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Parker Co, Texas



Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beach, Ida Alice  14 Dec 1872Parker Co, Texas I87318
2 Campbell, Daniel  1868Parker Co, Texas I37261
3 Campbell, Dora  Oct 1876Parker Co, Texas I53592
4 Campbell, Ednar E.  1889Parker Co, Texas I53604
5 Campbell, Elmer  1887Parker Co, Texas I53584
6 Campbell, James T.  Oct 1880Parker Co, Texas I53594
7 Campbell, John H.  1873Parker Co, Texas I53590
8 Campbell, Leslie C.  Jul 1885Parker Co, Texas I53595
9 Campbell, Martin Luther  1875Parker Co, Texas I53591
10 Campbell, Murnerva  1871Parker Co, Texas I53589
11 Campbell, Robert Lee  1865Parker Co, Texas I37260
12 Campbell, Texana  1878Parker Co, Texas I53593
13 Collison, Clause  1908Parker Co, Texas I53573
14 Davis, Leslie  1899Parker Co, Texas I53582
15 Dunlap, Houston Philander  3 Feb 1880Parker Co, Texas I82049
16 Erwin, Sarah Altha  8 Apr 1869Parker Co, Texas I102848
17 Pittillo, Maxey  1891Parker Co, Texas I53571
18 Riddle, Glenys Marie  16 Sep 1928Parker Co, Texas I93084
19 Roberts, Aaron  1795Parker Co, Texas I85489
20 Roberts, John Wesley  1 Dec 1866Parker Co, Texas I85509
21 Sanders, Bennie  2 Jan 1905Parker Co, Texas I78982
22 Sanders, Ona Reynolds  22 Oct 1912Parker Co, Texas I78979
23 Sparks, Rachel A.  7 Apr 1852Parker Co, Texas I81781
24 Stinnett, Alpha Isabelle  8 May 1874Parker Co, Texas I101896
25 Stinnett, Charles E. (1/8 Indian)(DNA-LL)  6 Sep 1885Parker Co, Texas I79137
26 Stinnett, Dora Jane  27 Jul 1884Parker Co, Texas I101899
27 Stinnett, George Uriah (1/8 Indian)  10 Nov 1883Parker Co, Texas I101752
28 Stinnett, George Wesley  2 Sep 1877Parker Co, Texas I101904
29 Stinnett, John Calvin  16 Jun 1881Parker Co, Texas I101907
30 Stinnett, John Nathaniel (1/8 Indian)  6 Oct 1881Parker Co, Texas I101751
31 Stinnett, Martha Ellen Laurissa (Mahala)  13 Mar 1885Parker Co, Texas I101909
32 Stinnett, Mary Etta  7 Oct 1890Parker Co, Texas I101900
33 Stinnett, Samuel M.  17 Jan 1879Parker Co, Texas I101766
34 Stinnett, Sarah Annie  30 Jan 1882Parker Co, Texas I101898
35 Stinnett, William Calvin  24 Jul 1872Parker Co, Texas I101895
36 Stults, Charlie  1908Parker Co, Texas I105373
37 Stults, Larman  1920Parker Co, Texas I105376
38 Stults, Lawrence  1908Parker Co, Texas I105281
39 Stults, Pearl Mae  10 Mar 1905Parker Co, Texas I105006
40 Stults, Roy Lesley  1915Parker Co, Texas I105374
41 Stults, Ruby  22 Sep 1907Parker Co, Texas I105007
42 Stults, Viola  1917Parker Co, Texas I105375


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boatright, Mary "Polly" Harrell  1863Parker Co, Texas I81770
2 Freeman, Lucy B.  6 May 1910Parker Co, Texas I86794
3 Grace, John Scrimshire  24 Jul 1931Parker Co, Texas I75422
4 Hill, William M.  11 Apr 1911Parker Co, Texas I87317
5 Horton, Elizabeth  1880Parker Co, Texas I85492
6 Johnson, Ailsa Angelina  14 Sep 1930Parker Co, Texas I105132
7 Pittillo, Jefferson Ward  22 Apr 1907Parker Co, Texas I53574
8 Pittillo, Sarah Minerva  22 Jul 1885Parker Co, Texas I53578
9 Roberts, Henry J.  1881Parker Co, Texas I85491
10 Roberts, James T.  1869Parker Co, Texas I85482
11 Scarlett, Ronais  17 Jul 1958Parker Co, Texas I75421
12 Sparks, Minerva  Abt 1850Parker Co, Texas I81778
13 Sparks, Molly  Abt 1860Parker Co, Texas I81779
14 Sparks, Willoughby  1860Parker Co, Texas I81769
15 Stinnett, Alpha Isabelle  6 May 1879Parker Co, Texas I101896
16 Stinnett, Rufus Calvin  10 Apr 1890Parker Co, Texas I101783
17 Stinnett, Samuel M.  9 Mar 1879Parker Co, Texas I101766
18 Stinnett, Sarah Annie  16 Jan 1975Parker Co, Texas I101898
19 Stinnett, Sarah Elizabeth  12 Dec 1884Parker Co, Texas I101785
20 Stults, James W.  22 Aug 1897Parker Co, Texas I105136
21 Stults, Ruby  1 Feb 1999Parker Co, Texas I105007
22 Stults, Troy Wesley  7 Oct 1998Parker Co, Texas I102901
23 Ward, Sarah W.  Between 1864 and 1867Parker Co, Texas I53567
24 Williams, Marshall T.  1912Parker Co, Texas I101786


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Campbell, James Marion  1870Parker Co, Texas I7376
2 Campbell, James Marion  1880Parker Co, Texas I7376
3 Collison, Cliff  1910Parker Co, Texas I53572
4 Jones, Edwin F.  1940Parker Co, Texas I9762
5 Jones, George Frank  1940Parker Co, Texas I888
6 Lollar, Mary Elizabeth "Betsy"  1910Parker Co, Texas I19144
7 Lovelady, Robert M.D.  1900Parker Co, Texas I12921
8 Pittillo, Thomas  1910Parker Co, Texas I53569
9 Pittillo, Thomas  1920Parker Co, Texas I53569
10 Stults, James L.  1910Parker Co, Texas I105133
11 Stults, James William Pickard  1910Parker Co, Texas I105131
12 Stults, James William Pickard  1920Parker Co, Texas I105131
13 Stults, Morgan H.  1910Parker Co, Texas I102903


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bratcher / Moore  24 Dec 1882Parker Co, Texas F35608
2 Campbell / Campbell  Abt 1886Parker Co, Texas F17552
3 Collison / Pittillo  Abt 1907Parker Co, Texas F17548
4 Davis / Campbell  Abt 1898Parker Co, Texas F17551
5 Duke / Choate  4 Oct 1883Parker Co, Texas F34738
6 Erwin / Stinnett  1 Mar 1860Parker Co, Texas F34714
7 Grace / Scarlett  28 Aug 1887Parker Co, Texas F24475
8 Hill / Beach  18 Apr 1889Parker Co, Texas F28860
9 Mathes / McCarver  31 Aug 1862Parker Co, Texas F27337
10 Pittillo / Pitillo  Abt 1890Parker Co, Texas F17547
11 Stinnett / Youngblood  16 Feb 1872Parker Co, Texas F34306
12 Stone / Chastain  8 Aug 1974Parker Co, Texas F19889
13 Sumrall / Ellis  7 Sep 1898Parker Co, Texas F28857
14 Thompson / Sparks  1862Parker Co, Texas F26776
15 Williams / Yeatts  1 Jul 1944Parker Co, Texas F21354

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