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Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut



Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beckwith, Nathaniel  28 May 1671Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I96877
2 Brockway, Deborah  1 May 1682Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I88690
3 Brockway, Elizabeth  24 May 1676Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I29086
4 Brockway, Ephraim Sr.  4 Apr 1703Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I43448
5 Brockway, Ephraim Jr.  1 Nov 1741Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I88751
6 Brockway, Gideon  1720Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I100919
7 Brockway, Hannah  14 Sep 1664Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I29083
8 Brockway, Isaiah  1750Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I100921
9 Brockway, John  Abt 1684Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I96887
10 Brockway, Mary  15 Jan 1670Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I29085
11 Brockway, Samuel  10 Feb 1692Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I88659
12 Brockway, Sarah  23 Sep 1679Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I29087
13 Brockway, Sarah  25 Jun 1703Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I105943
14 Brockway, Tiffany  9 Aug 1740Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I88788
15 Brockway, William Sr.  25 Jul 1666Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I29625
16 Brockway, Wolston Jr.  7 Feb 1668Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I29084
17 Comstock, Elizabeth  1747Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I100923
18 Ely, Sarah  13 Jun 1695Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I106081
19 Eunis (or Ennis), Thomas  28 May 1712Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I96882
20 Fox, Rachel  1677Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I96884
21 Havens, Anna  10 Mar 1737Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I108009
22 Havens, Daniel  29 Jan 1747Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I108008
23 Havens, Edward  26 Feb 1739Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I108012
24 Havens, Elizabeth  26 Apr 1744Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I108013
25 Havens, Peter  4 Aug 1741Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I108011
26 Havens, Sarah  29 Mar 1733Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I108010
27 Marvin, Phoebe  18 Mar 1727Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I106083
28 Miner, Mary  18 Aug 1762Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I106085
29 Tubbs, Peter  1703Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I105944


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baldwin, Mary  Aft 1681Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I6780
2 Briggs, Hannah  6 Feb 1688Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I29082
3 Brockway, Elizabeth  Jul 1729Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I29086
4 Brockway, Ephraim Sr.  1772Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I43448
5 Brockway, Gideon  1 Dec 1784Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I100919
6 Brockway, Richard  16 Mar 1761Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I88786
7 Brockway, Sarah  1808Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I105943
8 Brockway, Wolston Jr.  15 May 1707Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I29084
9 Brockway, Wolston Sr. (immigrant)  14 Sep 1717Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I29081
10 Carrier, Susanna  11 Feb 1727Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I88750
11 Champion, Thomas  1705Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I96878
12 Colt, Mary Elizabeth  12 Dec 1751Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I73499
13 Fox, Rachel  9 Apr 1718Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I96884
14 Gillett, Joseph  15 Feb 1842Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I106084
15 Griswold, Elizabeth  27 Jul 1727Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I48363
16 Harris, William  Abt 1710Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I96885
17 Jones, Margaret  17 Jan 1738Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I88658
18 Miner, Mary  9 Aug 1841Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I106085
19 Pratt, Prudence  17 Apr 1760Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I29102
20 Tiffany, Elizabeth  1740Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I88787
21 Tubbs, Peter  2 Sep 1755Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I105944
22 Tubbs, Seth Sr.  1795Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I105945
23 Wade, Hannah  Aft 16 May 1717Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I96880
24 Wolterton, Elizabeth (granddau?)  29 Oct 1704Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I29624


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Wade, Hannah  16 May 1717Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut I96880


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alger / Brockway  Mar 1712Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut F32583
2 Brockway / Calkins  30 Dec 1760Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut F29491
3 Brockway / Comstock  1767Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut F33989
4 Brockway / Fox  25 Oct 1697Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut F32581
5 Brockway / Johnson  1716Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut F29443
6 Brockway / Jones  4 Oct 1688Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut F29442
7 Brockway / Tiffany  5 May 1720Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut F29508
8 Brockway / Wolterton  8 Mar 1693Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut F10366
9 Champion / Brockway  23 Aug 1682Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut F32577
10 Colton / Griswold  11 Sep 1677Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut F14636
11 Comstock / Colt  1712Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut F23814
12 Eunis (or Ennis) / Jones  7 Feb 1710Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut F32579
13 Gillett / Marvin  22 Jan 1747Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut F35880
14 Gillett / Miner  21 Mar 1780Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut F35881
15 Gillett / Wade  18 Jan 1829Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut F35882
16 Harris / Brockway  Bef 1706Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut F32582
17 Mott / Brockway  6 Apr 1692Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut F32580
18 Tubbs / Brockway  10 Mar 1723Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut F35813

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