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Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee



Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Martha "Patsy"  2 Jun 1826Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I75257
2 Allen, Sarah Katherine  20 Mar 1856Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I67317
3 Burris, James Herod  4 Sep 1888Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I99194
4 Burris, Janie L.  20 Aug 1911Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I99189
5 Bybee, Frances Louise  22 Apr 1920Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I25007
6 Chaffin, Barbara Elizabeth "Bettie"  12 Sep 1864Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I68659
7 Cox, Clara Jane  4 May 1869Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I75102
8 Cox, James Nathaniel  9 Feb 1876Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I75077
9 Draper, Bessie M.  25 Nov 1900Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I85351
10 Dudney, William Henry (grandson?)  8 Feb 1883Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I76007
11 Gaines, Elizabeth  Abt 1805Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I76028
12 Heady, Clara Tennessee  Apr 1867Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I76010
13 Hix, Lester Dow  16 Jan 1905Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I67031
14 Hix, Margaret Elizabeth  6 Apr 1882Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I60584
15 Jackson, Oregon Texas  28 Feb 1863Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I66865
16 Loftis, James Madison  28 Nov 1843Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I67274
17 Mahanay, Benjamin Morgan  12 Jun 1821Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I76064
18 Mahanay, Ransom Winchester  11 Jan 1830Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I76065
19 Morgan, Daniel Crawford  24 Jul 1873Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I85286
20 Morgan, Job Meekly  4 Nov 1833Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I66860
21 Morgan, Sallie Celina  14 Oct 1844Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I60580
22 Sisco, Preston M.  19 Jul 1854Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I99695
23 Stafford, Nancy Ann  1825Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I76005
24 Van Hooser, George Jr.  25 Jun 1915Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I24993
25 Van Hooser, George Hampton  20 Sep 1878Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I60583
26 Van Hooser, John Lamont  11 Nov 1831Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I60579
27 Young, Elena  1907Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I75015
28 Young, Gladys  1905Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I75014
29 Young, Hershell B.  24 Oct 1882Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I76021
30 Young, Lizzie  1906Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I75022
31 Young, Lola Beatrice  25 Sep 1889Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I76008
32 Young, Mary E.  1910Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I75016
33 Young, Mayor  1908Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I75023
34 Young, Nannie M.  1907Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I75028
35 Young, Ova D.  16 Aug 1894Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I67336
36 Young, Ruth  1910Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I75029
37 Young, William Elisha  11 Nov 1858Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I66864
38 Young, Zebulon Marion  17 Jul 1866Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I76009
39 Young-Moss, Mardus E.  1874Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I67334


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Burris, James Herod  1 Sep 1960Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I99194
2 Burton, Mollie  20 Jun 1884Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I76013
3 Butler, Bailey Clifton  6 Jun 1970Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I76019
4 Chaffin, Sally E.  12 Feb 1996Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I66881
5 Cox, James Nathaniel  12 Mar 1953Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I75077
6 Draper, Joseph  Mar 1973Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I85349
7 Dudney, Sidney Shelby  1893Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I76006
8 Elliott, Nancy  1847Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I67937
9 Gipson, Betty Ann  3 Aug 1998Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I67521
10 Gore, Paulina M.  27 May 1925Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I85285
11 Harris, Minnie Avo  8 Jan 1946Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I85337
12 Hix, Clara C.  20 Feb 1975Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I66871
13 Jackson, Oregon Texas  20 Apr 1936Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I66865
14 Johnson, Joseph Jones  14 May 1906Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I76087
15 Loftis, Elizabeth "Betty"  18 Sep 1873Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I67058
16 Loftis, Perlitha  21 Jul 1888Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I67272
17 Mahaney (Mahana), Benjamin  8 Jun 1848Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I36994
18 Mahaney (Mahonay), Oliver Perry  3 Sep 1846Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I76062
19 Mayberry, Daniel  6 Nov 1930Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I67263
20 Mayberry, Francis Marion  5 Aug 1875Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I66890
21 Mayberry, Peter Kuykendall  16 Feb 1933Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I66887
22 Mayberry, Zula Z.  12 Oct 1992Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I66886
23 Morgan, Sallie Celina  21 Aug 1894Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I60580
24 Speakman, Bessie Louise  26 Jan 1956Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I99187
25 Stafford, Joseph  1870Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I76003
26 Stone, Emily Rebecca  Mar 1973Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I99193
27 Van Hooser, George Hampton  24 Dec 1914Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I60583
28 Van Hooser, John Lamont  29 May 1922Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I60579
29 Welch, Sarah C. "Sadie"  24 Jan 1956Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I74935
30 Whitlow, Nancy  1870Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I76004
31 Young, Addie B.  13 Aug 1955Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I66875
32 Young, Chester Lee  7 Aug 1953Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I66870
33 Young, Dora Lee  16 Sep 1929Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I76016
34 Young, Hershell B.  26 Sep 1883Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I76021
35 Young, Lassie P.  20 Nov 1881Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I76020
36 Young, Napoleon Bonaparte  11 Dec 1915Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I74933
37 Young, Zebulon Marion  18 Aug 1934Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I76009


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Young, Napoleon Bonaparte  Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I74933


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Young, Napoleon Bonaparte  1880Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I74933
2 Young, Napoleon Bonaparte  1910Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I74933


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Young, Zebulon M.  Between 17 May 1861 and 1 Jun 1862Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee I66930


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Moss / Lawson  9 Feb 1875Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee F21785
2 Strode / Draper  2 Mar 1918Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee F28026
3 Turner / Gaines  Abt 1825Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee F24701
4 Van Hooser / Morgan  Abt 1877Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee F19841
5 Young / Heady  1 Apr 1883Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee F24696
6 Young / Jackson  19 Jan 1879Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee F21641
7 Young / Welch  1886Gainesboro, Jackson Co, Tennessee F24293

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