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Orange Co, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albright, Elizabeth  12 Oct 1792Orange Co, North Carolina I80906
2 Aldridge, Margaret  1777Orange Co, North Carolina I87434
3 Allison, Agnes  Abt 1773Orange Co, North Carolina I40121
4 Allison, Catherine  Abt 1786Orange Co, North Carolina I39408
5 Allison, Eliza "Betsy"  1775Orange Co, North Carolina I40122
6 Allison, Elizabeth P.  29 Sep 1811Orange Co, North Carolina I64927
7 Allison, Frances  30 Oct 1792Orange Co, North Carolina I37251
8 Allison, Grizell  Abt 1754Orange Co, North Carolina I40120
9 Allison, Hamilton  Abt 1769Orange Co, North Carolina I40118
10 Allison, James  1790Orange Co, North Carolina I37250
11 Allison, James "Wooden Head"  21 Dec 1801Orange Co, North Carolina I39002
12 Allison, Jane  1793Orange Co, North Carolina I19165
13 Allison, Jane  3 Oct 1795Orange Co, North Carolina I40505
14 Allison, Jane Jennet  Abt 1765Orange Co, North Carolina I40114
15 Allison, Janet Jane  9 Jan 1806Orange Co, North Carolina I40134
16 Allison, John  1775Orange Co, North Carolina I40207
17 Allison, Joseph  1795Orange Co, North Carolina I38988
18 Allison, Joseph "Mime Lick Joe"  1 Dec 1799Orange Co, North Carolina I38941
19 Allison, Joseph P.  19 Dec 1815Orange Co, North Carolina I64924
20 Allison, Lewis E.  Abt 1810Orange Co, North Carolina I40447
21 Allison, Lucy Jane  1812Orange Co, North Carolina I37246
22 Allison, Martha  Abt 1767Orange Co, North Carolina I40116
23 Allison, Martha "Patsy"  27 Feb 1791Orange Co, North Carolina I37243
24 Allison, Mary  24 Jan 1798Orange Co, North Carolina I40132
25 Allison, Nancy  1776Orange Co, North Carolina I40210
26 Allison, Naomi  17 Mar 1809Orange Co, North Carolina I40135
27 Allison, Sarah (Jerahe)  29 Jul 1794Orange Co, North Carolina I40130
28 Allison, Stewart  6 Apr 1806Orange Co, North Carolina I64926
29 Allison, William Donaldson  7 Jun 1809Orange Co, North Carolina I64925
30 Allison, Zilman (or Tilman)  1797Orange Co, North Carolina I64916
31 Allison (Ellison), William  1780Orange Co, North Carolina I40221
32 Ansley, Gilbert D.  Abt 1773Orange Co, North Carolina I73336
33 Ansley, Samuel  29 Jun 1774Orange Co, North Carolina I100420
34 Anthony, Eve  1791Orange Co, North Carolina I19313
35 Anthony, Margaret "Peggy"  18 Mar 1783Orange Co, North Carolina I19310
36 Anthony, Nicholas^  1780Orange Co, North Carolina I19283
37 Baldridge, John T.  8 Feb 1780Orange Co, North Carolina I90103
38 Baldridge, Sarah "Sally"  15 Apr 1813Orange Co, North Carolina I90101
39 Baldwin, Jane  14 Oct 1815Orange Co, North Carolina I78550
40 Barnhill, Robert Sr.  7 Jun 1758Orange Co, North Carolina I62218
41 Barnhill, William  4 Oct 1785Orange Co, North Carolina I62221
42 Cantrell, James  1768Orange Co, North Carolina I95771
43 Cary, Susannah Lucille^  1739Orange Co, North Carolina I100580
44 Cater, Jane Angelina  11 May 1817Orange Co, North Carolina I74776
45 Clapp, David  17 Oct 1772Orange Co, North Carolina I80880
46 Clapp, John  7 Jan 1772Orange Co, North Carolina I80872
47 Clapp, John Barnhardt Jr.  17 Jan 1764Orange Co, North Carolina I80871
48 Clark, Calvin  7 Jul 1798Orange Co, North Carolina I64919
49 Clark, Robert  1801Orange Co, North Carolina I64922
50 Coble, Anna Dorothea  1748Orange Co, North Carolina I80861
51 Conner, William  1818Orange Co, North Carolina I78905
52 Cook, Catherine  27 May 1762Orange Co, North Carolina I80551
53 Cooke, Christina  10 Aug 1763Orange Co, North Carolina I80762
54 Davis, Harmon Brevet^  1738Orange Co, North Carolina I100564
55 Donaldson, Elizabeth Jane  1754Orange Co, North Carolina I35722
56 Efland, Phyllis  1759Orange Co, North Carolina I69063
57 Ellis, (son)  Abt 1808Orange Co, North Carolina I40501
58 Ellis, Albert Lindsey  25 Mar 1813Orange Co, North Carolina I39349
59 Ellis, Elijah John McClellan  5 Jul 1815Orange Co, North Carolina I39373
60 Ellis, Elijah S.  25 Nov 1768Orange Co, North Carolina I39348
61 Ellis, Elizabeth  Abt 1794Orange Co, North Carolina I39394
62 Ellis, Martha  Abt 1801Orange Co, North Carolina I39396
63 Ellis, Parthena "Polly"  Abt 1806Orange Co, North Carolina I39359
64 Ellis, Woodson H.  1810Orange Co, North Carolina I39401
65 Faust, Catherine  27 Jan 1783Orange Co, North Carolina I80873
66 Fogleman, Martha "Patty"  31 Dec 1808Orange Co, North Carolina I69019
67 Fogleman, Peter M.  1750Orange Co, North Carolina I80778
68 Fogleman, Sarah  18 Feb 1788Orange Co, North Carolina I80769
69 Foster, Phoebe  9 Jun 1749Orange Co, North Carolina I103105
70 Foust, Judith  21 Mar 1766Orange Co, North Carolina I80870
71 Garner, Vincent  1771Orange Co, North Carolina I100728
72 Gibbs, Sarah  1770Orange Co, North Carolina I80802
73 Glass, Anna Mary  9 Dec 1742Orange Co, North Carolina I80884
74 Graves, Barbara  1773Orange Co, North Carolina I80909
75 Graves, Daniel  Abt 1772Orange Co, North Carolina I5600
76 Graves, David  1790Orange Co, North Carolina I5607
77 Graves, Nancy  Abt 1733Orange Co, North Carolina I62048
78 Guthrie, Jeany  Abt 1782Orange Co, North Carolina I40494
79 Hanner, John Paisley  1803Orange Co, North Carolina I78632
80 Harper, Rachel Ann  17 Jan 1762Orange Co, North Carolina I62219
81 Hastings, Susannah  1787Orange Co, North Carolina I19332
82 Hawkins, John Parker  8 Mar 1773Orange Co, North Carolina I72939
83 Hendricks (Hendrix), Elijah  1763Orange Co, North Carolina I103892
84 Hensley, Kezziah  Abt 1780Orange Co, North Carolina I48396
85 Hightower, Emily Ann  1782Orange Co, North Carolina I98866
86 Holt, William  Abt 1791Orange Co, North Carolina I80719
87 Isley, Christian  3 May 1796Orange Co, North Carolina I80862
88 Isley, Daniel  Abt 1819Orange Co, North Carolina I80916
89 Isley, George  1768Orange Co, North Carolina I80908
90 Isley, Jacob Lowery  12 Apr 1849Orange Co, North Carolina I80926
91 Isley, Jordan Alexander  25 Dec 1845Orange Co, North Carolina I80933
92 Isley, Levi  Abt 1806Orange Co, North Carolina I80898
93 Isley, Martin Vanburen  5 Feb 1847Orange Co, North Carolina I80928
94 Jones, Willis  8 Apr 1784Orange Co, North Carolina I50462
95 Keck, William  1782Orange Co, North Carolina I69034
96 Koch, Malinda  11 May 1827Orange Co, North Carolina I67843
97 Lewis, Sarah  Abt 1750Orange Co, North Carolina I54979
98 Lovelady, Marshall  1735Orange Co, North Carolina I1803
99 Loy, Anne  29 Oct 1805Orange Co, North Carolina I80796
100 Loy, Catherine  6 Feb 1796Orange Co, North Carolina I80792

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Albright, Mary (or Maria)  2 Apr 1815Orange Co, North Carolina I69021
2 Allen, Joseph  1770Orange Co, North Carolina I67422
3 Allison, James  23 Oct 1839Orange Co, North Carolina I38986
4 Allison, John  1858Orange Co, North Carolina I40207
5 Allison, Joseph Planter (Patrick?) Sr.  1789Orange Co, North Carolina I40211
6 Allison, Martha (..)  Bef 1857Orange Co, North Carolina I64932
7 Allison, Mary (Margaret)  1794Orange Co, North Carolina I40215
8 Allison, Stewart  1853Orange Co, North Carolina I64926
9 Anthony, Eve  1848Orange Co, North Carolina I19313
10 Anthony, Jacob^ Sr (immigrant)  31 Dec 1833Orange Co, North Carolina I19299
11 Anthony, Sarah "Sally"  30 Sep 1836Orange Co, North Carolina I67837
12 Blaylock, William  Abt 1822Orange Co, North Carolina I38193
13 Bohannan, Duncan III  1760Orange Co, North Carolina I42688
14 Clapp, George Tobias  Feb 1800Orange Co, North Carolina I80882
15 Clapp, John Ludwig (Immigrant)  19 Jun 1777Orange Co, North Carolina I80876
16 Clapp, Mary Christina (..)  Aft 1800Orange Co, North Carolina I80883
17 Cooke, Christina  7 Nov 1825Orange Co, North Carolina I80762
18 Craig, William  Aft 1785Orange Co, North Carolina I46615
19 Dirr, Phillipina (immigrant)  28 Oct 1795Orange Co, North Carolina I80767
20 Donaldson, Elizabeth Jane  11 Nov 1807Orange Co, North Carolina I35722
21 Dorris, William Joseph (immigrant)  1795Orange Co, North Carolina I89793
22 Farr, Mary  1746Orange Co, North Carolina I72432
23 Fogleman, George (immigrant)  1785Orange Co, North Carolina I80780
24 Fogleman, Peter M.  1819Orange Co, North Carolina I80778
25 Fogleman (Vogleman), Ann Margaretha^ (immigrant)  17 Aug 1796Orange Co, North Carolina I19302
26 Foulke, Priscilla  30 Mar 1786Orange Co, North Carolina I67962
27 Glass, Anna Mary  9 Oct 1776Orange Co, North Carolina I80884
28 Graves, Maria Philopena  4 Mar 1815Orange Co, North Carolina I67839
29 Hamilton, Martha  1838Orange Co, North Carolina I38985
30 Hanner, Celia M. (..)  27 Nov 1881Orange Co, North Carolina I78639
31 Hanner, Fannie E.  12 Jun 1902Orange Co, North Carolina I78640
32 Hanner, John Paisley  1875Orange Co, North Carolina I78632
33 Isley, George  14 Oct 1848Orange Co, North Carolina I80908
34 James, Patsey  Aft 1820Orange Co, North Carolina I40496
35 Jones, Elizabeth  1816Orange Co, North Carolina I93822
36 Kintzer, Valentine  1808Orange Co, North Carolina I69044
37 Loy, Anna Marie  1777Orange Co, North Carolina I69061
38 Loy, John  3 May 1840Orange Co, North Carolina I80814
39 Melton, Robert  24 Apr 1759Orange Co, North Carolina I72431
40 Parish, Lucretia Christine  1824Orange Co, North Carolina I93815
41 Patton, Andrew Sr.  1790Orange Co, North Carolina I30982
42 Roberts, John  6 May 1834Orange Co, North Carolina I93821
43 Sharp, Isaac  Jan 1782Orange Co, North Carolina I67838
44 Sharp, John George (immigrant)  May 1789Orange Co, North Carolina I69060
45 Sharp, Sally  8 Apr 1820Orange Co, North Carolina I69016
46 Sharp, Sarah  15 Oct 1846Orange Co, North Carolina I80897
47 Sharp, Sarah "Sally"  Abt 1885Orange Co, North Carolina I69027
48 Shoffner, Frederick  11 Apr 1846Orange Co, North Carolina I19306
49 Shoffner, Mary Magdalena^ (immigrant)  26 Mar 1827Orange Co, North Carolina I19300
50 Shoffner, Michael Christian^ (immigrant)  25 Jun 1810Orange Co, North Carolina I19301
51 Stiess, Anna Barbara (immigrant)  12 Oct 1773Orange Co, North Carolina I80886
52 Stovall, Bartholomew  15 Dec 1802Orange Co, North Carolina I81633
53 Wray, Grizzel  1794Orange Co, North Carolina I40109


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Ellis, Elijah S.  1810Orange Co, North Carolina I39348
2 Madden, Andrew  1810Orange Co, North Carolina I40497
3 Nicholson, Archibald^  1820Orange Co, North Carolina I54566


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Lovelady, John* Sr., Rev War  1763Orange Co, North Carolina I1635
2 Lovelady, Marshall  1763Orange Co, North Carolina I1803
3 Lovelady, Moses  1756Orange Co, North Carolina I12942
4 Lovelady, Thomas* Sr  1763Orange Co, North Carolina I1782
5 Lovelady (Lovelatty), Thomas Jr  1757Orange Co, North Carolina I12940
6 Madden, Andrew  1 Aug 1805Orange Co, North Carolina I40497
7 Madden, Andrew  12 Nov 1807Orange Co, North Carolina I40497
8 McBride, Andrew Sr.  28 Jan 1783Orange Co, North Carolina I32599


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Lovelady, John* Sr., Rev War  23 Oct 1771Orange Co, North Carolina I1635
2 Lovelady, John* Sr., Rev War  1775Orange Co, North Carolina I1635
3 Lovelady, Marshall  1770Orange Co, North Carolina I1803
4 Lovelady, Marshall  1775Orange Co, North Carolina I1803
5 Lovelady (Lovelatty), Thomas Jr  15 Mar 1769Orange Co, North Carolina I12940
6 Lovelady (Lovelatty), Thomas Jr  1770Orange Co, North Carolina I12940
7 Madden, Stephen  1 Aug 1805Orange Co, North Carolina I40489


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Lovelady, Thomas* Sr  1755Orange Co, North Carolina I1782
2 Lovelady (Lovelatty), Thomas Jr  1755Orange Co, North Carolina I12940


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Patton, Andrew Sr.  Jul 1790Orange Co, North Carolina I30982
2 Sharp, Isaac  27 Jun 1781Orange Co, North Carolina I67838
3 Shoffner, Frederick  Bef 11 Apr 1846Orange Co, North Carolina I19306
4 Shoffner, Michael Christian^ (immigrant)  27 Sep 1810Orange Co, North Carolina I19301


Matches 1 to 68 of 68

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Albright / Sharp  11 Oct 1787Orange Co, North Carolina F22304
2 Allison / Allison  Abt 1810Orange Co, North Carolina F12782
3 Allison / Barlow  14 Oct 1817Orange Co, North Carolina F13240
4 Allison / Clark  6 Nov 1816Orange Co, North Carolina F21045
5 Allison / Porterfield  20 Feb 1782Orange Co, North Carolina F13239
6 Allison / Ray (Wray)  1762Orange Co, North Carolina F13543
7 Allison / Stewart  30 Sep 1794Orange Co, North Carolina F13551
8 Allison / Stewart  13 Jul 1801Orange Co, North Carolina F13541
9 Allison / Tollar  16 Apr 1789Orange Co, North Carolina F12783
10 Allison (Ellison) / Stewart  13 Jun 1807Orange Co, North Carolina F13549
11 Ansley / Dunagan  2 Dec 1797Orange Co, North Carolina F23762
12 Anthony / Nicholson  21 Oct 1800Orange Co, North Carolina F7075
13 Anthony / Nicholson  Abt 1803Orange Co, North Carolina F7076
14 Clark / Allison  5 Mar 1822Orange Co, North Carolina F21046
15 Clark / Allison  9 Sep 1825Orange Co, North Carolina F21048
16 Corder / Garner  4 Nov 1785Orange Co, North Carolina F31131
17 Craig / McBride  28 Jan 1783Orange Co, North Carolina F15399
18 Curtis / Allison  5 May 1775Orange Co, North Carolina F13507
19 Donnell / Cabe-Latta  1820Orange Co, North Carolina F25643
20 Ellis / Madden  17 Jan 1798Orange Co, North Carolina F13318
21 Ellison (Allison) / Donaldson  1772Orange Co, North Carolina F12334
22 Ellison (Allison) / Madden  19 Aug 1809Orange Co, North Carolina F12335
23 Fogleman / Boggs  22 Nov 1803Orange Co, North Carolina F26366
24 Forsythe / Jones  15 Oct 1842Orange Co, North Carolina F31579
25 Forsythe / Parish  18 Jan 1810Orange Co, North Carolina F31576
26 Fox / Moser  4 Dec 1825Orange Co, North Carolina F21952
27 Graves / Efland  1769Orange Co, North Carolina F2352
28 Gray / Allison  2 Jul 1857Orange Co, North Carolina F21049
29 Hargis / Shaw  8 Jul 1808Orange Co, North Carolina F21965
30 Isley / Sharp  1828Orange Co, North Carolina F26409
31 Isley / Spoon  15 Nov 1839Orange Co, North Carolina F26415
32 Isley / Spoon  Abt 1852Orange Co, North Carolina F26410
33 Jones / Ellis  Abt 1821Orange Co, North Carolina F13320
34 Keck / Sharp  30 Aug 1822Orange Co, North Carolina F22309
35 Loy / Sharp  1790Orange Co, North Carolina F22303
36 Madden / Allison  21 Feb 1799Orange Co, North Carolina F13512
37 Madden / Guthrie  10 Dec 1801Orange Co, North Carolina F13614
38 Madden / Hargues  28 Dec 1791Orange Co, North Carolina F13612
39 Madden / James  4 Jul 1801Orange Co, North Carolina F13615
40 Madden / Rhoark  31 Jan 1807Orange Co, North Carolina F13616
41 McCaleb / Allison  7 Mar 1810Orange Co, North Carolina F13332
42 Ray (Wray) / Allison  Feb 1796Orange Co, North Carolina F13509
43 Ray (Wray) / Allison  13 Jan 1810Orange Co, North Carolina F13542
44 Rich / Sharp  1783Orange Co, North Carolina F22322
45 Roberts / Parish  18 Jan 1810Orange Co, North Carolina F31575
46 Robertson / Shoffner  28 Apr 1847Orange Co, North Carolina F26419
47 Scarlett / Cater  4 Aug 1843Orange Co, North Carolina F24472
48 Sharp /   1765Orange Co, North Carolina F25478
49 Sharp / Albright  1782Orange Co, North Carolina F22317
50 Sharp / Albright  5 Nov 1817Orange Co, North Carolina F26414
51 Sharp / Anthony  28 Feb 1812Orange Co, North Carolina F7079
52 Sharp / Clapp  1799Orange Co, North Carolina F21942
53 Sharp / Fogleman  1 Oct 1837Orange Co, North Carolina F22306
54 Sharp / Fogleman  14 Apr 1839Orange Co, North Carolina F22310
55 Sharp / Gibbs  Abt 1785Orange Co, North Carolina F26370
56 Sharp / Graves  1765Orange Co, North Carolina F21944
57 Sharp / Kimbro  10 May 1804Orange Co, North Carolina F22308
58 Sharp / Koch  19 Feb 1846Orange Co, North Carolina F21947
59 Sharp / Loy  Abt 1749Orange Co, North Carolina F22320
60 Shoffner / Clapp  19 Jun 1817Orange Co, North Carolina F26356
61 Shoffner / Cooke  1782Orange Co, North Carolina F26355
62 Shoffner / Dirr  9 Sep 1777Orange Co, North Carolina F26358
63 Shoffner / Shoffner  27 Feb 1838Orange Co, North Carolina F26363
64 Shoffner / Shoffner  28 Feb 1846Orange Co, North Carolina F26357
65 Shoffner / Warren  3 Nov 1811Orange Co, North Carolina F27301
66 Stewart / Stewart  Abt 1773Orange Co, North Carolina F13550
67 Thompson / Allison  1778Orange Co, North Carolina F29430
68 Towell / Madden  11 Feb 1798Orange Co, North Carolina F13613

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