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Lavaca Co, Texas


Latitude: 29.3359054, Longitude: -96.8350999


1850 Texas, Lavaca County census
1850 Texas, Lavaca County census
James and Nancy Linville Lovelady and Alfred Allie (widowered son-in-law)
1870 Texas, Lavaca County, Hallettsville Post Office Census
1870 Texas, Lavaca County, Hallettsville Post Office Census
Jones, Mabra; Martha Ponton, Stephen, Andrew, Nancy and Nellie Jones
1880 Texas, Lavaca County, Precinct 5 Census
1880 Texas, Lavaca County, Precinct 5 Census
Mabra Jones, Martha Ponton Jones, Nancy, Nellie, Laura, Joel and Thomas Jones and James Ponton.
Texas, Dewitt Colony Land Grants map 1 of 2 (d)
Texas, Dewitt Colony Land Grants map 1 of 2 (d)
Lavaca and Dewitt County maps


Matches 1 to 100 of 128

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bishop, Nellie Lucille  22 Aug 1911Lavaca Co, Texas I62397
2 Bosworth, Berry Augustus  9 Oct 1872Lavaca Co, Texas I32841
3 Bosworth, Carl  1 Jun 1888Lavaca Co, Texas I32928
4 Bosworth, Dotia Olevia  14 Mar 1861Lavaca Co, Texas I32838
5 Bosworth, Florence  21 Aug 1881Lavaca Co, Texas I32927
6 Bosworth, Henry  1871Lavaca Co, Texas I32840
7 Bosworth, Lavenia  1874Lavaca Co, Texas I32842
8 Bosworth, Mary A.  1868Lavaca Co, Texas I32836
9 Bosworth, Minnie  1879Lavaca Co, Texas I32844
10 Bosworth, William  1876Lavaca Co, Texas I32843
11 Bosworth, William M.  1859Lavaca Co, Texas I32500
12 Bosworth, Woodson Elliot  Feb 1857Lavaca Co, Texas I32499
13 Bounds, Benton  30 Jun 1853Lavaca Co, Texas I62656
14 Bounds, Jewel (Iowa) (foster)  1853Lavaca Co, Texas I42032
15 Bounds, Mary (foster?)  1849Lavaca Co, Texas I42029
16 Bounds, Nancy  1855Lavaca Co, Texas I42031
17 Butts, (infant son)  Between 1877 and 1900Lavaca Co, Texas I32858
18 Butts, Addie Maud  24 Apr 1879Lavaca Co, Texas I32434
19 Butts, Benita Estella  3 Apr 1919Lavaca Co, Texas I32879
20 Butts, Berry Alexander  7 Jul 1853Lavaca Co, Texas I9060
21 Butts, Berry Arnold "Jake"  2 Mar 1897Lavaca Co, Texas I32439
22 Butts, Cyrus Lagardo  11 Aug 1887Lavaca Co, Texas I32437
23 Butts, Estelle  14 Jan 1909Lavaca Co, Texas I32875
24 Butts, Lela Ruth  2 Sep 1900Lavaca Co, Texas I32440
25 Butts, Lloyd Jackson  21 Jun 1913Lavaca Co, Texas I34968
26 Butts, Orient C.  30 Dec 1910Lavaca Co, Texas I32867
27 Butts, Otis Asa Sr.  16 Aug 1883Lavaca Co, Texas I32436
28 Butts, Otis Asa Jr.  18 Sep 1921Lavaca Co, Texas I32868
29 Butts, Runie Estelle  23 Jan 1877Lavaca Co, Texas I32433
30 Butts, Sarah Rachel   I32864
31 Butts, Susan Delanie  17 Apr 1858Lavaca Co, Texas I9061
32 Cowin, Frances  1880Lavaca Co, Texas I35744
33 Cowin, Jefferson  1878Lavaca Co, Texas I35743
34 Hyman, James  1848Lavaca Co, Texas I35735
35 Hyman, Mary O.  1850Lavaca Co, Texas I35736
36 Jacobs, Emeline E. "Emily"  Aug 1854Lavaca Co, Texas I32538
37 Jones, A. Joel  28 Nov 1874Lavaca Co, Texas I954
38 Jones, Alcie Dora  14 Sep 1884Lavaca Co, Texas I737
39 Jones, Allen  29 Sep 1877Lavaca Co, Texas I32850
40 Jones, Alvina  1853Lavaca Co, Texas I35746
41 Jones, Amanda Jane  11 Feb 1855Lavaca Co, Texas I35749
42 Jones, Anna L.  10 Oct 1875Lavaca Co, Texas I32852
43 Jones, Anna Lee  8 Oct 1880Lavaca Co, Texas I726
44 Jones, Bernice   I32922
45 Jones, Dona E.  1879Lavaca Co, Texas I35188
46 Jones, Dorcas A.  1867Lavaca Co, Texas I35186
47 Jones, Henry B.  17 Mar 1870Lavaca Co, Texas I32896
48 Jones, Henry Lee  1865Lavaca Co, Texas I35185
49 Jones, Henry Mae   I32923
50 Jones, James David  16 Jan 1870Lavaca Co, Texas I32853
51 Jones, John Lee  21 Oct 1872Lavaca Co, Texas I32890
52 Jones, John W.  13 Aug 1885Lavaca Co, Texas I748
53 Jones, Laura Ann  16 Nov 1870Lavaca Co, Texas I704
54 Jones, Lewis (Louis) G.  1858Lavaca Co, Texas I35747
55 Jones, Loda A.  26 Jul 1883Lavaca Co, Texas I32854
56 Jones, Lula A  4 Oct 1874Lavaca Co, Texas I32851
57 Jones, Mary  1863Lavaca Co, Texas I35184
58 Jones, Nancy Ellen "Nannie"  31 Jul 1864Lavaca Co, Texas I682
59 Jones, Nellie Ada  9 Jul 1868Lavaca Co, Texas I693
60 Jones, Rebecca S.  1862Lavaca Co, Texas I35750
61 Jones, Sarah E.  21 Apr 1864Lavaca Co, Texas I32849
62 Jones, Thebe  1866Lavaca Co, Texas I32974
63 Jones, Tom Jefferson  9 Jan 1878Lavaca Co, Texas I715
64 Jones, William H.  1872Lavaca Co, Texas I35187
65 Jones, William W.  22 May 1868Lavaca Co, Texas I32925
66 Jones, Zola M.  1865Lavaca Co, Texas I35751
67 Leggett, Bertie Mae Nanny  25 Oct 1900Lavaca Co, Texas I35765
68 Meyer, Claude Bee  6 Jun 1901Lavaca Co, Texas I32446
69 Meyer, Granville Cummings  31 Jan 1882Lavaca Co, Texas I35754
70 Meyer, Leonard Stone "Littleberry" "Bee"  12 May 1875Lavaca Co, Texas I32441
71 Meyer, Lyda Doris   I62400
72 Meyer, Maida  3 Sep 1899Lavaca Co, Texas I32447
73 Meyer, Mattie Cornelia  22 Dec 1883Lavaca Co, Texas I35759
74 Meyer, Sewilla  19 Oct 1905Lavaca Co, Texas I62391
75 Meyer, Tuillio Olga  2 Jun 1904Lavaca Co, Texas I32445
76 O'Neal, Alice  1860Lavaca Co, Texas I35740
77 O'Neal, Mary  1858Lavaca Co, Texas I35741
78 Parr, Emma  9 Sep 1885Lavaca Co, Texas I32920
79 Ponton, Adrin  1865Lavaca Co, Texas I63265
80 Ponton, Alexander C.  1843Lavaca Co, Texas I32944
81 Ponton, Alexander Hugo  4 Jun 1872Lavaca Co, Texas I32969
82 Ponton, Bonnie  1868Lavaca Co, Texas I63267
83 Ponton, Ellen  1848Lavaca Co, Texas I32945
84 Ponton, Henry  1865Lavaca Co, Texas I32952
85 Ponton, Joel Fred  1864Lavaca Co, Texas I63266
86 Ponton, John  1856Lavaca Co, Texas I32950
87 Ponton, John  1871Lavaca Co, Texas I63268
88 Ponton, Laura Anne  23 Feb 1858Lavaca Co, Texas I41226
89 Ponton, Mabry  1873Lavaca Co, Texas I63269
90 Ponton, Martha M.  6 Sep 1844Lavaca Co, Texas I671
91 Ponton, Mary Jane  31 Mar 1858Lavaca Co, Texas I107423
92 Ponton, Sarah  1851Lavaca Co, Texas I32947
93 Ponton, Stella  1880Lavaca Co, Texas I63272
94 Ponton, Victor Hugo  1867Lavaca Co, Texas I32953
95 Ponton, William  1875Lavaca Co, Texas I63270
96 Ponton, Zanna  1878Lavaca Co, Texas I63271
97 Reagan, James Monroe  9 Nov 1858Lavaca Co, Texas I64049
98 Reid, Davis  1908Lavaca Co, Texas I34546
99 Reid, Duward Pelmar Jr.  1913Lavaca Co, Texas I34016
100 Reid, Duward Pelmar "D.P."  7 Sep 1882Lavaca Co, Texas I34014

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Matches 1 to 68 of 68

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boatright, Levi  1880Lavaca Co, Texas I85134
2 Bosworth, Carl  8 Jun 1888Lavaca Co, Texas I32928
3 Bosworth, Florence  25 Feb 1960Lavaca Co, Texas I32927
4 Bounds, Martha  1860Lavaca Co, Texas I32497
5 Bounds, Susan Evaline (foster?)  1897Lavaca Co, Texas I8850
6 Butts, (infant son)  Between 1877 and 1900Lavaca Co, Texas I32858
7 Butts, Andrew Jackson Sr  12 Apr 1870Lavaca Co, Texas I1463
8 Butts, Benita Estella  20 Jun 1982Lavaca Co, Texas I32879
9 Butts, Berry Alexander  8 Nov 1933Lavaca Co, Texas I9060
10 Butts, Berry Arnold "Jake"  1 May 1959Lavaca Co, Texas I32439
11 Butts, Orient C.  29 Apr 1912Lavaca Co, Texas I32867
12 Butts, Otis Asa Sr.  8 Oct 1939Lavaca Co, Texas I32436
13 Butts, Susan Delanie  10 Feb 1897Lavaca Co, Texas I9061
14 Carpenter, Josephine  8 Dec 1930Lavaca Co, Texas I32835
15 Cook, Douglas Benjamin  29 Sep 1958Lavaca Co, Texas I32878
16 Delaney, Rhoda (1/2 Indian)  5 Mar 1850Lavaca Co, Texas I32942
17 Einkauf, Sophia B.  1 Jun 1992Lavaca Co, Texas I32921
18 Greathouse, Robert L.  Aft 1870Lavaca Co, Texas I89810
19 Hall, Sophronia Elizabeth  25 Jun 1945Lavaca Co, Texas I32894
20 Henderson, Mary  17 Aug 1868Lavaca Co, Texas I32946
21 Henry, Pearl  2 Jan 1933Lavaca Co, Texas I32857
22 Honeycutt, Lavina  22 Sep 1850Lavaca Co, Texas I96051
23 Hunter, Joseph Daniel  6 Feb 1973Lavaca Co, Texas I79390
24 Johnson, Jesse "Buddy"  29 Mar 1983Lavaca Co, Texas I32882
25 Johnson, Marcus Reinhart  26 Feb 1913Lavaca Co, Texas I64047
26 Jones, Allen  1 Nov 1877Lavaca Co, Texas I32850
27 Jones, Amanda Jane  29 May 1933Lavaca Co, Texas I35749
28 Jones, Anna L.  14 Oct 1880Lavaca Co, Texas I32852
29 Jones, David  25 Jan 1868Lavaca Co, Texas I35732
30 Jones, Henry B.  8 Apr 1947Lavaca Co, Texas I32896
31 Jones, James David  16 Aug 1888Lavaca Co, Texas I32853
32 Jones, James J.  9 Jan 1947Lavaca Co, Texas I32924
33 Jones, John J.  29 Jan 1913Lavaca Co, Texas I32873
34 Jones, Josephine Adaline  10 Apr 1928Lavaca Co, Texas I79389
35 Jones, Loda A.  26 Jan 1884Lavaca Co, Texas I32854
36 Jones, Lula A  9 Oct 1874Lavaca Co, Texas I32851
37 Jones, Sarah  1869Lavaca Co, Texas I83011
38 Jones, William Patrick  24 Aug 1941Lavaca Co, Texas I79334
39 Jones, William W.  8 Mar 1904Lavaca Co, Texas I32925
40 Kerr, Margaret  30 Apr 1861Lavaca Co, Texas I83012
41 Koonce, Georgia Elmer  4 Sep 1935Lavaca Co, Texas I32933
42 Koonce, Lou Ella  31 Jan 1973Lavaca Co, Texas I32856
43 Koonce, Winifred Pauline (m Ponton)  16 Jul 1936Lavaca Co, Texas I32968
44 Kuykendall, Narcissa  Aft 1850Lavaca Co, Texas I41833
45 Lampley, G. Harrison  21 May 1931Lavaca Co, Texas I32905
46 Lampley, James Caleb  9 Jan 1941Lavaca Co, Texas I32917
47 Lawrence, Dicey  1860Lavaca Co, Texas I85135
48 Marsh, Robert Earl  30 Sep 1979Lavaca Co, Texas I87028
49 Meyer, Leonard Berry  26 Jul 1999Lavaca Co, Texas I32442
50 Meyer, Maida  7 Oct 1899Lavaca Co, Texas I32447
51 Meyer, Sewilla  21 Oct 1905Lavaca Co, Texas I62391
52 Nolan, Kittie Mae  5 Nov 1984Lavaca Co, Texas I32855
53 O'Neal, Martha J.  1 Nov 1914Lavaca Co, Texas I32874
54 Parr, Emma  1986Lavaca Co, Texas I32920
55 Peterson, Catherine "Katy"  12 Feb 1891Lavaca Co, Texas I32902
56 Reagan, James Monroe  9 Aug 1931Lavaca Co, Texas I64049
57 Reid (Reed), John F. (or T.)  Aft 1910Lavaca Co, Texas I34532
58 Terry, William  10 Feb 1897Lavaca Co, Texas I32889
59 Thrift, Frances Rebecca  15 Jan 1918Lavaca Co, Texas I34557
60 Thrift, Jane H.  Bef 1870Lavaca Co, Texas I34008
61 Unterkircher, Charles  Bef 1968Lavaca Co, Texas I32892
62 Upchurch, Alexander  9 Jan 1867Lavaca Co, Texas I32898
63 Upchurch, Ann Lucretia  27 Jun 1959Lavaca Co, Texas I32916
64 Upchurch, Loyd  21 Apr 1902Lavaca Co, Texas I32904
65 Vick, Verdi Inez  22 Jan 1940Lavaca Co, Texas I79388
66 Wilson, Jennett Ann M.  22 May 1934Lavaca Co, Texas I64038
67 Wilson, Julia Ann  11 Apr 1949Lavaca Co, Texas I64039
68 Wilson, Mary Jane A.  18 Mar 1921Lavaca Co, Texas I64037


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bosworth, James Augustus "Gus" (not son of Henry Bosworth)  14 Jun 1880Lavaca Co, Texas I32831
2 Bounds, Susan Evaline (foster?)  18 Jun 1870Lavaca Co, Texas I8850
3 Bounds, Susan Evaline (foster?)  10 Jun 1880Lavaca Co, Texas I8850
4 Butts, Susan Delanie  29 Jun 1880Lavaca Co, Texas I9061
5 Cummings, Sarah Ann  1870Lavaca Co, Texas I35745
6 Hyman, James  3 Oct 1850Lavaca Co, Texas I35735
7 Hyman, James  10 Jun 1870Lavaca Co, Texas I35735
8 Jones, Allen  3 Oct 1850Lavaca Co, Texas I35731
9 Jones, Allen  1860Lavaca Co, Texas I35731
10 Jones, Allen  1870Lavaca Co, Texas I35731
11 Jones, David  3 Oct 1850Lavaca Co, Texas I35732
12 Jones, Eliza Ann  3 Oct 1850Lavaca Co, Texas I35733
13 Jones, John J.  1850Lavaca Co, Texas I32873
14 Jones, John J.  1860Lavaca Co, Texas I32873
15 Jones, John J.  1870Lavaca Co, Texas I32873
16 Jones, Leroy P.  1870Lavaca Co, Texas I32848
17 Koonce, Winifred Pauline (m Ponton)  1900Lavaca Co, Texas I32968
18 Kuykendall, Narcissa  1850Lavaca Co, Texas I41833
19 Ponton, Joel Sr.  25 Sep 1850Lavaca Co, Texas I32297
20 Ponton, Joel Sr.  13 Aug 1870Lavaca Co, Texas I32297
21 Reid, Thomas W. Sr.  18 Jun 1870Lavaca Co, Texas I32887
22 Reid (Reed), Isaac N.  18 Jun 1870Lavaca Co, Texas I32900
23 Sparks, Lydia  1850Lavaca Co, Texas I81782
24 Thrift, Frances Rebecca  1880Lavaca Co, Texas I34557


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Jones, Mabra* Madden Rev  1870Lavaca Co, Texas I583
2 Jones, Mabra* Madden Rev  1880Lavaca Co, Texas I583
3 Ponton, Joel Sr.  Between 1866 and 1867Lavaca Co, Texas I32297


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Bosworth, Frances Elizabeth  Abt Jul 1903Lavaca Co, Texas I921
2 Jones, Drucilla Adelaide "Drusie"  Abt Jul 1903Lavaca Co, Texas I965
3 Linville (maybe), Nancy* (dau?)  28 Dec 1866Lavaca Co, Texas I1031
4 Lovelady, James*  28 Dec 1866Lavaca Co, Texas I1020


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Lovelady, James*  Between 4 Nov 1851 and 31 Aug 1854Lavaca Co, Texas I1020
2 Lovelady, James*  9 Jul 1863Lavaca Co, Texas I1020
3 Lovelady, James*  Between 1869 and 1871Lavaca Co, Texas I1020


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Beshears, Mary Olevia  23 Apr 1871Lavaca Co, Texas I32899
2 Bosworth, Eliza Ann  14 Dec 1856Lavaca Co, Texas I32832
3 Bosworth, Eliza Ann  11 Jul 1860Lavaca Co, Texas I32832
4 Bounds, Susan Evaline (foster?)  6 Feb 1860Lavaca Co, Texas I8850
5 Bounds, Susan Evaline (foster?)  19 Apr 1872Lavaca Co, Texas I8850
6 Bounds, Susan Evaline (foster?)  25 Aug 1872Lavaca Co, Texas I8850
7 Bounds (Bownds), John Chapman  1852Lavaca Co, Texas I9058
8 Butts, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzy"  Abt May 1877Lavaca Co, Texas I32435
9 Butts, Susan Delanie  6 Feb 1860Lavaca Co, Texas I9061
10 Butts, Susan Delanie  25 Mar 1871Lavaca Co, Texas I9061
11 Butts, Susan Delanie  Abt May 1877Lavaca Co, Texas I9061
12 Hobbs, Corilla A.  Lavaca Co, Texas I94494
13 Jones, Stephen Lovelady  23 Apr 1871Lavaca Co, Texas I648
14 Upchurch, Alexander  21 Feb 1860Lavaca Co, Texas I32898
15 Wilcox, Julia (relation to Bounds?)  14 Dec 1856Lavaca Co, Texas I1404


Matches 1 to 51 of 51

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bosworth / Carpenter  1865Lavaca Co, Texas F11495
2 Bounds / Henderson  4 Aug 1852Lavaca Co, Texas F17976
3 Brown / Thrift  1862Lavaca Co, Texas F12030
4 Butts / Guthrie  25 Sep 1940Lavaca Co, Texas F11504
5 Butts / Henry  4 Jun 1913Lavaca Co, Texas F11502
6 Butts / Koonce  19 Jul 1909Lavaca Co, Texas F11501
7 Butts / Nolan  7 Jun 1917Lavaca Co, Texas F11500
8 Butts / Smith  16 Oct 1907Lavaca Co, Texas F11506
9 Butts / Williams  Abt 1885Lavaca Co, Texas F11378
10 Collins / Butts  1 Dec 1927Lavaca Co, Texas F11510
11 Cowin / O'Neal  Abt 1877Lavaca Co, Texas F12342
12 Folkes / Butts  Abt 1939Lavaca Co, Texas F11512
13 Greathouse / Jones  19 Sep 1860Lavaca Co, Texas F29936
14 Henry / Wilson  4 Jan 1877Lavaca Co, Texas F20699
15 Hunt / Ponton  29 Jun 1848Lavaca Co, Texas F11545
16 Hyman / Hyman  Bef Jun 1850Lavaca Co, Texas F12353
17 Hyman / Jones  Abt 1846Lavaca Co, Texas F12340
18 Johnson / Wilson  16 Dec 1865Lavaca Co, Texas F20700
19 Jones / Bosworth  17 May 1860Lavaca Co, Texas F11498
20 Jones / Bosworth  9 Mar 1868Lavaca Co, Texas F321
21 Jones / Cummings  23 Sep 1850Lavaca Co, Texas F12343
22 Jones / O'Neal  23 Jun 1859Lavaca Co, Texas F11509
23 Jones / Parr  16 Sep 1914Lavaca Co, Texas F11534
24 Jones / Ponton  12 Jul 1863Lavaca Co, Texas F288
25 Jones / Upchurch  10 Dec 1902Lavaca Co, Texas F11523
26 Jones / Upchurch  19 Nov 1916Lavaca Co, Texas F11520
27 Jones / Vick  24 Dec 1902Lavaca Co, Texas F25836
28 Lampley / Upchurch  Abt 1875Lavaca Co, Texas F11532
29 Lee / Defner  19 Jun 1875Lavaca Co, Texas F19769
30 Mayo / Koonce  12 Dec 1861Lavaca Co, Texas F11626
31 Meyer / Butts  17 Jan 1898Lavaca Co, Texas F11379
32 Meyer / Jones  10 Mar 1879Lavaca Co, Texas F12344
33 Meyer / Koonce  21 Dec 1904Lavaca Co, Texas F12345
34 Meyer / Leggett  5 Mar 1916Lavaca Co, Texas F12349
35 Norton / Jones  02 Mar 1869Lavaca Co, Texas F325
36 O'Neal / Wilson  19 Sep 1867Lavaca Co, Texas F20701
37 Ponton / Koonce  12 Dec 1863Lavaca Co, Texas F11553
38 Ponton / Koonce  Abt 1870Lavaca Co, Texas F11551
39 Ponton / Melton-Koonce  6 Oct 1871Lavaca Co, Texas F11549
40 Reagan / Wilson  22 Dec 1880Lavaca Co, Texas F20702
41 Reid / Butts  Abt 1881Lavaca Co, Texas F11659
42 Reid / Sistrunk  Abt 1912Lavaca Co, Texas F11867
43 Reid (Reed) / Beshears  4 Apr 1872Lavaca Co, Texas F11525
44 Reid (Reed) / Reid  Abt 1907Lavaca Co, Texas F12025
45 Terry / Butts  Bef 1880Lavaca Co, Texas F11519
46 Unterkircher / Upchurch  Between 1922 and 1930Lavaca Co, Texas F11521
47 Upchurch / Beshears  6 Sep 1854Lavaca Co, Texas F11524
48 Upchurch / Kelly  8 Jun 1899Lavaca Co, Texas F8611
49 Upchurch / Peterson  3 Jan 1878Lavaca Co, Texas F11526
50 Walton / Koonce  18 Nov 1864Lavaca Co, Texas F23468
51 Walton / Ponton  13 Apr 1876Lavaca Co, Texas F23470

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