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Prince William Co, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, George  1737Prince William Co, Virginia I67420
2 Allen, John  Abt 1705Prince William Co, Virginia I6010
3 Ball, James  Abt 1742Prince William Co, Virginia I42647
4 Blackwell, William  1738Prince William Co, Virginia I31414
5 Burton, Judith Lydy  1780Prince William Co, Virginia I45862
6 Catlett, Nancy  1746Prince William Co, Virginia I36392
7 Chamberlayne, Malinda  Abt 1767Prince William Co, Virginia I36549
8 Chilton, George  6 Nov 1772Prince William Co, Virginia I75956
9 Chinn, Jennett May  10 Nov 1764Prince William Co, Virginia I5932
10 Coffer (or Cofer), Anne  Bef 1722Prince William Co, Virginia I93371
11 Coffer (or Cofer), Francis  Abt 1714Prince William Co, Virginia I93370
12 Coffer (or Cofer), Thomas Withers  29 Sep 1713Prince William Co, Virginia I93369
13 Corder, Mildredge "Millie" (dau of who?)  Abt 1730Prince William Co, Virginia I36752
14 Creel, Mary "Molly"  12 Feb 1764Prince William Co, Virginia I61678
15 Davis, Elizabeth  1735Prince William Co, Virginia I36620
16 Davis, Frances  1744Prince William Co, Virginia I36622
17 Davis, George  1730Prince William Co, Virginia I36618
18 Davis, Jemimah  1742Prince William Co, Virginia I36621
19 Davis, Jesse  22 Apr 1775Prince William Co, Virginia I36616
20 Davis, Richard  1733Prince William Co, Virginia I36619
21 Dowell, Asa John  1764Prince William Co, Virginia I84541
22 Dulin, Edward  1754Prince William Co, Virginia I42663
23 Dulin, John  Abt 1753Prince William Co, Virginia I42652
24 Dulin, Philip  Abt 1755Prince William Co, Virginia I42664
25 Dulin, William Jr.  1749Prince William Co, Virginia I42650
26 Earle, John  5 Jun 1737Prince William Co, Virginia I36645
27 Fitzhugh, George  Abt 1789Prince William Co, Virginia I31460
28 Fitzhugh, John Francis  Abt 1791Prince William Co, Virginia I31461
29 Fitzhugh, Lynaugh Helm  Abt 1788Prince William Co, Virginia I31459
30 Fitzhugh, Phillip  Abt 1793Prince William Co, Virginia I31462
31 Floyd, Henry Helm  21 Sep 1761Prince William Co, Virginia I31396
32 Foote, Catherine  1769Prince William Co, Virginia I31468
33 Foote, Hester Helm  Abt 1776Prince William Co, Virginia I31466
34 Foote, Richard  3 Feb 1729Prince William Co, Virginia I31464
35 Foote, Richard  12 Dec 1768Prince William Co, Virginia I31467
36 Foote, William  1770Prince William Co, Virginia I31469
37 Foster, Elizabeth Nellie  Abt 1743Prince William Co, Virginia I47628
38 Foster, Isaac  28 Dec 1760Prince William Co, Virginia I47606
39 Foster, James  22 Jun 1750Prince William Co, Virginia I47627
40 Foster, Mary "Polly"  1786Prince William Co, Virginia I47605
41 Foster, Sarah  1743Prince William Co, Virginia I47625
42 French, Jane  Abt 1706Prince William Co, Virginia I36521
43 Glasscock, John  4 Jan 1699Prince William Co, Virginia I36595
44 Glasscock, Winnifred "Winney"  1775Prince William Co, Virginia I36359
45 Grayson, Alfred William  16 Apr 1780Prince William Co, Virginia I165
46 Hedgman, John  9 Jun 1758Prince William Co, Virginia I46308
47 Helm, Achilles Zachariah  1748Prince William Co, Virginia I43270
48 Helm, Celia  1750Prince William Co, Virginia I31413
49 Helm, Elizabeth  Abt 1755Prince William Co, Virginia I31452
50 Helm, Elizabeth Ann "Betsy"  27 Feb 1775Prince William Co, Virginia I24646
51 Helm, Lucinda  Abt 1754Prince William Co, Virginia I31472
52 Helm, Margaret  21 Jan 1758Prince William Co, Virginia I43279
53 Helm, Margaret Grayson  Abt 1748Prince William Co, Virginia I31457
54 Helm, Thomas  1755Prince William Co, Virginia I31454
55 Helm, William  Abt 1757Prince William Co, Virginia I31453
56 Hendren, William Hicks  1740Prince William Co, Virginia I88985
57 Hughes, Sarah  21 Jun 1738Prince William Co, Virginia I47609
58 Johnson, Samuel  1757Prince William Co, Virginia I66745
59 Johnson, Samuel  1757Prince William Co, Virginia I66754
60 Jones, Elizabeth  Abt 1766Prince William Co, Virginia I47601
61 Jones, George  4 Oct 1753Prince William Co, Virginia I5971
62 Jones, Lowry  1780Prince William Co, Virginia I35026
63 Jones, Mary  1740Prince William Co, Virginia I35024
64 Jones, William  1758Prince William Co, Virginia I89811
65 Jones, William  Abt 1760Prince William Co, Virginia I5972
66 Leach, Susan  28 Dec 1760Prince William Co, Virginia I47607
67 Littlejohn, Marcellus  Aft 1717Prince William Co, Virginia I93343
68 Madden, Elizabeth (Glasscock)  Abt 1753Prince William Co, Virginia I36345
69 Madden, Franny (Newman)  Abt 1750Prince William Co, Virginia I46312
70 Madden, George  Bef 1749Prince William Co, Virginia I36375
71 Madden, Scarlett  Abt 1725Prince William Co, Virginia I36365
72 Madden, Susan "Sukey"  1780Prince William Co, Virginia I36377
73 Moffett, Craven P.  1753Prince William Co, Virginia I48239
74 Moffett, Gabriel Helm  17 Jan 1751Prince William Co, Virginia I42443
75 Moffett, Hannah  Bef Oct 1755Prince William Co, Virginia I48240
76 Moffett, Henry  1750Prince William Co, Virginia I48241
77 Moffett, Henry  Abt 1770Prince William Co, Virginia I42445
78 Moffett, John Helm  1740Prince William Co, Virginia I42441
79 Moffett, Margaret "Peggy"  Jun 1748Prince William Co, Virginia I48237
80 Moffett, Mary  Abt 1746Prince William Co, Virginia I48238
81 Moore, Sarah  Aft 1721Prince William Co, Virginia I93344
82 Morgan, Squire John  1720Prince William Co, Virginia I60593
83 Neavill, Judith  Abt 1748Prince William Co, Virginia I5993
84 Neavill, Letitia "Letty"  Abt 1740Prince William Co, Virginia I3463
85 Neavill, Lucy  17 Jan 1732Prince William Co, Virginia I5966
86 Neavill, Mary  1730Prince William Co, Virginia I61711
87 Neavill, William  1739Prince William Co, Virginia I73017
88 Neavill (Neville), Frances  1764Prince William Co, Virginia I73043
89 Netherton, Henry III  Abt 1740Prince William Co, Virginia I46232
90 Newman, John Posey  Abt 1785Prince William Co, Virginia I46317
91 Oldham, Richard  1 Mar 1745Prince William Co, Virginia I91779
92 Orear, Benjamin  20 Feb 1747Prince William Co, Virginia I36396
93 Orear, Daniel  23 Dec 1759Prince William Co, Virginia I36559
94 Orear, Elizabeth  7 Apr 1751Prince William Co, Virginia I36554
95 Orear, Enoch  18 Feb 1763Prince William Co, Virginia I36563
96 Orear, Jeremiah  16 May 1744Prince William Co, Virginia I36393
97 Orear, Jesse  24 Jan 1756Prince William Co, Virginia I36557
98 Orear, John  Abt 1675Prince William Co, Virginia I36541
99 Orear, John  21 Mar 1748Prince William Co, Virginia I36552
100 Orear, Margaret  Abt 1699Prince William Co, Virginia I36366

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allison, Extra George  25 Jul 1928Prince William Co, Virginia I65015
2 Ball, Edward Jr.  Bef 27 Sep 1742Prince William Co, Virginia I42641
3 Ball, John  Abt 1752Prince William Co, Virginia I42644
4 Bayless, Elizabeth  Aft 1775Prince William Co, Virginia I36525
5 Bruce, Christian  1752Prince William Co, Virginia I45790
6 Butler, Mary  Aft 1765Prince William Co, Virginia I19231
7 Canterbury, Elizabeth  Aft 1745Prince William Co, Virginia I47559
8 Creel, William  23 Apr 1757Prince William Co, Virginia I61718
9 De La Croix, Ann  Aft 1740Prince William Co, Virginia I36519
10 Dulin, William Sr.  1801Prince William Co, Virginia I42648
11 Edrington, Hester  Abt 1803Prince William Co, Virginia I31412
12 Ewell, Bertrand  Between Apr 1786 and Jan 1794Prince William Co, Virginia I47567
13 Fischbach, Jane  1760Prince William Co, Virginia I36343
14 Fitzhugh, John Thorton  9 Feb 1809Prince William Co, Virginia I31458
15 Foote, Martha  1784Prince William Co, Virginia I31470
16 Foote, Richard  Aft 28 Aug 1778Prince William Co, Virginia I31464
17 Foster, Elizabeth (..)  Aft 1779Prince William Co, Virginia I47620
18 Foster, Isaac  1850Prince William Co, Virginia I47606
19 Foster, James  10 Sep 1800Prince William Co, Virginia I47627
20 Foster, Mary  Abt 1777Prince William Co, Virginia I47629
21 Foster, Robert  22 Feb 1768Prince William Co, Virginia I47623
22 Foster, Sarah  15 Sep 1815Prince William Co, Virginia I47625
23 Foster, William Jr.  10 Apr 1779Prince William Co, Virginia I47619
24 French, Jane  Abt 1742Prince William Co, Virginia I36521
25 Green, Thomas  1791Prince William Co, Virginia I28540
26 Green, William Marston  Abt Feb 1746Prince William Co, Virginia I28517
27 Halley, Henry  Aft 1760Prince William Co, Virginia I36523
28 Heath, Gustavus Isaac  Aft 1850Prince William Co, Virginia I11615
29 Heath, Isaac  1849Prince William Co, Virginia I11417
30 Helm, Achilles Zachariah  1797Prince William Co, Virginia I43270
31 Helm, Leonard Jr (Immigrant)  Jun 1759Prince William Co, Virginia I3423
32 Herndon, William  14 Apr 1785Prince William Co, Virginia I66093
33 Johnson, Jeffrey  Aft 1740Prince William Co, Virginia I66760
34 Jones, Solomon (Henry, KY)  Aft 1795Prince William Co, Virginia I5986
35 Key, Mary*  Between 1735 and 1745Prince William Co, Virginia I7393
36 Kincheloe, John  25 Mar 1746Prince William Co, Virginia I47558
37 Kincheloe, Mary Wickliffe  Aft 1795Prince William Co, Virginia I93385
38 Leach, Susan  1860Prince William Co, Virginia I47607
39 Lynaugh, Margaret Neill  1769Prince William Co, Virginia I3427
40 Madden, Fanny (Shute)  Bef 3 May 1784Prince William Co, Virginia I46315
41 Madden, George  Bef 1 Jul 1782Prince William Co, Virginia I36375
42 Madden, Mary Frances (Reno)  Aft 1850Prince William Co, Virginia I36367
43 Madden, Scarlett  Bef 5 Sep 1796Prince William Co, Virginia I36365
44 Madden, Susan "Sukey"  Between 1784 and 1788Prince William Co, Virginia I36377
45 McCarty, Dennis  26 Mar 1752Prince William Co, Virginia I86904
46 Orear, Daniel Lawson  1786Prince William Co, Virginia I36543
47 Orear, Enoch  15 Dec 1850Prince William Co, Virginia I36563
48 Orear, John  Bef 1717Prince William Co, Virginia I36541
49 Orear, John  Abt 1805Prince William Co, Virginia I47553
50 Orear, John C.  1805Prince William Co, Virginia I36394
51 Orear, Margaret  Aft 1800Prince William Co, Virginia I47550
52 Osborne, Anne^  1803Prince William Co, Virginia I72537
53 Owens, Sarah  Bef 1766Prince William Co, Virginia I42642
54 Randolph, John^  11 Sep 1789Prince William Co, Virginia I72536
55 Reno, Elizabeth  20 Jul 1884Prince William Co, Virginia I36370
56 Reno, Enoch  1832Prince William Co, Virginia I47556
57 Reno, Francis  Aft 1787Prince William Co, Virginia I36524
58 Reno, Hannah  23 Jun 1845Prince William Co, Virginia I36564
59 Reno, John  Mar 1768Prince William Co, Virginia I36530
60 Reno, Judith  Aft 1764Prince William Co, Virginia I36522
61 Reno, Lewis Jr.  Sep 1774Prince William Co, Virginia I36511
62 Reno, Margaret  9 Mar 1741Prince William Co, Virginia I36577
63 Reno, Mary Susannah  6 Nov 1748Prince William Co, Virginia I36580
64 Reno, Scarlet  Aft 1850Prince William Co, Virginia I40389
65 Reno, Strother  Bef 8 Apr 1841Prince William Co, Virginia I57591
66 Reno, William  Apr 1841Prince William Co, Virginia I40382
67 Reno (Renoe), David  Dec 1821Prince William Co, Virginia I40383
68 Reno (Renoe), Eleender "Eli"  Aft 1840Prince William Co, Virginia I36368
69 Reno (Renoe), Madden  Bef Dec 1871Prince William Co, Virginia I40388
70 Reynaud (Reno), Lewis Sr.  Aft 1710Prince William Co, Virginia I36518
71 Sanford, Mary  Aft 1810Prince William Co, Virginia I36610
72 Slade, Sallie  1782Prince William Co, Virginia I47618
73 Stone, Elizabeth  Aft 28 March 1743Prince William Co, Virginia I37005
74 Tharpe, John Jackson  21 Jul 1935Prince William Co, Virginia I40276
75 Thorn, William  1761Prince William Co, Virginia I47532
76 White, Frances  1802Prince William Co, Virginia I66094
77 Whitledge, Elizabeth  1761Prince William Co, Virginia I36512
78 Young, Robert Thomas Sr. (not son of Joseph)  18 May 1790Prince William Co, Virginia I45859


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Renaud (Reno), Lewis Jr.  28 Jan 1755Prince William Co, Virginia I36515


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Heath, Gustavus Isaac  1850Prince William Co, Virginia I11615
2 Helm, J. Lynaugh  1760Prince William Co, Virginia I3432
3 Reno, Francis  1760Prince William Co, Virginia I36524
4 Reno, John Thomas  1760Prince William Co, Virginia I36526
5 Reno, Lewis Jr.  1760Prince William Co, Virginia I36511
6 Reno, Thomas  1760Prince William Co, Virginia I36520
7 Reno (Renoe), Eleender "Eli"  1810Prince William Co, Virginia I36368
8 Reno (Renoe), Madden  1810Prince William Co, Virginia I40388
9 Reno (Renoe), Madden  1830Prince William Co, Virginia I40388
10 Reno (Renoe), Madden  1840Prince William Co, Virginia I40388
11 Reno (Renoe), Madden  1850Prince William Co, Virginia I40388
12 Shute, John (maybe)  1784Prince William Co, Virginia I46316
13 Thorn, William  1760Prince William Co, Virginia I47532


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Allen, John  27 Apr 1721Prince William Co, Virginia I6010


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Bosman (Bozman), Thomas*  20 Feb 1734Prince William Co, Virginia I1565
2 Foster, William "The Elder"  1739Prince William Co, Virginia I47613
3 Glasscock, John  Prince William Co, Virginia I36595
4 Helm, Joseph (Immigrant)  21 Jul 1731Prince William Co, Virginia I3424
5 Jones, Solomon (Henry, KY)  18 May 1749Prince William Co, Virginia I5986
6 Jones, Willoughby*  29 Nov 1752Prince William Co, Virginia I13982
7 Jones, Willoughby*  25 Sep 1753Prince William Co, Virginia I13982
8 Jones, Willoughby*  Between 1758 and 1761Prince William Co, Virginia I13982
9 Key, Mary*  17 Jan 1734Prince William Co, Virginia I7393
10 Lawson (Larson), Mary  Prince William Co, Virginia I36542
11 Madden, Elizabeth "Betsey"  3 May 1794Prince William Co, Virginia I36378
12 Madden, Elizabeth "Betsey"  10 Sep 1798Prince William Co, Virginia I36378
13 Madden, Elizabeth "Betsey"  10 Sep 1798Prince William Co, Virginia I36378
14 Madden, Fanny (Shute)  10 Sep 1798Prince William Co, Virginia I46315
15 Madden, Franny (Newman)  3 May 1784Prince William Co, Virginia I46312
16 Madden, John* Sr  21 Jul 1731Prince William Co, Virginia I3403
17 Madden, Margaret "Peggy" (Cox)  5 Sep 1796Prince William Co, Virginia I46310
18 Madden, Scarlett  24 Sep 1754Prince William Co, Virginia I36365
19 Madden, Scarlett  7 Sep 1762Prince William Co, Virginia I36365
20 Madden, Susan "Sukey"  3 May 1784Prince William Co, Virginia I36377
21 Moffett, Gabriel Helm  5 Sep 1763Prince William Co, Virginia I42443
22 Muse, Sarah  2 Sep 1786Prince William Co, Virginia I36592
23 Neavill, Elizabeth  27 Aug 1739Prince William Co, Virginia I5959
24 Neavill, George* Capt  1748Prince William Co, Virginia I5872
25 Newman, John Posey  5 Sep 1796Prince William Co, Virginia I46317
26 Orear, Daniel  3 May 1784Prince William Co, Virginia I36559
27 Orear, Elizabeth  3 May 1784Prince William Co, Virginia I36554
28 Orear, Enoch  3 May 1784Prince William Co, Virginia I36563
29 Orear, Enoch  1798Prince William Co, Virginia I36563
30 Orear, Margaret  Prince William Co, Virginia I36366
31 Stone, Kezziah (Kesia)  5 Sep 1796Prince William Co, Virginia I46318
32 Stone, Richard  11 Sep 1798Prince William Co, Virginia I36379
33 Thorn, John  8 Apr 1763Prince William Co, Virginia I36589
34 Thorn, Susannah  8 Apr 1763Prince William Co, Virginia I36574
35 Thorn, William  8 Apr 1763Prince William Co, Virginia I47532


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Reno, William  1799Prince William Co, Virginia I40382
2 Reno (Renoe), David  1787Prince William Co, Virginia I40383
3 Reno (Renoe), David  1810Prince William Co, Virginia I40383
4 Suttle (Settle), Nancy Ann  1792Prince William Co, Virginia I40384


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Glasscock, John  Bef 1739Prince William Co, Virginia I36595
2 Jones, Lowry  3 Feb 1794Prince William Co, Virginia I35026
3 Jones, Mary  26 Oct 1786Prince William Co, Virginia I35024
4 Jones, Solomon (Henry, KY)  3 Mar 1749Prince William Co, Virginia I5986
5 Jones, Solomon (Henry, KY)  26 Oct 1786Prince William Co, Virginia I5986
6 Jones, Solomon (Henry, KY)  3 Feb 1794Prince William Co, Virginia I5986
7 Madden, George  28 Jun 1749Prince William Co, Virginia I36375
8 Madden, Scarlett  26 Jun 1749Prince William Co, Virginia I36365
9 Madden, Scarlett  26 Jun 1749Prince William Co, Virginia I36365
10 Neavill, George* Capt  30 Jun 1730Prince William Co, Virginia I5872
11 Neavill, George* Capt  31 Oct 1743Prince William Co, Virginia I5872
12 Orear, Margaret  26 Jun 1749Prince William Co, Virginia I47550
13 Orear, Margaret  1800Prince William Co, Virginia I47550
14 Reno, Thomas  3 Dec 1742Prince William Co, Virginia I36520
15 Stone, Richard  13 Nov 1798Prince William Co, Virginia I36379
16 Stone, Thomas match 7H  1747Prince William Co, Virginia I19059

Research Notes

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Research Notes    Person ID 
1 Madden, Scarlett  Between 1730 and 1760Prince William Co, Virginia I36365


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Finley, John (of Beverley Manor)  Aft 1765Prince William Co, Virginia I52977
2 Jones, Willoughby*  1751Prince William Co, Virginia I13982
3 Stone, Marble (Marvel) (son of who?) (of Albermarle Co)  Abt 1760Prince William Co, Virginia I36872


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Unknown-Begin    Person ID 
1 Glasscock, Peter Sr.  28 Jun 1749Prince William Co, Virginia I36342


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Ball, Edward Jr.  27 Sep 1742Prince William Co, Virginia I42641
2 Fitzhugh, John Thorton  2 Oct 1809Prince William Co, Virginia I31458
3 Foster, George  5 Oct 1778Prince William Co, Virginia I47615
4 Helm, J. Lynaugh  2 May 1789Prince William Co, Virginia I3432
5 Littlejohn, Mary  22 Feb 1741Prince William Co, Virginia I5943
6 Madden, Fanny (Shute)  3 May 1784Prince William Co, Virginia I46315
7 Madden, Scarlett  5 Sep 1796Prince William Co, Virginia I36365
8 Muse, Sarah  2 Sep 1786Prince William Co, Virginia I36592
9 Renaud (Reno), Lewis Jr.  27 Jan 1755Prince William Co, Virginia I36515
10 Reno, Strother  8 Apr 1841Prince William Co, Virginia I57591
11 Reno (Renoe), David  5 Mar 1822Prince William Co, Virginia I40383
12 Stone, Thomas* (Hamilton Parish) Jr (son?) match 7c  23 Aug 1756Prince William Co, Virginia I19057


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ballentine / Bertrand  16 Feb 1723Prince William Co, Virginia F15710
2 Chamberlayne / Orear  Abt 1765Prince William Co, Virginia F12567
3 Combs / Bullitt  1748Prince William Co, Virginia F5322
4 Cox / Madden  Between 1784 and 1794Prince William Co, Virginia F15314
5 Dodson / Neavill  1747Prince William Co, Virginia F20174
6 Dulin / Ball  Abt 1748Prince William Co, Virginia F14211
7 Ferguson / Coffer (or Cofer)  Bef 1738Prince William Co, Virginia F31432
8 Ferguson / Kincheloe  Aft 1792Prince William Co, Virginia F31439
9 Fitzhugh / Helm  Abt 1780Prince William Co, Virginia F11074
10 Foster / Hughes  1752Prince William Co, Virginia F15722
11 Foster / Leach  1782Prince William Co, Virginia F15721
12 Foster / Slade  1773Prince William Co, Virginia F15725
13 Gillespie / Finley  Abt 5 Jan 1764Prince William Co, Virginia F17352
14 Goad / Wheatley  1736Prince William Co, Virginia F36031
15 Halley / Reno  Abt 1730Prince William Co, Virginia F12558
16 Hedgman / Daniel  27 Nov 1756Prince William Co, Virginia F15312
17 Helm / Gillison  Abt 1779Prince William Co, Virginia F11073
18 Hendren / Taylor  Abt 1763Prince William Co, Virginia F29589
19 Jameson / Orear  Abt 1763Prince William Co, Virginia F12570
20 Kincheloe / Canterbury  Abt 1734Prince William Co, Virginia F15707
21 Littlejohn / Key  Abt 1715Prince William Co, Virginia F31421
22 Littlejohn / Moore  Aft 1737Prince William Co, Virginia F31422
23 Madden / French  Abt 1779Prince William Co, Virginia F12515
24 Madden / Orear  Abt 1747Prince William Co, Virginia F12512
25 McCormick / Mitchell  18 Oct 1810Prince William Co, Virginia F3014
26 Moore / Coffer (or Cofer)  Abt 1721Prince William Co, Virginia F31423
27 Neavill / Oldham  Bef 1762Prince William Co, Virginia F23670
28 Newman / Madden  Bef 1784Prince William Co, Virginia F15315
29 Orear / Reno  Bef 1804Prince William Co, Virginia F12574
30 Reeves / Wering  1835Prince William Co, Virginia F13586
31 Reno / Bangar  Bef 1765Prince William Co, Virginia F12581
32 Reno / Bayless  1733Prince William Co, Virginia F12559
33 Reno / Davis  Abt 1808Prince William Co, Virginia F15705
34 Reno / Farrow  1783Prince William Co, Virginia F15706
35 Reno / French  Abt 1725Prince William Co, Virginia F12557
36 Reno / Reno  Between 1742 and 1754Prince William Co, Virginia F12580
37 Reno / Thorn  17 Nov 1737Prince William Co, Virginia F12578
38 Reno / Whitledge  Abt 1730Prince William Co, Virginia F12553
39 Reno (Renoe) / Madden  Bef 1796Prince William Co, Virginia F12513
40 Reno (Renoe) / Suttle (Settle)  1774Prince William Co, Virginia F13587
41 Robinson / Reeves  Abt 1860Prince William Co, Virginia F13581
42 Shute / Madden  Abt 1768Prince William Co, Virginia F15317
43 Stone / Conway  1747Prince William Co, Virginia F7019
44 Stone / Corder  Abt 1749Prince William Co, Virginia F12632
45 Stone / Madden  Abt 1795Prince William Co, Virginia F12516
46 Thorn / Muse  Abt 1750Prince William Co, Virginia F12582
47 Thorn / Sanford  Abt 1770Prince William Co, Virginia F12589
48 Thornberry / Stone  28 Mar 1743Prince William Co, Virginia F12702
49 Young / Burton  1799Prince William Co, Virginia F15178
50 Young / Tebbs  17 May 1780Prince William Co, Virginia F15177

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