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Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut



Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bliss, Mary  14 Aug 1670Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29852
2 Bulloch, Martha  8 Jul 1835Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I63661
3 Burr, Timothy  1772Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I56504
4 Bushnell, Abigail  12 May 1735Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I30258
5 Bushnell, Anne  Abt 1725Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I30253
6 Bushnell, Elizabeth  24 Feb 1733Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I30257
7 Bushnell, Mary  27 Oct 1730Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I30256
8 Bushnell, Mehitable  28 Feb 1727Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I30254
9 Bushnell, Sarah  31 Jan 1729Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I30255
10 Bushnell, Susannah  12 May 1735Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I30259
11 Butler, Mary  Abt 1722Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I47885
12 Cadwell, Abigail  5 Jan 1723Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I90054
13 Caldwell (or Cadwell), Thomas  12 Jan 1637Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I12365
14 Chapin, Mary  9 Nov 1780Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I56503
15 Clark, Joseph  Abt 1653Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29746
16 Clark, Vashti  3 Jun 1788Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I89204
17 Cross, Peter  1780Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I86517
18 Day, Sarah  1640Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I89194
19 Gibbons, Elizabeth  1618Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I12550
20 Gillett, Jonathan  22 Mar 1720Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I106082
21 Gridley (or Spencer?), Mary  29 Sep 1652Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I92115
22 Gurney, Lydia  6 Dec 1734Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I89186
23 Hopkins, Stephen  1630Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I96873
24 Kellogg, Isaac  Jan 1697Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I88726
25 Kellogg, Sarah  16 Feb 1735Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I88728
26 Kelsey, Mary  1644Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I106130
27 Ketcheral, Hannah  4 Jan 1646Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I5712
28 Ketcheral, Samuel  1643Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I43482
29 Merrill, Isaac  11 Mar 1682Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I106176
30 Merrill, Israel  15 Apr 1716Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I90053
31 Merrill, Jared  1754Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I90055
32 Merrill, Noah  8 May 1708Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I106178
33 Merrill, Sarah  19 Sep 1664Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I88724
34 Seymour, Moses  23 Jul 1742Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I57171
35 Seymour, William  18 Aug 1728Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I106223
36 Stanton, Mary  Abt 1643Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I85950
37 Ward, Nathaniel  1638Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I96871
38 Webster, Mary Judd  31 May 1697Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I88727


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bliss, Thomas  Mar 1651Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I12357
2 Bushnell, Daniel  Aft 1824Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29755
3 Bushnell, William  Aft 1722Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I28977
4 Chapin, Aaron  25 Dec 1838Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I56497
5 Clark, Nathaniel  17 Aug 1810Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I89200
6 Day, Robert (immigrant)  16 Oct 1648Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I89193
7 Gillett, Joseph  13 Feb 1746Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I106180
8 Griswold, Mary  9 Dec 1719Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I106188
9 Hall, Miranda  Abt Mar 1824Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29642
10 Higgins, Thankful  16 May 1792Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29752
11 Hopkins, Bethia (immigrant)  1680Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I106144
12 Hopkins, Jane (..) (immigrant)  11 Nov 1679Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I96868
13 Hopkins, Stephen  1689Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I96873
14 Ketcheral, Samuel* (immigrant)  9 Jun 1651Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I5709
15 King, Mary  21 Feb 1829Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I56498
16 Merrill, Israel  15 Oct 1784Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I90053
17 Moore, Mary Crary  04 Sep 1907Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29831
18 Peabody or Sheppard, Susannah* (immigrant)  1662Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I4390
19 Shepard, Deborah (immigrant)  7 Sep 1705Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I96890
20 Shepard, Elizabeth (immigrant)  Bef 30 Mar 1694Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I96896
21 Shepard, John Sr. (immigrant)  12 Jun 1707Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I96893
22 Shephard, Susanna (immigrant)  1662Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I96874
23 Stebbins, Editha (immigrant)  14 Oct 1688Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I89192
24 Stebbins, Edward (Immigrant)  Bef 19 Aug 1668Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I30739
25 Stebbins, Elizabeth (Immigrant)  Oct 1698Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I12366
26 Tritton, Benet (2nd wife) (immigrant)  5 Jan 1664Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I96875
27 Wilson, Robert  21 Jul 1655Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I89180
28 Wolterton, Stephen* (immigrant)  25 Jan 1672Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I4401


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Shepard, Elizabeth (immigrant)  30 Mar 1694Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I96896


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Brockway, William Sr.  14 Jul 1674Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29625
2 Brockway, Wolston Sr. (immigrant)  14 Jul 1674Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29081
3 Shepard, Deborah (immigrant)  17 Jul 1674Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I96890
4 Shepard, Edward (immigrant)  17 Jul 1674Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I96888
5 Shepard, John Sr. (immigrant)  17 Jul 1674Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I96893
6 Shepard, Sarah (immigrant)  17 Jul 1674Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I96891
7 Wolterton, Elizabeth (granddau?)  14 Jul 1674Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29624
8 Wolterton, Gregory (immigrant)  Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I4367
9 Wolterton, James  17 Jul 1674Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I96869


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Shepard, John Sr. (immigrant)  Jul 1707Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut I96893


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bushnell / Brockway  Abt 1810Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut F10413
2 Clark / Bunce  Abt 1642Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut F10408
3 Day / Stebbins  Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut F29687
4 Fairbanks / Shepard  Bef 1674Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut F32586
5 French / Dudley  17 Oct 1757Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut F28810
6 Gillett / Griswold  3 Nov 1687Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut F35919
7 Kellogg / Merrill  22 Sep 1687Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut F29475
8 Kellogg / Webster  26 Dec 1717Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut F29476
9 Ketcheral / Chapman  1643Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut F1696
10 Merrill / Cadwell  1740Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut F30019
11 Seymour / Merrill  27 Dec 1753Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut F35931
12 Stebbins / Tough  Abt 1634Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut F10830
13 Ward / Hopkins  Bef 1657Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut F32572
14 Wolterton / Hopkins  Oct 1670Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut F10368
15 Wolterton / Tritton  Aft 1662Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut F32574
16 Wright / Ketcheral  1 Dec 1659Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut F1686

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