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Galveston Co, Texas



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Avara, Jeanette Lea   I65272
2 Blanchard-Davis, Linda Gail (sis to Kim)   I101628
3 Blume, Roxanne   I60196
4 Bouse, (female)   I100761
5 Bouse, Adale Robin  10 Dec 1962Galveston Co, Texas I87597
6 Bouse, Archie Lyle  16 Oct 1909Galveston Co, Texas I53778
7 Bouse, Beulah I.  1927Galveston Co, Texas I53780
8 Bouse, Casey Leslie   I100764
9 Bouse, Clara  12 Dec 1905Galveston Co, Texas I53788
10 Bouse, Earl Ray   I53781
11 Bouse, George Bennett  23 Dec 1920Galveston Co, Texas I53779
12 Bouse, Neola Elmira  29 Oct 1911Galveston Co, Texas I53789
13 Bouse, Odessa L.   I53783
14 Bouse, Robert Dean  26 Sep 1958Galveston Co, Texas I100762
15 Bouse, Robert William   I60191
16 Bouse, Roy Harold   I100763
17 Brooks, Tracye Lee   I25221
18 Carr, Alfred Lester  04 Oct 1873Galveston Co, Texas I24480
19 Carr, Alice  1877Galveston Co, Texas I24481
20 Carr, Asa  Jul 1889Galveston Co, Texas I24536
21 Carr, Barney  11 Nov 1885Galveston Co, Texas I24555
22 Carr, Berton (Bertrand)  Jun 1891Galveston Co, Texas I24557
23 Carr, Burl J.  Abt 1916Galveston Co, Texas I24617
24 Carr, Cleveland   I53776
25 Carr, Cornelius Hailey  May 1884Galveston Co, Texas I24554
26 Carr, Duval Sewal  Jul 1883Galveston Co, Texas I24547
27 Carr, Eddie M  1908Galveston Co, Texas I24542
28 Carr, Effie  Aug 1894Galveston Co, Texas I24538
29 Carr, Emily  14 Mar 1872Galveston Co, Texas I24479
30 Carr, Grafton Walter  Sep 1892Galveston Co, Texas I24537
31 Carr, Harvey A  1907Galveston Co, Texas I24541
32 Carr, Hubert Hillary  02 Jul 1880Galveston Co, Texas I24552
33 Carr, Irma Dona  Oct 1896Galveston Co, Texas I24539
34 Carr, Levi W  1908Galveston Co, Texas I24546
35 Carr, Lillie Viola  22 Feb 1880Galveston Co, Texas I25032
36 Carr, Lucinda  Mar 1897Galveston Co, Texas I24559
37 Carr, Minerva  Oct 1894Galveston Co, Texas I24558
38 Carr, Odean  05 May 1900Galveston Co, Texas I24527
39 Carr, Pearl M  1906Galveston Co, Texas I24544
40 Carr, Robert  Feb 1882Galveston Co, Texas I24553
41 Carr, Sadie  Jun 1888Galveston Co, Texas I24535
42 Carr, Thelma  1907Galveston Co, Texas I24545
43 Carr, William Cay  Feb 1899Galveston Co, Texas I24540
44 Carr, William Ralph  Sep 1888Galveston Co, Texas I24556
45 Crocker, Cindy Elaine   I38919
46 Davis, Robert Wayne  17 Jun 1944Galveston Co, Texas I102660
47 Dunman, Sarah  20 Mar 1830Galveston Co, Texas I100879
48 Dyson, Douglas Wayne "Dugie"  8 Apr 1978Galveston Co, Texas I31557
49 Frugia, Edna  1922Galveston Co, Texas I47862
50 Frugia, Lillian Ione  1926Galveston Co, Texas I47864
51 Frugia, Thomas "Tommy"  20 Nov 1924Galveston Co, Texas I47863
52 Gentz, Brittney Darlene  9 Mar 1994Galveston Co, Texas I44760
53 Gentz, Cody Paul   I44758
54 Gentz, Fred Charles   I31802
55 Gentz, George Paul   I44756
56 Gentz, Stanley Christopher Jr.  13 Dec 1927Galveston Co, Texas I31815
57 Gentz, Stanley Christopher III   I44749
58 Grammer, Dow W.  1902Galveston Co, Texas I25035
59 Grammer, William H.  1899Galveston Co, Texas I25034
60 Griffith, Henry George  28 Dec 1894Galveston Co, Texas I24951
61 Harrington, Fanny  Feb 1894Galveston Co, Texas I48267
62 Harrington, John  Mar 1892Galveston Co, Texas I48266
63 Heiman, Donnie Dee   I31353
64 Heiman, Douglas Ernest  12 Jan 1916Galveston Co, Texas I31344
65 Heiman, Harvey Robert  30 Apr 1922Galveston Co, Texas I31346
66 Heiman, Maury J.  1890Galveston Co, Texas I36114
67 Heiman, Monroe J.  1875Galveston Co, Texas I36113
68 Heiman, Nary  1895Galveston Co, Texas I36116
69 Heiman, Phoebe  1893Galveston Co, Texas I36115
70 Heiman, Ray D.  1918Galveston Co, Texas I31345
71 Heiman, Rebecca Ann   I31352
72 Heiman, Ronnie Lee   I31354
73 Heiman, Wesley J.  Feb 1894Galveston Co, Texas I24560
74 Heiman, William M. Jr.  1874Galveston Co, Texas I36112
75 Hughes, Annie Laura  3 Nov 1882Galveston Co, Texas I53785
76 Hughes, Edward  Aug 1889Galveston Co, Texas I24995
77 Hughes, George L.  Aug 1893Galveston Co, Texas I24996
78 Hughes, Harry Samuel Jr.  Oct 1894Galveston Co, Texas I24997
79 Hughes, John Samuel  16 Dec 1872Galveston Co, Texas I24606
80 Hughes, Lillie  Jan 1884Galveston Co, Texas I24994
81 Huie, Harvey Kellis Jr.  09 Aug 1920Galveston Co, Texas I26587
82 Huie, Jacqueline Jane  22 Jan 1919Galveston Co, Texas I26586
83 Jackson, Sarah Mae  16 Jul 1897Galveston Co, Texas I26583
84 Johnson, Pauline Florence   I60215
85 Kadilis, Kathy Anne   I688
86 Lockwood, Sylvia Jeane   I94823
87 Louviere, Lauren Alyse   I697
88 Mahana, Brad Aaron   I25172
89 Mahana, Cheryl Ann   I25188
90 Martin, Cova Elizabeth  17 Aug 1919Galveston Co, Texas I26143
91 Matejowsky-Russell, Bethanie Lynn   I83411
92 Nelson, Alfred David  13 Aug 1922Galveston Co, Texas I43905
93 Opran, Torgar Albert "Ted"  03 Feb 1912Galveston Co, Texas I24780
94 Peveto, Andrew Stafford  6 Apr 1977Galveston Co, Texas I31967
95 Piazza, Angel   I23535
96 Revia, Alvin  Nov 1885Galveston Co, Texas I47085
97 Revia, Charles  Apr 1893Galveston Co, Texas I47086
98 Revia, George  Jan 1883Galveston Co, Texas I47084
99 Revia, Ollie  May 1900Galveston Co, Texas I47088
100 Revia, Sadie  May 1896Galveston Co, Texas I47087

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Avant, Jackie Billy  22 Feb 1992Galveston Co, Texas I65735
2 Bellar (Bellard), Albert Richard  31 Oct 1944Galveston Co, Texas I47039
3 Bouse, Archie Lyle  31 Jan 1990Galveston Co, Texas I53778
4 Bouse, Neola Elmira  6 Oct 1986Galveston Co, Texas I53789
5 Bouse, Raymond Clarence  29 Jan 1951Galveston Co, Texas I24485
6 Bouse (or Bowes), Munson  5 Jan 1873Galveston Co, Texas I87593
7 Davidson, John Hinds  8 Jun 1899Galveston Co, Texas I90596
8 Dick, Pearl Rose  30 Jan 1996Galveston Co, Texas I6300
9 Elliott, Leota M.  6 Feb 1967Galveston Co, Texas I60204
10 Ferguson, Annie Mae  6 Aug 1997Galveston Co, Texas I102657
11 Garner, Niles  Abt 1925Galveston Co, Texas I60306
12 Griffith, Lena Ethelyn  11 May 1947Galveston Co, Texas I77139
13 Heiman, Benjamin Dorsey  16 May 1955Galveston Co, Texas I24521
14 Landrum, Barnaby  8 Sep 1900Galveston Co, Texas I33625
15 Landrum, Chris  8 Sep 1900Galveston Co, Texas I33630
16 Landrum, Florence  8 Sep 1900Galveston Co, Texas I33628
17 Landrum, Ida  8 Sep 1900Galveston Co, Texas I33632
18 Landrum, Irvy  8 Sep 1900Galveston Co, Texas I33629
19 Landrum, Mary  8 Sep 1900Galveston Co, Texas I33631
20 Maass, Mrs Katherine (..)  Aft 1920Galveston Co, Texas I24137
21 McCormick, Dathoula  1946Galveston Co, Texas I24505
22 McGee, Christine  8 Sep 1900Galveston Co, Texas I33626
23 Milina, Eugene Alysous  3 Feb 2000Galveston Co, Texas I33356
24 Moss, Henry Johnson  9 May 1860Galveston Co, Texas I97535
25 Mott, Joseph  Bef 1910Galveston Co, Texas I47070
26 Pettiette, Vera Kate  11 Apr 1971Galveston Co, Texas I90992
27 Phelps, Virgil Roy Cecil  20 Sep 1966Galveston Co, Texas I36099
28 Revia (Rivier), Mary Amanda  6 Jun 1931Galveston Co, Texas I47069
29 Rogers, Nena  13 Sep 1941Galveston Co, Texas I14293
30 Shaw, Bennie W. Sr.  25 Oct 1977Galveston Co, Texas I60219
31 Smith, Bertha  Abt 1905Galveston Co, Texas I65267
32 Smith, Charles P.  22 Jun 1916Galveston Co, Texas I59476
33 Smith, Francis Claudino (Claude)  4 Apr 1955Galveston Co, Texas I59488
34 Stewart, Peter Joseph  9 Apr 1931Galveston Co, Texas I54110


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Richardson, Agnes Maria  Galveston Co, Texas I22933


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Blumenthal, Matilda  1 Jun 1880Galveston Co, Texas I50182
2 Bouse, Frank  1940Galveston Co, Texas I25649
3 Bouse, Raymond Clarence Jr.  1930Galveston Co, Texas I53787
4 Bouse, Raymond Clarence  1930Galveston Co, Texas I24485
5 Bouse, Raymond Clarence Jr.  1940Galveston Co, Texas I53787
6 Bouse, Raymond Clarence  1940Galveston Co, Texas I24485
7 Cronea, Matilda  1900Galveston Co, Texas I47060
8 Mott, Joseph  1900Galveston Co, Texas I47070
9 Revia, Charles F.  1900Galveston Co, Texas I47068
10 Revia (Rivier), Mary Amanda  1900Galveston Co, Texas I47069
11 Revia (Rivier), Mary Amanda  1930Galveston Co, Texas I47069
12 Shaw, Claud Lyons  1900Galveston Co, Texas I100907


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Gentz, Fredericka (immigrant)  13 Jun 1850Galveston Co, Texas I1335
2 Schuster, Johanetta Margaretha  23 Dec 1845Galveston Co, Texas I38906


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Burch, Sherwood Kirkham  1840Galveston Co, Texas I48954


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Harrington, Charles David  1886Galveston Co, Texas I27277
2 Heiman, John Henry Heinrich Sr.  08 Jul 1838Galveston Co, Texas I24493
3 Oglesby, Joseph Homer Jr.   I51212


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Thistrup/Fister   F15435
2 Avara / Smith  Abt 1960Galveston Co, Texas F21162
3 Bouse / Cable   F33912
4 Bouse / Kahla  21 Aug 1924Galveston Co, Texas F17609
5 Bouse / Styron   F19727
6 Broussard / Molbert  3 Jan 1979Galveston Co, Texas F16502
7 Burris / Avara   F21164
8 Carr / Carr  Aft 1870Galveston Co, Texas F8800
9 Carr / Crainer  1882Galveston Co, Texas F8781
10 Carr / Grammer  1905Galveston Co, Texas F8811
11 Carr / Heiman  1908Galveston Co, Texas F8812
12 Carr / Hughes  1906Galveston Co, Texas F8801
13 Carr / Ladd  1879Galveston Co, Texas F8814
14 Court / Gaston  7 Oct 1876Galveston Co, Texas F255
15 Dick / Butler  1919Galveston Co, Texas F2675
16 Frugia / Seymour (Simon)  Abt 1920Galveston Co, Texas F11977
17 Gentz / Bryant   F14865
18 Gentz / Long   F14866
19 Gentz / Neimeyer  Abt 1926Galveston Co, Texas F11188
20 Grammer / Carr  1898Galveston Co, Texas F8947
21 Hamshire / Ainsworth  1898Galveston Co, Texas F29668
22 Hamshire / Barus  15 Jul 1869Galveston Co, Texas F8827
23 Hargraves / Carr  Abt 1886Galveston Co, Texas F8783
24 Harrington / Strivender  20 Apr 1891Galveston Co, Texas F15953
25 Hawkins / Cuniff  2 Mar 1881Galveston Co, Texas F11978
26 Heiman / Heiman  Abt 1872Galveston Co, Texas F12443
27 Heiman / Heiman  1877Galveston Co, Texas F8805
28 Heiman / Sosby  1912Galveston Co, Texas F11038
29 Hughes / Fulton  1840Galveston Co, Texas F8819
30 Hughes / Hamshire  1868Galveston Co, Texas F8822
31 Leiper / Carr  19 May 1839Galveston Co, Texas F1014
32 Lockwood / Barrow  Abt 1929Galveston Co, Texas F31905
33 McCarter / Carr  21 Jul 1892Galveston Co, Texas F8833
34 Milina / Thistrup/Fister   F15433
35 Miller / Shaw  1927Galveston Co, Texas F33977
36 Nichols / Smith  Abt 1926Galveston Co, Texas F21163
37 Peveto / Goodwin   F11223
38 Polinard / Avara   F21165
39 Shaw / Griffith  15 Oct 1907Galveston Co, Texas F33982
40 Shaw / Merriman  8 Mar 1871Galveston Co, Texas F33978
41 Shaw / Weaver  1898Galveston Co, Texas F33976
42 Shaw / Weaver  28 Jul 1899Galveston Co, Texas F33981
43 Smith / Smith  Abt 1892Galveston Co, Texas F21160
44 Vieno / Richardson  19 Dec 1895Galveston Co, Texas F8347
45 Vieno / Roberts  16 May 1897Galveston Co, Texas F8353
46 Watson / McIlvain   F16831
47 Welch / Dick  26 Mar 1930Galveston Co, Texas F2676
48 Williams / Woodward  12 Jul 1919Galveston Co, Texas F27734


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Bouse / Cable   F33912
2 Bouse / Rohacek   F5284
3 Sherman / Sherman   F24495

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