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of, Chambers Co, Texas



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Frank J.  1907of, Chambers Co, Texas I6265
2 Holst, Floy  7 Sep 1924of, Chambers Co, Texas I47262
3 Holst, Pauline Caroline  25 Feb 1927of, Chambers Co, Texas I47263
4 Nichols, Robert Charles Berg  Abt 1893of, Chambers Co, Texas I6084
5 Shelby  Abt 1848of, Chambers Co, Texas I76705
6 Woods, Homer  Abt 1871of, Chambers Co, Texas I6929


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barrow, Mrs. Ann M. (..)  Aft 1860of, Chambers Co, Texas I26331
2 Barrow, Elizabeth  Aft 1920of, Chambers Co, Texas I34413
3 Barrow, Susannah  Aft 1860of, Chambers Co, Texas I26322
4 Branch, Iren (B)  Aft 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I33182
5 Broussard, Bettie Ann  Aft 1930of, Chambers Co, Texas I24410
6 Broussard, Cecil A.  Aft 1920of, Chambers Co, Texas I24406
7 Broussard, Desire Louis  Bef 1930of, Chambers Co, Texas I24407
8 Broussard, G.C.  Aft 1930of, Chambers Co, Texas I24409
9 Carr, Irvin J  Aft 1920of, Chambers Co, Texas I24562
10 Carr, Lillie Viola  Aft 1930of, Chambers Co, Texas I25032
11 Carr, Pearl M  Aft 1920of, Chambers Co, Texas I24544
12 Carr, Verna R  Aft 1920of, Chambers Co, Texas I24561
13 Carter, James Ross  Aft 1920of, Chambers Co, Texas I34381
14 Carter, Wiggins H.  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I34387
15 Carter, William Arnold  Aft 1930of, Chambers Co, Texas I34379
16 Claxton, Pheobe (granddaughter)  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I44361
17 Claxton, Ruth (granddaughter)  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I44360
18 Cooley, Adrian B.  Aft 1920of, Chambers Co, Texas I68964
19 Cooley, Charles A.  Aft 1920of, Chambers Co, Texas I68965
20 Cooley, Ione D.  Aft 1920of, Chambers Co, Texas I68966
21 Cooley, Vivian C.  af 1920of, Chambers Co, Texas I68963
22 Davis, Gibson C.  Aft 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I44325
23 Fulks, Annie  Aft 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I76713
24 Fulks, Carroll  Aft 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I76714
25 Fulks, Hazel  Aft 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I76715
26 Fulks, James C.  Aft 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I76717
27 Fulks, Mary E.  Aft 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I76716
28 Fulks, Richard Lafayette  Aft 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I6943
29 Gibbins (Hartwell), Francis M.  Aft 1860of, Chambers Co, Texas I5680
30 Gibbons (Hartwell), William K.  Aft 1880of, Chambers Co, Texas I6955
31 Godfrey, Amelia Permelia "Millie" (B)  Aft 1920of, Chambers Co, Texas I26429
32 Godfrey, Samantha (B)  Aft 1870of, Chambers Co, Texas I26428
33 Godfrey, Zach (B)  Aft 1870of, Chambers Co, Texas I26430
34 Gordon, Charlotte  Bef 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I44315
35 Gordon, Mary Lura  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I48276
36 Gordon, W.B.  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I48274
37 Grammer, Lafayette Rogers  Aft 1930of, Chambers Co, Texas I25033
38 Hamshire, Barney  Aft 1860of, Chambers Co, Texas I24612
39 Hamshire, Mrs. Marie A.E. (..)  Aft 1860of, Chambers Co, Texas I26363
40 Hankamer, Ella E.  Aft 1945of, Chambers Co, Texas I58389
41 Hankamer, Pernice Ellen (..)  Aft 1945of, Chambers Co, Texas I58392
42 Hankamer, Robert  Aft 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I38900
43 Harmon, Myrtle  Aft 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I38881
44 Harmon, Sophia  Aft 1920of, Chambers Co, Texas I38797
45 Hawkins, Harrol  Aft 1930of, Chambers Co, Texas I34401
46 Hawkins, Nonnie (..)  Aft 1930of, Chambers Co, Texas I34400
47 Hawkins, William John "Willie"  10 Oct 1965of, Chambers Co, Texas I34398
48 Heiman, Lawrence  Aft 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I24522
49 Heiman, Maud  Aft 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I24526
50 Heiman, Robert  Aft 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I24520
51 Heiman, Rosella  Aft 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I24523
52 Hill, (daughter)  Bef 1880of, Chambers Co, Texas I44341
53 Hill, Eli  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I44377
54 Hill, Ellie (..)  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I44374
55 Hill, Inez  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I44375
56 Hill, Lanis  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I44378
57 Hill, Lena  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I44376
58 Hollis, Minnie (..)  1920of, Chambers Co, Texas I44727
59 Holmes, Clara Ella  Aft 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I44729
60 Jackson, Bernice (MU)  Aft 1920of, Chambers Co, Texas I33185
61 Jackson, Edward H.  Aft 1860of, Chambers Co, Texas I31359
62 Jackson, Fannie Martha H.  Sep 1903of, Chambers Co, Texas I31360
63 Jackson, Letitia  7 Mar 1899of, Chambers Co, Texas I31356
64 Jackson, Lulie  Aft 1870of, Chambers Co, Texas I31363
65 Jones, Annie Payne  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I6944
66 Jones, Blanche  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I44373
67 Jones, Eliza  Aft 1850Of, Chambers Co, Texas I14324
68 Jones, James Taylor  Aft 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I7107
69 Jones, Martha A.  Aft 1860of, Chambers Co, Texas I26302
70 Jones, Minnie (..)  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I44372
71 Jones, Shadrich W.  Aft 1860of, Chambers Co, Texas I26301
72 Junghans, (..)  Aft 1909of, Chambers Co, Texas I58390
73 Kuhlenthal, Fannie  Aft 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I44324
74 Mayes, Adolphous "Dolph" (Mulatto)  Aft 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I26431
75 Mayes, Audrie (Mulatto)  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I107052
76 Mayes, Clinton  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I44316
77 Mayes, Eli (Mulatto)  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I107046
78 Mayes, Elra (or Edra) (Mulatto)  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I107051
79 Mayes, Frank H.  Aft 1870of, Chambers Co, Texas I31497
80 Mayes, Frank H. (grandson)  Aft 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I44319
81 Mayes, George (Mulatto)  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I107047
82 Mayes, George Joshua  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I31496
83 Mayes, George V. (grandson)  Aft 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I44318
84 Mayes, Ina V. (granddaughter)  Aft 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I44321
85 Mayes, Joshua G. (grandson)  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I44320
86 Mayes, Lucille (granddaughter)  Aft 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I44322
87 Mayes, Rutha  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I107050
88 Mayes, Verna (Mulatto)  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I107049
89 Miller, James A.  Bef 1900of, Chambers Co, Texas I466
90 Moss, Anne  Aft 1870of, Chambers Co, Texas I31372
91 Moss, James  Aft 1870of, Chambers Co, Texas I31375
92 Moss, John  Aft 1870of, Chambers Co, Texas I31373
93 Moss, Josephine  Aft 1870of, Chambers Co, Texas I31371
94 Moss, Robert  Aft 1870of, Chambers Co, Texas I31370
95 Moss, Sarah  Aft 1870of, Chambers Co, Texas I31374
96 O'Leary, Viola  Aft 1897of, Chambers Co, Texas I30920
97 Overland, Alice  Aft 1903of, Chambers Co, Texas I27986
98 Richey, William (Richie)  Aft 1860of, Chambers Co, Texas I26364
99 Scales, Vernon  Aft 1910of, Chambers Co, Texas I44371
100 Scherer, Julian  Aft 1930of, Chambers Co, Texas I47208

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Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Abshier / Harmon  Abt 1874of, Chambers Co, Texas F13191
2 Jones / Dollarhide (?)  Abt 1819of, Chambers Co, Texas F2923


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Cooley / Williams  Aft 1920of, Chambers Co, Texas F22290

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