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Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas



Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adcock, Jessica Nicole   I11081
2 Berry, Nancy Susanna  11 Apr 1874Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I68459
3 Bird, Marliss Oscar  5 Jan 1929Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I102200
4 Burns, James Justus  7 Sep 1920Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I103160
5 Burns, Lila Lucretia  3 Sep 1923Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I103161
6 Jones, Mary L.  1923Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I103229
7 McMillon, Wilma  23 Aug 1906Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I103421
8 Page, James Malcomb   I11078
9 Parrish, Oscar Elandrus  6 Aug 1886Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I58446


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aubey, Richard Jay  15 Feb 1999Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I76652
2 Behannon, Franklin Pierce  8 Dec 1934Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I73383
3 Billeaudeaux, Ronald Lee  Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I102811
4 Block, Harvey Sylvester  25 May 1983Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I89018
5 Block, Mary Lou  6 Jun 2006Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I31604
6 Boardman (Bordeman), Gilbert Anderson  2 Mar 1969Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I47222
7 Burns, Cicero Benjamin Jr.  6 Jan 1977Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I103155
8 Burns, James Monroe  25 Dec 1943Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I94812
9 Burns, Joseph Champlain  3 Jan 1947Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I103151
10 Burns, Zora May  23 Nov 2000Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I94814
11 Cole, Richard  1900Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I88076
12 Davis, Deloris Evelia  24 Jan 2005Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I23676
13 Davis, Dudley J.  28 Aug 1979Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I23673
14 Derrick, Joseph John  4 Jul 1943Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I58569
15 Ferguson-Bryan, Jimmie Modene  12 Jan 2015Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I102551
16 Hancock, Dr. Thomas Wayne  3 Nov 1940Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I5652
17 Hooker, Leroy Calvin  23 Sep 1956Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I93260
18 Jones, Beverly Augustus  28 Dec 1849Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I23434
19 Jones, Callaway Taylor "Cal"  1 Aug 1874Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I20250
20 Jones, Georgeann  24 Jan 1928Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I23762
21 Jones, Leana  9 Feb 1956Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I103213
22 Jones, Louis (or Lewis)  6 Jun 1959Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I106693
23 Jones, Samuel Martin  10 Sep 1954Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I106690
24 Kerr, Aaron Jackson  1895Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I23768
25 Mann, William Claiborne  7 Dec 1991Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I103422
26 McCauley, Cora LaNell  2 Aug 2004Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I47348
27 McCauley, Thomas Dalton  23 Feb 1973Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I47346
28 McClure, Savelia  16 Sep 1932Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I103152
29 McMillon, Wilma  5 Jul 1992Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I103421
30 Morehead, George Washington  22 Dec 1916Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I58480
31 Neyland, Eva Agnes  1 Oct 1966Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I106728
32 Parish (Parrish), Elija "Buddy"  3 Apr 1972Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I68461
33 Parish (Parrish), Louis A.  19 Jan 1957Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I68462
34 Scroggins, Winnie  16 Mar 1936Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I99567
35 Shoffner, Paralee Celestine  17 May 1953Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I99565
36 Skinner, Mary Magdalene "Maggie"  20 Mar 2007Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I97816
37 Stinson, Martha Vera  5 Jan 2003Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I47347
38 Weatherly, James  7 Feb 1975Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I98308


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Burns, James Monroe  1930Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I94812
2 Jones, John Hodges "Jack"  1930Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I103206
3 Jones, William Frank  1900Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas I103149


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Burns / Higginbotham  23 Sep 1885Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas F34852
2 Kimmey / Burns  10 May 1885Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas F17521
3 Scroggins / Shoffner  2 Jan 1893Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas F33461
4 Wilkerson / Stephens  25 Jan 1941Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas F36126


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Page / Peavy  24 Apr 1986Lufkin, Angelina Co, Texas F4311

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