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Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky



Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Banta, Lloyd  7 Feb 1895Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I89740
2 Bates, George  1847Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I64205
3 Bates, John William  1840Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I72670
4 Bates, Matilda  May 1825Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I72680
5 Bates, Morton Mote  3 Aug 1846Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I64207
6 Bates, Zachariah  1837Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I72668
7 Berry, Thomas Gardner  1849Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35902
8 Monihan, Berthy  1887Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I36143
9 Monihan, Willie  1883Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I36142
10 Payne, Martha Ellen "Mattie"  15 Jan 1883Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I89731
11 Raisor, Edwin  1864Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I96907
12 Raisor, Julia Frances  20 Jun 1858Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35915
13 Raisor, William Henry  14 Oct 1854Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35914
14 Roberts, Anna  1869Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I64137
15 Roberts, Humphrey M.  1856Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35882
16 Roberts, Louis  1869Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35874
17 Roberts, Margaret  1868Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I64136
18 Roberts, Maria  1870Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I75720
19 Roberts, Nathan  1859Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35859
20 Roberts, Relda Bell  1868Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I72677
21 Roberts, Smith Thomas  1851Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35885
22 Roberts, William H.  1853Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35886
23 Roberts, William Preston  18 Apr 1853Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I75764
24 Shaw, Alice  1878Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I36146
25 Shaw, Celista (Selsta)  31 Jul 1853Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I36136
26 Shaw, Linden  Jul 1872Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I36144
27 Shaw, Margaret M. "Maggie"  Sep 1895Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I36145
28 Stewart, Columbus  1838Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I64201
29 Stewart, James  1866Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I64199
30 Willhite, Lena  Oct 1888Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I59421
31 Willhite, Raymond  1901Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35857
32 Willhite, William  Apr 1892Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35856


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bates, John  30 Apr 1873Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I64144
2 Bates, Zachariah  23 Jul 1897Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I72668
3 Hoskins, Elisha W.  4 Oct 1883Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I64142
4 Hoskins, Thomas  1870Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I64181
5 Payne, Joel  30 Jan 1915Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35852
6 Raisor, Granville Edward  22 Jul 1898Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I44992
7 Raisor, John M.  22 Jul 1906Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35911
8 Raisor, Joseph Jasper  30 Jun 1906Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I44871
9 Roberts, Frederick  29 Sep 1904Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35858
10 Roberts, John Bell  Dec 1879Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35869
11 Shannon, Mary Frances  26 May 1902Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35357
12 Shannon, Nancy B.  Aft 1877Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35353
13 Shaw, Alice  Bef 1900Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I36146
14 Shaw, Celista (Selsta)  28 Nov 1930Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I36136
15 Sutherland, William Joseph (son?)  16 Apr 1913Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I45598


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Shannon, Lydia  1860Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35351


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Hoskins, Reuben  1870Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I64139
2 Jones, Robert Lewis  1860Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35056
3 Jones, William  1880Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35639
4 Raisor, Joseph Jasper  1900Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I44871
5 Roberts, Frederick  1870Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35858
6 Roberts, Frederick  1900Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35858
7 Roberts, Margaret "Peggy"  1900Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I36132
8 Shannon, Annie E.  1920Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35854
9 Shannon, Elias  1870Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35352
10 Shannon, Elias  1880Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35352
11 Shannon, Elias  1900Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35352
12 Shannon, Elias  1920Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35352
13 Shannon, John Davidson (Elias)  1860Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35335
14 Shannon, John Henry  1900Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35853
15 Shaw, Captala  1900Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I36137
16 Willhite, Jasper N.  1900Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky I35855


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Hoskins  Abt 1869Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky F20741
2 Bates / Bates  Abt 1883Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky F23529
3 Berry / Raisor  24 Jan 1847Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky F12379
4 Brown / Raisor  23 May 1886Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky F12386
5 Raisor / Shannon  31 Mar 1851Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky F12384
6 Roberts / Shannon  1858Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky F12372
7 Willhite / Shannon  1889Lockport, Henry Co, Kentucky F12371

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