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Grayson Co, Virginia



1850 Virginia, Grayson County, District 19 census
1850 Virginia, Grayson County, District 19 census
Excerpts transcribed from the census of several selected related families living in close proximity of each other.
Includes William Bonham, wife Elizabeth Williams; son Joseph Bonham, wife Tabitha Russell, related families with surnames of: Anderson, Haga, Livesay, Hash, Jones (Hiram, widow of Jordan Jones), Parks


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Caroline  1848Grayson Co, Virginia I49356
2 Anderson, Eli  1834Grayson Co, Virginia I49292
3 Anderson, Elisha  1821Grayson Co, Virginia I49288
4 Anderson, Eliza  1832Grayson Co, Virginia I49290
5 Anderson, Eliza Ann  1844Grayson Co, Virginia I49297
6 Anderson, Elizabeth J.  1846Grayson Co, Virginia I49298
7 Anderson, Elizabeth J.  1847Grayson Co, Virginia I49358
8 Anderson, Enoch  1849Grayson Co, Virginia I49294
9 Anderson, Ezekiel  1841Grayson Co, Virginia I49295
10 Anderson, Freeland Alvin  1824Grayson Co, Virginia I49282
11 Anderson, Jane  1836Grayson Co, Virginia I49293
12 Anderson, John  29 Oct 1794Grayson Co, Virginia I49216
13 Anderson, John  1831Grayson Co, Virginia I49291
14 Anderson, John  1846Grayson Co, Virginia I49355
15 Anderson, John J.  1845Grayson Co, Virginia I49357
16 Anderson, Lavina  1844Grayson Co, Virginia I49354
17 Anderson, Linville  1850Grayson Co, Virginia I49359
18 Anderson, Malinda  1842Grayson Co, Virginia I49353
19 Anderson, Margaret  1842Grayson Co, Virginia I49296
20 Anderson, Martha "Patsy"  1805Grayson Co, Virginia I49233
21 Anderson, Mary  1817Grayson Co, Virginia I49346
22 Anderson, Nelson  1824Grayson Co, Virginia I49345
23 Anderson, Rebecca  Abt 1778Grayson Co, Virginia I49222
24 Anderson, Rosa Ann  1840Grayson Co, Virginia I49347
25 Baldwin, Lakie Melissa  1 May 1877Grayson Co, Virginia I55270
26 Baldwin, Reuben K.  1852Grayson Co, Virginia I55269
27 Blevins, Rachel (dau?)  1818Grayson Co, Virginia I55267
28 Bonham, Eliza  1810Grayson Co, Virginia I49201
29 Bonham, Eliza Ellen  3 Jul 1869Grayson Co, Virginia I49259
30 Bonham, Elizabeth  1854Grayson Co, Virginia I26638
31 Bonham, Fielden M.  1855Grayson Co, Virginia I49190
32 Bonham, Hannah  25 Oct 1799Grayson Co, Virginia I49203
33 Bonham, Hannah T.  1868Grayson Co, Virginia I49195
34 Bonham, Israel Washington  1777Grayson Co, Virginia I4587
35 Bonham, James H  1804Grayson Co, Virginia I4670
36 Bonham, James M.  1860Grayson Co, Virginia I49192
37 Bonham, James R.  1852Grayson Co, Virginia I49189
38 Bonham, Jane  29 Jan 1811Grayson Co, Virginia I49197
39 Bonham, Levi S.  1855Grayson Co, Virginia I49183
40 Bonham, Marcia  1850Grayson Co, Virginia I49188
41 Bonham, Margaret  13 Jun 1796Grayson Co, Virginia I49205
42 Bonham, Margaret  1814Grayson Co, Virginia I49408
43 Bonham, Martha Emaline  1848Grayson Co, Virginia I49187
44 Bonham, Naomi  1807Grayson Co, Virginia I49208
45 Bonham, Rebecca  1848Grayson Co, Virginia I49184
46 Bonham, Sarah  1806Grayson Co, Virginia I49207
47 Bonham, Sarah J.  1857Grayson Co, Virginia I49191
48 Bonham, Stephen  1869Grayson Co, Virginia I49196
49 Bonham, Susan  1867Grayson Co, Virginia I49194
50 Bonham, William  18 Sep 1830Grayson Co, Virginia I49409
51 Bonham, William A.  1852Grayson Co, Virginia I49182
52 Bonham, William Privet  Oct 1824Grayson Co, Virginia I49260
53 Bourne, Celia  25 Dec 1790Grayson Co, Virginia I66752
54 Brewer, Rosamond Elizabeth  15 Apr 1832Grayson Co, Virginia I49257
55 Brewer, Sarah  17 Sep 1808Grayson Co, Virginia I49269
56 Bryant, Elisha  1 May 1806Grayson Co, Virginia I39461
57 Bryant, James  Abt 1740Grayson Co, Virginia I39457
58 Bryant, Joseph  Abt 1789Grayson Co, Virginia I39462
59 Bryant, Josiah  1791Grayson Co, Virginia I39460
60 Bryant, Mary  Abt 1796Grayson Co, Virginia I39463
61 Bryant, William  1794Grayson Co, Virginia I39459
62 Burton, Nancy Jane "Betty"  10 Jun 1820Grayson Co, Virginia I84564
63 Byrd, Thursey (Thurza)  May 1825Grayson Co, Virginia I49289
64 Cole, Jesse  3 Aug 1811Grayson Co, Virginia I71221
65 Collins, Deborah  17 May 1788Grayson Co, Virginia I71219
66 Cooper, Elizabeth  26 Jan 1817Grayson Co, Virginia I49271
67 Cornett, Feroby (Paraby)  20 May 1793Grayson Co, Virginia I49281
68 Cox, Jesse  12 Jun 1800Grayson Co, Virginia I32715
69 Cox, Joseph  1792Grayson Co, Virginia I33006
70 Cox, Nancy (..)  1755Grayson Co, Virginia I106449
71 Cox, Thomas  22 Oct 1791Grayson Co, Virginia I33005
72 Cox, William  1793Grayson Co, Virginia I32725
73 Gambill, James Mack  17 May 1879Grayson Co, Virginia I84567
74 Gambill, John Hoffman  11 May 1855Grayson Co, Virginia I84565
75 Haga, Allen  3 Mar 1846Grayson Co, Virginia I49253
76 Haga, David  1842Grayson Co, Virginia I49333
77 Haga, Eveline  27 Sep 1807Grayson Co, Virginia I49277
78 Haga, Fielding  9 Oct 1842Grayson Co, Virginia I49247
79 Haga, George  1840Grayson Co, Virginia I49332
80 Haga, Granville H.  3 Sep 1848Grayson Co, Virginia I49254
81 Haga, Henry  20 Mar 1816Grayson Co, Virginia I49270
82 Haga, James D.  1846Grayson Co, Virginia I49249
83 Haga, James L.  1847Grayson Co, Virginia I49336
84 Haga, James Lewis  9 Jun 1818Grayson Co, Virginia I49245
85 Haga, Jane Susannah  27 Jan 1827Grayson Co, Virginia I49230
86 Haga, John Andrew  14 Aug 1844Grayson Co, Virginia I49248
87 Haga, Mahala  Aug 1842Grayson Co, Virginia I49251
88 Haga, Martin  24 Mar 1844Grayson Co, Virginia I49252
89 Haga, Mary "Polly"  1836Grayson Co, Virginia I49364
90 Haga, Mundana  1844Grayson Co, Virginia I49334
91 Haga, Phebe M.  1850Grayson Co, Virginia I49337
92 Haga, Sarah  1838Grayson Co, Virginia I49331
93 Haga, Sarah M.  Nov 1819Grayson Co, Virginia I49264
94 Haga, Susan  1846Grayson Co, Virginia I49335
95 Haga, William Kenley  10 Jan 1849Grayson Co, Virginia I49250
96 Hall, Robert William  6 Nov 1886Grayson Co, Virginia I83903
97 Hash, Abel  1845Grayson Co, Virginia I49309
98 Hash, Abram  1830Grayson Co, Virginia I49312
99 Hash, Alexander Columbus  12 Aug 1844Grayson Co, Virginia I49351
100 Hash, Andrew  1813Grayson Co, Virginia I49313

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Elisha  20 Jul 1887Grayson Co, Virginia I49288
2 Anderson, Freeland Alvin  Bef 1900Grayson Co, Virginia I49282
3 Anderson, Isaac  15 Jan 1860Grayson Co, Virginia I49237
4 Anderson, James R.  1854Grayson Co, Virginia I49200
5 Anderson, John  16 Aug 1873Grayson Co, Virginia I49216
6 Anderson, Martha "Patsy"  20 Jul 1887Grayson Co, Virginia I49233
7 Anderson, Rebecca  1872Grayson Co, Virginia I49222
8 Baldwin, Lakie Melissa  1918Grayson Co, Virginia I55270
9 Baldwin, William D.  10 Jan 1898Grayson Co, Virginia I55275
10 Bonham, Jane  1860Grayson Co, Virginia I49197
11 Bonham, Mary "Polly"  10 Nov 1865Grayson Co, Virginia I49199
12 Bonham, Sarah  Jan 1887Grayson Co, Virginia I49207
13 Bonham, William  1853Grayson Co, Virginia I3390
14 Bonham, William  19 May 1906Grayson Co, Virginia I49409
15 Byrd, Matilda  25 Jan 1886Grayson Co, Virginia I49274
16 Byrd, Thursey (Thurza)  6 Apr 1899Grayson Co, Virginia I49289
17 Carr, Juliatha  14 Jun 1796Grayson Co, Virginia I32730
18 Cooper, Elizabeth  8 Feb 1894Grayson Co, Virginia I49271
19 Cox, Enoch  28 Mar 1840Grayson Co, Virginia I32708
20 Haga, David  27 Aug 1877Grayson Co, Virginia I49226
21 Haga, Granville H.  7 Sep 1902Grayson Co, Virginia I49254
22 Haga, Henry  8 May 1849Grayson Co, Virginia I49270
23 Haga, James Lewis  21 Nov 1862Grayson Co, Virginia I49245
24 Haga, William Kenley  9 Jun 1935Grayson Co, Virginia I49250
25 Hash, Mary  17 Feb 1887Grayson Co, Virginia I49223
26 Hash, William  Bef 23 Oct 1873Grayson Co, Virginia I49204
27 Hash, William  11 May 1895Grayson Co, Virginia I49198
28 Hash, William Horton Sr.  1823Grayson Co, Virginia I49219
29 Hash, William Horton Jr.  23 Feb 1865Grayson Co, Virginia I49218
30 Howell, Nancy "Polly"  1796Grayson Co, Virginia I55259
31 Jones, Wallace A (Wallen)  Nov 1863Grayson Co, Virginia I49234
32 Livesay, Fielding  23 May 1896Grayson Co, Virginia I49276
33 Livesay, James  19 Jul 1900Grayson Co, Virginia I49273
34 Martin, Royal "Rial"  1873Grayson Co, Virginia I83898
35 McMean, Nancy  Aft 1850Grayson Co, Virginia I49300
36 Moore, Hannah Elizabeth  Between 1850 and 1853Grayson Co, Virginia I49285
37 Osborne, Ellender  1820Grayson Co, Virginia I49220
38 Osborne, Ephraim  23 Apr 1794Grayson Co, Virginia I55260
39 Osborne, James  Aft 1906Grayson Co, Virginia I55266
40 Parks, Elizabeth  4 Dec 1857Grayson Co, Virginia I49238
41 Parks, Jackson B.  17 May 1895Grayson Co, Virginia I49265
42 Parks, Jacob  Aft 1904Grayson Co, Virginia I49299
43 Parks, James Franklin  29 Sep 1871Grayson Co, Virginia I49284
44 Parks, John C.  24 Nov 1867Grayson Co, Virginia I49262
45 Parks, Pilgrim  13 Feb 1888Grayson Co, Virginia I49268
46 Perkins, Miriam  Apr 1873Grayson Co, Virginia I49287
47 Slinker, Martha "Patsy"  1797Grayson Co, Virginia I25516
48 South, Stephen  1 Apr 1828Grayson Co, Virginia I87180
49 Stringer, Margaret  28 May 1901Grayson Co, Virginia I55276
50 Vogt (Vaught), George  11 Aug 1835Grayson Co, Virginia I83893
51 Weavel, Catherine  20 Nov 1880Grayson Co, Virginia I49263
52 Whitehead, Ruth  Jun 1800Grayson Co, Virginia I106423
53 Williams, Elizabeth "Betsy"  23 May 1854Grayson Co, Virginia I3392
54 Wilson, Hannah  1865Grayson Co, Virginia I87181
55 Young, Ezekiel (immigrant)  13 Apr 1800Grayson Co, Virginia I106422


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Martha "Patsy"  1840Grayson Co, Virginia I49233
2 Anderson, Martha "Patsy"  1860Grayson Co, Virginia I49233
3 Bonham, Joseph  1840Grayson Co, Virginia I3393
4 Bonham, Joseph  1850Grayson Co, Virginia I3393
5 Bonham, William  1850Grayson Co, Virginia I3390
6 Hash, William  1850Grayson Co, Virginia I49204
7 Jones, Hiram  1860Grayson Co, Virginia I49231


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Hash, William  23 Oct 1873Grayson Co, Virginia I49204


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anderson / Bonham  Abt 1830Grayson Co, Virginia F16235
2 Anderson / Bonham  Abt 1840Grayson Co, Virginia F16236
3 Anderson / Cornett  4 Dec 1813Grayson Co, Virginia F16272
4 Anderson / Parks  Bef 1807Grayson Co, Virginia F16253
5 Baldwin / Osborne  Abt 1875Grayson Co, Virginia F18139
6 Bevins / Noblett  1784Grayson Co, Virginia F15222
7 Blevins / Blevins  1795Grayson Co, Virginia F12881
8 Bonham / Bonham  Abt 1851Grayson Co, Virginia F16231
9 Bonham / Bonham  Abt 1866Grayson Co, Virginia F16233
10 Bonham / Brewer  Abt 1865Grayson Co, Virginia F16262
11 Bonham / Hughes  1800Grayson Co, Virginia F2101
12 Bonham / Russell  29 Aug 1822Grayson Co, Virginia F1655
13 Bryant / Williams  1786Grayson Co, Virginia F13344
14 Cock (Cox) / Cox  1772Grayson Co, Virginia F36028
15 Cole / Hanks  1765Grayson Co, Virginia F23058
16 Haga / Bonham  Abt 1866Grayson Co, Virginia F16258
17 Haga / Cooper  24 Sep 1835Grayson Co, Virginia F16267
18 Haga / Livesay  3 Jan 1866Grayson Co, Virginia F16268
19 Haga / Parks  7 Jan 1886Grayson Co, Virginia F16259
20 Hash / Anderson  Abt 1793Grayson Co, Virginia F16245
21 Hash / Anderson  12 Dec 1796Grayson Co, Virginia F16243
22 Hash / Bonham  14 Sep 1817Grayson Co, Virginia F16237
23 Hash / Bonham  18 Oct 1833Grayson Co, Virginia F16234
24 Hash / Hash  Abt 1830Grayson Co, Virginia F16278
25 Hash / Perkins  21 May 1840Grayson Co, Virginia F16275
26 Jones / Anderson  31 Aug 1823Grayson Co, Virginia F16251
27 Jones / Cress  14 Mar 1858Grayson Co, Virginia F16252
28 Jones / Haga  26 Jan 1844Grayson Co, Virginia F16250
29 Jones / Nelson  1853Grayson Co, Virginia F16291
30 Livesay / Byrd  18 Oct 1832Grayson Co, Virginia F16269
31 Livesay / Haga  2 Mar 1830Grayson Co, Virginia F16271
32 Martin / Vogt (Vaught)  Abt 1833Grayson Co, Virginia F27437
33 Parks / Bonham  18 Dec 1884Grayson Co, Virginia F16261
34 Parks / Brewer  5 Sep 1829Grayson Co, Virginia F16260
35 Parks / Brewer  15 Apr 1837Grayson Co, Virginia F16266
36 Parks / McMean  Abt 1841Grayson Co, Virginia F16277
37 Richardson / Bonham  16 Sep 1824Grayson Co, Virginia F16239
38 Russell / Bonham  29 Aug 1822Grayson Co, Virginia F16248
39 South / Wilson  1796Grayson Co, Virginia F28801
40 Sparks / Smith  1919Grayson Co, Virginia F23665
41 Young / Whitehead  20 Oct 1768Grayson Co, Virginia F36015

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