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Greene Co, Arkansas


Latitude: 36.1314931, Longitude: -90.56360899999999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boyd, Charles Winfield  16 Jun 1891Greene Co, Arkansas I93888
2 Boyd, Joseph Armstrong  14 May 1886Greene Co, Arkansas I93882
3 Breckenridge, Abraham Grant  27 Jan 1845Greene Co, Arkansas I63545
4 Breckenridge, Albert  Jul 1881Greene Co, Arkansas I46442
5 Breckenridge, Altha Ella  Apr 1877Greene Co, Arkansas I83590
6 Breckenridge, Arrie F.  Oct 1884Greene Co, Arkansas I83582
7 Breckenridge, Arthur Coleman  18 Jun 1896Greene Co, Arkansas I76401
8 Breckenridge, Billy   I83612
9 Breckenridge, Blena M.  1908Greene Co, Arkansas I76447
10 Breckenridge, Charlie M.  Apr 1888Greene Co, Arkansas I83583
11 Breckenridge, Clemme Belle  Abt 1909Greene Co, Arkansas I83606
12 Breckenridge, Delta M.  1898Greene Co, Arkansas I76446
13 Breckenridge, Deronda W.  12 Feb 1934Greene Co, Arkansas I83603
14 Breckenridge, Dora Ethel  20 Sep 1887Greene Co, Arkansas I76387
15 Breckenridge, Eli Green (or Levi)  7 Dec 1846Greene Co, Arkansas I63567
16 Breckenridge, Elihu W. (Elisha)  14 Jan 1871Greene Co, Arkansas I46440
17 Breckenridge, Elma  17 Sep 1892Greene Co, Arkansas I76393
18 Breckenridge, Engle Blanton  27 Nov 1903Greene Co, Arkansas I83598
19 Breckenridge, Erna  1912Greene Co, Arkansas I76438
20 Breckenridge, George Thomas  1867Greene Co, Arkansas I83587
21 Breckenridge, George W.  Abt 1865Greene Co, Arkansas I46438
22 Breckenridge, Gerald Pauline  6 Jan ;1907Greene Co, Arkansas I83599
23 Breckenridge, Hazel  1909Greene Co, Arkansas I83600
24 Breckenridge, Lila A.  1902Greene Co, Arkansas I76435
25 Breckenridge, Paris  1873Greene Co, Arkansas I46441
26 Breckenridge, Parthena  11 Mar 1867Greene Co, Arkansas I46439
27 Breckenridge, Ray Nehemiah  5 Nov 1900Greene Co, Arkansas I63543
28 Breckenridge, Rayo  3 Nov 1928Greene Co, Arkansas I77049
29 Breckenridge, Reba M.  1910Greene Co, Arkansas I76437
30 Breckenridge, Thomas Alva  26 Feb 1903Greene Co, Arkansas I83605
31 Breckenridge, Tommy Britton  3 Oct 1928Greene Co, Arkansas I83602
32 Breckenridge, Violet  1916Greene Co, Arkansas I76439
33 Breckenridge, Viva L. (or Vina)  1907Greene Co, Arkansas I76436
34 Breckenridge, Walter E. (son of who?)  21 Jul 1871Greene Co, Arkansas I76400
35 Butler, Ouida E.  23 Aug 1909Greene Co, Arkansas I76107
36 Cole, Caledonia  1871Greene Co, Arkansas I93839
37 Cole, Clara Arminta  1859Greene Co, Arkansas I77029
38 Cole, Early  Feb 1899Greene Co, Arkansas I93946
39 Cole, Emma  1872Greene Co, Arkansas I93865
40 Cole, Evia E.  15 Oct 1890Greene Co, Arkansas I93881
41 Cole, Frances V.  1877Greene Co, Arkansas I93869
42 Cole, James Wily  1864Greene Co, Arkansas I93862
43 Cole, John  1867Greene Co, Arkansas I93863
44 Cole, Joseph H.  1873Greene Co, Arkansas I93868
45 Cole, Martha  1870Greene Co, Arkansas I93864
46 Cole, Martha J.  1870Greene Co, Arkansas I93867
47 Cole, Mary Catherine Carolina  19 Apr 1889Greene Co, Arkansas I93937
48 Cole, Norman  Greene Co, Arkansas I93878
49 Cole, Nupie  Jul 1889Greene Co, Arkansas I93944
50 Cole, Permelia N.  1857Greene Co, Arkansas I77028
51 Cole, Robert N.  1866Greene Co, Arkansas I77031
52 Cole, Ruffin Jr.  1862Greene Co, Arkansas I93861
53 Cole, Vadie  Jul 1896Greene Co, Arkansas I93945
54 Cole, William T. "Dude"  16 Feb 1861Greene Co, Arkansas I93860
55 Cooper, Chester  23 Mar 1917Greene Co, Arkansas I79652
56 Cooper, Gwendolyn  1914Greene Co, Arkansas I79647
57 Cooper, Joy  1920Greene Co, Arkansas I79653
58 Cooper, Sible  1908Greene Co, Arkansas I79644
59 Cooper, Thomas S.  1922Greene Co, Arkansas I79654
60 Cooper, Vivian  1915Greene Co, Arkansas I79646
61 Eubanks, Albert A.  6 Dec 1884Greene Co, Arkansas I76386
62 Eubanks, Alice A.  1884Greene Co, Arkansas I76388
63 Eubanks, Beatrice  1908Greene Co, Arkansas I76442
64 Eubanks, Charlie  1902Greene Co, Arkansas I77083
65 Eubanks, Claudia Mae  1878Greene Co, Arkansas I76383
66 Eubanks, Cora Gertrude  1880Greene Co, Arkansas I76384
67 Eubanks, Dona C.  1890Greene Co, Arkansas I76392
68 Eubanks, Frances M.  3 Apr 1886Greene Co, Arkansas I76389
69 Eubanks, Gladys Evalou  25 Jul 1903Greene Co, Arkansas I76429
70 Eubanks, Gus  1915Greene Co, Arkansas I76444
71 Eubanks, Gussie V.  1895Greene Co, Arkansas I77082
72 Eubanks, Jimmy  1910Greene Co, Arkansas I76443
73 Eubanks, John Lemuel  1876Greene Co, Arkansas I76382
74 Eubanks, Marcus Neal  19 Jun 1905Greene Co, Arkansas I76427
75 Eubanks, Mary Ellen  24 Dec 1871Greene Co, Arkansas I77093
76 Eubanks, Mary Eveline  20 Feb 1888Greene Co, Arkansas I76391
77 Eubanks, Neil  1906Greene Co, Arkansas I76441
78 Eubanks, Rufus Clinton  6 Jan 1882Greene Co, Arkansas I76385
79 Eubanks, Sonora Jane "Gennie"  5 Jun 1874Greene Co, Arkansas I76423
80 Evans, Edward John David  13 Jun 1928Greene Co, Arkansas I98244
81 Evans, Joseph Lee  21 Apr 1899Greene Co, Arkansas I98243
82 Fryar, Adaline  1858Greene Co, Arkansas I46561
83 Fryar, Carrell S.  1889Greene Co, Arkansas I93921
84 Fryar, Joseph  1862Greene Co, Arkansas I13386
85 Fryar, Mary E. "Mollie"  7 Jul 1881Greene Co, Arkansas I77044
86 Fryar, Nancy Elizabeth  1865Greene Co, Arkansas I12643
87 Fryar, Pleasant  1868Greene Co, Arkansas I13387
88 Fryar, Sevier  1853Greene Co, Arkansas I12703
89 Futrell, Jeptha J.  1868Greene Co, Arkansas I77076
90 Green, Annie  21 Mar 1904Greene Co, Arkansas I77047
91 Green, Bessie  Aug 1894Greene Co, Arkansas I93949
92 Green, Elsie  1900Greene Co, Arkansas I77046
93 Green, Georgian  1869Greene Co, Arkansas I93969
94 Green, John C.  1876Greene Co, Arkansas I93895
95 Green, Laura  Jul 1891Greene Co, Arkansas I93947
96 Green, Walter  Aug 1893Greene Co, Arkansas I93948
97 Haynes, Millie A.  1872Greene Co, Arkansas I63502
98 Horne, Calvin Wall  23 Mar 1883Greene Co, Arkansas I76394
99 Jackson, Nellie  4 Mar 1895Greene Co, Arkansas I76145
100 Jones, Hattie Mae  1901Greene Co, Arkansas I12741

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Matches 1 to 90 of 90

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ball, Elizabeth Catherine  Bef 1866Greene Co, Arkansas I80390
2 Ball, James Wilburn  Abt 1872Greene Co, Arkansas I80388
3 Biggs, Augusta Savannah  1889Greene Co, Arkansas I63540
4 Boyd, Charles Winfield  25 Nov 1986Greene Co, Arkansas I93888
5 Boyd, David Pinkney  13 May 1910Greene Co, Arkansas I93886
6 Boyd, Joseph Armstrong  13 Oct 1958Greene Co, Arkansas I93882
7 Breckenridge, David Isaac Embers  1877Greene Co, Arkansas I46435
8 Breckenridge, Dora Ethel  6 Feb 1974Greene Co, Arkansas I76387
9 Breckenridge, James Harvey  5 Apr 1888Greene Co, Arkansas I46434
10 Breckenridge, John Bunion  12 May 1913Greene Co, Arkansas I83588
11 Breckenridge, Mary Alice  7 Mar 1946Greene Co, Arkansas I83586
12 Breckenridge, Thomas Wilson  21 Mar 1921Greene Co, Arkansas I12887
13 Butler, Ouida E.  3 Dec 1990Greene Co, Arkansas I76107
14 Cole, Ezra Warren  21 Mar 1968Greene Co, Arkansas I93931
15 Cole, John Thomas  30 Aug 1897Greene Co, Arkansas I77016
16 Cole, Ruffin H. Sr.  25 Mar 1882Greene Co, Arkansas I93858
17 Cole, William T. "Dude"  28 May 1947Greene Co, Arkansas I93860
18 Cole, Zelphia Jane  9 Sep 1933Greene Co, Arkansas I77018
19 Compton, William  Between 1862 and 1869Greene Co, Arkansas I46460
20 Cooper, Millard Filmore  16 Sep 1955Greene Co, Arkansas I79620
21 Eubanks, Mary Eveline  23 Nov 1926Greene Co, Arkansas I76391
22 Eubanks, Talitha Jane  Bef 1878Greene Co, Arkansas I77072
23 Eubanks, William Pinkney  18 Aug 1876Greene Co, Arkansas I77068
24 Fryar, Joseph  Aft 1860Greene Co, Arkansas I2271
25 Fryar, Nancy Elizabeth  1921Greene Co, Arkansas I12643
26 Fryar, Rebecca  Aft 1860Greene Co, Arkansas I12702
27 Futrell, Neoma  1862Greene Co, Arkansas I63523
28 Gartman, Cornelia Priscilla  Abt 1910Greene Co, Arkansas I76363
29 George, Edith Magnolia "Maggie" Alabama  1978Greene Co, Arkansas I12758
30 Goodwin, Mary  1900Greene Co, Arkansas I63529
31 Green, Albert J.  1910Greene Co, Arkansas I77045
32 Green, Flora Elizabeth  Aft 1890Greene Co, Arkansas I76380
33 Green, Georgian  19 Jun 1888Greene Co, Arkansas I93969
34 Green, Isaiah Norton  17 Oct 1885Greene Co, Arkansas I93968
35 Green, John William  27 Nov 1880Greene Co, Arkansas I76378
36 Green, Mary Elizabeth "Mollly"  27 Dec 1905Greene Co, Arkansas I63493
37 Green, Sarah Ann  24 Aug 1890Greene Co, Arkansas I93902
38 Green, William Jasper  17 Feb 1889Greene Co, Arkansas I93962
39 Helderman, Ida Annie  1955Greene Co, Arkansas I76996
40 Hellums, Sarah "Sarie"  1873Greene Co, Arkansas I77065
41 Horne, Dora  23 Feb 1892Greene Co, Arkansas I93880
42 Horne, John Coleman  29 Apr 1900Greene Co, Arkansas I76395
43 Huffsteter (Hufstedler), Susan  Nov 1850Greene Co, Arkansas I63527
44 Jones, Hattie Mae  1974Greene Co, Arkansas I12741
45 Jones, Marcus Berger  1937Greene Co, Arkansas I12739
46 Jones, Ruth Mae  1959Greene Co, Arkansas I12740
47 Jones, Thomas Jasper  22 Feb 1910Greene Co, Arkansas I12736
48 Kaminer, Jacob Asburn  1883Greene Co, Arkansas I76362
49 Kaminer, Josephine  20 Mar 1917Greene Co, Arkansas I12924
50 Kennemer (or Kennamour, Kennamore), Robert F.  1888Greene Co, Arkansas I76374
51 Lovelady, Eldridge (or Elbridge)  15 Mar 1931Greene Co, Arkansas I13693
52 Lovelady, Joseph  12 Apr 1861Greene Co, Arkansas I2425
53 Lovelady, Mary (..)  Greene Co, Arkansas I12873
54 Lovelady, Mary Ann  1913Greene Co, Arkansas I12881
55 Lovelady, Rebecca  Aft 1830Greene Co, Arkansas I1969
56 Lovelady, Sarah (..)  Aft 1858Greene Co, Arkansas I2481
57 Lovelady, Virginia E. (Jennie or Gennie, wife?)  6 Feb 1929Greene Co, Arkansas I13692
58 Lovelady, William  Mar 1870Greene Co, Arkansas I12896
59 Meadows, Ann Ella  18 Feb 1928Greene Co, Arkansas I63546
60 Mielar (or Mealer), Sarah Elvira  25 Dec 1912Greene Co, Arkansas I63532
61 Mothershed, Lucy Ann  20 Nov 1909Greene Co, Arkansas I93859
62 Murphy, Martin  Aft 1872Greene Co, Arkansas I63561
63 Norman, Sarah A.  1876Greene Co, Arkansas I76375
64 Nutt, William Granville  19 Feb 1899Greene Co, Arkansas I80360
65 Nutt, William Henry  12 Dec 1862Greene Co, Arkansas I80356
66 Owen, Martha Caroline  13 Jan 1940Greene Co, Arkansas I77006
67 Owens, James H.  11 Jan 1941Greene Co, Arkansas I77056
68 Parish, Elizabeth Annie  4 Feb 1912Greene Co, Arkansas I76407
69 Roan, Cassandra Catherine  17 Sep 1935Greene Co, Arkansas I98241
70 Roberts, Alvin Bodine  3 May 1961Greene Co, Arkansas I63494
71 Roberts, James Monroe  31 Jan 1936Greene Co, Arkansas I13689
72 Roberts, Reuben Wesley  Bef 24 Apr 1873Greene Co, Arkansas I46447
73 Roberts, Simeon Thomas  28 Apr 1948Greene Co, Arkansas I77043
74 Roberts, Tennessee Miralda "Tempy"  Bef 24 Apr 1873Greene Co, Arkansas I46444
75 Smelser, William P.  1863Greene Co, Arkansas I93958
76 Spears, Elizabeth  1850Greene Co, Arkansas I80359
77 Stoves, Kizzie B.  29 Dec 1963Greene Co, Arkansas I63542
78 Summers, Sarah Catherine  9 Sep 1917Greene Co, Arkansas I76396
79 Taylor, George Washington  Aft 1878Greene Co, Arkansas I63522
80 Taylor, Raymond Eugene  6 Dec 1995Greene Co, Arkansas I77058
81 Textor, William George  28 Jan 1954Greene Co, Arkansas I93938
82 Thorn, James D.  10 Nov 1927Greene Co, Arkansas I93903
83 Tyler, Winnie Ethel  21 Sep 1984Greene Co, Arkansas I93933
84 Williams, Ada May  26 Apr 1901Greene Co, Arkansas I12903
85 Williams, Charles E.  17 Mar 1900Greene Co, Arkansas I12913
86 Williams, Della Q. (..)  10 May 1916Greene Co, Arkansas I12908
87 Williams, Frankie  10 Oct 1902Greene Co, Arkansas I12914
88 Williams, George Washington  Aft 1891Greene Co, Arkansas I12897
89 Williams, George Washington  20 Oct 1918Greene Co, Arkansas I12916
90 Williams, Zella  22 Mar 1923Greene Co, Arkansas I12905


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Fryar, Joseph  1860Greene Co, Arkansas I2271
2 Fryar, Laurentus Calvin (Quentus) (Ola) (son?)  1860Greene Co, Arkansas I46490
3 Lovelady, Mary (Pearce?)  1890Greene Co, Arkansas I2142
4 Lovelady, William  1860Greene Co, Arkansas I12896


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Lovelady, Joseph  1852Greene Co, Arkansas I2425


Matches 1 to 69 of 69

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ball / Nutt  8 Mar 1876Greene Co, Arkansas F26189
2 Boyd / Butler  4 Mar 1933Greene Co, Arkansas F24718
3 Boyd / Cole  21 Nov 1909Greene Co, Arkansas F31590
4 Boyd / Williams  28 Dec 1879Greene Co, Arkansas F31591
5 Branch / Branch  Abt 1898Greene Co, Arkansas F31604
6 Branch / Breckenridge  4 Nov 1886Greene Co, Arkansas F27329
7 Breckenridge / Battoe  Dec 1855Greene Co, Arkansas F15397
8 Breckenridge / Biggs  18 Nov 1883Greene Co, Arkansas F20530
9 Breckenridge / Breckenridge  Abt 1901Greene Co, Arkansas F24822
10 Breckenridge / Breckenridge  30 Jan 1923Greene Co, Arkansas F27332
11 Breckenridge / Eubanks  Abt 1901Greene Co, Arkansas F24817
12 Breckenridge / Goodwin  1870Greene Co, Arkansas F20525
13 Breckenridge / Horne  9 Mar 1890Greene Co, Arkansas F24807
14 Breckenridge / Lovelady  1852Greene Co, Arkansas F4992
15 Breckenridge / Meadows  1873Greene Co, Arkansas F20533
16 Breckenridge / Roberts  Abt 1892Greene Co, Arkansas F24810
17 Breckenridge / Taylor  13 Apr 1948Greene Co, Arkansas F25023
18 Breckenridge / Williams  Abt 1865Greene Co, Arkansas F15358
19 Breckenridge / Williams  21 Dec 1918Greene Co, Arkansas F20532
20 Butler / Lovelady  15 Nov 1908Greene Co, Arkansas F24716
21 Cole / Cole  Abt 1870Greene Co, Arkansas F31587
22 Cole / Cole  Bef 1873Greene Co, Arkansas F31582
23 Cole / Horne  6 May 1880Greene Co, Arkansas F31589
24 Cole / Kaminer  27 Dec 1888Greene Co, Arkansas F31603
25 Cooper / Cooper  Abt 1907Greene Co, Arkansas F25918
26 Cooper / Spain  1928Greene Co, Arkansas F25916
27 Cooper / Stallcup  1899Greene Co, Arkansas F25909
28 Cooper / Williams-Cooper  1915Greene Co, Arkansas F25915
29 Craig / Horne  30 Jul 1899Greene Co, Arkansas F24808
30 Dacus / Jones  Oct 1913Greene Co, Arkansas F4928
31 Dacus / Jones  Jun 1916Greene Co, Arkansas F4929
32 Eubanks / Breckenridge  Abt 1904Greene Co, Arkansas F24802
33 Eubanks / Edwards  24 Jan 1878Greene Co, Arkansas F25036
34 Eubanks / Gramling  Abt 1871Greene Co, Arkansas F25034
35 Eubanks / King  Abt 1901Greene Co, Arkansas F24819
36 Eubanks / Lovelady  27 Oct 1927Greene Co, Arkansas F24816
37 Fryar / Fryar  1857Greene Co, Arkansas F1047
38 Fryar / Stoves  Abt 1898Greene Co, Arkansas F31602
39 Gibson / Mooney  Aft 1880Greene Co, Arkansas F31612
40 Green / Gardner  1882Greene Co, Arkansas F31617
41 Green / Kennemer (or Kennamour, Kennamore)  27 Sep 1891Greene Co, Arkansas F24727
42 Green / Throgmorton  2 Mar 1890Greene Co, Arkansas F31598
43 Haynes / Lovelady  Abt 1870Greene Co, Arkansas F20513
44 Horne / Breckenridge  Abt 1900Greene Co, ARkansas F24804
45 Jones / Craig  14 Aug 1884Greene Co, Arkansas F31627
46 Jones / Jackson  Aug 1911Greene Co, Arkansas F4927
47 Lasten / Spain  Abt 1876Greene Co, Arkansas F20516
48 Like / Horne  4 Sep 1898Greene Co, Arkansas F24806
49 Long / Fryar  24 May 1884Greene Co, Arkansas F4893
50 Lovelady / Kaminer  2 Nov 1882Greene Co, Arkansas F5003
51 Lovelady / Lovelady  Abt 1882Greene Co, Arkansas F24813
52 Lovelady / Miles  Abt 1920Greene Co, Arkansas F24796
53 Lovelady / Morgan  29 Dec 1879Greene Co, Arkansas F5002
54 Lovelady / North  30 Jul 1905Greene Co, Arkansas F24815
55 McIntosh / Eubanks  18 May 1907Greene Co, Arkansas F24818
56 Meadows / Branch  1879Greene Co, Arkansas F20535
57 Murphy / Breckenridge  Abt 1866Greene Co, Arkansas F20538
58 Roberts / Holifield  20 Oct 1912Greene Co, Arkansas F31571
59 Roberts / Parish  Abt 1865Greene Co, Arkansas F24811
60 Smelser / Kennemer (or Kennamour)  Abt 1858Greene Co, Arkansas F31614
61 Smelser / Roberts  22 Jan 1889Greene Co, Arkansas F31625
62 Spain / Helderman  1904Greene Co, Arkansas F25010
63 Taylor / Owens  Abt 1925Greene Co, Arkansas F25024
64 Thorn / Green  31 Jul 1881Greene Co, Arkansas F31597
65 Tucker / Williams  Abt 1908Greene Co, Arkansas F24157
66 Williams / Breckenridge  2 Oct 1890Greene Co, Arkansas F20529
67 Williams / Breckenridge  Abt 1894Greene Co, Arkansas F5000
68 Williams / Lovelady  Abt 1865Greene Co, Arkansas F4996
69 Williams / Williams  Abt 1912Greene Co, Arkansas F16574

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