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Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois



1894-1898 City Directory, Illinois, Sangamon Co, Springfield
1894-1898 City Directory, Illinois, Sangamon Co, Springfield
Breckenridge P.R. - unsure who P.R. Breckenridge is; however it is noted that he is the only Breckenridge listed in this edition of the city directory. This image has been linked to the Preston Breckenridge Sr, (d 1880) and P Breckenridge Jr, who died in 1865 until this specific individual can be identified.
1837 Apr 24, Land purchase 160 acres, Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois
1837 Apr 24, Land purchase 160 acres, Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois
Mabra M Jones of Henry Co, Kentucky
1894-1898 City Directory, Illinois, Sangamon Co, Springfield
1894-1898 City Directory, Illinois, Sangamon Co, Springfield
Moyer, H.C. and Miss Gertrude Moyer
1837, Mar 13, Land purchase, 80 acres, Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois
1837, Mar 13, Land purchase, 80 acres, Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois
Mabra M Jones of Henry County, Kentucky
Early Settlers of Sangamon County, Illinois, 'Centennial Record,' 1876
Early Settlers of Sangamon County, Illinois, "Centennial Record," 1876
Complete text of this book, which was created at the behest of Preston Breckenridge, who was the President of the Old Settlers' Society. (h)


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ballou, (infant)  Abt 1912Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I97306
2 Ballou, James Breckenridge  Sep 1913Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I97305
3 Barnes, Jacob "Jake"  11 May 1843Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5266
4 Barnhill, James Watson  5 May 1827Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I32305
5 Bishop, Susan Matilda  22 Jan 1834Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I84246
6 Breckenridge, Elizabeth Catherine  28 Mar 1854Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I297
7 Breckenridge, Felix Harder  17 Apr 1887Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5780
8 Breckenridge, Flora Elizabeth*  29 Jan 1858Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5764
9 Breckenridge, Leanor  29 Sep 1853Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I28
10 Buth, Edward Adolph  20 Sep 1902Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I304
11 Buth, Frederick C.  27 Dec 1905Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I43431
12 Crutcher, Ellen F.  1909Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I30927
13 Crutcher, Ira Lee (or LeRoy)  1876Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5789
14 Dungan, Caitlin   I34772
15 Dungan, Colin   I34773
16 Germeraad, Carrie   I34775
17 Germeraad, Scott   I34774
18 Hunter, Fred Harrison  26 Sep 1876Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I23012
19 Lochridge, Helen E.  30 Aug 1899Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I2927
20 Lochridge, Robert W.  4 Jul 1901Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I2928
21 Lochridge, Ruth E.  1905Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I2926
22 Morgan, Grace  26 Sep 1895Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I108084
23 Moyer, Gertrude "Gertie"  1 May 1878Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5788
24 Moyer, Grace A  Feb 1880Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5790
25 Moyer, Maimie J. (Mae)  Aug 1885Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5794
26 Moyer, Preston Breckenridge "Ted"  10 Aug 1882Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5791
27 Moyer, Raymond Lee  5 Oct 1913Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5724
28 Phoenix, Robert Paul  1 Feb 1938Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I60153
29 Quigley, William Lee  23 Nov 1945Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I16634
30 Schnirring, Carolyn   I34770
31 Schnirring, Kathy   I34766
32 Schnirring, William R.   I34769
33 Sherman, Edward Decatur  1843Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I136
34 Sherman, John Hamilton  2 Jul 1845Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5626
35 Solomon, Ethel  1903Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I26695
36 Solomon, George  1906Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I26696
37 Solomon, Leroy  1909Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I26697
38 Traylor, Guy Henry  27 Sep 1897Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I34776
39 Whitley, Mary Elizabeth "Marbeth"  2 May 1924Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I101246
40 Winter, (infant)  17 Sep 1885Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I43428
41 Winter, Bertie  1876Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I43422
42 Winter, Flora  1879Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I43423
43 Winter, Harry  1883Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I43425
44 Winter, Iva  1892Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I43424
45 Winter, Mae F.  1905Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I298
46 Winter, Raymond R.  1905Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I43427


Matches 1 to 60 of 60

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abell, Thomas Wayne  23 Apr 1991Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I15939
2 Ballou, (infant)  Abt 1912Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I97306
3 Ballou, James Breckenridge  30 Mar 1914Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I97305
4 Bauman, Beulah L.  12 Jun 2008Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I84022
5 Beaty, Jessie I  Jul 1983Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I1785
6 Blankenship, Alma M. (..)  Apr 1967Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I59894
7 Blankenship, Steven H. (or A.) (resident 1880; cousin)  2 Jun 1946Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I59886
8 Bradford, John Walter  16 Mar 1943Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I16711
9 Breckenridge, Ida F.  25 Jul 1936Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I37
10 Breckenridge, Inez A.  8 Jul 1917Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I34
11 Breckenridge, Ralph Twist  18 May 1938Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I3158
12 Breckenridge, William Randolph  29 Dec 1922Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5799
13 Brown, Albert Else  25 May 1962Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I101243
14 Brown, James Albert  31 Mar 1993Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I101245
15 Bruce, Cicero C.  24 Apr 1914Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I37181
16 Burkett, Isiah "Ike"  19 Feb 1863Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I68601
17 Buth, Adolph Gustav  14 Mar 1937Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I43429
18 Buth, Edward Adolph  28 May 1945Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I304
19 Cooley, Phoebe (immigrant)  2 Jan 1687Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I88124
20 Crutcher, Ira Lee (or LeRoy)  1934Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5789
21 Dains, Donna Rae  1 Sep 2002Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I65883
22 Durbin, Juanita Rose  26 Sep 2002Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I34349
23 Dyer, Elizabeth F.  19 May 1987Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I16609
24 Helm, Jane Coppedge  7 Jun 1873Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I15221
25 Henley, Lucille Marie  24 Mar 1964Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I101244
26 Hostetler, David F.  28 Aug 1958Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I2752
27 Jett, Origon W.  11 May 1993Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I84021
28 Johnson, Willie  17 Aug 1982Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I86689
29 Kline, Ross Mayo  13 Dec 1964Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I68804
30 Lochridge, Charles W.  14 Oct 1913Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I103933
31 Lochridge, Helen E.  Feb 1974Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I2927
32 Lochridge, Robert W.  Oct 1979Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I2928
33 Lochridge, Ruth E.  11 Oct 1951Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I2926
34 Marshfield, Samuel  Abt 1660Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I43793
35 Mountz, Thrall Breckenridge  Abt 1929Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I15886
36 Mountz, Zula  16 Mar 1938Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I15892
37 Moyer, Bessie  24 Feb 1906Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5798
38 Moyer, Gertrude "Gertie"  18 May 1905Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5788
39 Moyer, Grace A  26 Dec 1903Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5790
40 Moyer, Harold Charles*  19 Jan 1937Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5763
41 Moyer, Maimie J. (Mae)  17 Jan 1906Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5794
42 Moyer, Ruth Breckenridge  6 Apr 1914Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5796
43 Nuckolls, Mary E.  1931Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I25970
44 Pefferie, Mary  1945Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I43420
45 Phoenix, Marlena  3 Jun 1986Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I60157
46 Quigley, William John  16 Jul 1956Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I16633
47 Schultz, Minna  Aft 1930Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I43430
48 Skinner, Arnold Lee  21 Sep 2009Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I14899
49 Skinner, Charles Troy  01 Jul 1998Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I14941
50 Smith, Kent Alan  19 Dec 1989Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I14508
51 Smith, Mary F.  27 Nov 1881Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I65232
52 Snider, Kathryn "Kate" Elizabeth  26 Feb 1972Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I2746
53 Solomon, John T.  22 Nov 1916Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I26691
54 Solomon, Rachael Anne  19 Sep 1933Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I1783
55 Whitley, Mary Elizabeth "Marbeth"  2 Sep 1992Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I101246
56 Winter, (infant)  17 Sep 1885Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I43428
57 Winter, Bertha Beatrice (..)  3 Apr 1989Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I31138
58 Winter, Walter  27 Oct 1944Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5795
59 Winter, William E.  5 Jun 1911Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I43421
60 Yount, John W.  11 Dec 1977Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I68664


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Blankenship, Steven H. (or A.) (resident 1880; cousin)  1910Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I59886
2 Blankenship, Steven H. (or A.) (resident 1880; cousin)  1930Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I59886
3 Breckenridge, Elmore "Elmer"  31 Jul 1860Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I23
4 Crutcher, Ira Lee (or LeRoy)  1910Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5789
5 Crutcher, Ira Lee (or LeRoy)  1920Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5789
6 Mountz, Goweldo "Goldie" (..) Mrs  Apr 1930Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I15885
7 O'Brien, Helen  Apr 1930Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I15888
8 Piggott, Everett David  1930Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I16730
9 Snider, Eva  11 Apr 1930Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I2745
10 Snider, Kathryn "Kate" Elizabeth  04 Apr 1930Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I2746
11 Snider, Stanley G.  1930Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I2920
12 Snider, Stanley G.  1940Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I2920
13 Solomon, Rachael Anne  16 Apr 1910Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I1783
14 Traylor, Guy Henry  22 Apr 1930Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I34776
15 Traylor, Mary Lu Ann   I34768
16 Winter, Harry  1910Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I43425
17 Winter, Harry  1920Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I43425
18 Winter, Harry  1930Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I43425
19 Winter, Mae F.  1930Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I298
20 Winter, Mae F.  1940Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I298
21 Winter, Walter  1930Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5795
22 Winter, William E.  1880Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I43421
23 Winter, William E.  1910Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I43421


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Breckenridge, Preston Parish  24 Sep 1935Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I22


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Crutcher, Ira Lee (or LeRoy)  12 Sep 1918Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5789


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Moyer, Harold Charles*  Aft 1937Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5763
2 Winter, Mae F.  25 Dec 1912Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I298
3 Winter, Mae F.  Aft 1937Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I298


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Jones, Mabra Madden  30 Mar 1837Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I10106
2 Jones, Mabra Madden  30 Mar 1837Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I10106


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Jones, Mabra Madden  24 Apr 1837Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I10106


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Blankenship, Steven H. (or A.) (resident 1880; cousin)  Between 1917 and 1937Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I59886
2 Moyer, Ruth Breckenridge  1894Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5796
3 Moyer, William Arthur*  Between 1922 and Bef 1925Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5722
4 Penden, Myrtle  1934Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I2919
5 Snider, Jesse M.  1934Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I2921
6 Snider, Stanley G.  1934Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I2920
7 Winter, Walter  1933Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois I5795


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ballou / Morgan  26 May 1920Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois F36619
2 Ballou / Moyer  29 May 1911Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois F2479
3 Beaty / Solomon  25 May 1887Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois F830
4 Brown / Whitley  18 Jan 1943Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois F34114
5 Buth / Schultz  Abt 1900Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois F14441
6 Crutcher / Moyer  Abt 1902Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois F143
7 Dungan / Schnirring   F12087
8 Germeraad / Schnirring   F12085
9 Hostetler / Snider  Aft 1910Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois F1318
10 Lochridge / Snider  28 Feb 1898Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois F1317
11 Moyer / Ackland  23 Feb 1914Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois F79
12 Moyer / Breckenridge  30 May 1877Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois F2461
13 Moyer / Snider  25 Dec 1912Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois F2204
14 Schnirring / Traylor   F12086
15 Solomon / Solomon  Abt 1901Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois F9434
16 Traylor / Lochridge  1927Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois F12088
17 Winter / Moyer  1904Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois F137
18 Winter / Pefferie  Abt 1875Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois F14439
19 Winter / Winter  Abt 1904Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois F14440
20 Winter / Winter  1910Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois F10988


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Lochridge / Snider  Bef 1920Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois F1317
2 Moyer / Breckenridge  Between 1906 and 1907Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinois F2461

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