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Austin, Travis Co, Texas


Latitude: 30.2671530, Longitude: -97.7430608


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Mrs. Mary (..)  1803Austin, Travis Co, Texas I79351
2 Cady, Sally Ann  8 Aug 1851Austin, Travis Co, Texas I107026
3 Clark, Andrew Harris   I18034
4 Clark, Kelly Elizabeth   I18033
5 Daniels, Charles  1878Austin, Travis Co, Texas I76277
6 Drew, Brandon   I6541
7 Duval, Remy Gabriel   I31123
8 Forman, Samuel David III   I8754
9 Greer, Win C.  8 May 1848Austin, Travis Co, Texas I107025
10 Hetzel, Fredrick Julius  22 Apr 1904Austin, Travis Co, Texas I101422
11 Johnson, John A  23 Feb 1873Austin, Travis Co, Texas I21626
12 King, George Fountain  5 Mar 1890Austin, Travis Co, Texas I82486
13 Kinsey, Tommie Alford  11 May 1909Austin, Travis Co, Texas I68142
14 Lehmann, Lynda Pauline   I59366
15 McCauley, Robert Henry  11 Jan 1894Austin, Travis Co, Texas I28244
16 Myers, Merri Carol   I1218
17 Nicholson, George O.  23 Oct 1902Austin, Travis Co, Texas I65116
18 ODonnell, William Charles (twin)  12 Nov 1922Austin, Travis Co, Texas I94680
19 Reardon, Virginia Gillie  22 Nov 1895Austin, Travis Co, Texas I34841
20 Shelton, James West  3 Feb 1931Austin, Travis Co, Texas I59364
21 Sparks, atty George Walling  7 Feb 1915Austin, Travis Co, Texas I96074
22 Sparks, Judge Jack  22 Aug 1911Austin, Travis Co, Texas I96076
23 Sparks, Mary Louise  1910Austin, Travis Co, Texas I96073
24 Sparks, Sam Mulkey Jr.  20 Nov 1907Austin, Travis Co, Texas I96072
25 Sparks, William  1907Austin, Travis Co, Texas I96075
26 Tyler, Robert Willis  3 Feb 1854Austin, Travis Co, Texas I107440
27 York, Miriam  22 Aug 1822Austin, Travis Co, Texas I30936


Matches 1 to 63 of 63

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alford, Willie Malcom  19 Nov 2000Austin, Travis Co, Texas I85627
2 Beasley, Ercy Carroll  21 Sep 2009Austin, Travis Co, Texas I95534
3 Blackmann, Denea Delores  20 Jan 2007Austin, Travis Co, Texas I26085
4 Booth, John Anderson  28 Sep 1907Austin, Travis Co, Texas I6997
5 Boyd, Charles Orval Jr.  25 May 1997Austin, Travis Co, Texas I78734
6 Bradshaw, Thelma Thora  19 Sep 1978Austin, Travis Co, Texas I84520
7 Bullock, Hubert Horace  30 Jan 1987Austin, Travis Co, Texas I102850
8 Cope, Mary Charlotte  6 Jan 2002Austin, Travis Co, Texas I78733
9 Dewees, Daniel J. "D.J."  01 Mar 1923Austin, Travis Co, Texas I1433
10 Droddy, Clara Mae  3 Mar 1986Austin, Travis Co, Texas I106741
11 Eisman, Mrs. Etta M. (..)  12 Sep 1994Austin, Travis Co, Texas I80147
12 Eisman, Jessie Willie  18 May 1986Austin, Travis Co, Texas I80140
13 Gabbert, Jewel (twin)  29 Nov 1980Austin, Travis Co, Texas I106557
14 Gordon, Lee Hawkins  Aft 1940Austin, Travis Co, Texas I48275
15 Harmon, David Richard  14 Jan 1967Austin, Travis Co, Texas I33452
16 Harmon, Mary Lou  5 Mar 2009Austin, Travis Co, Texas I33462
17 Hawkins, Bernice Harvey  11 Jul 1988Austin, Travis Co, Texas I34407
18 Hogg, John Thomas (immigrant)  1 Nov 1959Austin, Travis Co, Texas I80312
19 Hyatt, Rhoda Ann  9 Dec 1947Austin, Travis Co, Texas I57854
20 Jones, Bertha Mulkey  6 Jan 1947Austin, Travis Co, Texas I81767
21 Jones, Gerald Wilson  10 Nov 1980Austin, Travis Co, Texas I44567
22 Jones, Zera Erin  2 Feb 2005Austin, Travis Co, Texas I16230
23 King, George Fountain  9 Oct 1948Austin, Travis Co, Texas I82486
24 Lawhon, William Ervin  17 May 1941Austin, Travis Co, Texas I84458
25 Lee, Edward (immigrant)  23 Jul 1937Austin, Travis Co, Texas I105928
26 Lehmann, Lynn Paul  22 Jan 1979Austin, Travis Co, Texas I59365
27 Lookingbill, Georgia  23 Jul 1953Austin, Travis Co, Texas I82471
28 Lookingbill, James Green  19 Oct 1941Austin, Travis Co, Texas I82472
29 Lookingbill, Mattie B.  26 Dec 1944Austin, Travis Co, Texas I82476
30 Lookingbill, Maude Lee  26 Mar 1987Austin, Travis Co, Texas I82483
31 Martin, Evelyn  14 Sep 1998Austin, Travis Co, Texas I86750
32 McNeill, Walter Hiram  5 June ?Austin, Travis Co, Texas I56189
33 Niederauer, Carl George John  14 Jun 1958Austin, Travis Co, Texas I94413
34 Parmley, William Buchanan  28 Jan 1972Austin, Travis Co, Texas I49937
35 Peace, Ora Christine  8 Dec 1963Austin, Travis Co, Texas I43959
36 Petty, Kathleen Nelda  10 Sep 1998Austin, Travis Co, Texas I24781
37 Powell, Bertye Dayle  17 Oct 1937Austin, Travis Co, Texas I106772
38 Rabb, John  5 Jun 1861Austin, Travis Co, Texas I94519
39 Roberts, Margaret E. "Maggie" (dau of who?)  30 Sep 1945Austin, Travis Co, Texas I76986
40 Sanders, William Foster  10 Nov 1956Austin, Travis Co, Texas I78146
41 Shelton, Dorothy Nell  24 Feb 1991Austin, Travis Co, Texas I59362
42 Shelton, Iva Pearl  Jun 1980Austin, Travis Co, Texas I50833
43 Shelton, James West  25 Aug 2010Austin, Travis Co, Texas I59364
44 Shelton, Lois Myrtis  18 May 1921Austin, Travis Co, Texas I59363
45 Shelton, Mildred Elbert  27 Feb 1993Austin, Travis Co, Texas I59360
46 Shelton, Robert Melvin  15 Oct 1982Austin, Travis Co, Texas I59361
47 Shropshire, James Knox  17 May 1931Austin, Travis Co, Texas I72508
48 Spain, Hugh Lawson  5 Oct 1906Austin, Travis Co, Texas I76985
49 Spain, Stephen Dewitt  31 May 1924Austin, Travis Co, Texas I76989
50 Sparks, atty George Walling  21 Jul 1963Austin, Travis Co, Texas I96074
51 Sparks, Sam Mulkey Jr.  11 Jul 1910Austin, Travis Co, Texas I96072
52 Sparks, Samuel A. "Sam"  6 Jul 1933Austin, Travis Co, Texas I81766
53 Sparks, Sophronia E.  13 May 1942Austin, Travis Co, Texas I10545
54 Sparks, William Thomas "W.T."  4 Mar 1946Austin, Travis Co, Texas I95146
55 Stapp, Blanche  Jul 1917Austin, Travis Co, Texas I59612
56 Stapp, William Preston  22 Dec 1861Austin, Travis Co, Texas I59616
57 West, Myrtis Emma  20 Aug 1978Austin, Travis Co, Texas I59359
58 White, Gifford Elmore  18 Jul 2002Austin, Travis Co, Texas I8358
59 Wiggins, Cynthia Myrtle  28 Nov 2015Austin, Travis Co, Texas I107205
60 Wilkerson, Vann Newburn  10 Aug 1994Austin, Travis Co, Texas I106730
61 Williams, Frank Ira  6 Apr 1968Austin, Travis Co, Texas I84601
62 Woeltz, August Leo  6 Jun 2004Austin, Travis Co, Texas I86492
63 Wolf, William Monroe Sr.  30 Sep 1934Austin, Travis Co, Texas I43960


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Forman, Roland A.  Austin, Travis Co, Texas I8750


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Booth, John Anderson  1900Austin, Travis Co, Texas I6997
2 Deaton, Thelma Pearl  1940Austin, Travis Co, Texas I97309
3 Knodell, Preston  14 Apr 1930Austin, Travis Co, Texas I28112
4 Shelton, Mancel Elbert  1930Austin, Travis Co, Texas I59345
5 Stricker, Lewellyn Milam (Milam Stinson)  1930Austin, Travis Co, Texas I32470


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Boyd, Charles Orval Jr.  1953Austin, Travis Co, Texas I78734


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Artz, Peggy Adele   I26660
2 Holley, Terrell Andrew "Terry"   I5753
3 Jones, Beatrice  Between 1932 and 1957Austin, Travis Co, Texas I845
4 Jones, Neenah  Between 1953 and 1993Austin, Travis Co, Texas I44568
5 Jones, Zera Erin  1980Austin, Travis Co, Texas I16230
6 Mohan (Breckenridge), Glen Floyd  1947Austin, Travis Co, Texas I33194
7 ODonnell, William Charles (twin)  1947Austin, Travis Co, Texas I94680
8 Weston, Patti   I25327
9 Wyatt, Jacklyn Dyan   I26665


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Greer / Harmon  13 Dec 1839Austin, Travis Co, Texas F36208
2 King / Lookingbill  27 Mar 1909Austin, Travis Co, Texas F26951
3 Miller / Court  Oct 1923Austin, Travis Co, Texas F13445
4 Nicholson / Nicholson  Aft 1920Austin, Travis Co, Texas F21106
5 White / Myers  11 Mar 1974Austin, Travis Co, Texas F501
6 Wolf / Peace  21 Aug 1901Austin, Travis Co, Texas F14613

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