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Breckinridge Co, Kentucky


Latitude: 37.7982002, Longitude: -86.4592091


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Eliza  14 Feb 1848Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18989
2 Anderson, John William  24 Feb 1847Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I19013
3 Ball, Amanda  Abt 1846Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18664
4 Ball, Bettee A  Abt 1843Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18663
5 Ball, Caroline S.  Abt 1815Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18641
6 Ball, Gideon Perry  1853Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18669
7 Ball, John C  Abt 1848Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18660
8 Ball, Julia Amanda  23 Aug 1813Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18639
9 Ball, Malissa  Abt 1833Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18654
10 Ball, Mary C  Abt 1838Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18666
11 Ball, Melissa  13 May 1818Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18640
12 Ball, Nannie J  Abt 1860Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18657
13 Ball, Nelson J  Abt 1836Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18653
14 Ball, Sallie  Abt 1840Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18665
15 Ball, Thomas Jefferson  1842Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18673
16 Basham, Francis Logan  1 Jan 1833Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I19009
17 Compton, Cinthy A.  1849Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I25906
18 Compton, Elmira Frances  1845Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18913
19 Compton, George J  1843Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I25905
20 DeJarnette, Judith Alice  1845Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18652
21 Elder, C. Lucy  1870Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42275
22 Elder, R. Elizabeth  1867Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42274
23 Hayes (Hayse), William  1850Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I43843
24 Jolly, Mary  1812Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18670
25 Miller, Lafayette 'Lafe'  11 Feb 1849Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I19015
26 Miller, William  8 Aug 1812Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I19018
27 Mordock, Martha E  1833Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18965
28 Pate, (son)  1860Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42206
29 Pate, Alden J.  1871Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42247
30 Pate, Ann  1854Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42197
31 Pate, Aughes E.  1869Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42246
32 Pate, Charles Bonaparte  1846Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18986
33 Pate, Charles Logan  1842Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18708
34 Pate, Clinton M. C.  12 Nov 1846Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18910
35 Pate, Edward  16 Apr 1809Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18921
36 Pate, Edward  Aug 1862Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42230
37 Pate, Edward G  1824Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18930
38 Pate, Elmina Celestine  1 Jan 1855Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18887
39 Pate, Franklin C.  28 Jun 1925Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42228
40 Pate, Fritz Allen  1859Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42253
41 Pate, George Allison  1861Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42242
42 Pate, George S. Peyton  1849Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18711
43 Pate, Harriet Ann  13 Jun 1821Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18993
44 Pate, Henry C.  1864Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42254
45 Pate, Henry Minor  24 Jul 1840Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18707
46 Pate, Henry V.  17 Nov 1873Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42249
47 Pate, James A  6 Jul 1806Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18919
48 Pate, James Brumfield  Abt 1832Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18931
49 Pate, James McClellan  8 Jul 1863Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42250
50 Pate, Jane Crawford  3 Jan 1801Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I19012
51 Pate, Jennee  Aug 1900Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42240
52 Pate, Jeremiah  1855Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42212
53 Pate, John C.  1824Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18926
54 Pate, John Thomas  1829Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18952
55 Pate, Judith  31 Jul 1803Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18974
56 Pate, Judith Octiva  7 Aug 1832Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42252
57 Pate, Julia  1841Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42201
58 Pate, Julia E.  1857Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42198
59 Pate, Laura E.  1848Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42207
60 Pate, Lizzie  1850Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42210
61 Pate, Lorenzo D.  1824Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42208
62 Pate, Lucy W.  1854Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42204
63 Pate, Luther Harden  1873Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42256
64 Pate, Maggie A. (..)  Oct 1864Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42231
65 Pate, Margaret L  15 Jun 1840Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18715
66 Pate, Martha F.  1852Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42196
67 Pate, Mary  28 Jun 1817Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18924
68 Pate, Mary A.  1865Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42241
69 Pate, Mary J.  1843Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42202
70 Pate, Mary L.  Oct 1891Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42239
71 Pate, Mason C  11 Mar 1815Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18920
72 Pate, Milton V. (resident 1870)  1852Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42243
73 Pate, Nancy J.  1843Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42218
74 Pate, P.W.P.  1868Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42255
75 Pate, Poindexter Y.  1823Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42251
76 Pate, Reamus  1843Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18985
77 Pate, Rhoda Jane  1858Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18686
78 Pate, Richard  1853Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42211
79 Pate, Rosina  1835Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42265
80 Pate, Rosina H. "Rosa"  Mar 1847Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18688
81 Pate, Rossen  Oct 1867Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42238
82 Pate, Rufus Augustus  20 Apr 1840Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18888
83 Pate, Sarah E.  1847Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42203
84 Pate, Silas G.  1859Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42199
85 Pate, Susan E.  11 Nov 1837Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18601
86 Pate, Susan M.  Apr 1879Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42248
87 Pate, Thomas (resident 1870)  1849Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42276
88 Pate, Vicissimus C.  4 Jun 1830Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42235
89 Pate, William  Abt 1806Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I19037
90 Pate, William Ernest  1876Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42244
91 Pate, William H.  1857Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42205
92 Pate, William L.  1858Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42213
93 Pate, William Noble  1853Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18987
94 Scott, Nancy  23 Feb 1819Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18883
95 Walker, Charles H.  1823Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42282
96 Walker, Eliza  1833Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42280
97 Walker, Elizabeth  1823Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42279
98 Walker, Elizabeth  1847Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42284
99 Walker, Felix G  1 Dec 1836Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18714
100 Walker, Frances Elvira  16 Oct 1843Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18694

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, William  22 Oct 1875Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I19020
2 Ball, George Lewis  8 Aug 1890Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18637
3 Ball, Matilda  3 Sep 1892Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18638
4 Ball, Sarah Eliza  1860Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18687
5 Clark, Eliza Jane  26 Jul 1886Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I19031
6 Compton, William  1850Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18769
7 Crawford, Mary 'Polly'  1850Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18833
8 Jolly, Mary  1894Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18670
9 Marlow, Sarah Ann  17 Jan 1883Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I25904
10 Mason, Rosa Ann  1918Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I19040
11 McGeorge, Frances 'Fanny'  Abt 1860Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18780
12 Miller, Lafayette 'Lafe'  17 Apr 1906Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I19015
13 Parrish, Summerville  3 Sep 1883Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42225
14 Pate, Benjamin Allen  Feb 1825Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18766
15 Pate, Charles Logan  26 Feb 1900Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18708
16 Pate, Cornelia Eugenia 'Genie'  12 Jul 1923Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I19016
17 Pate, Edward  Aug 1849Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I19001
18 Pate, Edward G  1888Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18930
19 Pate, Henry V.  16 Apr 1876Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42249
20 Pate, James Brumfield  13 Oct 1911Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18931
21 Pate, Jeremiah J.  4 Apr 1876Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42217
22 Pate, John Crawford  1850Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18834
23 Pate, John Samuel  3 Nov 1862Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18706
24 Pate, Judith Octiva  3 Oct 1918Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42252
25 Pate, Lucy Jane  Aft 1890Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18710
26 Pate, Mary 'Polly'  1850Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18997
27 Pate, Mary Ann  4 Feb 1866Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I19030
28 Pate, Poindexter Y.  1900Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42251
29 Pate, Rufus Augustus  5 May 1880Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18888
30 Pate, Susan E.  21 Dec 1916Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18601
31 Pate, Thomas  Between 1803 and 1829Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I19002
32 Pate, William L  28 Nov 1884Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18835
33 Payne, Robert  8 Sep 1897Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18905
34 Walker, Felix G  18 Nov 1874Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18714
35 Withers, Alice (Ailsey)  4 Mar 1850Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18521


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Emmeline  18 Aug 1845Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18988
2 Pate, William  1806Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I19037


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Beavin, Elizabeth  1850Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42271
2 Beavin, Elizabeth  1860Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42271
3 Hayes, Mary E.  1850Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I43836
4 Parrish, Summerville  1880Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42225
5 Pate, Jeremiah J.  1860Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42217
6 Pate, John Samuel  1850Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18706
7 Pate, Poindexter Y.  1880Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42251
8 Pate, William Silvanus  1880Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I42216
9 Walker, Felix G  1860Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I18714


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Basham, Francis Logan  23 Mar 1921Breckinridge Co, Kentucky I19009


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anderson / Huff  22 Mar 1866Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F7002
2 Anderson / Pate  13 Sep 1844Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F6998
3 Clark / Pate  4 Apr 1811Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F6978
4 Compton / Marlow  Abt 1841Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F9196
5 Elder / Walker  Abt 1855Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F14094
6 Hambleton / Pate  1 Jan 1818Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F7001
7 Pate / Beavin  15 Nov 1877Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F14077
8 Pate / Blanford  5 Nov 1835Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F6862
9 Pate / Deane  21 Dec 1843Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F6962
10 Pate / Dejarnette  10 Feb 1829Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F6975
11 Pate / Emery  Abt 1923Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F14082
12 Pate / Hawkins  Abt 1850Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F14075
13 Pate / Hawkins  1851Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F6981
14 Pate / Mason  Abt 1849Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F14076
15 Pate / Mason  1851Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F6983
16 Pate / McQuady  10 Jan 1820Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F6961
17 Pate / Meador  Abt 1886Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F14086
18 Pate / Parrish  Abt 1828Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F14078
19 Pate / Pate  Abt 1857Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F14088
20 Pate / Pate  16 Nov 1860Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F14085
21 Pate / Pate  1898Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F14087
22 Pate / Weatherholt  Abt 1832Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F6858
23 Payne / Scott  17 Nov 1836Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F6959
24 Walker / Beavin  Abt 1816Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F14093
25 Walker / Pate  26 Nov 1856Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F14092
26 Walker / Walker  Abt 1846Breckinridge Co, Kentucky F14095

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