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Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee


Latitude: 35.0456297, Longitude: -85.3096801


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boyd, Dorothy Allison  3 Feb 1919Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I52370
2 Brown, George Herman  3 Dec 1915Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I95836
3 Bryant, Elizabeth Rebecca "Betsy"  Abt 1832Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I40395
4 Fitzgerald, William Augustus "Gus"  Jun 1852Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I86446
5 Frady, George Washington  20 Dec 1862Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I82145
6 Hanberry, Gloria Ann  27 Jul 1921Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I83135
7 Higdon, Lawrence Jr.  31 May 1923Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I95248
8 Hixson, Fred Raulston Jr.  21 Oct 1936Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I12757
9 Hogg, Samuel  9 Aug 1889Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I80319
10 Jones, Lettie Beatrice  8 Nov 1904Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I89280
11 Masoner, Sarah C.  May 1852Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I86445
12 Melton, Carl Von  12 Aug 1898Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I94754
13 Shelton, William M.  24 May 1852Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I84900
14 Thomas, George Martin  16 May 1910Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I100194


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Burrell  19 Feb 1937Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I12672
2 Anthony, John Robert  12 Feb 1939Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I67863
3 Boland, Joseph Wesley  2 Apr 1863Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I94200
4 Boyd, Betsy J. "Betty"  11 Feb 1933Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I78356
5 Corbett, Mary Elizabeth  14 Dec 2012Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I98245
6 Crow, William R.  13 Jan 1865Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I78735
7 Doak, Calvin Luther  20 Mar 1942Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I52814
8 Doak, Samuel Smith McEwen  4 Jun 1883Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I77334
9 Dunn, Pearlie Ann  6 Sep 1976Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I98826
10 Fitzgerald, Nancy Addie  6 Jun 1922Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I86447
11 Fryar, George Newton  23 Dec 1943Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I46562
12 Fryar, Mary Ann  2 Mar 1915Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I12660
13 Goodwin, Joseph Dillard  20 Dec 1910Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I40913
14 Hanberry, Gloria Ann  22 May 2005Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I83135
15 Hanberry, William Blackstone  22 Dec 1968Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I83134
16 Hixson, Fred Raulston Jr.  7 Oct 2006Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I12757
17 Holbrook, Lewis Perryman "Pate"  19 Jul 1928Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I105566
18 Jackson, Mariah  29 Dec 1937Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I95177
19 Jones, Hettie  4 May 1953Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I74323
20 Jones, Willis Burton  25 Dec 1937Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I74317
21 Lovelady, Fred  20 Jul 1930Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I13541
22 Lovelady, Janie R.  12 Aug 1998Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I97835
23 Lovelady, Willard McKinney  19 Mar 1940Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I63490
24 Massengale, Peter Fine  4 Feb 1928Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I95178
25 Mills, Amanda Tennessee  17 May 1962Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I98824
26 Moore, Harriet "Amanda"  1897Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I84901
27 Owsley, Christine Ellen  2011Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I12753
28 Pankey, Anna Eugenia Story  22 Nov 1987Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I83119
29 Parks, Martha Susan  29 Apr 1938Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I31202
30 Roberts, Reuben Wesley  18 Jun 1918Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I46453
31 Shelton, Sarah "Sallie"  24 Jan 1951Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I84898
32 Shelton, William M.  1915Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I84900
33 Sivley, Daniel H.  17 Feb 1891Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I12669
34 Sivley, Theodocia "Doshie"  21 Mar 1935Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I100190
35 Sparkman, Edith  23 Sep 1939Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I84983
36 Spurlock, Jimmy Howard  19 Feb 2004Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I43932
37 Stone, Edna Erma  31 Jul 1956Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I84989
38 Stone, James Woodford  24 Nov 1992Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I84993
39 Stone, John Brown  21 Jun 1998Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I84991
40 Theriot, Mattie Ruth  13 Aug 1983Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I99646
41 Tolmie, John Howell  26 Nov 1995Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I83136
42 Tyler, Bonnie Esther  27 Nov 1992Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I99643


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Ellis, Phoebe Jane  Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I48820


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Hixson, William L.  1940Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee I46533


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blair / Peters  9 Jul 1842Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee F25375
2 Hixson / Shipley  1940Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee F15391
3 Hixson / Williams  Abt 1835Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee F15390
4 Wallace / Stone  Abt 1933Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, Tennessee F27891

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