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Wilson Co, Tennessee



Matches 1 to 58 of 58

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allison, Cassander Florida  6 Jun 1812Wilson Co, Tennessee I104448
2 Ashford, Hiram Marcellus  1808Wilson Co, Tennessee I92686
3 Bennett, Josiah Joseph "Joe"  9 Jul 1829Wilson Co, Tennessee I65999
4 Covington, Dana  Mar 1896Wilson Co, Tennessee I58256
5 Covington, Irma  Aug 1891Wilson Co, Tennessee I58255
6 Doak, (son)  Between 1835 and 1840Wilson Co, Tennessee I52932
7 Doak, Alford  1865Wilson Co, Tennessee I58249
8 Doak, Andrew Jackson  1845Wilson Co, Tennessee I51819
9 Doak, Anna Bell "Annie"  1866Wilson Co, Tennessee I51826
10 Doak, Buina Vista  1874Wilson Co, Tennessee I58252
11 Doak, Edward  1867Wilson Co, Tennessee I58250
12 Doak, Elizabeth  1835Wilson Co, Tennessee I52931
13 Doak, Elizabeth "Bettie"  Nov 1872Wilson Co, Tennessee I51823
14 Doak, John  1837Wilson Co, Tennessee I51818
15 Doak, John  1862Wilson Co, Tennessee I51822
16 Doak, John Foster  1801Wilson Co, Tennessee I51744
17 Doak, Kate  Abt 1860Wilson Co, Tennessee I51825
18 Doak, Pruda  Abt 1836Wilson Co, Tennessee I78852
19 Doak, Robert Foster  1829Wilson Co, Tennessee I78850
20 Doak, Rufus R.  1872Wilson Co, Tennessee I58251
21 Doak, Samuel  1877Wilson Co, Tennessee I58253
22 Doak, Samuel H.  1827Wilson Co, Tennessee I78851
23 Doak, William  Abt 1856Wilson Co, Tennessee I51824
24 Doak, William H.  1829Wilson Co, Tennessee I51820
25 Donnell, Adaline  1810Wilson Co, Tennessee I78825
26 Donnell, Jane  11 Jun 1809Wilson Co, Tennessee I78856
27 Donnell, John Calvin  3 Aug 1807Wilson Co, Tennessee I99432
28 Donnell, Margaret "Peggy"  15 Jun 1813Wilson Co, Tennessee I78857
29 Evans, Mary A.  1 Feb 1844Wilson Co, Tennessee I105197
30 Foster, Isabella Ann  Abt 1810Wilson Co, Tennessee I78833
31 Foster, John Emsley  11 Sep 1830Wilson Co, Tennessee I53139
32 Foster, Martha Ann Emily  Abt 1840Wilson Co, Tennessee I78847
33 Foster, Nancy Smith  5 Aug 1817Wilson Co, Tennessee I76984
34 Foster, Robert  Abt 1838Wilson Co, Tennessee I78846
35 Foster, Samuel  Abt 1833Wilson Co, Tennessee I78844
36 Foster, William  Abt 1835Wilson Co, Tennessee I78845
37 Foster, William Preston  12 Jul 1811Wilson Co, Tennessee I78835
38 Hancock, Green H.  11 May 1809Wilson Co, Tennessee I53156
39 Hewgley, Thomas Abraham  27 Apr 1830Wilson Co, Tennessee I42336
40 Jackson, Theodore Andrew  Abt 1840Wilson Co, Tennessee I53411
41 Johnson, Andrew Demarquis M.  2 Jan 1835Wilson Co, Tennessee I74334
42 Johnson, Sarah Frances  9 Oct 1831Wilson Co, Tennessee I74331
43 Koonce, Amander  1808Wilson Co, Tennessee I73187
44 McClain, Josiah Scott Squire  Abt 1800Wilson Co, Tennessee I78839
45 McClain, Mary Doak  Abt 1812Wilson Co, Tennessee I78841
46 McFarland, Dicey Ann  Dec 1818Wilson Co, Tennessee I53870
47 Moody, Margaret Elizabeth  7 Aug 1838Wilson Co, Tennessee I104450
48 Spain, Martha Elizabeth  23 Apr 1850Wilson Co, Tennessee I76990
49 Spain, Mary Frances  16 Feb 1843Wilson Co, Tennessee I76987
50 Spain, Stephen Dewitt  15 Dec 1847Wilson Co, Tennessee I76989
51 Stroud, Fernando Erastus  18 Mar 1859Wilson Co, Tennessee I104452
52 Stroud, Oliver Burton  5 Oct 1836Wilson Co, Tennessee I104451
53 Thrift, Frances Rebecca  3 Sep 1837Wilson Co, Tennessee I34557
54 Whitson, Rhoda Ann  1832Wilson Co, Tennessee I62816
55 Wilson, Mary Paralee  1837Wilson Co, Tennessee I78483
56 Young, Adam (line to Greene Co)  1761Wilson Co, Tennessee I45704
57 Young, Rev Alexander Anderson Sr.  10 Apr 1805Wilson Co, Tennessee I45735
58 Young, Robert Barnett  3 Feb 1804Wilson Co, Tennessee I45706


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allison, Cassander Florida  20 Sep 1870Wilson Co, Tennessee I104448
2 Allison, William  27 Apr 1830Wilson Co, Tennessee I104446
3 Ashford, Roxanna  Feb 1880Wilson Co, Tennessee I92662
4 Bell, Jane  Bef 1806Wilson Co, Tennessee I78858
5 Bell, Samuel  Wilson Co, Tennessee I78894
6 Brown, Sarah  26 Jan 1828Wilson Co, Tennessee I99431
7 Campbell, Colonel David  24 Nov 1832Wilson Co, Tennessee I50014
8 Cosby, Mary Marinda  20 Feb 1908Wilson Co, Tennessee I63317
9 Dixon, Thomas Johnson  22 Jun 1922Wilson Co, Tennessee I48681
10 Doak, (daughter)  Aft 1858Wilson Co, Tennessee I78860
11 Doak, Mrs. Elizabeth (..)  2 Sep 1850Wilson Co, Tennessee I78855
12 Doak, Capt John  16 Feb 1815Wilson Co, Tennessee I51702
13 Doak, John Foster  1879Wilson Co, Tennessee I51744
14 Doak, Martha "Patsy"  1849Wilson Co, Tennessee I51743
15 Doak, Minerva Minton  Aft 1870Wilson Co, Tennessee I51706
16 Doak, Robert (son of who?)  Aft 1825Wilson Co, Tennessee I78891
17 Donnell, James (son of who?)  23 Sep 1817Wilson Co, Tennessee I99430
18 Donnell, Margaret "Peggy"  29 Mar 1892Wilson Co, Tennessee I78857
19 Donnell, Mary "Polly"  8 Feb 1873Wilson Co, Tennessee I78865
20 Donnell, Nancy  Bef 28 Feb 1821Wilson Co, Tennessee I78804
21 Donnell, Robert  Aft 1825Wilson Co, Tennessee I78874
22 Donnell, Rev. Robert Thomas  Wilson Co, Tennessee I78859
23 Donnell, Rev. Samuel  1817Wilson Co, Tennessee I78890
24 Donnell, William  1798Wilson Co, Tennessee I78870
25 Donnell, Capt. William "Billy" (son?)  29 Jul 1846Wilson Co, Tennessee I78854
26 Donnell, William Preston  29 Nov 1839Wilson Co, Tennessee I99429
27 Donnell, William S. "Cedar Bill" Jr.  1847Wilson Co, Tennessee I78892
28 Drake, Mary  15 Feb 1844Wilson Co, Tennessee I105196
29 Foster, Alexander  Between 1834 and 1851Wilson Co, Tennessee I51726
30 Foster, Emsley Donnell  Bef 30 Aug 1832Wilson Co, Tennessee I51737
31 Foster, John Alexander  3 Oct 1832Wilson Co, Tennessee I56773
32 Foster, John Donnell  28 Feb 1838Wilson Co, Tennessee I78806
33 Foster, Martha Ann Emily  1916Wilson Co, Tennessee I78847
34 Foster, Mary "Polly"  24 Oct 1808Wilson Co, Tennessee I51725
35 Foster, Robert Albert  1818Wilson Co, Tennessee I50324
36 Harrison, Coleman Q. "Coley"  8 Nov 1884Wilson Co, Tennessee I51817
37 Howard, Elizabeth  22 Feb 1889Wilson Co, Tennessee I75190
38 Hunter, Elizabeth  Bef 1827Wilson Co, Tennessee I51816
39 Kerr, Isabella  Sep 1809Wilson Co, Tennessee I99406
40 Loyd, Jarrett  1837Wilson Co, Tennessee I37080
41 McCarty, Elizabeth  28 Jul 1863Wilson Co, Tennessee I104447
42 McFarland, Dicey Ann  May 1872Wilson Co, Tennessee I53870
43 Moody, John Robert  29 Jan 1875Wilson Co, Tennessee I104449
44 Morrison, Martha  11 Mar 1802Wilson Co, Tennessee I56774
45 Ozment (or Ozmond), Celia "Sealy"  7 Apr 1840Wilson Co, Tennessee I99380
46 Sherrill, Margaret "Peggy"  1866Wilson Co, Tennessee I78893
47 Williams, Prudence Gertrude  25 Jan 1870Wilson Co, Tennessee I53154
48 Williams, Sarah Elizabeth  18 Jan 1912Wilson Co, Tennessee I53149
49 Williams, Zachariah W.  2 May 1869Wilson Co, Tennessee I53151


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Doak, John  1860Wilson Co, Tennessee I51818
2 Doak, John Foster  1840Wilson Co, Tennessee I51744
3 Doak, John Foster  1850Wilson Co, Tennessee I51744
4 Doak, John Foster  1860Wilson Co, Tennessee I51744
5 Doak, Robert Stewart  1850Wilson Co, Tennessee I51710
6 Doak, William H.  1860Wilson Co, Tennessee I51820
7 Doak, William H.  1870Wilson Co, Tennessee I51820
8 Fielding, Martha "Patsy"  1850Wilson Co, Tennessee I51704
9 Foster, Alexander  1840Wilson Co, Tennessee I51726
10 Reid (Reed), Isaac N.  27 Aug 1850Wilson Co, Tennessee I32900


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Doak, Andrew Jackson  19 Jan 1880Wilson Co, Tennessee I51819
2 Doak, Capt John  21 Sep 1813Wilson Co, Tennessee I51702
3 Doak, William H.  19 Jan 1880Wilson Co, Tennessee I51820
4 Donnell, Robert  9 May 1815Wilson Co, Tennessee I78874
5 Donnell, Rev. Samuel  Wilson Co, Tennessee I78890
6 Foster, Alexander  4 Mar 1818Wilson Co, Tennessee I78838
7 Foster, Alexander  28 Feb 1821Wilson Co, Tennessee I78838
8 Foster, David  9 May 1815Wilson Co, Tennessee I78872
9 Foster, Isabella Ann  Aft 1821Wilson Co, Tennessee I78833
10 Foster, James  4 Mar 1818Wilson Co, Tennessee I78837
11 Foster, James  28 Feb 1821Wilson Co, Tennessee I78837
12 Foster, John Alexander  9 May 1815Wilson Co, Tennessee I56773
13 Foster, Mary "Polly"  Abt 1802Wilson Co, Tennessee I51725
14 Foster, Robert Albert  1799Wilson Co, Tennessee I50324
15 McClain, Josiah Scott Squire  26 Mar 1829Wilson Co, Tennessee I78839
16 McClain, Josiah Scott Squire  23 May 1830Wilson Co, Tennessee I78839


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Doak, Capt John  8 Nov 1815Wilson Co, Tennessee I51702


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Donnell, Nancy  21 Jan 1818Wilson Co, Tennessee I78804
2 Donnell, Nancy  4 Mar 1818Wilson Co, Tennessee I78804
3 Foster, Albert Gilbert  25 Oct 1828Wilson Co, Tennessee I78830
4 Foster, Emsley Donnell  25 Oct 1828Wilson Co, Tennessee I51737
5 Foster, Isabella Ann  25 Oct 1828Wilson Co, Tennessee I78833
6 Foster, Robert Albert  Abt 1817Wilson Co, Tennessee I50324
7 Foster, Robert Albert  25 Oct 1828Wilson Co, Tennessee I50324
8 Foster, Robert Albert  29 May 1829Wilson Co, Tennessee I50324
9 Foster, William Preston  25 Oct 1828Wilson Co, Tennessee I78835


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Coker, Joseph Sr.  1815Wilson Co, Tennessee I63347
2 Coker, Warren P.  1815Wilson Co, Tennessee I63850
3 Doak, (daughter)  Abt 1858Wilson Co, Tennessee I78860
4 Doak, Capt John  1797Wilson Co, Tennessee I51702
5 Doak, John Foster  Abt 1858Wilson Co, Tennessee I51744
6 Donnell, Rev. Robert Thomas  1791Wilson Co, Tennessee I78859
7 Donnell, William  1789Wilson Co, Tennessee I78870
8 Donnell, Capt. William "Billy" (son?)  1791Wilson Co, Tennessee I78854
9 Foster, Alexander  1791Wilson Co, Tennessee I51726
10 Foster, John Alexander  1797Wilson Co, Tennessee I56773
11 McClain, William  1797Wilson Co, Tennessee I50323


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Doak, John Foster  19 Jan 1880Wilson Co, Tennessee I51744
2 Donnell, Rev. Samuel  9 May 1815Wilson Co, Tennessee I78890
3 Donnell, William S. "Cedar Bill" Jr.  10 Oct 1844Wilson Co, Tennessee I78892
4 Foster, Emsley Donnell  30 Aug 1832Wilson Co, Tennessee I51737


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Corder / Brown  15 Feb 1818Wilson Co, Tennessee F31132
2 Covington / Doak  1891Wilson Co, Tennessee F19211
3 Doak / Doak  Abt 1848Wilson Co, Tennessee F17021
4 Doak / Doak  Abt 1861Wilson Co, Tennessee F17020
5 Doak / Donnell  25 Jan 1820Wilson Co, Tennessee F19201
6 Doak / Donnell  11 Jul 1825Wilson Co, Tennessee F25619
7 Doak / Foster  Aft 1818Wilson Co, Tennessee F25649
8 Doak / Hancock  14 Sep 1847Wilson Co, Tennessee F17389
9 Doak / Harrison  5 Apr 1827Wilson Co, Tennessee F17019
10 Doak / Hunter  10 Jan 1822Wilson Co, Tennessee F17018
11 Donnell / Doak  Abt 1808Wilson Co, Tennessee F25633
12 Donnell / Foster  1796Wilson Co, Tennessee F33413
13 Donnell / Foster  4 Sep 1834Wilson Co, Tennessee F25625
14 Donnell / Sherrill  1806Wilson Co, Tennessee F25650
15 Dukes / Dobson  29 Oct 1831Wilson Co, Tennessee F17236
16 Foster / Doak  4 Apr 1820Wilson Co, Tennessee F16989
17 Foster / Doak  30 Nov 1831Wilson Co, Tennessee F16991
18 Foster / Lansden  8 Jun 1833Wilson Co, Tennessee F25626
19 Foster / Major  12 Aug 1828Wilson Co, Tennessee F25623
20 Foster / Rogers  21 Sep 1813Wilson Co, Tennessee F25612
21 Jones / Foster  1855Wilson Co, Tennessee F25630
22 McClain / Johnson  22 Aug 1829Wilson Co, Tennessee F25627
23 Mottley / Doak  22 Jan 1816Wilson Co, Tennessee F17017
24 Oglesby / Cothron  27 Jun 1924Wilson Co, Tennessee F22816
25 Ramsey / Ashford  23 Jan 1855Wilson Co, Tennessee F31147
26 Reid (Reed) / Thrift  25 Aug 1845Wilson Co, Tennessee F11866
27 Spain / Foster  16 Dec 1839Wilson Co, Tennessee F25007
28 Thomas / Donnell  14 Sep 1822Wilson Co, Tennessee F33400
29 Weatherly / Sims  18 Mar 1828Wilson Co, Tennessee F25622
30 Whitsett / McFarland  6 Nov 1839Wilson Co, Tennessee F17639
31 Williams / Doak  27 Nov 1828Wilson Co, Tennessee F17390


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Foster / Major  21 Oct 1839Wilson Co, Tennessee F25623

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