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Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee



Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dugger, Violet  Sep 1861Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I37282
2 Hutcheson, Leander Travis "Lee"  16 Nov 1864Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I78529
3 Hutcheson, Martha Melcina "Cinnie"  24 Mar 1859Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I78530
4 Martin, Armstrong  5 May 1829Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I1088
5 Moyers, Christopher G "Thompson"  1834Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I1065
6 Moyers, Darwin  1838Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I1067
7 Moyers, Henry Y.  13 Jun 1838Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I1066
8 Moyers, Nancy J  1830Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I1062
9 Moyers, Robert Alyson Breck  28 Aug 1843Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I1070
10 Moyers, Sarah Catherine  1830Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I1063
11 Moyers, Theresa S. (Terressa)  1842Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I1069
12 Myers (Moyers), Benton  1895Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I59253
13 Myers (Moyers), Frank  1887Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I59250
14 Myers (Moyers), Johnnie Sue  1889Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I59251
15 Myers (Moyers), Lawson Hill  28 Dec 1885Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I59249
16 Myers (Moyers), Randall L.  1890Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I59252
17 Pankey, Anna Eugenia Story  16 Oct 1895Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I83119
18 Pankey, Benton Joseph  28 Sep 1893Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I83118
19 Pankey, Beulah Maude  17 Feb 1890Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I83117
20 Pankey, Birdie Eva  7 Oct 1887Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I83116
21 Pankey, James Smith  24 Apr 1850Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I83109
22 Simmons, Mabel Victoria  28 Jan 1888Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I58901
23 Southerland, Tennessee "Tennie"  18 Dec 1853Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I106484
24 Story, Mary Magdalene  15 Aug 1828Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I83121
25 Swafford, William Harrison "Big Bill"  24 Aug 1842Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I92962


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aiken (Akins), Lewis N.  7 Jan 1933Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I37504
2 DeBord, Minnie Lou  30 Jan 1992Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I99025
3 Evans, Herbert Giles  14 Aug 1988Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I99026
4 Hill, Sue Edna  17 Jul 1917Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I1266
5 Kerley, Reevie K.  4 Feb 1971Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I92790
6 McGowan, Sarah*  Aft Jun 1860Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I821
7 Montgomery, Mary  1840Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I83129
8 Moyers, Darwin  Abt 1839Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I1067
9 Myers (Moyers), Benton  1895Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I59253
10 Myers (Moyers), Frank  1888Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I59250
11 Myers (Moyers), John Calvin  21 Apr 1921Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I1264
12 Myers (Moyers), Johnnie Sue  1900Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I59251
13 Myers (Moyers), Ollie  Aft 1965Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I59248
14 Myers (Moyers), Randall L.  1933Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I59252
15 Pankey, Benton Joseph  19 Nov 1912Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I83118
16 Pankey, Beulah Maude  Dec 1980Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I83117
17 Pankey, Birdie Eva  5 Mar 1904Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I83116
18 Pankey, James S. (Smith?)  Nov 1847Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I83128
19 Pankey, James Smith  19 Mar 1860Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I83130
20 Pankey, James Smith  2 Feb 1907Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I83109
21 Stepp, Alice  15 Sep 1966Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I83112
22 Story, Emily  23 Jan 1870Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I83131
23 Story, Mary Magdalene  3 Mar 1904Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I83121
24 Story, Samuel L.  27 Sep 1839Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I83132


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Farmer, Hilton B.  1910Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I37285
2 Farmer, Loraine J. "Lonna"  1910Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I37286
3 Farmer, Roger H.  1910Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I37287
4 Moyers, Theresa S. (Terressa)  1880Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee I1069


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Pankey / Hutcheson  23 Dec 1886Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee F27159
2 Pankey / Story  Abt 1847Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee F27163
3 Rankin / Pittman  31 Oct 1931Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee F27162
4 Story / Wheeler  Abt 1827Pikeville, Bledsoe Co, Tennessee F27169

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