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Lancaster Co, Virginia



Matches 1 to 98 of 98

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ball, Anne  15 May 1700Lancaster Co, Virginia I47523
2 Ball, David  26 Sep 1686Lancaster Co, Virginia I46281
3 Ball, Elizabeth  1685Lancaster Co, Virginia I42501
4 Ball, Ellen  Abt 1706Lancaster Co, Virginia I43024
5 Ball, Esther  1685Lancaster Co, Virginia I42454
6 Ball, Frances  1681Lancaster Co, Virginia I42499
7 Ball, Frances Ravenscroft (ggdau of Joseph Ball)  Abt 1794Lancaster Co, Virginia I87268
8 Ball, George  Abt 1701Lancaster Co, Virginia I91530
9 Ball, Hannah  1683Lancaster Co, Virginia I42500
10 Ball, James  15 Oct 1678Lancaster Co, Virginia I42494
11 Ball, James  20 Feb 1755Lancaster Co, Virginia I47571
12 Ball, Joseph  1680Lancaster Co, Virginia I91465
13 Ball, Joseph Jr.  11 Mar 1689Lancaster Co, Virginia I42503
14 Ball, Margaret  29 Sep 1694Lancaster Co, Virginia I43022
15 Ball, Margaret  Abt 1704Lancaster Co, Virginia I43026
16 Ball, Richard  Aug 1675Lancaster Co, Virginia I43029
17 Ball, Richard  1724Lancaster Co, Virginia I89453
18 Ball, Sarah  Abt 1732Lancaster Co, Virginia I43027
19 Ball, Sarah Sinah  Abt 1703Lancaster Co, Virginia I87243
20 Ball, William III  12 Sep 1676Lancaster Co, Virginia I42789
21 Ball, Williamson  1736Lancaster Co, Virginia I91535
22 Barker, Elizabeth "Betty"  Abt 1690Lancaster Co, Virginia I43010
23 Blakemore, Edward  Abt 1725Lancaster Co, Virginia I42757
24 Blakemore, Hannah  1722Lancaster Co, Virginia I42755
25 Blakemore, Hannah  16 Jan 1773Lancaster Co, Virginia I42765
26 Blakemore, John Sr.  1723Lancaster Co, Virginia I42766
27 Blakemore, Joseph Sr.  1732Lancaster Co, Virginia I42758
28 Blakemore, Mary "Molly"  1758Lancaster Co, Virginia I91980
29 Blakemore, Sarah C.  Abt 1717Lancaster Co, Virginia I42754
30 Brent, Sarah  Bef 1733Lancaster Co, Virginia I93364
31 Carnegie, James  Abt 1707Lancaster Co, Virginia I42600
32 Carter, Lucy  1715Lancaster Co, Virginia I91547
33 Chichester, Elizabeth  Abt 1737Lancaster Co, Virginia I47515
34 Chichester, Ellen  Abt 1739Lancaster Co, Virginia I47518
35 Chichester, John  1735Lancaster Co, Virginia I47507
36 Chichester, Mary  Abt 1740Lancaster Co, Virginia I47519
37 Chinn, Ann  Abt 1743Lancaster Co, Virginia I42489
38 Chinn, Charles Downman  18 Oct 1723Lancaster Co, Virginia I36536
39 Chinn, Christopher Downman  1725Lancaster Co, Virginia I42486
40 Chinn, Elijah Downman  Abt 1728Lancaster Co, Virginia I42487
41 Chinn, John Joseph  Abt 1739Lancaster Co, Virginia I42796
42 Chinn, Joseph William  1704Lancaster Co, Virginia I42492
43 Chinn, Rawleigh Jr.  1706Lancaster Co, Virginia I42461
44 Chinn, Rawleigh  1747Lancaster Co, Virginia I42991
45 Chinn, Sarah Ellen  1705Lancaster Co, Virginia I42504
46 Chinn, Susannah  Abt 1749Lancaster Co, Virginia I42983
47 Chinn, Thomas  1714Lancaster Co, Virginia I42505
48 Chinn, Thomas  Abt 1736Lancaster Co, Virginia I93361
49 Conway, Edwin III  3 Oct 1681Lancaster Co, Virginia I42598
50 Conway, Mary  16 Feb 1686Lancaster Co, Virginia I42495
51 Dale, Reuben  1650Lancaster Co, Virginia I66818
52 Davenport, William  Abt 1694Lancaster Co, Virginia I42803
53 Downman, Priscilla  19 Mar 1700Lancaster Co, Virginia I42795
54 Downman, William  Abt 1655Lancaster Co, Virginia I42797
55 Downman, William  Abt 1717Lancaster Co, Virginia I43023
56 Glasscock, William Chichester  4 Jul 1754Lancaster Co, Virginia I47517
57 Grayson, Mary  1681Lancaster Co, Virginia I86828
58 Hale (Heale), Catherine  1712Lancaster Co, Virginia I42784
59 Hale (Heale), Catherine  Abt 1720Lancaster Co, Virginia I46282
60 Hale (Heale), Elizabeth  1707Lancaster Co, Virginia I42783
61 Hale (Heale), Ellen  1693Lancaster Co, Virginia I42806
62 Hale (Heale), George  1643Lancaster Co, Virginia I42786
63 Hale (Heale), George  Abt 1702Lancaster Co, Virginia I46280
64 Hale (Heale), Hannah  1682Lancaster Co, Virginia I42788
65 Hale (Heale), John  1686Lancaster Co, Virginia I42804
66 Hale (Heale), Joseph  Abt 1684Lancaster Co, Virginia I42805
67 Hale (Heale), Mary Ellen  19 Nov 1705Lancaster Co, Virginia I42781
68 Hale (Heale), Nicholas  1691Lancaster Co, Virginia I42808
69 Hale (Heale), Priscilla  22 Sep 1759Lancaster Co, Virginia I14061
70 Hale (Heale), Sarah  1698Lancaster Co, Virginia I42807
71 Hale (Heale), Sarah  1714Lancaster Co, Virginia I42785
72 Hale (Heale), William  1697Lancaster Co, Virginia I42782
73 Hamilton, Abner  10 Oct 1760Lancaster Co, Virginia I76487
74 Harrison, Eleanor  Abt 1670Lancaster Co, Virginia I43017
75 Harrison, Frances  Abt 1664Lancaster Co, Virginia I43016
76 Harrison, Joseph  Abt 1662Lancaster Co, Virginia I43018
77 Harrison-Jones, Mary  Abt 1684Lancaster Co, Virginia I43013
78 Heale (Hale), George  8 Aug 1728Lancaster Co, Virginia I42793
79 Kirk, Anthony  Abt 1729Lancaster Co, Virginia I93365
80 Lawrence, Elizabeth  1686Lancaster Co, Virginia I92013
81 Lewis, Henry  Jul 1689Lancaster Co, Virginia I105437
82 Mitchell, George  Abt 1686Lancaster Co, Virginia I42974
83 Mitchell, John  Abt 1682Lancaster Co, Virginia I42978
84 Mitchell, Robert  Abt 1660Lancaster Co, Virginia I42976
85 Mitchell, Robert  Abt 1684Lancaster Co, Virginia I42979
86 Mitchell, Sarah  Abt 1688Lancaster Co, Virginia I42980
87 Mitchell, Sarah  Abt 1707Lancaster Co, Virginia I42975
88 Mitchell, Sarah  10 Mar 1716Lancaster Co, Virginia I42982
89 Sanders, Ann  1736Lancaster Co, Virginia I91979
90 Shearman, Elizabeth  Abt 1753Lancaster Co, Virginia I42990
91 Shearman, Joseph  Abt 1777Lancaster Co, Virginia I42989
92 Shearman, Nancy  Abt 1769Lancaster Co, Virginia I42985
93 Shearman, Sarah  Abt 1771Lancaster Co, Virginia I42986
94 Shearman, Susannah  Abt 1773Lancaster Co, Virginia I42987
95 Shearman, Thomas  Abt 1775Lancaster Co, Virginia I42988
96 Simmons, Elizabeth  8 Sep 1665Lancaster Co, Virginia I66819
97 Travers, Elizabeth  Abt 1708Lancaster Co, Virginia I42596
98 Travers, Sarah  Abt 1710Lancaster Co, Virginia I42597


Matches 1 to 72 of 72

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ball, David  14 Mar 1732Lancaster Co, Virginia I46281
2 Ball, Elizabeth  Bef 11 Feb 1707Lancaster Co, Virginia I42501
3 Ball, Elizabeth  Bef 1773Lancaster Co, Virginia I42493
4 Ball, Ellen  1751Lancaster Co, Virginia I43024
5 Ball, Esther  1751Lancaster Co, Virginia I42454
6 Ball, Frances  3 Sep 1699Lancaster Co, Virginia I42499
7 Ball, Frances  5 Feb 1782Lancaster Co, Virginia I42615
8 Ball, James II  24 Nov 1789Lancaster Co, Virginia I47572
9 Ball, James  18 Dec 1825Lancaster Co, Virginia I47571
10 Ball, Margaret  Bef 16 Oct 1783Lancaster Co, Virginia I43026
11 Ball, Richard  Bef 3 Feb 1726Lancaster Co, Virginia I43029
12 Ball, Richard  17 Jun 1765Lancaster Co, Virginia I89453
13 Ball, Sarah  Aft 1750Lancaster Co, Virginia I43027
14 Ball, William I  Bef Nov 1680Lancaster Co, Virginia I42627
15 Ball, William II (immigrant)  30 Sep 1694Lancaster Co, Virginia I18662
16 Bertrand, Mary Ann  12 Feb 1749Lancaster Co, Virginia I47525
17 Blakemore, Edward Jr.  Bef 12 May 1738Lancaster Co, Virginia I42751
18 Blakemore, Edward  1777Lancaster Co, Virginia I42757
19 Blakemore, Sarah C.  Abt 1727Lancaster Co, Virginia I42754
20 Brent, Sarah  Aft 19 Mar 1778Lancaster Co, Virginia I93364
21 Chichester, Ellen  27 Sep 1759Lancaster Co, Virginia I47518
22 Chichester, John (immigrant)  Bef 9 Oct 1728Lancaster Co, Virginia I47505
23 Chichester, John  Bef 15 Mar 1754Lancaster Co, Virginia I47507
24 Chinn, Ann  Bef 10 Dec 1729Lancaster Co, Virginia I42769
25 Chinn, Ann  Bef 21 Oct 1793Lancaster Co, Virginia I42482
26 Chinn, John Joseph  7 Feb 1791Lancaster Co, Virginia I42796
27 Chinn, Rawleigh Jr.  1756Lancaster Co, Virginia I42461
28 Chinn, Thomas  21 Jan 1768Lancaster Co, Virginia I42505
29 Conway, Mary  15 Sep 1730Lancaster Co, Virginia I42495
30 Dale, Mary  Bef 16 Oct 1684Lancaster Co, Virginia I43012
31 Davenport, William  7 Aug 1771Lancaster Co, Virginia I42803
32 Downman, Priscilla  Aft 1740Lancaster Co, Virginia I42795
33 Downman, Rawleigh  Bef 11 Mar 1719Lancaster Co, Virginia I43021
34 Downman, Rawleigh II  18 Mar 1781Lancaster Co, Virginia I47569
35 Downman, William  1765Lancaster Co, Virginia I43023
36 Ewell, Charles  1722Lancaster Co, Virginia I47566
37 Fleete, Sarah  Aft 1690Lancaster Co, Virginia I42607
38 Glasscock, Jean  8 Sep 1738Lancaster Co, Virginia I91786
39 Glasscock, William Chichester  8 Aug 1756Lancaster Co, Virginia I47517
40 Hale (Heale), Elizabeth  Aft 1737Lancaster Co, Virginia I42783
41 Hale (Heale), George  Bef 12 Jan 1698Lancaster Co, Virginia I42786
42 Hale (Heale), George Nicholas  1737Lancaster Co, Virginia I42780
43 Hale (Heale), John  Bef 1740Lancaster Co, Virginia I42804
44 Hale (Heale), Joseph  Aft 1 Jul 1740Lancaster Co, Virginia I42805
45 Hale (Heale), Mary Ellen  Aft 1728Lancaster Co, Virginia I42781
46 Hale (Heale), William  Bef Jul 1732Lancaster Co, Virginia I42782
47 Hanks, Luke I.  Feb 1757Lancaster Co, Virginia I61537
48 Harrison, Daniel  Bef 12 Dec 1677Lancaster Co, Virginia I43015
49 Harrison, Joseph  Bef 8 May 1700Lancaster Co, Virginia I43018
50 Howson, William  15 Jan 1701Lancaster Co, Virginia I89450
51 Kirk, Anthony  Bef 16 Mar 1764Lancaster Co, Virginia I93365
52 Lawson, Roland  1716Lancaster Co, Virginia I91787
53 Mitchell, George  Bef 10 Apr 1717Lancaster Co, Virginia I42974
54 Mitchell, John  4 Feb 1710Lancaster Co, Virginia I42978
55 Mitchell, Robert  1704Lancaster Co, Virginia I42976
56 Mitchell, Robert  Bef 9 Sep 1748Lancaster Co, Virginia I42979
57 Mitchell, Sarah  31 Jan 1752Lancaster Co, Virginia I42982
58 Payne, Judith  Aft 1741Lancaster Co, Virginia I91534
59 Payne, Susannah  23 Nov 1761Lancaster Co, Virginia I42981
60 Rogers, Ellen  1 Oct 1710Lancaster Co, Virginia I42787
61 Rogers, William  1714Lancaster Co, Virginia I66808
62 Rogers, William  Bef 14 Apr 1714Lancaster Co, Virginia I42972
63 Shearman, Joseph  Bef 16 Jun 1800Lancaster Co, Virginia I42984
64 Shearman, Martin  Bef 20 Jun 1771Lancaster Co, Virginia I42481
65 Simmons, Elizabeth  2 Aug 1728Lancaster Co, Virginia I66819
66 Smith, Sarah  Bef 1706Lancaster Co, Virginia I42977
67 Smoot, Alice  Bef 8 Oct 1701Lancaster Co, Virginia I42768
68 Stretchley, John  8 Dec 1698Lancaster Co, Virginia I43076
69 Tarpley, Frances "Fanny"  Bef 18 Sep 1794Lancaster Co, Virginia I42992
70 Taylor, Catherine Ann  1751Lancaster Co, Virginia I18607
71 Wallace, Mary (immigrant)  Aft 1767Lancaster Co, Virginia I89454
72 Williamson, Margaret  Bef 9 Sep 1702Lancaster Co, Virginia I42496


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Porter, Lancelot "Landlot"  1744Lancaster Co, Virginia I41526


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Ball, Joseph (g-father of GW)  6 Feb 1707Lancaster Co, Virginia I40845
2 Ball, Joseph (g-father of GW)  11 Feb 1711Lancaster Co, Virginia I40845
3 Blakemore, Hannah  1 Jul 1740Lancaster Co, Virginia I42755
4 Chinn, Rawleigh  24 Dec 1710Lancaster Co, Virginia I42453
5 Chinn, Rawleigh  11 Jul 1722Lancaster Co, Virginia I42453
6 Chinn, Rawleigh  12 Jun 1723Lancaster Co, Virginia I42453
7 Chinn, Rawleigh  1748Lancaster Co, Virginia I42991
8 Chinn, Rawleigh  21 Jan 1768Lancaster Co, Virginia I42991
9 Chinn, Rawleigh  14 Feb 1788Lancaster Co, Virginia I42991
10 Glasscock, William Jr.  6 Jul 1756Lancaster Co, Virginia I47516
11 Heale (Hale), George  1 Jul 1740Lancaster Co, Virginia I42793


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Hale (Heale), Betty  1 Jul 1740Lancaster Co, Virginia I42799
2 Payne, Susannah  19 Feb 1762Lancaster Co, Virginia I42981


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Chinn, Ann  8 Oct 1773Lancaster Co, Virginia I42489
2 Chinn, Katherine  8 Oct 1773Lancaster Co, Virginia I42488


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Glasscock, Thomas  1652Lancaster Co, Virginia I87257


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Ball, David  14 Mar 1732Lancaster Co, Virginia I46281
2 Ball, James  15 Jul 1754Lancaster Co, Virginia I42494
3 Ball, Joseph (g-father of GW)  11 Jul 1711Lancaster Co, Virginia I40845
4 Ball, William I  5 Oct 1680Lancaster Co, Virginia I42627
5 Chinn, Rawleigh  12 Mar 1741Lancaster Co, Virginia I42453
6 Chinn, Rawleigh  13 May 1816Lancaster Co, Virginia I42991
7 Hale (Heale), George  30 Dec 1697Lancaster Co, Virginia I42786
8 Hale (Heale), Joseph  1 Jul 1740Lancaster Co, Virginia I42805
9 Harrison, Joseph  8 May 1700Lancaster Co, Virginia I43018
10 Shearman, Joseph  16 Jun 1800Lancaster Co, Virginia I42984
11 Smoot, Alice  8 Oct 1701Lancaster Co, Virginia I42768
12 Stretchley, John  14 Dec 1698Lancaster Co, Virginia I43076


Matches 1 to 53 of 53

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ball / Ball  17 Feb 1723Lancaster Co, Virginia F14335
2 Ball / Bertrand  25 Apr 1742Lancaster Co, Virginia F15691
3 Ball / Conway  16 Apr 1707Lancaster Co, Virginia F14159
4 Ball / Downman  Abt 1776Lancaster Co, Virginia F15713
5 Ball / Hale (Heale)  Abt 1697Lancaster Co, Virginia F14249
6 Ball / Hale (Heale)  29 May 1727Lancaster Co, Virginia F15298
7 Ball / Lee  1753Lancaster Co, Virginia F15714
8 Ball / Payne  10 Oct 1735Lancaster Co, Virginia F27121
9 Ball / Ravenscroft  3 Dec 1709Lancaster Co, Virginia F14206
10 Ball / Williamson  Bef 20 Feb 1673Lancaster Co, Virginia F14160
11 Blakemore / Neavill  5 Nov 1756Lancaster Co, Virginia F2550
12 Blakemore / Sanders  Abt 1754Lancaster Co, Virginia F30882
13 Chichester / Ball  3 Jul 1734Lancaster Co, Virginia F15680
14 Chichester / McCarty  9 Jun 1759Lancaster Co, Virginia F15729
15 Chichester / Smith  Jul 1752Lancaster Co, Virginia F15682
16 Chinn / Ball  Lancaster Co, Virginia F14148
17 Chinn / Ball  2 May 1727Lancaster Co, Virginia F14158
18 Chinn / Brent  16 Oct 1764Lancaster Co, Virginia F31428
19 Chinn / Chinn  Aft 25 Oct 1739Lancaster Co, Virginia F14156
20 Chinn / Downman  Aft 1733Lancaster Co, Virginia F14253
21 Chinn / Mitchell  12 Nov 1735Lancaster Co, Virginia F14319
22 Chinn / Shearman  8 Feb 1797Lancaster Co, Virginia F14321
23 Chinn / Smoot  Bef 2 May 1682Lancaster Co, Virginia F14245
24 Christian / Chinn  6 Jun 1756Lancaster Co, Virginia F14150
25 Christian / Shearman  16 Dec 1769Lancaster Co, Virginia F14152
26 Conway / Ball  1704Lancaster Co, Virginia F14198
27 Conway / Fleete  Abt 1675Lancaster Co, Virginia F14202
28 Dale / Simmons  1678Lancaster Co, Virginia F21624
29 Digges / Gaskins  11 Jun 1775Lancaster Co, Virginia F21080
30 Downman / Ball  Abt 1715Lancaster Co, Virginia F14333
31 Downman / Ball  12 Jun 1747Lancaster Co, Virginia F14334
32 Downman / Travers  Abt 1700Lancaster Co, Virginia F14254
33 Ewell / Bertrand  Between 1705 and 1710Lancaster Co, Virginia F15711
34 Glasscock / Chichester  7 Feb 1752Lancaster Co, Virginia F15686
35 Hack / Howson  16 May 1717Lancaster Co, Virginia F29791
36 Hale (Heale) / Chinn  1702Lancaster Co, Virginia F14247
37 Hale (Heale) / Downman  Abt 1720Lancaster Co, Virginia F14252
38 Hale (Heale) / Rogers  1682Lancaster Co, Virginia F14248
39 Jonee / Ball  30 Sep 1747Lancaster Co, Virginia F14336
40 Jones / Dale  Abt 1681Lancaster Co, Virginia F14329
41 Kirk / Brent  4 May 1749Lancaster Co, Virginia F31429
42 Lawson / Glasscock  1689Lancaster Co, Virginia F30796
43 Lee / Hale (Heale)  9 Jul 1749Lancaster Co, Virginia F14255
44 McCarty / Ball  22 Sep 1724Lancaster Co, Virginia F28672
45 Mitchell / Payne  1714Lancaster Co, Virginia F14318
46 Mitchell / Rogers  1706Lancaster Co, Virginia F14316
47 Mitchell / Smith  Abt 1680Lancaster Co, Virginia F14317
48 Payne / Merriman  1684Lancaster Co, Virginia F25084
49 Rogers / Dale  Abt 1677Lancaster Co, Virginia F14315
50 Shearman / Chinn  1738Lancaster Co, Virginia F14155
51 Shearman / Chinn  10 Mar 1768Lancaster Co, Virginia F14320
52 Stretchley / Smoot  Aft 1691Lancaster Co, Virginia F14352
53 Travers / Ball  1707Lancaster Co, Virginia F14197

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