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of, Jones Co, Mississippi


Latitude: 31.610118410891687, Longitude: -89.21585083007812


Matches 1 to 76 of 76

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Carroll, Susannah  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23998
2 Cato, Mary  Aft 1860of, Jones Co, Mississippi I39224
3 Johnson, A.J.  Aft 1860of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23981
4 Johnson, David  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23969
5 Johnson, Elizabeth  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23977
6 Johnson, Mrs Elizabeth (..)  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23970
7 Johnson, Ellender  Aft 1860of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23980
8 Johnson, Harriet  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23971
9 Johnson, James D  Aft 1860of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23982
10 Johnson, Joseph W  Aft 1860of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23976
11 Johnson, M.  Aft 1860of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23983
12 Johnson, Mary  Aft 1860of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23974
13 Johnson, Nelly  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23975
14 Johnson, Mrs Priscilla (..)  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23979
15 Johnson, Sarah  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23972
16 Johnson, Susanna R  Aft 1960of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23978
17 Johnson, Thomas  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23973
18 Landrum, Casely  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23993
19 Landrum, Charles  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23989
20 Landrum, Cinthia  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23990
21 Landrum, Cody  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23967
22 Landrum, Daphene  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23987
23 Landrum, Mrs Dorcas (..)  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23965
24 Landrum, Elizabeth  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23991
25 Landrum, Gus  Bef 2005of, Jones Co, Mississippi I59912
26 Landrum, Henry  Aft 1860of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23966
27 Landrum, Isabella  Aft 1860of, Jones Co, Mississippi I42068
28 Landrum, James Johnson  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23955
29 Landrum, Jesse  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23962
30 Landrum, Jesse  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23985
31 Landrum, John  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23995
32 Landrum, John  Aft 1860of, Jones Co, Mississippi I42069
33 Landrum, Lewis  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23992
34 Landrum, Martha  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23963
35 Landrum, Milly  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23996
36 Landrum, Samuel  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23964
37 Landrum, Stephen  Aft 1860of, Jones Co, Mississippi I42070
38 Landrum, Wiley  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23988
39 Landrum, William  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23994
40 Langston, Elizabeth  Aft 1860of, Jones Co, Mississippi I39341
41 Langston, G.W.  Aft 1860of, Jones Co, Mississippi I39345
42 Langston, J.J.  Aft 1860of, Jones Co, Mississippi I39337
43 Langston, Madison  Aft 1860of, Jones Co, Mississippi I39344
44 Langston, Mary  Aft 1860of, Jones Co, Mississippi I39340
45 Langston, S.  Aft 1860of, Jones Co, Mississippi I39343
46 Langston, Mrs. S.E. (..)  Aft 1870of, Jones Co, Mississippi I39338
47 Langston, Sarah  Aft 1860of, Jones Co, Mississippi I39342
48 Nobles, Bartie  Aft 1930of, Jones Co, Mississippi I39329
49 Nobles, Mrs. Ida J. (..)  Aft 1930of, Jones Co, Mississippi I39327
50 Nobles, John  Aft 1860of, Jones Co, Mississippi I39223
51 Nobles, Matilda  Aft 1930of, Jones Co, Mississippi I39328
52 Nobles, William Edmund  Aft 1930of, Jones Co, Mississippi I39326
53 Parker, Edward  Aft 1870of, Jones Co, Mississippi I41755
54 Parker, Martin  Aft 1870of, Jones Co, Mississippi I41756
55 Parker, Missouri  Aft 1870of, Jones Co, Mississippi I41757
56 Tucker, John  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I39554
57 Tucker, Sarah  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I39555
58 Tucker, Shelton  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I39557
59 Tucker, Van B.  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I39556
60 Williams, Dicey  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I24009
61 Williams, Hannah  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I24012
62 Williams, Horace  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I24013
63 Williams, John  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I24003
64 Williams, John  Aft 1904of, Jones Co, Mississippi I24015
65 Williams, Lewis  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23999
66 Williams, Margaret (..)  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I24014
67 Williams, Meldria  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I24008
68 Williams, Meldria (..)  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I24007
69 Williams, Nancy  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I24010
70 Williams, Penny  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I24001
71 Williams, Philip  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I24006
72 Williams, Samuel  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I24004
73 Williams, Mrs Sarah (..)  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I24005
74 Williams, Thomas  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23997
75 Williams, Vashti  Aft 1850of, Jones Co, Mississippi I24011
76 Williams, William H  Bef 1880of, Jones Co, Mississippi I23938

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