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Calloway Co, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Betty Jane  Nov 1928Calloway Co, Kentucky I59144
2 Adams, Boda Sherman  20 Dec 1882Calloway Co, Kentucky I59137
3 Adams, Charles B.  10 Feb 1898Calloway Co, Kentucky I59140
4 Adams, Edward Dan  16 Nov 1892Calloway Co, Kentucky I59139
5 Adams, James Franklin  6 Apr 1885Calloway Co, Kentucky I59138
6 Adams, Joseph T. Jasier Thomas  4 Dec 1853Calloway Co, Kentucky I59134
7 Adams, Velma  1916Calloway Co, Kentucky I59142
8 Adams, William Hall  12 Feb 1832Calloway Co, Kentucky I59135
9 Anderson, Gustavus A.  18 Mar 1862Calloway Co, Kentucky I58967
10 Anderson, Laura Florence  1864Calloway Co, Kentucky I58968
11 Anderson, Lorenzo Mitchell  1 Dec 1856Calloway Co, Kentucky I58966
12 Anderson, Robert Pearson  21 Oct 1832Calloway Co, Kentucky I58965
13 Bazzell, Calvin Thomas  1835Calloway Co, Kentucky I58734
14 Bazzell, Charles M.  1850Calloway Co, Kentucky I58719
15 Bazzell, Elmira J.  1856Calloway Co, Kentucky I58747
16 Bazzell, Harris Jones  10 Jul 1859Calloway Co, Kentucky I58736
17 Bazzell, Josiah  1836Calloway Co, Kentucky I58741
18 Bazzell, M.J.  1846Calloway Co, Kentucky I58822
19 Bazzell, Malinda J.  1848Calloway Co, Kentucky I58718
20 Bazzell, Marcus Lafayette  1854Calloway Co, Kentucky I58746
21 Bazzell, Martha J.  1845Calloway Co, Kentucky I58744
22 Bazzell, Martha S.  1855Calloway Co, Kentucky I58722
23 Bazzell, Mary E.  1841Calloway Co, Kentucky I58716
24 Bazzell, Mary F.  1853Calloway Co, Kentucky I58990
25 Bazzell, Nancy S.  1852Calloway Co, Kentucky I58720
26 Bazzell, Richard A.  1855Calloway Co, Kentucky I58721
27 Bazzell, S.M.  1843Calloway Co, Kentucky I58821
28 Bazzell, Sophonia J.  1854Calloway Co, Kentucky I58748
29 Bazzell, Stephen D.  1848Calloway Co, Kentucky I58723
30 Bazzell, Thomas P.  1852Calloway Co, Kentucky I58745
31 Bazzell, William T.  1846Calloway Co, Kentucky I58717
32 Broach, Ada Bell  23 Aug 1875Calloway Co, Kentucky I58849
33 Broach, Birthie S.  Sep 1886Calloway Co, Kentucky I59098
34 Broach, Charles H.  17 Nov 1889Calloway Co, Kentucky I59151
35 Broach, Charles H. Jr.  19 Jun 1925Calloway Co, Kentucky I59153
36 Broach, Charles Michael  2 Aug 1946Calloway Co, Kentucky I59147
37 Broach, Charles R. (or M.)  1873Calloway Co, Kentucky I58843
38 Broach, Chrystine  1909Calloway Co, Kentucky I58856
39 Broach, Cletus C.  1893Calloway Co, Kentucky I58861
40 Broach, Danie B.  Apr 1883Calloway Co, Kentucky I59097
41 Broach, Edgar E.  Apr 1876Calloway Co, Kentucky I59096
42 Broach, Effie  1885Calloway Co, Kentucky I58858
43 Broach, Elvis L.  1891Calloway Co, Kentucky I58860
44 Broach, Euna V.  1876Calloway Co, Kentucky I58844
45 Broach, Franklin S.  1871Calloway Co, Kentucky I58842
46 Broach, James Clinton  2 Mar 1855Calloway Co, Kentucky I58588
47 Broach, Kathryne E. (twin)  21 Feb 1951Calloway Co, Kentucky I59150
48 Broach, Kenneth E. (twin)   I59149
49 Broach, Margaret Ethel  Jun 1887Calloway Co, Kentucky I59112
50 Broach, Mary E.  May 1889Calloway Co, Kentucky I59099
51 Broach, Murtie  1889Calloway Co, Kentucky I58859
52 Broach, Nancy Lynn   I59146
53 Broach, Opal   I59120
54 Broach, Robert E.  14 Feb 1884Calloway Co, Kentucky I59111
55 Broach, Sophronia Asille  1872Calloway Co, Kentucky I58593
56 Broach, Thomas Clinton (Y-DNA step 4 match)  28 Dec 1948Calloway Co, Kentucky I59148
57 Broach, Una  1882Calloway Co, Kentucky I58857
58 Broach, Wesley Newton  12 Oct 1892Calloway Co, Kentucky I59100
59 Broach, William (?)  Mar 1885Calloway Co, Kentucky I59152
60 Cooper, Edgar Thomas  14 Mar 1890Calloway Co, Kentucky I81904
61 Cooper, Gertrude V. "Trudie"  2 Jun 1892Calloway Co, Kentucky I81905
62 Cooper, Jeanette  29 Oct 1880Calloway Co, Kentucky I81901
63 Cooper, John William  16 Feb 1884Calloway Co, Kentucky I81902
64 Cooper, Lubie Alvis  5 Jul 1886Calloway Co, Kentucky I81903
65 Cooper, Minnie Ann  17 Jan 1880Calloway Co, Kentucky I81900
66 Cooper, Shellie Elizabeth  25 Mar 1904Calloway Co, Kentucky I81906
67 Cooper, Thomas Richmond  12 Dec 1853Calloway Co, Kentucky I81899
68 Ford, Green A.  1847Calloway Co, Kentucky I59103
69 Ford, James William  22 Sep 1853Calloway Co, Kentucky I59106
70 Ford, Rebecca Susan  15 Feb 1856Calloway Co, Kentucky I58848
71 Ford, Robert M.  1858Calloway Co, Kentucky I59107
72 Ford, Thomas D.  1851Calloway Co, Kentucky I59105
73 Galloway, Rachel Lucinda  6 Sep 1841Calloway Co, Kentucky I100779
74 Haneline, Balus Thomas  1867Calloway Co, Kentucky I58641
75 Haneline, Claud A.  Feb 1855Calloway Co, Kentucky I58632
76 Haneline, Elijah  1846Calloway Co, Kentucky I59127
77 Haneline, Elijah M.  1858Calloway Co, Kentucky I59132
78 Haneline, Ellen S.  1840Calloway Co, Kentucky I58683
79 Haneline, Elsie D.  1859Calloway Co, Kentucky I59122
80 Haneline, Emma Bettie  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I59133
81 Haneline, Etta S.  Sep 1882Calloway Co, Kentucky I58631
82 Haneline, Eunice E.  Aug 1892Calloway Co, Kentucky I58635
83 Haneline, George T.  1838Calloway Co, Kentucky I58682
84 Haneline, Hope H. (A.H.)  1844Calloway Co, Kentucky I58684
85 Haneline, John  1844Calloway Co, Kentucky I59126
86 Haneline, Martha  1865Calloway Co, Kentucky I58640
87 Haneline, Martha Evaline  24 Aug 1887Calloway Co, Kentucky I58633
88 Haneline, Mary B.  Jan 1895Calloway Co, Kentucky I58636
89 Haneline, Myrtie Mae  Apr 1892Calloway Co, Kentucky I58634
90 Haneline, Nancy L.  1870Calloway Co, Kentucky I58642
91 Haneline, Sarah E.  1848Calloway Co, Kentucky I58685
92 Haneline, Sarah Jane  10 Feb 1864Calloway Co, Kentucky I81898
93 Haneline, William D.  1848Calloway Co, Kentucky I59128
94 Haneline, William P.  9 Jan 1863Calloway Co, Kentucky I58639
95 Jones, Elizabeth Frances  1854Calloway Co, Kentucky I59092
96 Jones, Jasper N. (twin)  1856Calloway Co, Kentucky I59018
97 Jones, Lela  Abt 1892Calloway Co, Kentucky I59121
98 Jones, Marsell G. (twin)  1856Calloway Co, Kentucky I59017
99 Killibrew, Columbus Green  15 Sep 1878Calloway Co, Kentucky I58936
100 Killibrew, D.B.W.  1856Calloway Co, Kentucky I58949

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Matches 1 to 84 of 84

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Betty Jane  May 2007Calloway Co, Kentucky I59144
2 Adams, Charles B.  29 Nov 1976Calloway Co, Kentucky I59140
3 Adams, Edward Dan  13 Sep 1965Calloway Co, Kentucky I59139
4 Adams, Joseph T. Jasier Thomas  5 Oct 1914Calloway Co, Kentucky I59134
5 Adams, William Hall  10 Mar 1888Calloway Co, Kentucky I59135
6 Akin, Elizabeth  Bef 1842Calloway Co, Kentucky I58645
7 Anderson, Gustavus A.  7 May 1890Calloway Co, Kentucky I58967
8 Bazzell, Grancer Kendall  14 Sep 1886Calloway Co, Kentucky I58732
9 Bazzell, John Green  Aft 1840Calloway Co, Kentucky I58776
10 Bazzell, Mathias Moore  12 Sep 1879Calloway Co, Kentucky I58715
11 Bazzell, Richard L.  Aft 24 Nov 1862Calloway Co, Kentucky I58643
12 Bazzell, Sarah Burton  1843Calloway Co, Kentucky I58772
13 Broach, Ada Bell  25 Sep 1875Calloway Co, Kentucky I58849
14 Broach, Ewing Franklin  1 Mar 1914Calloway Co, Kentucky I58587
15 Broach, Newton Hamilton  23 Jan 1892Calloway Co, Kentucky I58586
16 Broach, Robert E.  13 Oct 1950Calloway Co, Kentucky I59111
17 Broach, Thomas George  24 Apr 1919Calloway Co, Kentucky I58583
18 Broach, Wesley Newton  12 Mar 1943Calloway Co, Kentucky I59100
19 Burkett, Miss S.L.  Aft 1875Calloway Co, Kentucky I59091
20 Christenberry (Quisenberry?), Alfred Giles  25 May 1909Calloway Co, Kentucky I58804
21 Chunn, Nancy Ann  25 Oct 1863Calloway Co, Kentucky I58931
22 Cole, Eliza Haneline  1830Calloway Co, Kentucky I59116
23 Cooper, Edgar Thomas  17 Jul 1961Calloway Co, Kentucky I81904
24 Cooper, Gertrude V. "Trudie"  13 Oct 1960Calloway Co, Kentucky I81905
25 Cooper, Jeanette  16 Feb 1944Calloway Co, Kentucky I81901
26 Cooper, John William  11 Apr 1958Calloway Co, Kentucky I81902
27 Cooper, Lillian Mae "Lillie"  11 Feb 1967Calloway Co, Kentucky I58830
28 Cooper, Lubie Alvis  4 Jun 1959Calloway Co, Kentucky I81903
29 Cooper, Minnie Ann  9 Apr 1955Calloway Co, Kentucky I81900
30 Cooper, Shellie Elizabeth  25 Mar 1967Calloway Co, Kentucky I81906
31 Cooper, Thomas Richmond  5 May 1921Calloway Co, Kentucky I81899
32 Doron, Ambrose Manville  7 Feb 1918Calloway Co, Kentucky I50733
33 Dunnaway, Lucy  3 Apr 1908Calloway Co, Kentucky I58810
34 Dunnaway, Mary A.  2 Jul 1894Calloway Co, Kentucky I58996
35 Fakes, Nancy  31 Aug 1901Calloway Co, Kentucky I59006
36 Ford, Isaac W.  10 Apr 1861Calloway Co, Kentucky I59110
37 Ford, Larkin Henry  17 Feb 1886Calloway Co, Kentucky I59101
38 Ford, Rebecca Susan  19 Sep 1888Calloway Co, Kentucky I58848
39 Griffith, Rhoda Jane  3 Jan 1897Calloway Co, Kentucky I58743
40 Hale, Martha Susan  29 Apr 1893Calloway Co, Kentucky I59136
41 Haneline, Claud A.  15 Apr 1952Calloway Co, Kentucky I58632
42 Haneline, Daniel  Aft 1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I59124
43 Haneline, Elijah L.  29 Sep 1901Calloway Co, Kentucky I58637
44 Haneline, Elijah Marion  24 Feb 1939Calloway Co, Kentucky I58630
45 Haneline, Emma Bettie  1950Calloway Co, Kentucky I59133
46 Haneline, Rev. John D.  1896Calloway Co, Kentucky I59129
47 Haneline, Martha Evaline  8 Apr 1979Calloway Co, Kentucky I58633
48 Haneline, Nancy L.  11 Jun 1943Calloway Co, Kentucky I58642
49 Haneline, Sarah Jane  1 Sep 1943Calloway Co, Kentucky I81898
50 Jones, Anna  29 May 1874Calloway Co, Kentucky I59081
51 Jones, James Madison  23 Aug 1859Calloway Co, Kentucky I51231
52 Jones, William Harrison  19 Sep 1886Calloway Co, Kentucky I59005
53 Killibrew, William Henry "Bill"  15 Jun 1904Calloway Co, Kentucky I58925
54 Lamb, William Jefferson "Simon"  26 Dec 1903Calloway Co, Kentucky I51966
55 Miller, Elizabeth  15 May 1853Calloway Co, Kentucky I58647
56 Norsworthy, Benjamin Franklin  5 May 1873Calloway Co, Kentucky I51870
57 Oglesby, Stephen Decatur  30 Apr 1916Calloway Co, Kentucky I66446
58 Shelton, Alphedia "Alpha"  4 Sep 1922Calloway Co, Kentucky I58811
59 Shelton, David (of Calloway Co, KY)  Bef 22 Sep 1845Calloway Co, Kentucky I58724
60 Shelton, John G. (of Calloway Co, KY)  Feb 1899Calloway Co, Kentucky I58725
61 Shelton, Martha Jane  26 Sep 1916Calloway Co, Kentucky I58790
62 Shelton, Nancy Ellen  9 Jul 1925Calloway Co, Kentucky I58728
63 Shelton, Richard  1879Calloway Co, Kentucky I58995
64 Shelton, William Boyd  26 Oct 1884Calloway Co, Kentucky I59000
65 Slaughter, Cora  21 Jun 1968Calloway Co, Kentucky I58801
66 Slaughter, Hannah  25 Aug 1853Calloway Co, Kentucky I59002
67 Slaughter, Lanora  1910Calloway Co, Kentucky I58802
68 Stone, C. James "Jim"  2 Jan 1880Calloway Co, Kentucky I58651
69 Stone, James Henderson  24 Aug 1885Calloway Co, Kentucky I58599
70 Stone, Nancy  20 Sep 1866Calloway Co, Kentucky I58650
71 Stone, Rowland (Ireland to Calloway Co, KY) (Immigrant)  24 Nov 1845Calloway Co, Kentucky I58646
72 Suiter, William Maston  16 Apr 1923Calloway Co, Kentucky I58806
73 Tucker, Rhoda Jane  1880Calloway Co, Kentucky I58740
74 Waldrop, Alfred  19 Jan 1880Calloway Co, Kentucky I59080
75 Waldrop, Alfred Henry  19 Apr 1945Calloway Co, Kentucky I59086
76 Waldrop, Dickerson  1850Calloway Co, Kentucky I52013
77 Waldrop, Ewing Nathaniel  24 Sep 1855Calloway Co, Kentucky I52437
78 Waldrop, Permelia  1 Jan 1873Calloway Co, Kentucky I50700
79 Waldrop, Rebecca Jane  7 Jul 1927Calloway Co, Kentucky I50722
80 Waldrop, Tennessee C.  20 Dec 1877Calloway Co, Kentucky I59083
81 Williams, Eliza Ann  27 Jul 1916Calloway Co, Kentucky I66453
82 Wrather, Deveraux  9 Aug 1845Calloway Co, Kentucky I58655
83 Wrather, Elizabeth  1870Calloway Co, Kentucky I59117
84 Wrather, Sarah M.  14 Jan 1895Calloway Co, Kentucky I59114


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Atkinson, Nancy (..)  1850Calloway Co, Kentucky I58880
2 Atkinson, Sarah R.  1850Calloway Co, Kentucky I58875
3 Bazzell, Calvin Thomas  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I58734
4 Bazzell, David Tinsley  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I58742
5 Bazzell, Grancer Kendall  1840Calloway Co, Kentucky I58732
6 Bazzell, Grancer Kendall  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I58732
7 Bazzell, I.C. (son?)  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I58991
8 Bazzell, Lamiza  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I58984
9 Bazzell, Mathias Moore  1850Calloway Co, Kentucky I58715
10 Bazzell, Richard L.  1840Calloway Co, Kentucky I58643
11 Bazzell, Richard L.  1850Calloway Co, Kentucky I58643
12 Bazzell, Richard L.  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I58643
13 Haneline, Daniel  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I59124
14 Haneline, Elijah  1850Calloway Co, Kentucky I58678
15 Haneline, Elijah  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I58678
16 Haneline, Elijah L.  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I58637
17 Haneline, George T.  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I58682
18 Haneline, Rev. John D.  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I59129
19 Killibrew, William Henry "Bill"  1850Calloway Co, Kentucky I58925
20 Killibrew, William Henry "Bill"  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I58925
21 Miller, Elizabeth  1850Calloway Co, Kentucky I58647
22 Oglesby, Josephine Emily  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I66441
23 Oglesby, Stephen Decatur  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I66446
24 Shelton, David (of Calloway Co, KY)  1840Calloway Co, Kentucky I58724
25 Shelton, John G. (of Calloway Co, KY)  1840Calloway Co, Kentucky I58725
26 Shelton, John G. (of Calloway Co, KY)  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I58725
27 Shelton, Richard  1850Calloway Co, Kentucky I58995
28 Shelton, Richard  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I58995
29 Simons, Ann  1850Calloway Co, Kentucky I59021
30 Simons, Ann  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I59021
31 Slaughter, Andrew  1840Calloway Co, Kentucky I58816
32 Slaughter, Andrew  1850Calloway Co, Kentucky I58816
33 Slaughter, Andrew  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I58816
34 Slaughter, George W. (son?)  1850Calloway Co, Kentucky I58974
35 Slaughter, George W. (son?)  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I58974
36 Stone, C. James "Jim"  1840Calloway Co, Kentucky I58651
37 Stone, C. James "Jim"  1850Calloway Co, Kentucky I58651
38 Stone, C. James "Jim"  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I58651
39 Stone, Charles Miller  1850Calloway Co, Kentucky I58654
40 Stone, Charles Miller  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I58654
41 Stone, George Washington  1850Calloway Co, Kentucky I58591
42 Stone, George Washington  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I58591
43 Stone, Laura Jane  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I58714
44 Stone, Nancy  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I58650
45 Stone, Rowland (Ireland to Calloway Co, KY) (Immigrant)  1840Calloway Co, Kentucky I58646
46 Waldrop, Alfred Henry  1880Calloway Co, Kentucky I59086
47 Waldrop, Obadiah  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky I51712


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Stone, Rowland (Ireland to Calloway Co, KY) (Immigrant)  5 Feb 1845Calloway Co, Kentucky I58646


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Bazzell, Martha G.  28 Mar 1871Calloway Co, Kentucky I58592
2 Stone, C. James "Jim"  Between 1845 and 1856Calloway Co, Kentucky I58651
3 Stone, C. James "Jim"  28 Mar 1871Calloway Co, Kentucky I58651
4 Stone, Charles Miller  28 Mar 1871Calloway Co, Kentucky I58654
5 Stone, George Washington  28 Mar 1871Calloway Co, Kentucky I58591


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Bazzell, Martha G.  24 Nov 1864Calloway Co, Kentucky I58592
2 Bazzell, Susan Caroline  24 Nov 1862Calloway Co, Kentucky I58738


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Stone, Rowland (Ireland to Calloway Co, KY) (Immigrant)  Abt 1825Calloway Co, Kentucky I58646


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Bazzell, Richard L.  24 Nov 1862Calloway Co, Kentucky I58643
2 Shelton, David (of Calloway Co, KY)  Jun 1845Calloway Co, Kentucky I58724
3 Stone, Rowland (Ireland to Calloway Co, KY) (Immigrant)  1856Calloway Co, Kentucky I58646


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / Haneline  15 Sep 1878Calloway Co, Kentucky F19433
2 Adams / Stevens  15 Dec 1915Calloway Co, Kentucky F19435
3 Anderson / Slaughter  2 Feb 1854Calloway Co, Kentucky F19403
4 Bazzell / Burkett  12 Nov 1874Calloway Co, Kentucky F19422
5 Bazzell / Stone  8 Sep 1839Calloway Co, Kentucky F19343
6 Bazzell / Tucker  13 May 1843Calloway Co, Kentucky F19350
7 Bazzell / Wyatt  1858Calloway Co, Kentucky F19347
8 Black / Bazzell  Bef 1864Calloway Co, Kentucky F19355
9 Bowden / Broach  Abt 1908Calloway Co, Kentucky F19427
10 Broach / Abels  Abt 1915Calloway Co, Kentucky F19438
11 Broach / Adams  Abt 1942Calloway Co, Kentucky F19437
12 Broach / Carson  Abt 1908Calloway Co, Kentucky F19382
13 Broach / Ford  Abt 1875Calloway Co, Kentucky F19379
14 Broach / Jones  Abt 1870Calloway Co, Kentucky F19377
15 Broach / Jones  Abt 1872Calloway Co, Kentucky F19423
16 Broach / Jones  Abt 1912Calloway Co, Kentucky F19430
17 Broach / Parker  Abt 1954Calloway Co, Kentucky F19439
18 Broach / Stone  13 Jan 1876Calloway Co, Kentucky F19313
19 Burkett / Bazzell  12 Nov 1874Calloway Co, Kentucky F19421
20 Christenberry (Quisenberry?) / Shelton  7 Mar 1854Calloway Co, Kentucky F19365
21 Chunn / Bazzell  Bef 1864Calloway Co, Kentucky F19356
22 Cooper / Haneline  1881Calloway Co, Kentucky F26758
23 Derington / Bazzell  Bef 1864Calloway Co, Kentucky F19354
24 Gray / Stone  22 Jul 1824Calloway Co, Kentucky F19329
25 Haneline / Dunbar  1 Dec 1857Calloway Co, Kentucky F19323
26 Haneline / Haneline  Abt 1843Calloway Co, Kentucky F19431
27 Haneline / Haneline  1860Calloway Co, Kentucky F19700
28 Haneline / Stone  1881Calloway Co, Kentucky F19322
29 Killibrew / Brittain  1866Calloway Co, Kentucky F19399
30 Killibrew / Gilbert  Abt 1873Calloway Co, Kentucky F19398
31 Oglesby / Oglesby  Abt 1860Calloway Co, Kentucky F21515
32 Radford / Atkinson  25 Nov 1840Calloway Co, Kentucky F19384
33 Radford / Calhoun  Abt 1966Calloway Co, Kentucky F19413
34 Shelton / Dunnaway  Abt 1843Calloway Co, Kentucky F19368
35 Shelton / Slaughter  Abt 1842Calloway Co, Kentucky F19408
36 Slaughter / Shelton  6 Dec 1858Calloway Co, Kentucky F19366
37 Slaughter / Shelton  Abt 1862Calloway Co, Kentucky F19364
38 Stone / Bazzell  17 Feb 1842Calloway Co, Kentucky F19314
39 Stone / Wright  11 Nov 1830Calloway Co, Kentucky F19328
40 Suiter / Shelton  Abt 1870Calloway Co, Kentucky F19367
41 Waldrop / Jackson  17 Feb 1876Calloway Co, Kentucky F19420
42 Wrather / Shelton  Abt 1873Calloway Co, Kentucky F19416
43 Wrather / Stone  9 Aug 1831Calloway Co, Kentucky F19327
44 Wright / Stone  11 Nov 1830Calloway Co, Kentucky F19332


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Shelton / Harper  Bef 1880Calloway Co, Kentucky F19345

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