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Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee



Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnett, Noi Marie  25 Sep 1912Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I99545
2 Bates, Rachel Catherine  15 Aug 1842Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I66504
3 Bounds, Annie J.  1842Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I41811
4 Bounds, Boyd  1859Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I41817
5 Bounds, Clairborne H.  1834Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I41807
6 Bounds, Daniel F.  1838Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I41810
7 Bounds, Edgar Russell  1869Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I41825
8 Bounds, Elizabeth D.  1837Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I41809
9 Bounds, Elizabeth G.  17 Apr 1802Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I34034
10 Bounds, Ellen  Abt 1805Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I34036
11 Bounds, Francis H.  1813Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I34038
12 Bounds, James  1854Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I41815
13 Bounds, John  1850Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I41814
14 Bounds, John F.  1864Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I41824
15 Bounds, John W.  21 Oct 1803Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I34035
16 Bounds, Josephine  30 Mar 1862Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I41823
17 Bounds, Louisa  Abt 1800Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I34040
18 Bounds, Mary B.  1 Sep 1859Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I41822
19 Bounds, Mary E.  1849Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I41813
20 Bounds, Robert  1856Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I41816
21 Bounds, Sarah Catherine  30 Oct 1845Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I41812
22 Bounds, Washington William  2 Apr 1809Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I34037
23 Bounds, William Francis  1835Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I41808
24 Clark, Thomas  4 Nov 1816Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I77280
25 Conner, Mary "Polly"  26 Oct 1803Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I105656
26 Cox, Moses E.  6 Jan 1801Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I105657
27 Dodd, Mary  1808Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I41818
28 Dougherty, Robert E.   I65376
29 Dunaway, Arthur Raymond  28 Mar 1955Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I68979
30 Jett, James Napoleon (or Nathan)  Oct 1825Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I105659
31 McNutt, John Alexander  3 Apr 1788Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I80632
32 Mitchell, Josephine Estes  9 Nov 1909Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I91242
33 Moyer, Harold Charles*  27 Aug 1854Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I5763
34 Moyers, Allan  1921Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I86290
35 Moyers, Harvey Eugene  22 Feb 1923Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I86291
36 Moyers, Joyce  1925Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I86292
37 Walker, Frances Lattimore  1917Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I94091
38 Walker, King Benson Jr.  1914Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I94090
39 Williams, Charles Edward "Chuck"  Abt 1934Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I76670
40 Williams, Grover Cleveland  8 Apr 1907Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I76669


Matches 1 to 51 of 51

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aldridge, Nathaniel Benjamin  13 Dec 1826Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I87433
2 Alexander, Amelia  1835Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I80634
3 Bird, Nancy Ann  1813Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I7392
4 Bounds, Elizabeth G.  3 Dec 1864Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I34034
5 Bounds, Jesse A. Sr  21 May 1804Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I7391
6 Bounds, John F.  1919Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I41824
7 Bounds, Mary B.  24 Feb 1941Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I41822
8 Cannon, Josephine Ann  12 Apr 2007Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I91896
9 Cate (Cates), Elijah  15 Jul 1865Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I71692
10 Clark, Helen Louise  9 Dec 1983Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I93785
11 Clark, Nancy  14 Jan 1840Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I77290
12 Clarke, Margaret Hope  2 Jun 1992Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I87235
13 Coker, William  4 Sep 1816Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I62666
14 Cooper, Cora Ellen  6 Oct 1969Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I59760
15 Cox, Moses E.  Jun 1872Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I105657
16 England, Billie June  24 Jul 2007Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I31168
17 Floyd, William Burgess "Bird" "Bert"  8 Oct 1948Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I55668
18 Grider, John Petty  6 Jul 1928Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I78047
19 Hancock, Brownlow  1979Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I76678
20 Hardin, John  28 Apr 1802Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I41855
21 Houston, Robert  1835Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I947
22 Irick, Amanda Faye  Jul 1967Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I105663
23 Jackson, Mary Caroline  21 Mar 1908Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I90582
24 Jett, Andrew John  26 Aug 1944Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I105664
25 Larue, Rosa  27 Apr 1998Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I105665
26 Lauderdale, Jack C.  Bef 1993Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I76665
27 Melton, Lunar B.  19 Aug 1974Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I94745
28 Mitchell, Josephine Estes  13 Aug 1981Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I91242
29 Myers (Moyers), Arthur Clifford  12 Apr 1963Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I59759
30 Myers (Moyers), Mary Alice  14 Feb 1983Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I59762
31 Nipper, Marenia "Rena"  28 Feb 1934Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I95286
32 Oglesby, Dottie Mae  1 Jan 1993Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I76661
33 Oglesby, Louis Atchley  24 Jan 1990Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I33301
34 Oglesby, Minnie Adeline  2 Nov 1996Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I76677
35 Pilant, Walter G.  11 Oct 1986Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I76663
36 Shelton, Thomas Meyer  25 Sep 1947Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I1730
37 Stone, Oscar Barton  19 Jun 1936Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I84992
38 Tadlock, Alexander Brabson  16 Nov 1926Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I97000
39 Tadlock, Clara Moyse (immigrant)  14 Jul 1926Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I97007
40 Taylor, Walter W.  16 Sep 1936Knoxville, Knox Co, tennessee I94746
41 Tipton, Edgar Lee "Tip"  19 Aug 1978Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I91241
42 Uhls, Alice  Dec 1971Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I62942
43 Wheeler, Newton A.  11 Apr 1938Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I95285
44 White, Amy  Bef 1850Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I34033
45 Williams, Charles Edward "Chuck"  1978Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I76670
46 Williams, Grover Cleveland  28 Aug 1964Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I76669
47 Wilson, Charles Bate Sr.  3 Feb 1972Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I68308
48 Wilson, Ira Elsie  3 Jan 1945Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I32653
49 Wilson, Rachel Elizabeth  8 Jun 1964Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I68306
50 Yoakum, Avis Vernis "Alvie"  1 Aug 1940Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I76900
51 Yoakum, Sarah Elizabeth  12 Jan 1921Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I37180


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Anthony, Robert D  1920Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I19276
2 Anthony, Robert D  1940Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee I19276


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bounds / Dodd  Abt 1842Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee F13971
2 Bounds / Stinnett  Abt 1858Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee F13972
3 Mynatt / Linville  6 Feb 1791Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee F32342
4 Stalsworth / Oglesby  Abt 1919Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee F20669
5 Trimble / Clark  10 Nov 1808Knoxville, Knox Co, Tennessee F25093

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