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Fairfield Co, South Carolina



Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aiken, Benjamin Martin  1825Fairfield Co, South Carolina I37340
2 Calmes, Elizabeth Emaline  1817Fairfield Co, South Carolina I14405
3 Coons, Mary  Between 1760 and 1780Fairfield Co, South Carolina I74551
4 Corder, Benjamin  1836Fairfield Co, South Carolina I37654
5 Corder, Catherine  1832Fairfield Co, South Carolina I37652
6 Corder, George W.  1824Fairfield Co, South Carolina I37650
7 Corder, Jacob  1838Fairfield Co, South Carolina I37655
8 Corder, John L.  1827Fairfield Co, South Carolina I37651
9 Corder, Mary  1819Fairfield Co, South Carolina I37649
10 Corder, Mary  1834Fairfield Co, South Carolina I37653
11 Dye, John  Abt 1788Fairfield Co, South Carolina I106479
12 Fowler, Drucilla Adelphia  1806Fairfield Co, South Carolina I68074
13 Gladney, Jane Gaston  1 Mar 1785Fairfield Co, South Carolina I91921
14 Grubbs, Enoch  Abt 1755Fairfield Co, South Carolina I88362
15 Grubbs, Thomas H.  Abt 1818Fairfield Co, South Carolina I88361
16 Grubbs, William Cooper  12 Sep 1842Fairfield Co, South Carolina I87548
17 Hancock, Mary Ann  1796Fairfield Co, South Carolina I88421
18 Henson, Mary  Abt 1781Fairfield Co, South Carolina I88363
19 Kirkland, Martha  15 Feb 1760Fairfield Co, South Carolina I28352
20 McVea, Robert William  14 Jun 1848Fairfield Co, South Carolina I84249
21 Mobley, Charles Stonewall Jackson  11 Aug 1862Fairfield Co, South Carolina I8827
22 Mobley, Hester Hunt  5 Dec 1800Fairfield Co, South Carolina I78724
23 Mobley, Isham Jr.  1795Fairfield Co, South Carolina I78719
24 Mobley, Jemima  1798Fairfield Co, South Carolina I78723
25 Mobley, Susannah (..)  1757Fairfield Co, South Carolina I78722
26 Pannell, Richard Walter  27 May 1801Fairfield Co, South Carolina I88426
27 Pannell, Simeon  1790Fairfield Co, South Carolina I88420
28 Roberts, Moses Wiseman  17 Apr 1813Fairfield Co, South Carolina I87563
29 Roberts, William  4 Jan 1834Fairfield Co, South Carolina I88401
30 Seymour, Frances  1794Fairfield Co, South Carolina I88423
31 Splawn, Isaac  1779Fairfield Co, South Carolina I71779
32 Splawn, James  Abt 1770Fairfield Co, South Carolina I71777
33 Splawn, John  Abt 1783Fairfield Co, South Carolina I71780
34 Splawn, Mayberry Sr.  Abt 1780Fairfield Co, South Carolina I71768
35 Splawn, Moses  Abt 1775Fairfield Co, South Carolina I71778
36 Splawn, Stephen  Abt 1796Fairfield Co, South Carolina I71781
37 Steele, Eleanor  24 Aug 1789Fairfield Co, South Carolina I56361
38 Steele, John  16 Feb 1801Fairfield Co, South Carolina I56362
39 Woodside, Agnes  2 Feb 1810Fairfield Co, South Carolina I56363
40 Yarborough, Elizabeth  1768Fairfield Co, South Carolina I88418
41 Young, Andrew Henry  1804Fairfield Co, South Carolina I68047
42 Young, James  1815Fairfield Co, South Carolina I68073
43 Young, John  1803Fairfield Co, South Carolina I87512
44 Young, Nancy  1802Fairfield Co, South Carolina I68068
45 Young, Nancy Jane  3 Mar 1816Fairfield Co, South Carolina I87562
46 Young, Robert  Abt 1813Fairfield Co, South Carolina I68072
47 Young, Samuel Jr.  1808Fairfield Co, South Carolina I68069
48 Young, Thomas  Abt 1808Fairfield Co, South Carolina I68070
49 Young, William (of Fairfield, SC)  Between 1770 and 1775Fairfield Co, South Carolina I87494
50 Young, William  1810Fairfield Co, South Carolina I68071


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Corder, Benjamin S.  5 Apr 1873Fairfield Co, South Carolina I37104
2 Corder, Hannah Elizabeth  23 Apr 1910Fairfield Co, South Carolina I37648
3 Dove, Lucinda  1810Fairfield Co, South Carolina I88429
4 Edrington, William  1794Fairfield Co, South Carolina I54150
5 Grubbs, Enoch  Bef 24 Sep 1832Fairfield Co, South Carolina I88362
6 Helm (Helms), Sebrina (Sebrey, Sebara)  Aft 1800Fairfield Co, South Carolina I71776
7 Henson, Mary  Abt 1815Fairfield Co, South Carolina I88363
8 Mobley, Hester Hunt  23 Jun 1852Fairfield Co, South Carolina I78724
9 Mobley, Isham Sr.  Aft 1831Fairfield Co, South Carolina I78721
10 Mobley, Isham Jr.  1850Fairfield Co, South Carolina I78719
11 Mobley, Jemima  28 Dec 1875Fairfield Co, South Carolina I78723
12 Mobley, Susannah (..)  Aft 1820Fairfield Co, South Carolina I78722
13 Mobley (Moberly), William  20 Dec 1766Fairfield Co, South Carolina I78725
14 Osborne, Ann  1777Fairfield Co, South Carolina I78726
15 Pannell, William III  11 Jan 1810Fairfield Co, South Carolina I88424
16 Splawn, John Martin (Immigrant)  Bef 1800Fairfield Co, South Carolina I71775
17 Yarborough, Elizabeth  1845Fairfield Co, South Carolina I88418
18 Young, (male)  Aft 1810Fairfield Co, South Carolina I74486


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Corder, Benjamin S.  1830Fairfield Co, South Carolina I37104
2 Young, Hugh (son?)  1810Fairfield Co, South Carolina I74493
3 Young, Martin (son?)  1810Fairfield Co, South Carolina I74483
4 Young, Moses  1800Fairfield Co, South Carolina I74481
5 Young, Phillip (son?)  1810Fairfield Co, South Carolina I74484
6 Young, Samuel (VA to Fairfield, SC, son of who?)  1790Fairfield Co, South Carolina I68064
7 Young, Samuel (VA to Fairfield, SC, son of who?)  1800Fairfield Co, South Carolina I68064
8 Young, Samuel (VA to Fairfield, SC, son of who?)  7 Aug 1820Fairfield Co, South Carolina I68064
9 Young, William (bro?)  7 Aug 1820Fairfield Co, South Carolina I74474


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Young, Hugh (son?)  1810Fairfield Co, South Carolina I74493
2 Young, William (bro?)  7 Aug 1820Fairfield Co, South Carolina I74474


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Grubbs / Henson  Abt 1812Fairfield Co, South Carolina F29301
2 Mobley / Mobley  Abt 1775Fairfield Co, South Carolina F25580
3 Mobley (Moberly) / Osborne  Abt 1744Fairfield Co, South Carolina F25581
4 Pannell / Grubbs  1824Fairfield Co, South Carolina F29328
5 Pannell / Yarborough  Abt 1790Fairfield Co, South Carolina F29324
6 Roberts / Young  Abt 1833Fairfield Co, South Carolina F28961
7 Young / Young  Abt 1800Fairfield Co, South Carolina F24161

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