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Notes: There were many changes in local governing bodies in Louisiana which will have to be considered

Prior to the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, this area was not part of the United States.

From 1805-1807, a territory called Attakapas County
existed in southern Louisiana, created as one of twelve counties by the Orleans Territory.
In 1807, by an act passed by the First Legislature of the Territory of Orleans, the county of Attakapas was changed to St. Martin Parish.
Then in 1811, a lower eastern portion was designated, creating St. Mary Parish.
In 1823 Lafayette Parish was carved out of the western portion, and finally Vermilion Parish was created out of Lafayette's territory

Latitude: 31.192405352228175, Longitude: -92.53871569409966


Matches 401 to 500 of 2311

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
401 Choate, Robert Sr.  26 Oct 1900Louisiana I105794
402 Choate, Mrs. Rosella (..)  1881Louisiana I25690
403 Choate, Roy  1878Louisiana I25689
404 Choate, Rudolph  1903Louisiana I25691
405 Clark, Altiann Ann (dau?)  1831Louisiana I7721
406 Clark, Anne Liza  1835Louisiana I13855
407 Clark, Annie Eliza  19 Feb 1867Louisiana I98385
408 Clark, Archibald  1846Louisiana I27963
409 Clark, Clara Edith  31 Aug 1862Louisiana I27438
410 Clark, Elizabeth (Mulatto)  1850Louisiana I106969
411 Clark, Emily (Mulatto)  1856Louisiana I106971
412 Clark, Emily (..)  1901Louisiana I92079
413 Clark, Emily Rebecca "Becky"  6 Jul 1873Louisiana I107137
414 Clark, Eunice Estelle  14 Feb 1876Louisiana I27431
415 Clark, Harriet E. (Mu)  1876Louisiana I65591
416 Clark, Helene (Ellen)  07 Jan 1838Louisiana I13856
417 Clark, James (Mulatto)  1810Louisiana I106972
418 Clark, James (Mulatto)  1847Louisiana I106966
419 Clark, Joseph  1796Louisiana I7614
420 Clark, Joseph "Stumpy Joe" (Mulatto)  18 May 1856Louisiana I90216
421 Clark, Lavira  Abt 1824Louisiana I7642
422 Clark, Lydia  1827Louisiana I7720
423 Clark, Marguerite  12 Mar 1839Louisiana I13857
424 Clark, Mary (relative-1870)  1846Louisiana I106968
425 Clark, Mary L. (Mu)  1872Louisiana I65590
426 Clark, Matilda  1837Louisiana I27948
427 Clark, Melissa Ann  1828Louisiana I101292
428 Clark, Obie (or Abe) (Mu)  1863Louisiana I7708
429 Clark, Sarah (..) (Mulatto)  1815Louisiana I106973
430 Clark, Sarah (..)  1850Louisiana I106967
431 Clark, Sinia (Mu)  1861Louisiana I7707
432 Clark, Tabitha (Mulatto)  1852Louisiana I106970
433 Clark, Texana  1843Louisiana I27962
434 Clark, Thomas H.  1837Louisiana I27949
435 Clark, William  1878Louisiana I65592
436 Claude, Philomene  Jul 1851Louisiana I25279
437 Cocks, Will C.  1881Louisiana I8418
438 Cole, Gillanne A. (..)  1830Louisiana I8782
439 Cole, Hardy Louis  13 Jul 1854Louisiana I8680
440 Cole, Oakentine Columbus  13 Nov 1854Louisiana I8679
441 Cole, Phoebe  20 Mar 1811Louisiana I1554
442 Cole, Seth R.  Abt 1888Louisiana I90031
443 Cole, William  22 Apr 1808Louisiana I8179
444 Collins, Margaret  25 Dec 1815Louisiana I27330
445 Comeaux, Alida  1856Louisiana I53728
446 Comeaux, Anna Mae  1921Louisiana I57666
447 Comeaux, Emell  1908Louisiana I57669
448 Comeaux, Gladys  1916Louisiana I57663
449 Comeaux, Lorena  1910Louisiana I57668
450 Comeaux, Louis  1912Louisiana I57667
451 Comeaux, Medora  1919Louisiana I57665
452 Comeaux, Paul  1885Louisiana I57648
453 Comeaux, Wilson  1918Louisiana I57664
454 Conklin, Jacob  1865Louisiana I82842
455 Connor, Hortense  Sep 1863Louisiana I40624
456 Cooley, Annie  1866Louisiana I88071
457 Cooley, Cassie L. (..)  Mar 1878Louisiana I41422
458 Cooley, Clementine (..)  1884Louisiana I41440
459 Cooley, Evan (..)  1904Louisiana I41479
460 Cooley, Sinie M. (..)  May 1861Louisiana I41427
461 Cooper, Francies (..)^  1845Louisiana I71996
462 Cooper, Harvey W.  Abt 1845Louisiana I102288
463 Cooper, John H.^ (son of who?)  Oct 1844Louisiana I71995
464 Cooper, Lugina Vesti^ (Lingenior or Louisa Jane) "Lue"^  31 Aug 1875Louisiana I51325
465 Cooper, Reuben Cobb  5 Sep 1853Louisiana I82989
466 Cooper, Robert Jackson  6 Jan 1876Louisiana I82984
467 Cooper, William  1876Louisiana I72000
468 Cooper (or Johnson?), Temperance "Tempy" (or Timysie) (..)  1820Louisiana I90177
469 Corder, Alfred Eugene "Pat" Sr.  1903Louisiana I44574
470 Cormier, Adolphe  1841Louisiana I80264
471 Cormier, Bebzire  1829Louisiana I80258
472 Cormier, Cornelie  1843Louisiana I80265
473 Cormier, Elodie  1834Louisiana I80260
474 Cormier, Elvire  1831Louisiana I80259
475 Cormier, Emile T.  1839Louisiana I80263
476 Cormier, Felicie  1845Louisiana I80266
477 Cormier, Odeide  1838Louisiana I80262
478 Cormier, Thesus  1848Louisiana I80267
479 Cormier, Valerie  1836Louisiana I80261
480 Cormier, Valery  1826Louisiana I80257
481 Cornwell, Allen D.  12 May 1848Louisiana I23454
482 Cornwell, Allie A  Dec 1890Louisiana I23459
483 Cornwell, Doris  1915Louisiana I23464
484 Cornwell, Jackie   I83996
485 Cornwell, Juliett  1911Louisiana I23463
486 Cornwell, Lena (..)  1919Louisiana I83995
487 Cornwell, Lolette Janelle  5 Jun 1915Louisiana I16279
488 Cornwell, Mrs Lucy (..)  1891Louisiana I23465
489 Cornwell, Melva  Feb 1915Louisiana I23466
490 Cornwell, Millard D  Mar 1898Louisiana I23461
491 Cornwell, Walter L  29 Jun 1912Louisiana I16278
492 Cornwell, William M  1881Louisiana I23456
493 Corrigan, Pauline  1903Louisiana I93463
494 Corrigan, Sarah  1907Louisiana I93464
495 Court, Elmer  24 Feb 1880Louisiana I33311
496 Court, James* Madison  1829Louisiana I505
497 Court, Rachel E.  31 Jan 1837Louisiana I521
498 Coward, Elizabeth  1800Louisiana I8714
499 Crain, Sallie E.  Abt 1873Louisiana I31651
500 Crane, Albert  1905Louisiana I34129

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