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Fauquier Co, Virginia


Notes: Fauquier County was split off from its parent county, Prince William, in 1759. It's boundaries have remained unchanged ever since.

Prince William lies to the east and Loudoun to the north. The top of the Blue Ridge Mountains forms the western boundary and the upper reaches of the Rappahannock River the southwestern one. Stafford is southeast across Deep Run, a tributary of the Rappahannock.

The first settlers in the frontier area that became Fauquier arrived in the second decade of the eighteenth century (i.e., 1720). At that time it was part of the Proprietorship of the Northern Neck, in Stafford and Richmond counties. The Richmond share along the Rappahannock became part of King George in 1721, and the whole became part of Prince William in 1732.

Settlement began from the south and east into the southern part of Fauquier county along the Rappahannock and its tributaries and a bit later along tributaries of the Occoquan. Almost all of the land had been granted by the Proprietors through their agents by 1750. Those patents included one for the Manor of Leeds giving Thomas Lord Fairfax, the last of the Proprietors, direct title to 120,000 acres, most of which lay in the foothills of the Blue Ridge in northwest Fauquier. Lord Fairfax began leases-for-lives in his Manor in 1753.

By the time of the Revolutionary War the population of the half of the county north of the Courthouse village (now Warrenton, Virginia) exceeded that below it, and the frontier had crossed the Blue Ridge into the Shenandoah Valley and beyond.

Many of the inhabitants of Fauquier after the Revolution had “itchy feet” or at least their younger children did. Before 1781 there had already been migration from Fauquier to the Valley and to the interior of the Carolinas. A “Carolina Road” ran across the middle of Fauquier.

After Yorktown both western and southern tides swelled. Many people left for South Carolina and Tennessee. Still more headed west for Kentucky spurred in part by land grants to soldiers of the French and Indian War and the Revolution. Huge tracts of Kentucky land were originally surveyed, subdivided, and sold by real estate agents based in Northern Virginia.

In spite of these moves the population of the county grew rapidly from its founding to the end of the century and beyond.

In 1760, based on the count of 1693 tithes, there were an estimated 3,500 residents.

By 1775 the total had more than doubled to 8,000-8,500. In the decade to 1785, due to the war and the consequent drying up of immigration from Europe, there was little net increase. Then a burst of growth in the last fifteen years of the century took the total to around 15,000 residents in 1800.

In spite of continuing massive outflow to the West and South, growth kept on, reaching a peak of over 30,000 in the 1830’s, a number not to be surpassed for more than a century.

So the 18th century Fauquier Families have their descendants spread across the continent.

Latitude: 38.713842, Longitude: -77.795561


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allison, (2 sons)  Between 1831 and 1835Fauquier Co, Virginia I64978
2 Allison, (3 sons)  Between 1825 and 1830Fauquier Co, Virginia I64994
3 Allison, (daughter)  Between 1795 and 1800Fauquier Co, Virginia I65013
4 Allison, (daughter)  Between 1816 and 1820Fauquier Co, Virginia I64997
5 Allison, (son)  Between 1811 and 1815Fauquier Co, Virginia I64996
6 Allison, (son)  Between 1821 and 1825Fauquier Co, Virginia I64995
7 Allison, Ann L.  1866Fauquier Co, Virginia I64991
8 Allison, Arthur Lee  28 Dec 1886Fauquier Co, Virginia I40301
9 Allison, Bailey Alexander  Between 1830 and 1833Fauquier Co, Virginia I64969
10 Allison, Carrie L.  14 Jun 1895Fauquier Co, Virginia I40306
11 Allison, Catherine "Kitty"  1820Fauquier Co, Virginia I64740
12 Allison, Daisie  25 Apr 1899Fauquier Co, Virginia I40308
13 Allison, Elizabeth  1803Fauquier Co, Virginia I65018
14 Allison, Elizabeth Catherine "Cath"  1834Fauquier Co, Virginia I64970
15 Allison, Elsey A.  14 Feb 1796Fauquier Co, Virginia I65009
16 Allison, Extra George  25 Jul 1846Fauquier Co, Virginia I65015
17 Allison, Frances E.  1836Fauquier Co, Virginia I64971
18 Allison, George Bailey  1862Fauquier Co, Virginia I64989
19 Allison, Henry  1844Fauquier Co, Virginia I64732
20 Allison, J.  Abt 1818Fauquier Co, Virginia I64737
21 Allison, James  Between 1811 and 1820Fauquier Co, Virginia I65010
22 Allison, James Edward  1865Fauquier Co, Virginia I64990
23 Allison, James J.  1824Fauquier Co, Virginia I64998
24 Allison, James W.  1853Fauquier Co, Virginia I64986
25 Allison, John  Abt 1795Fauquier Co, Virginia I65007
26 Allison, John Thomas  3 Jun 1833Fauquier Co, Virginia I64976
27 Allison, John W.  1840Fauquier Co, Virginia I65024
28 Allison, Laura B.  1879Fauquier Co, Virginia I64735
29 Allison, Lewis H.  3 Jan 1898Fauquier Co, Virginia I40307
30 Allison, Lorenzo  1848Fauquier Co, Virginia I64966
31 Allison, Lucy A.  1842Fauquier Co, Virginia I65025
32 Allison, Maggie  25 Apr 1899Fauquier Co, Virginia I40309
33 Allison, Mardulia  11 Feb 1888Fauquier Co, Virginia I40302
34 Allison, Margaret Rebecca  1855Fauquier Co, Virginia I64987
35 Allison, Martha D.  1845Fauquier Co, Virginia I65026
36 Allison, Mary  1845Fauquier Co, Virginia I65002
37 Allison, Mary E.  1836Fauquier Co, Virginia I65022
38 Allison, Mollie Frances  14 Mar 1893Fauquier Co, Virginia I40305
39 Allison, Richard  Between 1766 and 1784Fauquier Co, Virginia I64738
40 Allison, Richard S.  1837Fauquier Co, Virginia I65023
41 Allison, Roberta Catherine  1855Fauquier Co, Virginia I64988
42 Allison, Rose Ella  26 Nov 1891Fauquier Co, Virginia I40304
43 Allison, Sarah E.  1846Fauquier Co, Virginia I65003
44 Allison, Sarah Ethel  29 May 1890Fauquier Co, Virginia I40303
45 Allison, Stephen (son?)  1810Fauquier Co, Virginia I65000
46 Allison, Susan  Between 1815 and 1825Fauquier Co, Virginia I64741
47 Allison, Susan  1831Fauquier Co, Virginia I65021
48 Allison, William  1872Fauquier Co, Virginia I64734
49 Anthony, Jane  1761Fauquier Co, Virginia I37562
50 Bailey, Henry E.  1794Fauquier Co, Virginia I42384
51 Ball, Benjamin  1772Fauquier Co, Virginia I42631
52 Ball, Edward  1767Fauquier Co, Virginia I5885
53 Ball, Elizabeth  Abt 1842Fauquier Co, Virginia I42393
54 Ball, Ellen  Abt 1836Fauquier Co, Virginia I42390
55 Ball, George Lewis Capt  17 Mar 1790Fauquier Co, Virginia I18630
56 Ball, James Rosser  1 Sep 1800Fauquier Co, Virginia I42369
57 Ball, Jane  1808Fauquier Co, Virginia I42385
58 Ball, Joseph  1804Fauquier Co, Virginia I42372
59 Ball, Joseph Brumfield  Abt 1782Fauquier Co, Virginia I18629
60 Ball, Joseph Brumfield  23 Jul 1805Fauquier Co, Virginia I18635
61 Ball, Judith M.  6 Nov 1799Fauquier Co, Virginia I18633
62 Ball, Lettice  Abt 1838Fauquier Co, Virginia I42391
63 Ball, Lucinda  Abt 1834Fauquier Co, Virginia I42389
64 Ball, Martha  1760Fauquier Co, Virginia I18622
65 Ball, Martha  12 Jul 1783Fauquier Co, Virginia I18628
66 Ball, Martha S.  4 May 1797Fauquier Co, Virginia I18632
67 Ball, Mary Ellen  10 Oct 1770Fauquier Co, Virginia I18625
68 Ball, Mary H  28 Mar 1801Fauquier Co, Virginia I18603
69 Ball, Nancy  Abt 1845Fauquier Co, Virginia I42394
70 Ball, Nancy Alice  1796Fauquier Co, Virginia I42371
71 Ball, Susan  1812Fauquier Co, Virginia I42373
72 Ball, William  Abt 1764Fauquier Co, Virginia I42639
73 Ball, William  1794Fauquier Co, Virginia I42370
74 Barnett, Achilles Gibbs  Abt 1768Fauquier Co, Virginia I47548
75 Barnett, Ambrose N.  1796Fauquier Co, Virginia I48427
76 Barnett, Ann  Abt 1779Fauquier Co, Virginia I48480
77 Barnett, Charles  Abt 1789Fauquier Co, Virginia I48486
78 Barnett, Elizabeth "Betsy"  Abt 1767Fauquier Co, Virginia I48478
79 Barnett, Emily  Abt 1787Fauquier Co, Virginia I48485
80 Barnett, Henry  Abt 1793Fauquier Co, Virginia I48487
81 Barnett, James  Abt 1771Fauquier Co, Virginia I48425
82 Barnett, Joanna  Abt 1773Fauquier Co, Virginia I48483
83 Barnett, John  Abt 1769Fauquier Co, Virginia I48430
84 Barnett, Judith  1785Fauquier Co, Virginia I48418
85 Barnett, Mildred  Abt 1775Fauquier Co, Virginia I48429
86 Barnett, Nancy  Abt 1777Fauquier Co, Virginia I48482
87 Barnett, Sarah  Abt 1781Fauquier Co, Virginia I48423
88 Blakemore, Lucy Neavill (Neville) (JS-FFDNA-4)  18 Apr 1763Fauquier Co, Virginia I42760
89 Bonham, Alexander  20 Jul 1811Fauquier Co, Virginia I4513
90 Bonham, Evan  17 Apr 1805Fauquier Co, Virginia I4512
91 Bonham, Maria  1809Fauquier Co, Virginia I4515
92 Bonham, Smith  4 Apr 1807Fauquier Co, Virginia I4514
93 Bonham, William  6 Oct 1813Fauquier Co, Virginia I4516
94 Bowie, Flora V.  1846Fauquier Co, Virginia I18119
95 Bradford, Joseph  Abt 1775Fauquier Co, Virginia I48419
96 Bramblett, Nathaniel  1789Fauquier Co, Virginia I104805
97 Brumfield, Martha  Abt 1718Fauquier Co, Virginia I18609
98 Bullitt, Sytha "Seth" Harrison  1728Fauquier Co, Virginia I14064
99 Butler, Alice  1869Fauquier Co, Virginia I81319
100 Butler, Hampton  1865Fauquier Co, Virginia I81318

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, John  26 Mar 1761Fauquier Co, Virginia I6010
2 Allison, George Bailey  Oct 1888Fauquier Co, Virginia I64989
3 Allison, Henry  Jun 1891Fauquier Co, Virginia I64732
4 Allison, J.  1852Fauquier Co, Virginia I64737
5 Allison, John Thomas  2 Feb 1919Fauquier Co, Virginia I64976
6 Allison, Richard  Abt 1862Fauquier Co, Virginia I64738
7 Allison, Roberta Catherine  1887Fauquier Co, Virginia I64988
8 Allison, William  29 Dec 1891Fauquier Co, Virginia I64977
9 Bailey, Letitia  20 Dec 1895Fauquier Co, Virginia I65086
10 Ball, (Mrs. Joseph)  Aft 1850Fauquier Co, Virginia I43383
11 Ball, Clemence  Between 1801 and 1806Fauquier Co, Virginia I42643
12 Ball, Enoch  1831Fauquier Co, Virginia I42637
13 Ball, Jane  Bef 1856Fauquier Co, Virginia I42385
14 Ball, John Blackwell  7 Nov 1821Fauquier Co, Virginia I42629
15 Ball, Mary Margery  1837Fauquier Co, Virginia I42632
16 Ball, Nancy Alice  1850Fauquier Co, Virginia I42371
17 Barnett, Ambrose  1808Fauquier Co, Virginia I5989
18 Barnett, Elizabeth "Betsy"  Aft 1830Fauquier Co, Virginia I48478
19 Barnett, John  Bef 1825Fauquier Co, Virginia I48430
20 Barnett, Sarah  1814Fauquier Co, Virginia I48423
21 Bonham, Maria  1818Fauquier Co, Virginia I4515
22 Bowie, Flora V.  15 Jul 1870Fauquier Co, Virginia I18119
23 Brown, Anne  Abt 1800Fauquier Co, Virginia I21025
24 Butler, James  Aft 1870Fauquier Co, Virginia I81314
25 Carter, Richard R.  Bef 1850Fauquier Co, Virginia I42947
26 Catlett, Gent John III (son of wife2?)  3 Feb 1778Fauquier Co, Virginia I86811
27 Catlett, John  1816Fauquier Co, Virginia I36387
28 Catlett, Mary  Abt 1755Fauquier Co, Virginia I91410
29 Chapman, Sarah  1815Fauquier Co, Virginia I66098
30 Chinn, Charles Downman  15 Feb 1788Fauquier Co, Virginia I36536
31 Chinn, Jennett May  26 Jan 1827Fauquier Co, Virginia I5932
32 Chinn, Thomas  Aft 1821Fauquier Co, Virginia I93361
33 Cockrill, Thomas  1 Jan 1885Fauquier Co, Virginia I65087
34 Combs, Ennis  Bef 25 Aug 1828Fauquier Co, Virginia I43452
35 Combs, Helen Luttrell  1825Fauquier Co, Virginia I60980
36 Combs, John Jr.  6 Oct 1780Fauquier Co, Virginia I43449
37 Compton, Lawson  Aft 1825Fauquier Co, Virginia I3020
38 Corder, (infant)  Abt 1729Fauquier Co, Virginia I37616
39 Corder, Mrs. Ann (..)  Aft 1780Fauquier Co, Virginia I37625
40 Corder, James  Bef 31 Jul 1835Fauquier Co, Virginia I37615
41 Corder, James  Bef 31 Jul 1835Fauquier Co, Virginia I92654
42 Corder, John Sr. (END OF LINE)  25 Sep 1760Fauquier Co, Virginia I37084
43 Corder, John  1850Fauquier Co, Virginia I37642
44 Corder, William Sr.  1760Fauquier Co, Virginia I37613
45 Corder, William Jr.  Bef 1803Fauquier Co, Virginia I37619
46 Cowgill, Tacy  1857Fauquier Co, Virginia I37892
47 Digges, Edward  29 Oct 1818Fauquier Co, Virginia I65034
48 Digges, Edward  1853Fauquier Co, Virginia I65032
49 Digges, Porcia Lucella (occupant 1850)  13 May 1879Fauquier Co, Virginia I64972
50 Dodd, Hannah  22 Jul 1816Fauquier Co, Virginia I89003
51 Doggett, Susanna  Aft 1808Fauquier Co, Virginia I65031
52 Dulin, Clemmance  Abt 1865Fauquier Co, Virginia I65060
53 Dulin, Edward  Abt 1829Fauquier Co, Virginia I42663
54 Dulin, John  Bef 15 Jan 1830Fauquier Co, Virginia I42652
55 Dulin, William Jr.  Feb 1819Fauquier Co, Virginia I42650
56 Edrington, John  1769Fauquier Co, Virginia I46293
57 Edwards, Marjulia "Julia"  15 Nov 1890Fauquier Co, Virginia I64733
58 Eskridge, Margaret  8 Oct 1801Fauquier Co, Virginia I40753
59 Fishback, John Philip (?)  1 Jun 1819Fauquier Co, Virginia I42709
60 Fitzhugh, William  22 Apr 1814Fauquier Co, Virginia I86869
61 Foote, George  15 Jul 1775Fauquier Co, Virginia I31415
62 Foote, William  1833Fauquier Co, Virginia I46302
63 Forman, Malvina  Aft 1860Fauquier Co, Virginia I56782
64 Gaskins, Ann Eustace  Mar 1856Fauquier Co, Virginia I65033
65 Gaskins, Elizabeth Anne  1818Fauquier Co, Virginia I65035
66 German, James  May 1864Fauquier Co, Virginia I65028
67 Gibbs, Mary  Bef 1778Fauquier Co, Virginia I5962
68 Gibson, Jonathan III  1791Fauquier Co, Virginia I91411
69 Gillison, Elizabeth  1790Fauquier Co, Virginia I31455
70 Gladstone, Presley R.  1836Fauquier Co, Virginia I65027
71 Glasscock, Charles  30 Apr 1844Fauquier Co, Virginia I65059
72 Glasscock, Cleminia Ann  Feb 1870Fauquier Co, Virginia I65004
73 Glasscock, George  4 Mar 1826Fauquier Co, Virginia I36606
74 Glasscock, George  10 May 1875Fauquier Co, Virginia I65062
75 Glasscock, Margaret  1 Oct 1858Fauquier Co, Virginia I65061
76 Glasscock, Thomas  8 Jan 1729Fauquier Co, Virginia I36349
77 Glasscock, Thomas J. (son?)  4 Mar 1908Fauquier Co, Virginia I42916
78 Glasscock (or Orear), Margaret  1 Feb 1815Fauquier Co, Virginia I36600
79 Godfrey, Beaureguard Davis  14 Apr 1933Fauquier Co, Virginia I40368
80 Heale (Hale), George  1808Fauquier Co, Virginia I42793
81 Helm, Lyna  Aug 1860Fauquier Co, Virginia I31456
82 Helm, Thomas Sr (immigrant)  Abt 1755Fauquier Co, Virginia I3426
83 Helm, Thomas  24 Sep 1848Fauquier Co, Virginia I66067
84 Hendren, Mary  Bef 1816Fauquier Co, Virginia I36341
85 Herndon, John  1805Fauquier Co, Virginia I66097
86 Herndon, Joseph Thaddeus "Joel"  Abt 26 Oct 1906Fauquier Co, Virginia I42396
87 Hinson, George  3 Sep 1894Fauquier Co, Virginia I42374
88 Hord, Elizabeth  17 Oct 1781Fauquier Co, Virginia I6029
89 Jett, Elizabeth  1813Fauquier Co, Virginia I88436
90 Jett, Susanna  1780Fauquier Co, Virginia I54075
91 Jones, William  1815Fauquier Co, Virginia I5972
92 Metcalfe, William  Feb 1802Fauquier Co, Virginia I48479
93 Mitchell, John  Bef 26 June, 1784Fauquier Co, Virginia I5886
94 Moore, Anne Henley  Aft 1821Fauquier Co, Virginia I93366
95 Morehead, William  1809Fauquier Co, Virginia I35025
96 Muse, Margaret  1753Fauquier Co, Virginia I46294
97 Neavill, Judith  Abt 1825Fauquier Co, Virginia I5993
98 Neavill, Mary*  1796Fauquier Co, Virginia I5871
99 Owens, Ann  Bef 25 Nov 1813Fauquier Co, Virginia I42656
100 Owens, Mary Ann  1748Fauquier Co, Virginia I67423

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Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Herndon, Joseph Thaddeus "Joel"  Fauquier Co, Virginia I42396
2 Payne, Amos E.  Fauquier Co, Virginia I18094


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Allison, George Bailey  1820Fauquier Co, Virginia I64967
2 Allison, George Bailey  1830Fauquier Co, Virginia I64967
3 Allison, George Bailey  1860Fauquier Co, Virginia I64967
4 Allison, Martin W.  1860Fauquier Co, Virginia I64973
5 Allison, Richard  1810Fauquier Co, Virginia I64738
6 Allison, Richard  1860Fauquier Co, Virginia I64738
7 Allison, Susan  1860Fauquier Co, Virginia I64741
8 Allison, William Sr.  1810Fauquier Co, Virginia I65005
9 Allison, William Sr.  1820Fauquier Co, Virginia I65005
10 Bowie, Flora V.  Between 1850 and 1860Fauquier Co, Virginia I18119
11 Butler, James  1870Fauquier Co, Virginia I81314
12 Corder, Elisha  1820Fauquier Co, Virginia I37643
13 Corder, Vincent  1810Fauquier Co, Virginia I37906
14 Glasscock, Charles  7 Aug 1820Fauquier Co, Virginia I65059
15 Glasscock, Charles  1830Fauquier Co, Virginia I65059
16 Glasscock, Nimrod Sr.  1830Fauquier Co, Virginia I42924
17 Holder, Taliaferro  1860Fauquier Co, Virginia I42386
18 Holder, Taliaferro  1870Fauquier Co, Virginia I42386
19 Hope, James W. (boarder 1860)  1860Fauquier Co, Virginia I64985
20 McCormick, James  1770Fauquier Co, Virginia I43391
21 Payne, Carrie Lee  1870Fauquier Co, Virginia I18131
22 Payne, Emily Jane  1870Fauquier Co, Virginia I18112
23 Payne, John Wood  1860Fauquier Co, Virginia I18105
24 Russell, Thomas Alfred  1870Fauquier Co, Virginia I18121
25 Spark (Sparks?), Fanny Parker  1870Fauquier Co, Virginia I65039


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Barnett, Ambrose  26 Feb 1774Fauquier Co, Virginia I5989
2 Barnett, Ambrose  4 Jan 1776Fauquier Co, Virginia I5989
3 Blackwell, William  25 Aug 1771Fauquier Co, Virginia I31414
4 Chichester, Richard  26 Feb 1774Fauquier Co, Virginia I47514
5 Corder, John  31 Jul 1835Fauquier Co, Virginia I92652
6 Fitzhugh, John Thorton  24 Jul 1795Fauquier Co, Virginia I31458
7 Fitzhugh, Thomas  24 Jul 1795Fauquier Co, Virginia I31473
8 Foote, George  9 Jun 1759Fauquier Co, Virginia I46298
9 Foote, Gilson  21 Jun 1766Fauquier Co, Virginia I46305
10 Helm, William  24 Jul 1795Fauquier Co, Virginia I31453
11 Jones, Solomon (Henry, KY)  26 Feb 1774Fauquier Co, Virginia I5986
12 Jones, Willoughby*  9 Jun 1759Fauquier Co, Virginia I13982
13 Jones, Willoughby*  26 Sep 1768Fauquier Co, Virginia I13982
14 Neavill, George* Capt  24 Sep 1759Fauquier Co, Virginia I5872
15 Neavill, Judith  Abt 1825Fauquier Co, Virginia I5993
16 Neavill, Thomas  23 Jul 1782Fauquier Co, Virginia I35029
17 Orear, Margaret  1798Fauquier Co, Virginia I47550
18 Withers, John  24 Dec 1793Fauquier Co, Virginia I5892
19 Wood, Elias  24 Sep 1759Fauquier Co, Virginia I5852


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Ball, Joseph  6 Apr 1856Fauquier Co, Virginia I42372
2 Ball, Susan  6 Apr 1856Fauquier Co, Virginia I42373
3 Neavill, Thomas  24 Apr 1767Fauquier Co, Virginia I35029
4 Neavill, Thomas  2 Mar 1789Fauquier Co, Virginia I35029


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Barnett, Ambrose  26 Jul 1808Fauquier Co, Virginia I5989
2 Grigsby, Aaron  24 Jul 1795Fauquier Co, Virginia I85854
3 Jones, Elizabeth  26 Feb 1787Fauquier Co, Virginia I47601
4 Jones, Solomon (Henry, KY)  3 Feb 1786Fauquier Co, Virginia I5986
5 Jones, Solomon (Henry, KY)  26 Feb 1787Fauquier Co, Virginia I5986
6 Mitchell, John  21 Feb 1783Fauquier Co, Virginia I5886
7 Moffett, Caroline Matilda  24 Jul 1795Fauquier Co, Virginia I85849
8 Moffett, Charlotte  24 Jul 1795Fauquier Co, Virginia I85823
9 Moffett, Helen  24 Jul 1795Fauquier Co, Virginia I85850
10 Moffett, John Helm  24 Jul 1795Fauquier Co, Virginia I42441
11 Moffett, Louisa  24 Jul 1795Fauquier Co, Virginia I85851
12 Moffett, Mary Mildred  24 Jul 1795Fauquier Co, Virginia I85853
13 Moffett, Susannah  24 Jul 1795Fauquier Co, Virginia I85848
14 Neavill, Mary*  17 Jul 1783Fauquier Co, Virginia I5871
15 Neavill, Thomas  3 Sep 1771Fauquier Co, Virginia I35029
16 Rosser, John*  21 Jan 1783Fauquier Co, Virginia I5870
17 Stone, John (Mildredge, Laurens SC) (match 7C)(S-FFDNA-S)  26 Sep 1775Fauquier Co, Virginia I36751
18 Thornton, Lydia (immigrant)  24 Jul 1795Fauquier Co, Virginia I42442


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Blakemore, Thomas  Bef 1756Fauquier Co, Virginia I5987
2 Rosser, Richard*  10 Jul 1745Fauquier Co, Virginia I5983
3 Wood, William III  Fauquier Co, Virginia I18390


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Chinn, Charles Downman  1787Fauquier Co, Virginia I36536
2 Foote, George  28 Jun 1759Fauquier Co, Virginia I46298
3 Owens, Ann  25 Nov 1813Fauquier Co, Virginia I42656
4 Rosser, Lettice Glending "Lettie"  6 Apr 1856Fauquier Co, Virginia I5884
5 Withers, William Sr  23 Nov 1804Fauquier Co, Virginia I6028
6 Wood, Dickerson* Sr  23 Jul 1803Fauquier Co, Virginia I5831


Matches 1 to 100 of 170

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Owens  Abt 1724Fauquier Co, Virginia F21809
2 Allison / Allison  Abt 1793Fauquier Co, Virginia F21070
3 Allison / Allison  Abt 1830Fauquier Co, Virginia F20979
4 Allison / Caldwell  10 Jan 1840Fauquier Co, Virginia F21069
5 Allison / Downs  26 Jan 1832Fauquier Co, Virginia F21072
6 Allison / Edwards  Abt 1843Fauquier Co, Virginia F20978
7 Allison / Glasscock  26 Dec 1853Fauquier Co, Virginia F21067
8 Allison / Lee  3 Jun 1824Fauquier Co, Virginia F21074
9 Allison / Minter  18 Dec 1844Fauquier Co, Virginia F21068
10 Allison / Poe  31 Dec 1823Fauquier Co, Virginia F21071
11 Allison / Rowley  Abt 1803Fauquier Co, Virginia F20980
12 Allison / Skinner  17 Dec 1817Fauquier Co, Virginia F21063
13 Bailey / Ball  Abt 1820Fauquier Co, Virginia F14125
14 Ball / Ball  Abt 1830Fauquier Co, Virginia F14128
15 Ball / Robinson  1821Fauquier Co, Virginia F14130
16 Ball / Rosser  22 Feb 1792Fauquier Co, Virginia F2509
17 Ball / Smith  Abt 1759Fauquier Co, Virginia F14127
18 Barbee / Withers  2 Feb 1769Fauquier Co, Virginia F2529
19 Barnett / James  13 Oct 1788Fauquier Co, Virginia F15703
20 Barnett / Mitchell  20 Jan 1801Fauquier Co, Virginia F15998
21 Barnett / Neavill  18 Jul 1766Fauquier Co, Virginia F2553
22 Barnett / Spinny  28 Nov 1796Fauquier Co, Virginia F16010
23 Bonham / Phillips  May 1804Fauquier Co, Virginia F2057
24 Boyce / Helm  19 Jun 1765Fauquier Co, Virginia F11049
25 Bradford / Barnett  4 Jun 1806Fauquier Co, Virginia F15996
26 Browne / Glasscock  2 Apr 1813Fauquier Co, Virginia F12510
27 Bryant / Payne  21 Dec 1819Fauquier Co, Virginia F19962
28 Butler / Holder  Abt 1953Fauquier Co, Virginia F26581
29 Calmes / Hale (Heale)  18 Jan 1782Fauquier Co, Virginia F5323
30 Carter / Rust  5 Jun 1838Fauquier Co, Virginia F14309
31 Carter / Wood  4 Dec 1780Fauquier Co, Virginia F2487
32 Chilton / Ball  24 Jan 1792Fauquier Co, Virginia F24679
33 Chinn / Moore  25 Dec 1789Fauquier Co, Virginia F31430
34 Chinn / Withers  9 Jun 1789Fauquier Co, Virginia F2526
35 Cockrill / Bailey  Abt 1853Fauquier Co, Virginia F21095
36 Combs / Rousseau  20 Feb 1779Fauquier Co, Virginia F19965
37 Compton / Duke  12 Mar 1833Fauquier Co, Virginia F1437
38 Compton / Wood  4 Jan 1830Fauquier Co, Virginia F1309
39 Coppedge / Catlett   F19007
40 Corder / Corder  Abt 1702Fauquier Co, Virginia F12867
41 Corder / Corder  1728Fauquier Co, Virginia F12730
42 Corder / Corder  1730Fauquier Co, Virginia F12869
43 Corder / Corder  1754Fauquier Co, Virginia F12727
44 Corder / Cowgill  25 Dec 1809Fauquier Co, Virginia F12941
45 Corder / Ellis  17 Aug 1812Fauquier Co, Virginia F12946
46 Corder / Felkins  27 May 1797Fauquier Co, Virginia F31138
47 Corder / Smoot  5 Mar 1807Fauquier Co, Virginia F12950
48 Corder / Stone  17 Feb 1788Fauquier Co, Virginia F12726
49 Corder / Utterback  30 Aug 1800Fauquier Co, Virginia F12878
50 Cowgill / Corder  12 Dec 1810Fauquier Co, Virginia F12952
51 Cunnagy / Wood  28 Dec 1795Fauquier Co, Virginia F6663
52 Davis / Withers  23 Sep 1795Fauquier Co, Virginia F2511
53 Day / Corder  24 Sep 1785Fauquier Co, Virginia F31136
54 Digges / Gordon  14 Feb 1817Fauquier Co, Virginia F21081
55 Dulin / Glasscock  Aug 1783Fauquier Co, Virginia F14213
56 Dulin / Stone  Abt 1768Fauquier Co, Virginia F12708
57 Edmonds / Foote  Abt 1803Fauquier Co, Virginia F14341
58 Finnell / Powell  16 Mar 1843Fauquier Co, Virginia F32361
59 Fishback / Reed  6 Sep 1778Fauquier Co, Virginia F21566
60 Fitzgerald / Neavill  Abt 1757Fauquier Co, Virginia F14230
61 Garrard / Moffett  13 Mar 1797Fauquier Co, Virginia F28209
62 German / Allison  17 May 1806Fauquier Co, Virginia F21076
63 Gibson / Winn  17 Dec 1791Fauquier Co, Virginia F31482
64 Gladstone / Allison  23 Dec 1817Fauquier Co, Virginia F21075
65 Glasscock / Cockrill  Abt 1885Fauquier Co, Virginia F21093
66 Glasscock / Dulin  15 Jan 1793Fauquier Co, Virginia F21089
67 Glasscock / Duncan  Abt 1849Fauquier Co, Virginia F21092
68 Glasscock / Glasscock  23 Dec 1805Fauquier Co, Virginia F14306
69 Glasscock / Glasscock  Abt 1831Fauquier Co, Virginia F21090
70 Glasscock / Rector  1766Fauquier Co, Virginia F12586
71 Glasscock / Rector  Abt 1769Fauquier Co, Virginia F12587
72 Glasscock / Stephens  1766Fauquier Co, Virginia F14305
73 Godfrey / Robinson  19 May 1880Fauquier Co, Virginia F13582
74 Grigsby / Moffett  8 Nov 1785Fauquier Co, Virginia F28210
75 Hampton / Neavill  29 Jul 1761Fauquier Co, Virginia F2552
76 Handsucker / Corder  22 Nov 1802Fauquier Co, Virginia F12951
77 Harvie / Marshall  15 Sep 1813Fauquier Co, Virginia F36406
78 Hathaway / Neavill  25 Mar 1771Fauquier Co, Virginia F2546
79 Hector / Payne  28 Oct 1867Fauquier Co, Virginia F6671
80 Helm / Neavill  29 Jul 1764Fauquier Co, Virginia F1684
81 Helm / Pickett  3 Mar 1789Fauquier Co, Virginia F12518
82 Herndon / Chapman  23 Jun 1778Fauquier Co, Virginia F21389
83 Herndon / Holtzclaw  15 Dec 1806Fauquier Co, Virginia F21390
84 Herndon / Wood  31 Oct 1801Fauquier Co, Virginia F21394
85 Hinson / Ball  28 Nov 1825Fauquier Co, Virginia F14124
86 Hinson / Dulin  30 Dec 1806Fauquier Co, Virginia F14222
87 Holder / Ball  29 Nov 1828Fauquier Co, Virginia F14126
88 Hume / Wood  25 Jan 1802Fauquier Co, Virginia F2573
89 Jordan / Withers  26 Oct 1791Fauquier Co, Virginia F2530
90 Kemper / Withers  14 Aug 1792Fauquier Co, Virginia F2515
91 Kidwell / Withers  20 Mar 1804Fauquier Co, Virginia F2523
92 Lee / Allison  1 Jan 1821Fauquier Co, Virginia F20981
93 Maddox / Herndon  27 Apr 1887Fauquier Co, Virginia F14131
94 McCormick / Barnett  Feb 1807Fauquier Co, Virginia F15997
95 Metcalfe / Barnett  Abt 1787Fauquier Co, Virginia F16015
96 Mitchell / Rosser  21 Dec 1771Fauquier Co, Virginia F2507
97 Moffett / Stone  3 Feb 1761Fauquier Co, Virginia F12706
98 Neavill / Neavill  Abt 1725Fauquier Co, Virginia F12540
99 Neavill / Stewart  31 Jul 1772Fauquier Co, Virginia F12147
100 Nelson / Rosser  28 Dec 1803Fauquier Co, Virginia F2502

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