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Cameron Parish, Louisiana



Matches 1 to 60 of 60

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Berwick, Almon Charles (Mulatto)  20 Aug 1856Cameron Parish, Louisiana I79952
2 Berwick, Charles  Oct 1879Cameron Parish, Louisiana I99142
3 Berwick, Isaac  Jul 1879Cameron Parish, Louisiana I99140
4 Berwick, Mary  1878Cameron Parish, Louisiana I99141
5 Block, Clara  1864Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31692
6 Block, Ezra  1865Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31693
7 Burch, Mary Harriett  31 Mar 1874Cameron Parish, Louisiana I21516
8 Constance, Ernest James Sr.  7 Jan 1930Cameron Parish, Louisiana I83225
9 Dewees, Charles  Mar 1887Cameron Parish, Louisiana I43460
10 Dewees, Francios  Mar 1898Cameron Parish, Louisiana I43458
11 Dewees, Harkaway Lovan  13 Jan 1900Cameron Parish, Louisiana I21504
12 Dewees, Jane  1894Cameron Parish, Louisiana I43459
13 Dewees, Sopha  Jan 1884Cameron Parish, Louisiana I21502
14 Epps, Mary O.  Apr 1892Cameron Parish, Louisiana I47176
15 Gallier, Lemora Agnes  20 Feb 1886Cameron Parish, Louisiana I21442
16 Gallier, Lessan  1845Cameron Parish, Louisiana I79988
17 Gillen, Carrie  1876Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31868
18 Gillen, Elvery  1873Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31867
19 Gillen, Flarrie  1878Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31869
20 Gillen, Marie  1872Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31866
21 Griffith, Arminia "Anna"  Between 1857 and 1861Cameron Parish, Louisiana I21489
22 Griffith, Ivy Fedelia  15 Dec 1878Cameron Parish, Louisiana I93548
23 Jinks, Charles   I77542
24 Jinks, James   I77541
25 Jinks, Myrtle Marin   I77540
26 LaBauve, Caroline  4 Dec 1865Cameron Parish, Louisiana I79935
27 Mudd, Cornelia  25 Sep 1902Cameron Parish, Louisiana I23608
28 Peveto, Alice  1871Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31875
29 Peveto, Annie  1876Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31878
30 Peveto, Calvert "Bud"  21 Apr 1854Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31847
31 Peveto, Calvert Floyd  8 Apr 1875Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31629
32 Peveto, Calvit Floyd  8 Apr 1875Cameron Parish, Louisiana I80049
33 Peveto, Caroline M.  1866Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31727
34 Peveto, Clara  1873Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31630
35 Peveto, Dennis  1874Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31889
36 Peveto, Elijah  1870Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31729
37 Peveto, Elmiry  1874Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31876
38 Peveto, Ethel  1879Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31887
39 Peveto, Jacob A.  Jan 1879Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31736
40 Peveto, James  1879Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31880
41 Peveto, John A.  1871Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31874
42 Peveto, Joseph  1870Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31851
43 Peveto, Laueler  1868Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31728
44 Peveto, Laura Josephine  13 Nov 1856Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31836
45 Peveto, Mary  1873Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31730
46 Peveto, Matilda Martha  2 Nov 1875Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31731
47 Peveto, Priscilla  1875Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31877
48 Peveto, William A.  1877Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31734
49 Peveto, William Atice  6 Oct 1860Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31853
50 Rutherford, Albert  Aug 1857Cameron Parish, Louisiana I77475
51 Rutherford, Eliza "Louisa"  22 Jun 1865Cameron Parish, Louisiana I77537
52 Rutherford, William Claude  30 Jun 1903Cameron Parish, Louisiana I77509
53 Schmidt (Smith), Edgar Noel Sr.  1890Cameron Parish, Louisiana I101329
54 Schmidt (Smith), Stanley  1888Cameron Parish, Louisiana I101328
55 Smith, Mrs. Caroline (..)  4 Dec 1865Cameron Parish, Louisiana I79940
56 Theriot, Edolia  25 Sep 1902Cameron Parish, Louisiana I47272
57 Trahan, Archie Jr.   I77526
58 Trahan, Barbara Ann   I77527
59 Willis, Josie Christine  29 Dec 1912Cameron Parish, Louisiana I83577
60 Young, William Charles   I24267


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Griffith, Henry  19 Sep 1903Cameron Parish, Louisiana I77536
2 LaBauve, Mary Olivia  23 Nov 1927Cameron Parish, Louisiana I77539
3 Peveto, John Jr.  18 Dec 1903Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31864
4 Rutherford, Martha Jewel  1 Mar 1968Cameron Parish, Louisiana I77497
5 Rutherford, Ralph  Jun 1900Cameron Parish, Louisiana I77538
6 Rutherford, Violet Jackie (..)  1976Cameron Parish, Louisiana I77528
7 Rutherford, William Claude  5 May 1972Cameron Parish, Louisiana I77509
8 Simmons, Missouri  Aft 1870Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31624
9 Trahan, Alvin  18 Jul 2009Cameron Parish, Louisiana I77501
10 Trahan, Willie Uriah  6 Apr 2002Cameron Parish, Louisiana I77499
11 Vaughn, Eleanor  2 Nov 1932Cameron Parish, Louisiana I101298
12 Young, Clara S.  2 Aug 1936Cameron Parish, Louisiana I77510


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Billiot, Otis Loyd  Cameron Parish, Louisiana I77529


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Berwick, Hilaire Eli  1870Cameron Parish, Louisiana I79950
2 Berwick, Hilaire Eli  1880Cameron Parish, Louisiana I79950
3 Block, Albert Joachim Bernard  1870Cameron Parish, Louisiana I21400
4 Block, Charles (Carl) Lewis Theodore  1870Cameron Parish, Louisiana I22688
5 Burch, Hannah Joanna  1870Cameron Parish, Louisiana I21496
6 Crossman, (lighthouse keeper) Charles (immigrant)  1880Cameron Parish, Louisiana I54112
7 Cuniff, Fred  1940Cameron Parish, Louisiana I24834
8 Griffith, Fidelia (Videlia)  14 Jun 1880Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31620
9 LeBouef, Aladin  18 Jun 1880Cameron Parish, Louisiana I23650
10 Mudd, John Baptiste  14 Jun 1880Cameron Parish, Louisiana I23560
11 Peveto, Albert  5 Jun 1880Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31848
12 Peveto, Asa Aleza  14 Jun 1880Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31611
13 Peveto, Furney G.  1870Cameron Parish, Louisiana I7556
14 Peveto, Giles  14 Jun 1880Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31725
15 Peveto, James "Jim" (son?)  1870Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31863
16 Peveto, John  1870Cameron Parish, Louisiana I1428
17 Peveto, John Jr.  1870Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31864
18 Peveto, Joseph Belone  1870Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31844
19 Peveto, Michel Anzero II  1870Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31626
20 Pivoto (Peveto), Jules Moseau  1870Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31907
21 Schmidt (Smith), Frederick George (immigrant)  1870Cameron Parish, Louisiana I44782
22 Simmons, Jacob J.  28 Jul 1870Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31625
23 Simmons, William  14 Jun 1880Cameron Parish, Louisiana I31619
24 Stanley, Clarence E. Sr.  1940Cameron Parish, Louisiana I76843


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Mudd, Marcelus Jr  12 Sep 1918Cameron Parish, Louisiana I23616


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Oglesby-Rimack, Mary Elizabeth "Beth"  Cameron Parish, Louisiana I78970


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Dewees / Burch  Abt 1883Cameron Parish, Louisiana F7898
2 Frugee (Frugia) / Cuniff  03 Dec 1874Cameron Parish, Louisiana F8708
3 Gillen / Failes (or Fayles)  24 Jan 1884Cameron Parish, Louisiana F35797
4 Griffith / Block  2 Jan 1892Cameron Parish, Louisiana F36319
5 Griffith / Peveto  17 Jun 1874Cameron Parish, Louisiana F36320
6 Griffith / Peveto  14 Dec 1905Cameron Parish, Louisiana F25383
7 Griffith / Rutherford  16 Jul 1884Cameron Parish, Louisiana F25181
8 Jinks / Jinks  Abt 1935Cameron Parish, Louisiana F25183
9 Labauve / Foster  1883Cameron Parish, Louisiana F34119
10 Mudd / Constance  25 Jun 1908Cameron Parish, Louisiana F8538
11 Peveto / Ellender  26 Nov 1868Cameron Parish, Louisiana F11200
12 Peveto / Hamilton  1876Cameron Parish, Louisiana F11209
13 Peveto / Simmons  Abt 1873Cameron Parish, Louisiana F11211
14 Peveto / Strahan  Abt 1865Cameron Parish, Louisiana F11158
15 Pivoto (Peveto) / Blanchett  Abt 1864Cameron Parish, Louisiana F11215
16 Rutherford / Rutherford  Abt 1925Cameron Parish, Louisiana F25179
17 Rutherford / Young  1881Cameron Parish, Louisiana F25170
18 Schmidt (Smith) / LaBauve  16 Apr 1884Cameron Parish, Louisiana F26022
19 Schmidt (Smith) / Peveto  15 Jan 1879Cameron Parish, Louisiana F34142
20 Schmidt (Smith) / Peveto  12 Aug 1885Cameron Parish, Louisiana F26102
21 Trahan / Rutherford  22 Dec 1919Cameron Parish, Louisiana F25171
22 Willis / Jackson  Abt 1910Cameron Parish, Louisiana F27206