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Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas


Notes: Historical markers in the town note that the first settlers in the area arrived in 1832 (Thomas Court). The next year, Sam Houston assisted Nachogdoches politician Manuel de los Santos Coy in acquiring a land grant. On January 19, 1839, General Houston signed the charter that established the city of Sabine. Houston was active in promoting the sale of 2,060 town lots, and the city soon flourished, developing into a major port. In 1860 the State Legislature approved a new charter for the city and changed its name to Sabine Pass.
After the war (Civil War) the town grew as the Federal Harbor Act of 1882 led to construction of jetties and the development of inland ports along the Neches and Sabine rivers. In October 1886, Sabine Pass was the second largest town in Jefferson County, boasting a new rail line and an optimistic outlook on continued growth as a major coastal port.

On the afternoon of October 12 that year, just two months after a hurricane had destroyed the Texas port of Indianola, a fierce storm ravaged the town of Sabine Pass. The hurricane's 100 mile-per-hour winds and the swiftly rising water swept homes off their foundations and carried people and animals as far as 25 miles away. Eighty-six people, including entire families, were killed, and only two of 77 houses remained intact after the waters subsided. Stories of survival have been documented by historians, signifying the determination of residents to endure the storm. Rescue and cleanup efforts began promptly, with the citizens of Beaumont, Orange, Galveston and Houston providing boats, rescue teams and financial assistance. Special legislative action provided tax relief for the storm-ravaged area, exempting citizens from payment of state and county taxes in 1886. As one of several difficulties Sabine Pass faced in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the 1886 hurricane contributed significantly to the town's decline in the years to come as railway maintenance proved difficult.


Latitude: 29.733088, Longitude: -93.894417


Sabine Pass Lions Park
Sabine Pass Lions Park
Historic Marker 10500 honoring Thomas Court
7th and Broadway
Sabine Pass, Texas

1850 Texas, Jefferson County, Sabine Pass, Census
1850 Texas, Jefferson County, Sabine Pass, Census
Robert Burrell, Susanne Clark Burrell, Ann Johnson Courts, Marie Johnson Hayes Gallier, and families
1850 Texas, Jefferson County, Sabine Pass, Census pg 249
1850 Texas, Jefferson County, Sabine Pass, Census pg 249
John Sparks and Melinda Jones Sparks, James Court and Julia Ann Sparks Court, Solomon Sparks and family, and Brewer, Stockholm, Holt, Bludworth families.
1860 Texas, Jefferson County, Sabine Pass census
1860 Texas, Jefferson County, Sabine Pass census
James and Julia Sparks Court family; John and Melinda Jones Sparks family; and Samuel and Eliza Sparks Lee.
James Gilbert Taylor and Elvina Sophia Chase Abolitionist
James Gilbert Taylor and Elvina Sophia Chase Abolitionist
Area resident rallied behind Union cause By W. T. BlockReprinted from Beaumont Enterprise, Saturday August 14, 1999. (d)
Prussian Immigrants
Prussian Immigrants
A closer look at the Gentz, Maass, Knupple, Koch and Block families in Southeast Texas in 1850. (d)
1850 Texas, Jefferson County, Sabine Pass census
1850 Texas, Jefferson County, Sabine Pass census
James Hayes, Emily Burrell and Matilda Hayes, and others
signed by Worthy Patridge, Asst. Marshal
Sabine Pass in the Civil War
Sabine Pass in the Civil War
W.T. Block
reprinted from East Texas Historical Journal, Vol. IX No. 2( October 1917), 129-136

Yellow fever plagued area during 1860s
Yellow fever plagued area during 1860s
by W.T. Block
reprinted from Beaumont Enterprise, Saturday, August 7, 1999

Some Notes on the Pioneer McGaffey Families of Sabine Pass, Texas
Some Notes on the Pioneer McGaffey Families of Sabine Pass, Texas
W.T. Block
The Great Storm of 1886:
A Day of Agony and Death at Sabine Pass, Texas
By W. T. Block
Reprinted from Beaumont Enterprise, January 9, 1977
The Great Storm of 1886: A Day of Agony and Death at Sabine Pass, Texas By W. T. Block Reprinted from Beaumont Enterprise, January 9, 1977 website:
Great Storm of 1886
By W. T. Block
Reprinted from Beaumont Enterprise, January 9, 1977
website: http://www.wtblock.com/wtblockjr/great1.htm
BORN OCT. 7, 1828--DIED DEC. 24, 1897
By W. T. Block

Sabine Pass Cemetery, Garner, Jacob Harmon
Sabine Pass Cemetery, Garner, Jacob Harmon
Jacob Harmon Garner
"Jacob Harmon Garner, 1814 to 1887. Louisiana native, son of Bradley and Sarah Harmon Garner, settled in Jefferson, a village on Cow Bayou in present-day Orange County, Texas in 1825. In 1835 he took part in the Grass fight and siege of Bexar while serving one of two enlistments in the Texas Army for which he later received land and bounty grants. Veteran Capt. D. Garner's Co. Battle of San Antonio December 1835. Near San Jacinto in Capt. Patterson's Co. April 21, 1936. He married Matilda Hayes in 1838. A prominent citizen of Jefferson County. He served as Jefferson County Justice of the Peace in 1843. District Clerk from 1846 to 1850, Sabine Pass Alderman in 1857, and as a third Lieutenant in the Confederate Army in 1861. Sesquiqentennial of Texas statehood 1845-1995."

A Texas veteran and torchbearer of the East Texas wilderness
By W. T. Block


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
201 Lawhon, Nancy Elizabeth  26 Nov 1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I39855
202 LeMaire, Ben J.  06 Oct 1882Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I25071
203 Maass, Charles W.  1853Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I1390
204 Maass, Martha  04 Mar 1858Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I1392
205 Maass, Rufus  22 Nov 1879Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I14254
206 Maass, Sarah  Aug 1859Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I1394
207 Maass, Susan (Jessie)  Aug 1859Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I1395
208 Maass (Devries), William  28 Feb 1888Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I24120
209 McCall, Alice  Dec 1893Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I28092
210 McCall, Andrew  Jan 1879Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I22459
211 McCall, Annie Laura  1865Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I14476
212 McCall, Anolu (Hareley) (Hollie)  Sep 1883Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I28095
213 McCall, Claudia "Claudie"  1872Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I28059
214 McCall, David Eleric  04 Mar 1862Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I509
215 McCall, Eleric  Jul 1890Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I28090
216 McCall, Eva  17 Dec 1869Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I14478
217 McCall, Jacob Harmon  11 May 1859Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I1497
218 McCall, James Francis  1862Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I1498
219 McCall, John P  30 Jul 1864Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I1499
220 McCall, Leroy  Feb 1898Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I28091
221 McCall, Louise  May 1898Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I28093
222 McCall, Margaret R. "Maggie"  30 May 1867Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I14477
223 McCall, Mary  Sep 1869Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I1500
224 McCall, Robert C  1867Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I1501
225 McCall, Sherwood Pelton Sr.  10 Jul 1898Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I28096
226 McCall, Theresa  20 May 1857Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I22467
227 McGaffey, Ann  12 Apr 1835Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I28194
228 McGaffey, Charles Arnold  01 Oct 1892Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I22445
229 McGaffey, Charles N.  1853Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I47119
230 McGaffey, Charles Neil  17 Mar 1864Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I22444
231 McGaffey, Cornelia A.  1849Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I47118
232 McGaffey, Delia F.  1845Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I47116
233 McGaffey, Homer Tilden  29 Dec 1876Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I22446
234 McGaffey, Increase Tilman  15 Dec 1861Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I22442
235 McGaffey, John  Jun 1860Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I22455
236 McGaffey, John Y.  1847Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I47117
237 McGaffey, Lydia  07 Dec 1842Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I28199
238 McGaffey, Mary  1840Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I28195
239 McGaffey, Mary  1866Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I22456
240 McGaffey, Otis Jr.  1858Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I47120
241 McGaffey, Samuel D.  21 Apr 1832Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I28193
242 McGaffey, Sarah E.  1843Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I47115
243 McGaffey, Sarah Flavilla  25 Dec 1873Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I22457
244 McReynolds, Bertha  Nov 1875Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I98770
245 McReynolds, Felix Columbus  28 Jul 1893Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I98759
246 McReynolds, Laura  24 Aug 1885Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I98769
247 McReynolds, Robert Arthur  1866Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I98756
248 McReynolds, S.A.  1876Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I98785
249 Miller, Eula Mae  10 Jun 1918Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I44779
250 Morgan, Leonard  Apr 1860Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I9022
251 Odom, Elodie  10 Jan 1857Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I25594
252 Pace, Cora  1877Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I14471
253 Pace, King  15 Feb 1875Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I22454
254 Pace, Lewis P  28 Feb 1883Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I22453
255 Plummer, Carlyle Junker  26 Jan 1895Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I94131
256 Plummer (DeVries), Irena Maass "Rena"  15 Apr 1889Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I24129
257 Riley, Christian  1848Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I28232
258 Riley, Isaac P.  30 Jun 1853Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I28233
259 Rogers, C.O.  1877Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I32064
260 Rogers, Nena  1871Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I14293
261 Rogers, William A.  1879Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I32065
262 Shaw, Abigail  1856Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I98742
263 Shaw, Effy  1859Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I98743
264 Shaw, Etha  Mar 1891Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I99857
265 Shaw, Oda  Dec 1895Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I101013
266 Sparks, Arabelle "Belle"  1 Aug 1851Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I411
267 Sparks, Eliza "Elizabeth" Jane  27 Oct 1843Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I407
268 Sparks, James Christian (Coleman) Sr  10 Dec 1853Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I412
269 Sparks, John Franklin "Frank"  17 Jun 1846Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I408
270 Sparks, Mary Susan  Jan 1848Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I457
271 Sparks, Sarah Melissa Carolyn "Sallie"  26 Dec 1848Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I409
272 Sparks, William E.  1851Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I28215
273 Spell, David Elijah  28 Jul 1852Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I35663
274 Spell, Sally Ann  1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I35671
275 Stewart, Alexander Dundas  26 Aug 1874Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I54130
276 Stewart, Annie Dora  20 Jan 1891Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I54106
277 Stewart, David Aloyisus  10 Aug 1894Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I32062
278 Stewart, Edna Mary Cecile  1 Jul 1885Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I32059
279 Stewart, Frederika  1 Mar 1870Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I54111
280 Stewart, Hiram  28 Nov 1854Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I54105
281 Stewart, James  Feb 1900Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I54124
282 Stewart, John Aden Sr.  Apr 1858Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I54109
283 Stewart, Lyda  Feb 1884Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I54122
284 Stewart, Nora Mary Agnes  26 Dec 1890Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I32061
285 Stewart, Peter Joseph  Dec 1862Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I54110
286 Stewart, Robert  Mar 1887Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I54123
287 Stewart, Vergie  Aug 1895Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I54125
288 Stewart, William J.  9 Mar 1863Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I14363
289 Stewart, William J. Jr.  Abt 1888Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I32060
290 Stockholm, Alice  1 Mar 1878Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I32115
291 Stockholm, Elizabeth "Lizzie" B.  26 Sep 1849Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I24163
292 Stockholm, George Willis  13 May 1855Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I32105
293 Stockholm, Larenda  1867Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I32123
294 Stockholm, Lydia  26 Sep 1864Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I32122
295 Stockholm, Mary  Nov 1869Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I32104
296 Stockholm, Mary Ellen  Dec 1860Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I529
297 Stockholm, Olive Ader  7 Mar 1879Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I32114
298 Stockholm, Peter Dennis  1851Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I32101
299 Stockholm, Sarah E.  Mar 1862Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I32116
300 Stockholm, William  1848Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I28184

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
201 Plummer, Ferdinand Cortez "Cott"  1900Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I94128
202 Plummer, Otis  1900Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I98755
203 Revia (Rivier), Fransuar (Francis)  1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I47061
204 Revier, Francis  1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I47063
205 Riley, Christian  25 Oct 1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I28232
206 Riley, Isaac P.  1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I28233
207 Riley, John  25 Oct 1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I28225
208 Shaw, Effy  1870Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I98743
209 Smith, Abigail (..)  1860Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I32029
210 Smith, Martha Caroline  24 Oct 1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I452
211 Smith, Nancy  25 Oct 1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I32091
212 Smith, Niles F.  1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I32028
213 Smith, Thomas Floyd  25 Oct 1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I32089
214 Smith, William H. (or M.)  25 Oct 1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I32092
215 Sparks, Albert  24 Oct 1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I406
216 Sparks, Eliza "Elizabeth" Jane  24 Oct 1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I407
217 Sparks, Jacob E "Jake"  24 Oct 1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I458
218 Sparks, James Edwin  24 Oct 1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I456
219 Sparks, John Franklin "Frank"  24 Oct 1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I408
220 Sparks, John L Sr.  24 Oct 1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I454
221 Sparks, John Sidney*  24 Oct 1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I401
222 Sparks, Julia* Ann  24 Oct 1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I507
223 Sparks, Lucy Ann  24 Oct 1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I453
224 Sparks, Mary Susan  24 Oct 1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I457
225 Sparks, Sarah Melissa Carolyn "Sallie"  24 Oct 1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I409
226 Sparks, Solomon  24 Oct 1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I403
227 Stewart, Hiram  1900Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I54105
228 Stewart, John W. (immigrant)  1870Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I1388
229 Stewart, John W. (immigrant)  1880Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I1388
230 Stockholm, Elizabeth "Lizzie" B.  24 Oct 1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I24163
231 Stockholm, Peter Dennis  24 Oct 1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I28182
232 Stockholm, Peter Dennis  20 Jun 1870Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I28182
233 Stockholm, William  24 Oct 1850Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I28184
234 Stockholm, William  20 Jun 1870Sabine Pass, Jefferson Co, Texas I28184

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