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Laurens Co, South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allison, Moses J.  2 Apr 1814Laurens Co, South Carolina I40448
2 Box, Rachel  1785Laurens Co, South Carolina I22837
3 Box, Rebecca  1782Laurens Co, South Carolina I89243
4 Boyd, Samuel A.  10 Dec 1825Laurens Co, South Carolina I76912
5 Cunningham, Permelia  28 May 1800Laurens Co, South Carolina I46744
6 Curry, Sarah Alouiza "Sally"  1 Jan 1834Laurens Co, South Carolina I43315
7 Davenport, (7 other children)  Between 1798 and 1816Laurens Co, South Carolina I46386
8 Davenport, Clarissa H.  1805Laurens Co, South Carolina I46415
9 Davenport, George W.  Abt 1800Laurens Co, South Carolina I46413
10 Davenport, Martha J.  1814Laurens Co, South Carolina I46385
11 Davenport, Pleasant G.  1808Laurens Co, South Carolina I46414
12 Davenport, Samuel W.  1798Laurens Co, South Carolina I46412
13 Dial, Isaac Stallsworth  9 Nov 1797Laurens Co, South Carolina I46743
14 Dial, John  6 Jun 1770Laurens Co, South Carolina I46630
15 Dial, John Hastings  9 Nov 1732Laurens Co, South Carolina I46624
16 Dial, Louezer  24 Apr 1833Laurens Co, South Carolina I46745
17 Dial, Mary "Polly"  1774Laurens Co, South Carolina I3551
18 Eubanks, James "Jimmy"  8 May 1800Laurens Co, South Carolina I77066
19 Graves, Nancy  Abt 1782Laurens Co, South Carolina I3612
20 Hollingsworth, Ruth  30 Aug 1780Laurens Co, South Carolina I46361
21 Hudgens, Frances "Fanny"  1841Laurens Co, South Carolina I3727
22 Hudgens, William H. Jr  20 Jan 1821Laurens Co, South Carolina I3724
23 Johnson, Abner PIckford "Pickens"  1 Feb 1848Laurens Co, South Carolina I71111
24 Johnson, Abraham  Abt 1811Laurens Co, South Carolina I71135
25 Johnson, Abraham  Between 1832 and 1847Laurens Co, South Carolina I71122
26 Johnson, Anderson  Abt 1807Laurens Co, South Carolina I71133
27 Johnson, Andrew F.  Abt 1809Laurens Co, South Carolina I71134
28 Johnson, George Washington Sr.  Abt 1799Laurens Co, South Carolina I71112
29 Johnson, George Washington "Wash" Jr.  26 Feb 1826Laurens Co, South Carolina I55224
30 Johnson, Jess  Abt 1815Laurens Co, South Carolina I71137
31 Johnson, John  Abt 1801Laurens Co, South Carolina I71130
32 Johnson, John Wesley  Abt 1832Laurens Co, South Carolina I71127
33 Johnson, Margaret  Abt 1813Laurens Co, South Carolina I71136
34 Johnson, Margaret A.  Between 1832 and 1847Laurens Co, South Carolina I71123
35 Johnson, Sarah  Abt 1803Laurens Co, South Carolina I71131
36 Johnson, Sarah  Abt 1830Laurens Co, South Carolina I71126
37 Johnson, Willard  Abt 1828Laurens Co, South Carolina I71125
38 Johnson, William  Abt 1805Laurens Co, South Carolina I71132
39 Johnson, William  Between 1832 and 1847Laurens Co, South Carolina I71121
40 Johnston (Johnson), Elizabeth  Abt 1754Laurens Co, South Carolina I71140
41 Johnston (or Johnson), Abraham  1774Laurens Co, South Carolina I71128
42 Johnston (or Johnson), Larkin  Abt 1756Laurens Co, South Carolina I71141
43 Johnston (or Johnson), Sarah  Abt 1760Laurens Co, South Carolina I71142
44 Jolly, Sarah Patience  1754Laurens Co, South Carolina I89245
45 Jones, Abigal C.  1826Laurens Co, South Carolina I71116
46 Jones, Charles Matthew  18 Dec 1840Laurens Co, South Carolina I71120
47 Jones, Ethy L. (..)  1800Laurens Co, South Carolina I89247
48 Jones, John Samuel Benton  1799Laurens Co, South Carolina I89246
49 Jones, Mary F. "Polly"  27 Mar 1835Laurens Co, South Carolina I71118
50 Jones, Sarah Jane  15 Nov 1825Laurens Co, South Carolina I55223
51 Jones, Seaborn Adison  2 Apr 1836Laurens Co, South Carolina I71119
52 Linville, (son)  Between 1795 and 1800Laurens Co, South Carolina I46403
53 Linville, (son)  Between 1800 and 1810Laurens Co, South Carolina I46404
54 Linville, (son)  Between 1800 and 1810Laurens Co, South Carolina I46411
55 Linville, Josiah John (SC)  1798Laurens Co, South Carolina I46398
56 Linville, Massa (SC)  Abt 1764Laurens Co, South Carolina I46394
57 Linville, Silvey  Abt 1766Laurens Co, South Carolina I46395
58 Linville, Viny  Abt 1770Laurens Co, South Carolina I46397
59 Madden, Abraham  1771Laurens Co, South Carolina I3496
60 Madden, Albert  Abt 1802Laurens Co, South Carolina I3516
61 Madden, Albert  23 Feb 1830Laurens Co, South Carolina I3696
62 Madden, Allen  1838Laurens Co, South Carolina I3657
63 Madden, Amey  1815Laurens Co, South Carolina I3621
64 Madden, Anna  20 Dec 1851Laurens Co, South Carolina I3638
65 Madden, Belinda Arnold  10 Aug 1851Laurens Co, South Carolina I3721
66 Madden, Betty  23 Jul 1860Laurens Co, South Carolina I3644
67 Madden, Catherine  1791Laurens Co, South Carolina I3595
68 Madden, Charles  1835Laurens Co, South Carolina I3659
69 Madden, Charles  1842Laurens Co, South Carolina I3653
70 Madden, Chester Ware  Abt 1892Laurens Co, South Carolina I3743
71 Madden, Clarissa  1837Laurens Co, South Carolina I3656
72 Madden, Daisy  Sep 1870Laurens Co, South Carolina I22834
73 Madden, David  Aft 1772Laurens Co, South Carolina I3497
74 Madden, David  1835Laurens Co, South Carolina I3663
75 Madden, David  1853Laurens Co, South Carolina I46889
76 Madden, David Martin  23 Nov 1849Laurens Co, South Carolina I3720
77 Madden, Decator  1840Laurens Co, South Carolina I3658
78 Madden, Dora  12 Feb 1863Laurens Co, South Carolina I3645
79 Madden, Elihu  8 Aug 1807Laurens Co, South Carolina I3518
80 Madden, Eliza  12 Jan 1812Laurens Co, South Carolina I3534
81 Madden, Elizabeth  1800Laurens Co, South Carolina I3613
82 Madden, Elizabeth  10 Mar 1803Laurens Co, South Carolina I3602
83 Madden, Eugenia  22 Oct 1853Laurens Co, South Carolina I3639
84 Madden, Florence Sapphire  1861Laurens Co, South Carolina I3575
85 Madden, Frances "Fanny"  28 Dec 1807Laurens Co, South Carolina I3617
86 Madden, George  Abt 1810Laurens Co, South Carolina I3609
87 Madden, George  Abt 1826Laurens Co, South Carolina I3627
88 Madden, George Marshall  20 Nov 1843Laurens Co, South Carolina I3718
89 Madden, Harriett  1846Laurens Co, South Carolina I3661
90 Madden, Harrison Luke  1813Laurens Co, South Carolina I3610
91 Madden, Hastings  Abt 1803Laurens Co, South Carolina I3520
92 Madden, Isabella  Abt 1825Laurens Co, South Carolina I3625
93 Madden, Jacob  4 Mar 1795Laurens Co, South Carolina I3588
94 Madden, Jacob  Abt 1838Laurens Co, South Carolina I3600
95 Madden, James  Abt 1804Laurens Co, South Carolina I3605
96 Madden, James  Abt 1832Laurens Co, South Carolina I3597
97 Madden, James Austin  24 Dec 1844Laurens Co, South Carolina I3565
98 Madden, James Lewis  4 Apr 1841Laurens Co, South Carolina I3717
99 Madden, James Mabra  14 Sep 1895Laurens Co, South Carolina I34953
100 Madden, Jane  11 May 1816Laurens Co, South Carolina I3555

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Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aldridge, Mary  Aft 1780Laurens Co, South Carolina I93131
2 Allison, Robert  1788Laurens Co, South Carolina I35703
3 Coker, Joseph  1786Laurens Co, South Carolina I94933
4 Coker, Joseph  1792Laurens Co, South Carolina I93130
5 Davenport, Thomas  May 1816Laurens Co, South Carolina I46382
6 Dial, John  18 Mar 1835Laurens Co, South Carolina I46630
7 Dial, Mary "Polly"  19 Nov 1858Laurens Co, South Carolina I3551
8 Gary, Charles  Feb 1805Laurens Co, South Carolina I93133
9 Henderson, Elizabeth  3 Jul 1833Laurens Co, South Carolina I67995
10 Higgins, Mary Tecora  17 Jul 1927Laurens Co, South Carolina I3651
11 Johnson, George Washington Sr.  21 Nov 1847Laurens Co, South Carolina I71112
12 Johnston (or Johnson), Abraham  8 Sep 1829Laurens Co, South Carolina I71128
13 Johnston (or Johnson), William (immigrant)  1798Laurens Co, South Carolina I71138
14 Linville, Lewis (VA/SC) Sr.  Jul 1822Laurens Co, South Carolina I46390
15 Linville, Mary (..)  Oct 1825Laurens Co, South Carolina I46391
16 Madden, David  1821Laurens Co, South Carolina I3497
17 Madden, George  Feb 1820Laurens Co, South Carolina I3499
18 Madden, Isabelle (..)  4 Sep 1856Laurens Co, South Carolina I3514
19 Madden, James Austin  25 Jun 1906Laurens Co, South Carolina I3565
20 Madden, John III  1815Laurens Co, South Carolina I3494
21 Madden, John (SC) Jr  Sep 1795Laurens Co, South Carolina I3490
22 Madden, Laughlin (SC)  Aft 1780Laurens Co, South Carolina I3491
23 Madden, Locklin (Laughlin) Lewis  27 Jan 1870Laurens Co, South Carolina I3614
24 Madden, Louisa E.  4 Jan 1887Laurens Co, South Carolina I3572
25 Madden, Mabra  26 Aug 1889Laurens Co, South Carolina I3533
26 Madden, Mabra (SC) Sr  10 Sep 1855Laurens Co, South Carolina I3498
27 Madden, Martha  25 Feb 1924Laurens Co, South Carolina I3573
28 Madden, Moses  18 May 1845Laurens Co, South Carolina I3646
29 Madden, Moses  23 Jun 1864Laurens Co, South Carolina I3536
30 Madden, Obed Graves  28 Jun 1864Laurens Co, South Carolina I3719
31 Madden, Rebecca  20 Jun 1838Laurens Co, South Carolina I3579
32 Madden, William  1849Laurens Co, South Carolina I3531
33 Madden, William (SC)  Bef 20 Aug 1795Laurens Co, South Carolina I3405
34 Madden, William B  1907Laurens Co, South Carolina I3700
35 Martin, Nancy C.  23 Oct 1913Laurens Co, South Carolina I3701
36 Mayberry, Susanna  16 Aug 1815Laurens Co, South Carolina I3492
37 Miller, Anney  1866Laurens Co, South Carolina I71129
38 Neely, Elizabeth (dau?)  21 May 1907Laurens Co, South Carolina I3567
39 Nichols, John  16 Oct 1850Laurens Co, South Carolina I30819
40 Pasley, Hortense "Tensie"  May 1907Laurens Co, South Carolina I3647
41 Pinson (?), Sarah  3 Jul 1859Laurens Co, South Carolina I3532
42 Stephens, Keziah Helen  24 May 1909Laurens Co, South Carolina I3564
43 Stone, Elias (Elum)  1821Laurens Co, South Carolina I36757
44 Stone, John Jr.  1799Laurens Co, South Carolina I36753
45 Stone, John (Mildredge, Laurens SC) (match 7C)(S-FFDNA-S)  Bef 17 Mar 1800Laurens Co, South Carolina I36751
46 Stone, Raughley (Rolley) Sr.  Abt 1821Laurens Co, South Carolina I36756
47 Tannehill, Sarah  1808Laurens Co, South Carolina I71139


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Johnston (or Johnson), William (immigrant)  1790Laurens Co, South Carolina I71138
2 Jones, Starling T.  1840Laurens Co, South Carolina I76592
3 Linville, Lewis (SC) Jr.  1810Laurens Co, South Carolina I46407
4 Linville, Lewis (VA/SC) Sr.  1810Laurens Co, South Carolina I46390
5 Madden, Abraham  1800Laurens Co, South Carolina I3496
6 Madden, Charles  1860Laurens Co, South Carolina I3547
7 Madden, Mabra Jr  1850Laurens Co, South Carolina I3553
8 Madden, Mabra  1850Laurens Co, South Carolina I3533
9 Madden, Mabra Jr  1860Laurens Co, South Carolina I3553
10 Madden, Mabra  1860Laurens Co, South Carolina I3533
11 Madden, Mabra Jr  1870Laurens Co, South Carolina I3553
12 Madden, Mabra  1870Laurens Co, South Carolina I3533
13 Madden, Mabra (SC) Sr  1850Laurens Co, South Carolina I3498


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Johnston (or Johnson), William (immigrant)  Bef 1753Laurens Co, South Carolina I71138


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Johnson, Anderson  Nov 1847Laurens Co, South Carolina I71133


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Jones, John Andrew (immigrant)  1769Laurens Co, South Carolina I89248
2 Linville, Evan (SC)  Between 1800 and 1830Laurens Co, South Carolina I46389
3 Madden, Thomas  1798Laurens Co, South Carolina I46360
4 Stone, Reuben  1773Laurens Co, South Carolina I36755


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Johnson, George Washington Sr.  Nov 1847Laurens Co, South Carolina I71112
2 Johnston (or Johnson), Abraham  Sep 1829Laurens Co, South Carolina I71128
3 Johnston (or Johnson), William (immigrant)  1798Laurens Co, South Carolina I71138
4 Madden, John (SC) Jr  28 Aug 1795Laurens Co, South Carolina I3490
5 Stone, John (Mildredge, Laurens SC) (match 7C)(S-FFDNA-S)  17 Mar 1800Laurens Co, South Carolina I36751


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Davenport / Wharton  Abt 1797Laurens Co, South Carolina F15345
2 Dial / Cunningham  23 Jan 1823Laurens Co, South Carolina F11517
3 Hudgens / Madden  20 Jan 1842Laurens Co, South Carolina F1763
4 Johnston (or Johnson) / Miller  Abt 1795Laurens Co, South Carolina F23023
5 Johnston (or Johnson) / Tannehill  1753Laurens Co, South Carolina F23024
6 Jones / Box  1798Laurens Co, South Carolina F29711
7 Jones / Jolly  1769Laurens Co, South Carolina F29714
8 Linville / Linville  Abt 1818Laurens Co, South Carolina F15350
9 Madden / Abercrombie  Abt 1825Laurens Co, South Carolina F1715
10 Madden / Arnold  Abt 1837Laurens Co, South Carolina F1760
11 Madden / Carter  19 Dec 1865Laurens Co, South Carolina F1773
12 Madden / Dial  Abt 1797Laurens Co, South Carolina F1706
13 Madden / Dial  Abt 1802Laurens Co, South Carolina F1703
14 Madden / Graves  Abt 1798Laurens Co, South Carolina F1709
15 Madden / Hollingsworth  16 Feb 1796Laurens Co, South Carolina F15333
16 Madden / Madden  Abt 1802Laurens Co, South Carolina F1701
17 Madden / Madden  Abt 1829Laurens Co, South Carolina F1750
18 Madden / Madden  Abt 1831Laurens Co, South Carolina F1753
19 Madden / Madden  Abt 1834Laurens Co, South Carolina F1730
20 Madden / Madden  Abt 1840Laurens Co, South Carolina F1736
21 Madden / Martin  Abt 1855Laurens Co, South Carolina F1789
22 Madden / Neely  Abt 1838Laurens Co, South Carolina F1723
23 Madden / Pinson (?)  Abt 1810Laurens Co, South Carolina F1722
24 Madden / Rodgers  Abt 1822Laurens Co, South Carolina F1714
25 Madden / Stephens  Abt 1864Laurens Co, South Carolina F1742
26 Madden / Tinsley  21 Dec 1852Laurens Co, South Carolina F1726
27 Madden / Wright  Abt 1791Laurens Co, South Carolina F1708
28 Sims / Madden  Abt 1833Laurens Co, South Carolina F1749
29 Stephens / Madden  Abt 1823Laurens Co, South Carolina F1739

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