angelina Co, Texas I99547
56 Guinn, Nora Ella (twin)  17 Aug 1945Angelina Co, Texas I93481
57 Jones, Enoch Thomas  21 Jan 1946Angelina Co, Texas I106687
58 Morehead, Charles L.  16 Sep 1946Angelina Co, Texas I58482
59 Guinn, Alma Kathryn  21 Dec 1948Angelina Co, Texas I93480
60 Burns, Izorah Beverly "Zosie"  1954Angelina Co, Texas I103150
61 Nerren, Henry Alex  17 Feb 1954Angelina Co, Texas I99548
62 Guinn, Flora Nell (twin)  1958Angelina Co, Texas I93482
63 Warren, Cary "Buck"  11 Jun 1958Angelina Co, Texas I93491
64 Guinn, Sarah Lee "Lela"  17 Jul 1961Angelina Co, Texas I93490
65 Forrest, James Foster  3 Oct 1961Angelina Co, Texas I93489
66 Austin, Floyd Jesse  27 Mar 1962Angelina Co, Texas I77175
67 Harvey, Allie Fair  1976Angelina Co, Texas I106688
68 Pyle, George  5 Jan 1976Angelina Co, Texas I102809
69 Morehead, Robert Q. (or J.) "Boss"  28 Oct 1980Angelina Co, Texas I58539
70 Parrish, Buford Ben  20 Feb 1981Angelina Co, Texas I58464
71 Horn, Erah Vivian  16 Dec 1997Angelina Co, Texas I103156
72 McCoy, Andrew Johnson  6 Jun 1999Angelina Co, Texas I81289


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bruce, Lucinda M.  1860Angelina Co, Texas I58533
2 Jones, Clisby Riggs Sr.  1860Angelina Co, Texas I22695
3 Jones, Enoch (twin)  1860Angelina Co, Texas I79127
4 Jones, Enoch Calvin  1860Angelina Co, Texas I19102
5 Jones, Harrison Clement  1860Angelina Co, Texas I43316
6 Jones, Rhoda M.  1860Angelina Co, Texas I79146
7 Jones, Robert Harwood  1860Angelina Co, Texas I79144
8 Morehead, George Washington  1860Angelina Co, Texas I58480
9 Bruce, Lucinda M.  1870Angelina Co, Texas I58533
10 Cooley, Mrs. Ellen Bersheba (..)  1870Angelina Co, Texas I41645
11 Jones, Albert Champion "Champ"  1870Angelina Co, Texas I23373
12 Jones, Clisby Riggs  1870Angelina Co, Texas I19167
13 Morehead, George Washington  1870Angelina Co, Texas I58480
14 Oates, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1870Angelina Co, Texas I58479
15 Scarborough, Silas S.  1870Angelina Co, Texas I103181
16 Burns, Cicero Benjamin  2 Sep 1870Angelina Co, Texas I94811
17 Burns, Cicero Benjamin  1880Angelina Co, Texas I94811
18 Burns, James Monroe  1880Angelina Co, Texas I94812
19 Jones, Clisby Riggs  1880Angelina Co, Texas I19167
20 Morehead, George Washington  1880Angelina Co, Texas I58480
21 Oates, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1880Angelina Co, Texas I58479
22 Parish (Parrish), William Thomas "Tom"  1880Angelina Co, Texas I58472
23 Bruce, Lucinda M.  1900Angelina Co, Texas I58533
24 Burns, James Monroe  1900Angelina Co, Texas I94812
25 Lovelady, George Washington  1900Angelina Co, Texas I13112
26 Parish (Parrish), Richard E. (twin)  1900Angelina Co, Texas I58530
27 Burns, James Monroe  1910Angelina Co, Texas I94812
28 Davis, Hallie Inez (niece of C.Guinn)  1910Angelina Co, Texas I93457
29 Hancock, Allen Canon Sr.  1910Angelina Co, Texas I31100
30 Shelton, William F.  1910Angelina Co, Texas I61611
31 Burns, Emily  1920Angelina Co, Texas I103157
32 Davis, Hallie Inez (niece of C.Guinn)  1920Angelina Co, Texas I93457
33 Seymour, Dewey Ernest Jr.  1920Angelina Co, Texas I57889


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hanks, Rev Thomas Reuben  1836Angelina Co, Texas I31104
2 Faires (Farris), James Sr. (son/relative?)  Between 1840 and 1850Angelina Co, Texas I6921
3 Jones, Martin William "Gobbler" Sr.  Abt 1840Angelina Co, Texas I19090
4 Jones, Clisby Riggs  29 Aug 1867Angelina Co, Texas I19167


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Jones / Berry  23 Jan 1850Angelina Co, Texas F25767
2 Anderson / Bruce  5 Feb 1851Angelina Co, Texas F19297
3 Neyland / Brashears  31 May 1858Angelina Co, Texas F36119
4 Burns / Jones  10 Dec 1865Angelina Co, Texas F31902
5 Jones / Curry  1866Angelina Co, Texas F14418
6 Morehead / Oates  11 Jun 1868Angelina Co, Texas F19286
7 Jones / Jones  Abt 1869Angelina Co, Texas F2940
8 Loving / Smith  7 Aug 1871Angelina Co, Texas F34692
9 Jones / Baird  12 Mar 1874Angelina Co, Texas F29014
10 Welch / Jones  11 Feb 1876Angelina Co, Texas F29015
11 Jones / Welch  17 Feb 1876Angelina Co, Texas F34936
12 Morehead / Franklin  1885Angelina Co, Texas F19298
13 Jones / Burns  22 Feb 1890Angelina Co, Texas F34834
14 McGaughey / Guinn  abat 1896Angelina Co, Texas F31460
15 Weaver / Guinn  22 Nov 1896Angelina Co, Texas F31459
16 Burns / Colwell  1897Angelina Co, Texas F34832
17 Ling / Carnaline (Carnley)  3 Jul 1898Angelina Co, Texas F28740
18 Welch / Hill  13 Aug 1898Angelina Co, Texas F29016
19 Forrest / Guinn  Abt 1899Angelina Co, Texas F31461
20 Nerren / Burns  12 Apr 1900Angelina Co, Texas F33455
21 Hearne / Garrett  5 Jun 1902Angelina Co, Texas F36252
22 McMillon / Jones  26 Apr 1903Angelina Co, Texas F34938
23 Warren / Guinn  Abt 1904Angelina Co, Texas F31462
24 Droddy / Baker  25 Dec 1905Angelina Co, Texas F36130
25 Burns / Jones  10 Mar 1907Angelina Co, Texas F31903
26 Hooker / Skinner  6 Mar 1913Angelina Co, Texas F31389
27 Hawkins / Hawkins  Abt 1917Angelina Co, Texas F31458
28 Parish (Parrish) / Berry  13 Jun 1922Angelina Co, Texas F22126
29 Davis / Morehead  Abt 1923Angelina Co, Texas F31463
30 Nerren / Scroggins  19 Sep 1923Angelina Co, Texas F33462
31 Skinner / Skelton   F32889
32 Marsh / Kirkland  18 Nov 1978Angelina Co, Texas F28724
33 Cook / Cornwell  23 Nov 1979Angelina Co, Texas F8544
34 Cook / Carter  12 Jul 2002Angelina Co, Texas F8545

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