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Vermilion Parish, Louisiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 Harrington, Anite  1912Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69125
102 Harrington, Anitor  1888Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53684
103 Harrington, Aristide  1852Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53764
104 Harrington, Arnold  1892Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69112
105 Harrington, Augusta  1892Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53686
106 Harrington, Aviar  1873Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53729
107 Harrington, Charles Ernest  1872Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53725
108 Harrington, Chloe  1899Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I7880
109 Harrington, Chloe Louise  1924Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53713
110 Harrington, Cleopha  25 Jun 1914Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53709
111 Harrington, Cloyce (Clovis)  1897Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69115
112 Harrington, Cornelia   I53714
113 Harrington, Daisy  Jul 1879Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27349
114 Harrington, Eda Marie  17 Nov 1876Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53731
115 Harrington, Edmond  15 May 1842Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I48269
116 Harrington, Edna  1 Sep 1909Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53680
117 Harrington, Edward   I69119
118 Harrington, Elizabeth  1854Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53763
119 Harrington, Ella May  1896Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I7879
120 Harrington, Elodi  1918Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69127
121 Harrington, Elodie  1890Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53685
122 Harrington, Emelie  1850Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I48261
123 Harrington, Emily  12 Aug 1853Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I50281
124 Harrington, Estelle  1915Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69121
125 Harrington, Eugenia  30 Jan 1857Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I50277
126 Harrington, Eugenie  1862Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53721
127 Harrington, Eugenie  1875Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53730
128 Harrington, Frances  1865Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53722
129 Harrington, Francis  1864Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53761
130 Harrington, Francis M.  1878Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27348
131 Harrington, Herbert (Theoberh)  1890Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69113
132 Harrington, Jean Clerfee  15 Mar 1881Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53707
133 Harrington, Joice Elain   I69367
134 Harrington, Josephine  1856Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53762
135 Harrington, Laura May  1917Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53710
136 Harrington, Lidia  1912Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53708
137 Harrington, Lillian  1908Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53679
138 Harrington, Lisa  1844Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53759
139 Harrington, Lloyd  1919Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53711
140 Harrington, Lora M.   I69368
141 Harrington, Marie Leala   I69366
142 Harrington, Marie O.  1848Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53760
143 Harrington, Odnar (Ednar)  22 May 1908Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69124
144 Harrington, Oliver  1876Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53726
145 Harrington, Ora  15 Dec 1915Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69126
146 Harrington, Ovy  1879Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53732
147 Harrington, Paul G.  1926Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53715
148 Harrington, Perry  1893Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I7877
149 Harrington, Renald  1908Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69120
150 Harrington, Saul  1920Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69118
151 Harrington, Selestine  1867Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53723
152 Harrington, Sydney  1901Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I69116
153 Harrington, Theodore (Theron)   I53712
154 Harrington, Thomas H.  1850Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I53727
155 Harrington, Weston   I69130
156 Harrington, Wilda   I69129
157 Hayes, Gardet  1915Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I33583
158 Hayes, Renis  1913Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I33582
159 Hebert, Aristille  1847Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I101629
160 Hebert, Arita Marie  17 Nov 1887Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I101630
161 Hebert, Felix  1853Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I50282
162 Hebert, Marie Odile  3 Jun 1864Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I50274
163 Henarie, Dora  Jun 1881Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I34131
164 Henarie, Leona  May 1886Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I34132
165 Henarie, Samuel King  1 Jan 1844Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I34111
166 Henarie/Henry, John  May 1879Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I34122
167 Henry, Ada  1853Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8304
168 Henry, Ada  1870Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I105921
169 Henry, Bascom William  Dec 1888Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8994
170 Henry, Edith  23 Nov 1894Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8999
171 Henry, Julia  Dec 1848Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8298
172 Henry, Roy Francis  15 Sep 1907Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I105938
173 Henry, Stephen M  15 Apr 1856Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8300
174 Henry, Vernola Mae  2 Sep 1907Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I9007
175 Henry, Winford Earl  23 Oct 1914Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I105937
176 Henry-Tinker, Effie  13 Jul 1884Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I8993
177 Hoffpauir, Adalasca  1856Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27324
178 Hoffpauir, Berthina Cathena  1817Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26999
179 Hoffpauir, Deaker  1898Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I82748
180 Hoffpauir, Delta  26 Sep 1899Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I82743
181 Hoffpauir, Easton (Eartin)  Sep 1841Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26864
182 Hoffpauir, Eaton  1884Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I82749
183 Hoffpauir, George  1835Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27029
184 Hoffpauir, Gledney  1906Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I82647
185 Hoffpauir, J.M.  1907Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I82747
186 Hoffpauir, James  1905Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I82746
187 Hoffpauir, Laura Gertrude  Aug 1896Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27490
188 Hoffpauir, Lucille  1904Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I82646
189 Hoffpauir, Nathan  1902Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I82645
190 Hoffpauir, Nemar  1853Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I27323
191 Hoffpauir, Robert  1900Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I82644
192 Jackson, Liticia  30 Aug 1815Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I26620
193 Johnson, Philomene  13 Apr 1863Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I87665
194 LaChaussee, Enite  2 Dec 1897Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I92306
195 LaChaussee, Rene  18 Aug 1899Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I92304
196 Lamarr, Izelia  1858Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25084
197 Lamarr, Ofilia  Mar 1860Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25085
198 Lamarr, Olanse  1855Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25081
199 Lamarr, Orzel  1857Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25083
200 Lamarr, Tazilla  1856Vermilion Parish, Louisiana I25082

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