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Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts



Matches 1 to 56 of 56

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Hannah  14 Oct 1723Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I69878
2 Crapo, Patience  25 Feb 1810Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30465
3 Crapo, Peter  Abt 1771Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30466
4 Davol, Jonathan  04 Aug 1711Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30549
5 Deuel, Abraham Jr  Abt 1753Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I4283
6 Devol, Edith Potter "Edy"  1727Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91677
7 Devol, Joseph  15 Dec 1703Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91676
8 Fish, Mehetable  26 Jul 1684Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I72263
9 Gifford, Grace  16 Sep 1761Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30439
10 Hathaway, Lydia (MF)  Abt 1660Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30518
11 Havens, Elizabeth  Abt 1705Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I29781
12 Howland, Barnabas  23 Sep 1699Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I92138
13 Howland, Daniel  20 Aug 1712Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91678
14 Howland, Elizabeth  20 Mar 1730Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I92139
15 Howland, Luthan  15 Sep 1746Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91679
16 Hussey, Rachel  20 Dec 1757Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30411
17 Lapham, Benjamin  24 Sep 1715Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I6838
18 Lapham, Hannah  1730Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I1965
19 Lapham, Joseph  7 Sep 1709Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I6873
20 Lapham, Joshua  9 Mar 1721Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I92131
21 Lapham, Nicholas  01 Apr 1689Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30447
22 Lapham, Rebecca  5 Oct 1707Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I92137
23 Lapham, Ruth  1712Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91644
24 Lapham, Solomon  Apr 1730Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I69427
25 Man (Mann), Mary  1640Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I70225
26 Potter, Margaret  30 Jan 1705Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91675
27 Potter, Stokes  Abt 1665Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91638
28 Sherman, Abner  Abt 1765Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30385
29 Sherman, David  Jan 1680Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30551
30 Sherman, Elkanah  07 May 1674Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30918
31 Sherman, Ephraim  11 Jan 1689Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30400
32 Sherman, Freelove (twin)  29 Mar 1729Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30374
33 Sherman, Hannah  17 Jun 1727Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I92130
34 Sherman, Job Jr.  1791Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30383
35 Sherman, Job S. Sr.  08 May 1764Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30381
36 Sherman, John  12 Apr 1720Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30564
37 Sherman, Joshua  16 Sep 1678Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91674
38 Sherman, Mercy  Abt 1770Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30474
39 Sherman, Nathan  08 Feb 1678Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30371
40 Sherman, Nehemiah  13 Sep 1722Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30562
41 Sherman, Ruth  29 Jan 1723Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30565
42 Sherman, Samson (twin)  29 Mar 1723Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30373
43 Sherman, Seth  1710Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91643
44 Sisson, Nathaniel  11 Jul 1756Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30438
45 Sisson, Richard  19 Feb 1682Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I72262
46 Sisson, Thomas  22 Apr 1707Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30512
47 Sisson, William M.  02 Jan 1785Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30418
48 Slocum, John  1775Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I90528
49 Slocum, Joseph  6 Feb 1766Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I84720
50 Spooner, Peace  Abt 1770Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30477
51 Taber (or Tabor), Thomas  30 Apr 1716Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91700
52 Tripp, Alice  1 Feb 1679Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91672
53 Tripp, Mehitable  09 Oct 1683Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30401
54 Wilbur, Elizabeth  26 May 1740Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I72264
55 Wilcox, Daniel  1656Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91701
56 Wright, Elizabeth  13 Mar 1772Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I84719


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Mary  1758Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I69425
2 Arnold, Mercy  1 Dec 1756Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30446
3 Bowen, Susannah  1817Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I72266
4 Cook, John (Mayflower Pass)  23 Nov 1695Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30910
5 Crapo, Peter  Bef Jun 1830Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30466
6 Crapo, Richard  24 Aug 1848Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30476
7 Devol, Edith Potter "Edy"  13 Mar 1815Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91677
8 Devol, Joseph  1 Oct 1782Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91676
9 Fish, Mehetable  24 Dec 1775Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I72263
10 Fish, Mehitabel  27 Nov 1718Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30403
11 Hathaway, Abigail  03 Apr 1761Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30552
12 Hicks, Jane Dorcas  Aft 1698Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30370
13 Hopkins, Frances (Immigrant)  26 Feb 1700Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I70185
14 Howland, Barnabas  19 Feb 1773Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I92138
15 Howland, Daniel  Feb 1796Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91678
16 Jenney, Sarah (immigrant)  1732Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91642
17 Lapham, John  1710Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30448
18 Lapham, John  1734Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91645
19 Lapham, Nicholas  1758Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30447
20 Lapham, Ruth  1763Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91644
21 Mumford, Joanna  18 Jan 1744Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91733
22 Potter, Margaret  1760Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91675
23 Potter, Nathaniel  20 Oct 1704Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91634
24 Potter, Stokes  1718Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91638
25 Russell, Mary  1752Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91646
26 Sherman, David  1755Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30551
27 Sherman, Edmund  1719Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30369
28 Sherman, Ephraim  10 Jan 1742Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30400
29 Sherman, Freelove (twin)  29 Mar 1729Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30374
30 Sherman, John  16 Apr 1734Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30396
31 Sherman, Joshua  1720Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91674
32 Sherman, Nathan  1764Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30371
33 Sherman, Nehemiah  13 Sep 1722Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30562
34 Sherman, Seth  1780Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91643
35 Sisson, James  02 Dec 1734Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30517
36 Sisson, Philip  Jan 1818Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I72265
37 Sisson, Richard  9 Oct 1744Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I72262
38 Spooner, Mary Clark  27 Mar 1856Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30467
39 Spooner, Sarah  1734Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30397
40 Spooner, William  Mar 1683Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30398
41 Stokes, Elizabeth  1704Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I91635
42 Tripp, Mehitable  10 Jan 1743Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30401
43 Wodell, Freelove  Aft 1626Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30372
44 Wodell (or Woodle), Innocent  Aft 1781Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30380


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Sherman, David  28 Oct 1755Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30551
2 Sherman, Edmund  06 Jul 1719Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30369
3 Sisson, James  02 Dec 1734Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I30517


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Deuel / Bennett  15 Sep 1776Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F1983
2 Devol / Potter  1726Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F30738
3 Howland / Devol  28 Jul 1746Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F30739
4 Howland / Lapham  30 Apr 1724Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F30940
5 Lapham / Arnold  01 Dec 1726Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F10708
6 Lapham / Russell  Abt 1700Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F30721
7 Lapham / Smith  Abt 1776Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F30939
8 Potter / Sherman  1702Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F30717
9 Potter / Stokes  1655Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F30715
10 Sherman / Chase  Abt 1785Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F10677
11 Sherman / Hathaway  27 Dec 1680Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F10742
12 Sherman / Hicks  Bef 1674Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F10669
13 Sherman / Jenney  Abt 1693Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F30719
14 Sherman / Lapham  Abt 1732Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F30720
15 Sherman / Spooner  13 Nov 1674Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F10684
16 Sherman / Tripp  Abt 1700Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F30737
17 Sherman / Tripp  Abt 1707Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F10686
18 Sherman / Wilbur (or Wilbore)  3 Sep 1722Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F30704
19 Sherman / Wodell  Abt 1708Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F10670
20 Sisson / Allen  21 Aug 1783Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F10733
21 Sisson / Bowen  16 Jan 1875Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F23414
22 Sisson / Fish  Sep 1725Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F23412
23 Sisson / Gifford  02 Feb 1781Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F10703
24 Sisson / Wilbur  16 Jun 1757Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F23413
25 Slocum / Wright  20 Oct 1802Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F27780
26 Smith / Howland  22 Oct 1749Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F30941
27 Tripp / Fish  6 Aug 1667Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F10687

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