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of, Macon Co, Tennessee


Latitude: 35.1531441, Longitude: -89.4897984


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Carr, Alfred Mizell (son of who?)  Abt 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I70558
2 Carr, James W. "Jim Bean" (son of who?)  Abt 1860of, Macon Co, Tennessee I70554
3 Linville, (1st wife of Aaron)  Abt 1855of, Macon Co, Tennessee I70337
4 Pipkin, (2 sons)  Between 1819 and 1840of, Macon Co, Tennessee I74928
5 Young, (10 children)  Between 1805 and 1825of, Macon Co, Tennessee I74925
6 Young, Bertrand  1846of, Macon Co, Tennessee I74937
7 Young, Wilson  Abt 1840of, Macon Co, Tennessee I74940


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Peggy  Aft 1820of, Macon Co, Tennessee I70243
2 Alvis, Sarah  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I94905
3 Andrews, Albert James  Bef 1930of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62969
4 Andrews, Martha Sarah  Aft 1880of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62956
5 Andrews, Thomas William "Bud"  Between 1904 and 1907of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62970
6 Andrews, William Callen  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I63019
7 Brawner, Charles R.  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62737
8 Brawner, Dozier (boarder 1850)  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62874
9 Brawner, Emma Elizabeth  Aft 1900of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62731
10 Brawner, Florence Cahella  Aft 1900of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62730
11 Brawner, George R.  Aft 1900of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62725
12 Brawner, Jeremiah M.  Aft 1870of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62998
13 Brawner, John L.  Aft 1870of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62724
14 Brawner, Martha A.  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62740
15 Brawner, Peter H.  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62798
16 Brawner, Peyton Alexander  Aft 1880of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62726
17 Brawner, Sarah A.  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62738
18 Brawner, Susan Ivy  Aft 1880of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62728
19 Brawner, William Oscar  Aft 1900of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62729
20 Bridgeman, Abram (occupant 1850)  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I100406
21 Cage, Lorissa E. (or Lorena)  4 Jul 1894of, Macon Co, Tennessee I85278
22 Carman, Priscilla Roshea  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48814
23 Carr, Alfred Mizell (son of who?)  Aft 1880of, Macon Co, Tennessee I70558
24 Carr, Georgetta Camilla  Aft 1880of, Macon Co, Tennessee I70559
25 Carr, James W. "Jim Bean" (son of who?)  Aft 1885of, Macon Co, Tennessee I70554
26 Carter, Mary Elizabeth  Bef 1882of, Macon Co, Tennessee I70474
27 Coker, Charles  Aft 1880of, Macon Co, Tennessee I94879
28 Coker, Elizabeth  Aft 1880of, Macon Co, Tennessee I63852
29 Coker, Elizabeth  Aft 1880of, Macon Co, Tennessee I94880
30 Coker, John T.  Aft 1880of, Macon Co, Tennessee I63361
31 Coker, Joseph (son of who?)  Aft 1844of, Macon Co, Tennessee I63810
32 Coker, Joseph  Aft 1870of, Macon Co, Tennessee I63363
33 Coker, Martha  Aft 1880of, Macon Co, Tennessee I94881
34 Coker, Sarah A. "Sally"  Aft 1880of, Macon Co, Tennessee I63362
35 Copeland, Mary  Bef 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48762
36 Cothron, Berta  Aft 1900of, Macon Co, Tennessee I95035
37 Cothron, David Franklin  Aft 1880of, Macon Co, Tennessee I70426
38 Cothron, David R.  Aft 1900of, Macon Co, Tennessee I95036
39 Cothron, Isaac Marion  18 Nov 1951of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62893
40 Cothron, James F.  Aft 1870of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62887
41 Cothron, Jonathan W.  Aft 1900of, Macon Co, Tennessee I95037
42 Cothron, Leona A.  Aft 1870of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62886
43 Cothron, Louisa (..)  Aft 1900of, Macon Co, Tennessee I95034
44 Cothron, Louisa A.  Aft 1870of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62885
45 Cothron, Mary A.  Aft 1880of, Macon Co, Tennessee I70428
46 Cothron, William B.  Aft 1860of, Macon Co, Tennessee I63031
47 Day, Elizabeth Wakes  1897of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48766
48 Day, Ellen  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48858
49 Day, Martha  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48859
50 Day, Mary "Polly"  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48857
51 Day, Phillip  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48860
52 Day, Sarah  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48862
53 Day, Thomas  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48863
54 Dixon, Alsey A.  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48723
55 Dixon, Andrew J.  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62746
56 Dixon, Charles  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48684
57 Dixon, Henry  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48682
58 Dixon, James M.  Aft 1830of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48678
59 Dixon, Jeremiah Jr.  1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48703
60 Dixon, John  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48679
61 Dixon, Mary "Polly"  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48677
62 Dixon, Mary (..)  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48719
63 Dixon, Peyton  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48683
64 Dixon, Richard D.  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48720
65 Dixon, Samuel R.  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48721
66 Dixon, Sarah J.  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62744
67 Dixon, Susan L.  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48722
68 Dixon, Vincent  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48680
69 Dixon, William M.  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I62745
70 Dixon (Dickson), Stephen Jeremiah Sr.  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48611
71 Draper, Harvey A.  Aft 1880of, Macon Co, Tennessee I78618
72 Draper, James H.  Aft 1880of, Macon Co, Tennessee I78620
73 Draper, Martha E.  Aft 1880of, Macon Co, Tennessee I78619
74 Draper, Mary Ann  Aft 1880of, Macon Co, Tennessee I63903
75 Drury, (son)  Aft 1880of, Macon Co, Tennessee I59823
76 Drury, Bell  Aft 1880of, Macon Co, Tennessee I59822
77 Drury, Dorthula  Aft 1880of, Macon Co, Tennessee I59821
78 Dugger, Amanda C.  26 Jul 1876of, Macon Co, Tennessee I37419
79 Dugger, Catherine (..)  Aft 1870of, Macon Co, Tennessee I37412
80 Dugger, Emily Jane  8 Jun 1928of, Macon Co, Tennessee I37415
81 Dugger, George William  17 Apr 1918of, Macon Co, Tennessee I37413
82 Dugger, Jasper W.  5 Aug 1930of, Macon Co, Tennessee I37420
83 Dugger, John Hardin W.  22 Mar 1948of, Macon Co, Tennessee I37418
84 Dugger, Marilda Frances  3 May 1884of, Macon Co, Tennessee I37416
85 Dugger, Tressa A.  Aft 1870of, Macon Co, Tennessee I37417
86 Ellis, C.A.  Aft 1860of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48879
87 Ellis, E.G.R.  Aft 1860of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48878
88 Ellis, Elizabeth  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48770
89 Ellis, Elizabeth  Aft 1860of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48621
90 Ellis, Grace A. (grandau or ggranddau)  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48777
91 Ellis, James  Aft 1870of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48881
92 Ellis, James William  Aft 1860of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48765
93 Ellis, Letha B.  Aft 1870of, Macon Co, Tennessee I63366
94 Ellis, Margarett  Aft 1860of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48877
95 Ellis, Martha  Aft 1870of, Macon Co, Tennessee I63364
96 Ellis, Mary J. (..)  Aft 1870of, Macon Co, Tennessee I63365
97 Ellis, Permelia  Aft 1860of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48880
98 Ellis, Phillip  Aft 1860of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48772
99 Ellis, Susan A.  Aft 1870of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48882
100 Ellis, Susanna (granddau of ggranddau?)  Aft 1850of, Macon Co, Tennessee I48779

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Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carr / Herald  Abt 1880of, Macon Co, Tennessee F22819
2 Cox / Cothron  Abt 1855of, Macon Co, Tennessee F20637
3 Gammon / Hargis  Abt 1840of, Macon Co, Tennessee F21964
4 Meador / Tuck  Abt 1860of, Macon Co, Tennessee F24155
5 Shrum / DeWitt  of, Macon Co, Tennessee F23824

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