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Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee


Latitude: 36.5211623, Longitude: -86.0263732


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chandler, William Zealous "Tack"  9 Nov 1860Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74325
2 Cosby, Margaret Ann  28 Sep 1844Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74356
3 Cothron, Ora  27 Dec 1899Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I63027
4 Day, Charles Trenton  3 Aug 1889Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74300
5 Day, Earl C.  20 Mar 1935Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74308
6 Day, Leotha Imogene  15 May 1922Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74302
7 Day, Odis Wesley  16 Jun 1916Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74307
8 East, Patterson  1825Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I71616
9 Gregory, Meredith Lillian  8 Aug 1896Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74305
10 Hargis, Andrew Grider  20 May 1862Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74315
11 Hargis, Charles Franklin  15 Jul 1842Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74355
12 Hargis, Felix Grundy  3 Jul 1872Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74312
13 Hargis, Mahala Jane "Mahaley"  12 Oct 1870Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74358
14 Hargis, Marion Fernando S.  24 Dec 1860Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74359
15 Hargis, Miles Washington  9 Jul 1869Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74351
16 Hargis, Minnie Lillian  29 May 1905Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74360
17 Hargis, Myrtle M.  19 Feb 1906Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74311
18 Hargis, Nancy Ann "Nan"  2 Apr 1869Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74357
19 Hargis, Vesta Louisa Matilda Jane  30 Oct 1865Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74316
20 Holland, Samuel Franklin "Sam"  Feb 1867Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74337
21 Jenkins, Louisa Matilda  1 Mar 1843Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74314
22 Jones, Alice  1865Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74322
23 Jones, Hettie  24 Jun 1874Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74323
24 King, Gala Sue  30 Mar 1938Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74309
25 Kirby, Mary Elizabeth  18 Nov 1860Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I62296
26 McDonald, Synthia Arling  18 Aug 1891Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74301
27 Parker, Freedom Murray  11 Sep 1896Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I71621
28 Patterson, Floyd Hershel  8 Jan 1904Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74361
29 Patterson, Oscar Dayton  12 Jul 1896Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74364
30 Reid, Myrtie Lee  5 Sep 1909Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I83002
31 Shrum, Gladys Lovell  4 Mar 1915Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74306
32 Shrum, Nicholas Jonah "Jiner"  18 Dec 1841Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I99670
33 Shrum, Thomas Arvel  16 Feb 1919Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74303
34 Sisco, Alvis Wade  9 May 1888Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I62414
35 Steen, Leatha Alice  20 Aug 1879Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I92054
36 Uhls, (infant)  10 May 1921Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee  I74285
37 Uhls, Alice Merton  28 Nov 1884Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74350
38 Uhls, Chester Cordell  21 Aug 1912Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74280
39 Uhls, Lucy Jane  8 Aug 1874Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I62936
40 Uhls, Otis Melvin  11 Jan 1899Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74339
41 Uhls, William N.  13 Jan 1860Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74348
42 West, Thomas Hamilton  31 Jul 1875Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74461


Matches 1 to 75 of 75

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Johnnie Richard  26 Nov 1944Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I62967
2 Burnley, Josephine C.  10 Apr 1909Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I63812
3 Burrow, Nancy Susan  Nov 1863Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I62883
4 Chandler, William Zealous "Tack"  16 Apr 1916Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74325
5 Coker, Derotha Louise  9 Feb 2008Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I62985
6 Cosby, Margaret Ann  31 May 1920Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74356
7 Cothron, Elzie Thomas  3 Jan 1962Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I62930
8 Cothron, Martha Ann Hesselatine  30 Jul 1905Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I63322
9 Cothron, Nancy Susan  19 Sep 1879Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74352
10 Cothron, Richard Willis  6 Nov 1976Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I62933
11 Cothron, Samuel Alexander  16 Feb 1940Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I62884
12 Day, Charles Trenton  30 Sep 1975Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74300
13 Day, George Penn  2 Sep 1927Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74353
14 Day, Henry Owens  21 May 2000Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74299
15 Day, Leotha Imogene  15 Jun 2013Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74302
16 Dixon, Louvenia Belle  25 May 1939Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I62971
17 Dixon, Lucinda Jane  3 Feb 1938Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I62968
18 Dixon, William G.  Abt 1851Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I48615
19 Doss, Brttie Victoria  22 Jun 1999Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I84553
20 East, Sammie Ellege  14 Jun 1996Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I71620
21 Ellis, Charles Bratton  14 Aug 1948Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I48824
22 Gammon, James R.  17 Apr 1909Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I48821
23 Green, Thomas J.  28 Jun 1926Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I100052
24 Gregory, Meredith Lillian  1 Aug 1984Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74305
25 Gregory, Minerva Jane  6 Jun 1943Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74349
26 Gregory, Victoria Adeline  28 Nov 1941Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I62922
27 Hargis, Andrew Grider  28 Jun 1916Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74315
28 Hargis, Charles Franklin  3 Jul 1909Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74355
29 Hargis, Felix Grundy  1962Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74312
30 Hargis, James Franklin "Frank"  17 Nov 1913Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I62868
31 Hargis, Mahala Jane "Mahaley"  6 Mar 1946Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74358
32 Hargis, Marion Fernando S.  19 Mar 1942Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74359
33 Hargis, Mary (dau, twin?)  26 Apr 1866Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I63313
34 Hargis, Miles Washington  27 Jul 1937Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74351
35 Hargis, Minnie Lillian  19 Oct 1998Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74360
36 Hargis, Nancy Ann "Nan"  10 Jan 1950Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74357
37 Hargis, William Abner  2 Dec 1911Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I92063
38 Holland, Samuel Franklin "Sam"  Bef 1910Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74337
39 Jenkins, Louisa Matilda  27 Aug 1897Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74314
40 Johnson, Andrew Zealous  27 Sep 1881Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74332
41 Johnson, Mary Delilah "Molly"  20 Jul 1946Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74336
42 Johnson, Sarah Frances  18 Apr 1870Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74331
43 King, Gala Sue  11 Nov 1998Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74309
44 Lee, Sarah  28 Jun 1886Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I71615
45 Linville, Drucilla Jane  4 Sep 1919Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I63277
46 Linville, Louisa T.  31 Jul 1920Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I48665
47 Lovelady, Harvey Judson  26 Apr 1932Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I62899
48 Meador, Bertha M.  Apr 1979Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74463
49 Meador, Estell  17 Mar 2000Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74365
50 Nichols, Drewy Alexander  7 Mar 1911Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I62877
51 Oglesby, Frances "Frankie"  22 Feb 1939Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I70253
52 Parker, John O.  11 Jul 1923Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I48831
53 Patterson, Floyd Hershel  22 Feb 1984Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74361
54 Patterson, George Washington  15 Dec 1943Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74362
55 Patterson, Oscar Dayton  27 Nov 1953Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74364
56 Pirtle, William H.  Bef 1910Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74344
57 Powers, Lena Lenner  1959Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74313
58 Robinson, Elizabeth Ann  10 Aug 1929Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I84550
59 Sanders, Edwin Ollis  5 Dec 1940Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I83000
60 Shrum, Clarice Dove  20 Jul 1940Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I62964
61 Shrum, Earl L.  13 Apr 1972Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74304
62 Shrum, Eliza Ann  18 Sep 1941Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I62953
63 Shrum, Gladys Lovell  29 Nov 2002Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74306
64 Shrum, Nancy Elizabeth  5 Sep 1946Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I70478
65 Shrum, Nora Blossom  15 Mar 2000Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74292
66 Shrum, Samuel Asberry  Sep 1968Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74277
67 Shrum, Thomas Arvel  27 Sep 1986Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74303
68 Steen, Theodora G. "Dora"  7 Oct 1943Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I92055
69 Uhls, (infant)  10 May 1921Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74285
70 Uhls, Benton McMillan  9 Jan 1926Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I62941
71 Uhls, Lucy Jane  10 Apr 1927Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I62936
72 Uhls, Margaret Evelyn  28 Mar 1945Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I62938
73 Uhls, William N.  9 Aug 1938Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74348
74 West, Jessie William  20 Mar 1978Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74462
75 Willis, George Presley  27 Feb 1956Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I62945


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bratton, Louisa Jane  Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I48822


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Lovelady, Henry M. (or H.)  1870Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I13352
2 Young, Haley  1850Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74945
3 Young, Merlin  1850Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74931
4 Young, Napoleon Bonaparte  1850Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I74933
5 Young, Zebulon M.  1910Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee I66930


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andrews / Shrum  6 Nov 1927Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F20345
2 Cothron / Gammon  2 Jun 1912Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F20330
3 Day / Hargis  8 Jan 1885Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F24119
4 Day / McDonald  24 Jun 1906Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F24093
5 Day / Shrum  24 Dec 1933Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F24096
6 Gammon / Cothron  2 Jun 1912Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F20329
7 Hargis / Cosby  23 May 1865Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F24120
8 Hargis / Hargis  24 Feb 1887Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F24121
9 Hargis / Jenkins  9 Feb 1860Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F24100
10 Hargis / Powers   F24099
11 Hargis / Uhls  27 Aug 1905Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F24117
12 King / Hargis  28 Dec 1926Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F24098
13 Parker / Carter  1900Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F28199
14 Patterson / Brawner  10 Nov 1921Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F24125
15 Patterson / Hargis  25 May 1913Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F24112
16 Patterson / Hargis  7 Dec 1924Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F24122
17 Patterson / Meador  8 Mar 1923Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F24124
18 Pirtle / Hargis  Abt 1885Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F24113
19 Pirtle / Roberts  28 Apr 1920Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F24114
20 Roark / Robinson  28 Sep 1882Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F27709
21 Shrum / Gregory   F24095
22 Uhls / Holland  19 Jan 1919Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F24109
23 West / Meador  29 Apr 1923Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F24153
24 Woodmore / Brawner  26 Oct 1915Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F20365
25 Young / Gibbs  Abt 1850Lafayette, Macon Co, Tennessee F24324

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