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Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas


Latitude: 28.0205733, Longitude: -97.0544341


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brundett, Jerald Sr.  6 Jan 1924Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I78155
2 Canevaro, Anna C  Jul 1893Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I21612
3 Canevaro, Antonio S  11 May 1896Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I21616
4 Canevaro, Paul King  28 Nov 1897Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I21613
5 Casterline, Eloise  28 Jun 1912Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I21630
6 Casterline, Ruby Lucretia  28 Jun 1921Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I21629
7 Court, Alberta Irene  20 May 1896Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I568
8 Court, Alberta M  1923Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I16288
9 Court, Alfred G (or Jerome)  12 Oct 1922Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I16287
10 Court, Edith Inez  3 Oct 1877Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I559
11 Court, Emerson Marion Sr  08 Sep 1898Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I569
12 Court, James Gaston Otho  25 Nov 1885Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I564
13 Court, John Robert  25 Jan 1891Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I566
14 Court, Justus Wilson  22 Jul 1878Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I560
15 Court, Kenneth W.  14 Oct 1883Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I563
16 Court, Maurice Douglas  9 Sep 1914Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I31738
17 Court, Milton Lee Sr.  11 Dec 1911Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I16157
18 Court, Paul Lee Roy Sr.  22 Aug 1881Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I562
19 Court, Paul Phelan  13 Feb 1920Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I22763
20 Court, Sandra June   I74120
21 Court, Thomas King  22 Mar 1888Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I565
22 Court, Vera Clair  28 Sep 1893Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I567
23 Dietrich, Worley Daemon  6 Sep 1915Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I62849
24 Johnson, John Wesley  21 Oct 1903Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I21627
25 Johnson, Travis Phelan  05 Apr 1910Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I21628
26 Mundine, Virginia Ann   I548
27 Simpson, Charlotte  1903Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I21631
28 Simpson, Leslie Earl  05 Feb 1921Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I9696
29 Simpson, Madie L  1910Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I21632
30 Simpson, Richard Jr  1912Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I21633
31 Smith, Lloyd Lyle  3 May 1900Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I9679
32 Smith, Sarah Belle "Sal"  7 Oct 1916Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I9684
33 Sparks, James Merrill Jr  9 Sep 1917Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I10362


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alderson, Iona  1985Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I65543
2 Bludworth, Bernard Leonard  19 Apr 1916Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I33314
3 Bludworth, Portevent Jr.  17 Aug 1886Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I95967
4 Bludworth, William James  17 Jun 1896Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I33312
5 Canevaro, Eliza Louisa  30 Dec 1926Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I21619
6 Canevaro, Isabella Virginia  Oct 1952Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I544
7 Canevaro, Paul Phelan  20 Jan 1959Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I21610
8 Canevaro, Sarah Elizabeth  11 Jan 1951Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I21625
9 Canevaro, Sommerville  19 Jun 1950Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I21609
10 Casterline, Eloise  28 Jun 1921Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I21630
11 Casterline, Ruby Lucretia  07 Jul 1921Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I21629
12 Court, Alfred G (or Jerome)  14 Mar 2001Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I16287
13 Court, Edith Inez  3 Oct 1877Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I559
14 Court, Kenneth W.  24 Dec 1960Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I563
15 Court, Lucritia Debitha  18 Jan 1929Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I522
16 Court, Margaret S  May 1981Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I16156
17 Court, Maurice Douglas  3 Nov 1918Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I31738
18 Court, Paul Phelan  2 Aug 1915Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I523
19 DeForest (Canevaro), John Robert D. "Bob"  12 Jun 1936Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I14199
20 Diederich, Frederich Carl  23 Nov 1973Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I9685
21 Gaines, Ollie Austin  22 Apr 1961Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I94301
22 Johnson, John A  28 Aug 1947Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I21626
23 Johnson, Travis Phelan  16 Dec 1914Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I21628
24 Kingsbury, Mary Dorothy  25 May 1960Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I44637
25 Madden, Flavilla Eveline  18 Aug 1942Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I95963
26 Mundine, Elbert  3 Jun 1991Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I547
27 Rouquette, Wanda Etoy  16 Feb 1999Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I10361
28 Simpson, Richard Sr  16 Jan 1961Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I545
29 Simpson, Richard H  21 Dec 1967Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I21635
30 Smith, Austin Dale  18 Feb 1976Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I9681
31 Smith, Carolyn Ruth  16 Jun 1990Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I31742
32 Smith, Hammon George  15 Jun 1957Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I9675
33 Smith, Lucretia Nina  15 Dec 1979Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I9676
34 Smith, Sarah Belle "Sal"  17 Aug 2005Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I9684
35 Smith, Somerville Antonio "Somer"  11 Feb 1962Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I9682
36 Smith, Zella Arminda  24 Oct 1952Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I9678
37 Sparks, James Merrill Jr  14 Apr 1967Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I10362


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Canevaro, Sarah Elizabeth  13 Jan 1951Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I21625
2 Court, James Gaston Otho  Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I564
3 Smith, Francis Earl  Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I21638


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Canevaro, Isabella Virginia  1900Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I544
2 Canevaro, Nina Olivia  26 Jun 1900Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I9674
3 Canevaro, Paul Phelan  1900Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I21610
4 Court, Paul Lee Roy Sr.  1920Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I562
5 Court, Paul Lee Roy Sr.  1930Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I562
6 Court, Paul Phelan  23 Jun 1900Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I523


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bell, Wilford John Jr.   I25212
2 Court, Paul Phelan  Abt 1885Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I523
3 Gaston, Sarah Chapman  Abt 1885Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas I558


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Canevaro / Phillips  Abt 1902Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas F7934
2 Court / Murphy  1906Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas F277
3 Court / Perrenot  Abt 1936Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas F24010
4 Diederich / Smith  21 Aug 1912Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas F3832
5 Dietrich / Canevaro  Abt 1912Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas F20288
6 Grissom / Green  1 Aug 1947Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas F33971
7 Mundine / Simpson  12 Jun 1931Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas F269
8 Torres / Mundine  12 Feb 1952Rockport, Aransas Co, Texas F270

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