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Tazewell Co, Virginia



Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Asbury, Lucinda Jane (As-DNA circle)  4 Mar 1855Tazewell Co, Virginia I84592
2 Asbury, Mary "Molly"  1854Tazewell Co, Virginia I95421
3 Asbury, William Brooks  1823Tazewell Co, Virginia I95423
4 Bandy, Annie  16 Aug 1856Tazewell Co, Virginia I95451
5 Beavers, Thomas Preston  7 Dec 1858Tazewell Co, Virginia I84594
6 Bonham, Hezekiah  1800Tazewell Co, Virginia I65630
7 Bonham, Maria E.  1837Tazewell Co, Virginia I65672
8 Bonham, Mariah Louise  23 Apr 1813Tazewell Co, Virginia I65632
9 Bonham, Mary  1835Tazewell Co, Virginia I65671
10 Bonham, Nehemiah  1805Tazewell Co, Virginia I65678
11 Bonham, Nehemiah  27 Jun 1832Tazewell Co, Virginia I65631
12 Bonham, Rachel  1828Tazewell Co, Virginia I65669
13 Boothe, Berkley Oliver  6 Nov 1915Tazewell Co, Virginia I95437
14 Boothe, James Monroe  7 Feb 1888Tazewell Co, Virginia I95432
15 Brooks, Levicy "Lucy"  2 Sep 1791Tazewell Co, Virginia I95407
16 Compton, Nancy  1775Tazewell Co, Virginia I18768
17 Crouse, John  Jan 1856Tazewell Co, Virginia I95422
18 Crouse, Mary Magdalene  24 Apr 1895Tazewell Co, Virginia I95420
19 Hankins, Charlotte  1817Tazewell Co, Virginia I95408
20 Hankins, Elihu Joseph  1824Tazewell Co, Virginia I80960
21 Hankins, Jesse A.  2 Jan 1891Tazewell Co, Virginia I95412
22 Hankins, John Yancey  17 May 1846Tazewell Co, Virginia I95413
23 Hankins, Robert Calvin  19 Sep 1866Tazewell Co, Virginia I80957
24 Hardy, James Edward  16 Jul 1896Tazewell Co, Virginia I95460
25 Harrison, Ida Mae  26 Jan 1906Tazewell Co, Virginia I95397
26 Linkous, John Ezra  20 Jul 1853Tazewell Co, Virginia I80955
27 Linkous, Polly Rosetta  6 Dec 1875Tazewell Co, Virginia I80956
28 Marrs, Sarah Jane  19 Aug 1854Tazewell Co, Virginia I86479
29 Marrs, Wesley Price  7 Apr 1834Tazewell Co, Virginia I86466
30 McGuire, Eleanor  1760Tazewell Co, Virginia I25920
31 Mitchell, James  1819Tazewell Co, Virginia I95390
32 Mitchell, John Henry  15 Apr 1886Tazewell Co, Virginia I95419
33 Mitchell, Levicy (dau of who?)  1820Tazewell Co, Virginia I95424
34 Mitchell, Mary Lou  12 Sep 1906Tazewell Co, Virginia I95394
35 Mitchell, Moses  1816Tazewell Co, Virginia I95452
36 Mitchell, Nancy  1781Tazewell Co, Virginia I80959
37 Mitchell, Rebecca  1824Tazewell Co, Virginia I73003
38 Mitchell, Thomas Warren  1786Tazewell Co, Virginia I95454
39 Mitchell, Zachariah Taylor  23 May 1881Tazewell Co, Virginia I95388
40 Runyon, Adron  14 Jun 1801Tazewell Co, Virginia I86544
41 Runyon, Anne  1790Tazewell Co, Virginia I86562
42 Sayers, Hannah Elisabeth  Nov 1864Tazewell Co, Virginia I95414
43 Sparks, Fielding Kirk  1 Dec 1874Tazewell Co, Virginia I95386
44 Sparks, John Henry (As-DNA Circle)  25 Feb 1854Tazewell Co, Virginia I84591
45 Sparks, Laura Almeda  20 Mar 1876Tazewell Co, Virginia I84593
46 Sparks, Mary B.  1854Tazewell Co, Virginia I80954
47 Ward, Charles Alexander  15 Dec 1825Tazewell Co, Virginia I55170
48 Webb, Elizabeth  Tazewell Co, Virginia I95416


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Asbury, Mary "Molly"  1929Tazewell Co, Virginia I95421
2 Asbury, Nancy (dau of who?)  1888Tazewell Co, Virginia I95453
3 Asbury, Thomas Weston Harrison  10 Mar 1858Tazewell Co, Virginia I95406
4 Bandy, Annie  20 Jan 1880Tazewell Co, Virginia I95451
5 Beavers, Nancy  10 Aug 1865Tazewell Co, Virginia I95446
6 Bonham, Mary  12 May 1853Tazewell Co, Virginia I65628
7 Boothe, Kathryn Lucille  22 Sep 2011Tazewell Co, Virginia I95439
8 Brooks, Levicy "Lucy"  1836Tazewell Co, Virginia I95407
9 Burke, Christine  1868Tazewell Co, Virginia I80961
10 Burress, Thomas  1867Tazewell Co, Virginia I65677
11 Compton, John  1802Tazewell Co, Virginia I25917
12 Compton, John  Jun 1828Tazewell Co, Virginia I25919
13 Crouse, John  25 Nov 1953Tazewell Co, Virginia I95422
14 Hageman, Geertje (Charity)  1820Tazewell Co, Virginia I86206
15 Hankins, Bertha A.  5 Apr 1961Tazewell Co, Virginia I80946
16 Hankins, Charlotte  8 Jul 1855Tazewell Co, Virginia I95408
17 Hankins, Elizabeth  1850Tazewell Co, Virginia I95442
18 Hankins, John Yancey  23 Mar 1915Tazewell Co, Virginia I95413
19 Hankins, Lucinda  1841Tazewell Co, Virginia I95401
20 Hankins, Robert  1858Tazewell Co, Virginia I95409
21 Hankins, Susan  Aft 1850Tazewell Co, Virginia I95410
22 Harrison, Lucinda "Lucy"  Between 1900 and 1910Tazewell Co, Virginia I73005
23 Holloway, Matilda  May 1854Tazewell Co, Virginia I84590
24 Jacobs, Nancy  Between 1848 and 1850Tazewell Co, Virginia I86368
25 Linkous, Polly Rosetta  29 Feb 1960Tazewell Co, Virginia I80956
26 McGuire, Eleanor  Mar 1834Tazewell Co, Virginia I25920
27 Mitchell, Levicy (dau of who?)  1881Tazewell Co, Virginia I95424
28 Mitchell, Mary Lou  15 May 1978Tazewell Co, Virginia I95394
29 Mitchell, Moses  17 Oct 1844Tazewell Co, Virginia I95452
30 Mitchell, Nancy  1840Tazewell Co, Virginia I80959
31 Mitchell, Rebecca  25 May 1854Tazewell Co, Virginia I73003
32 Mitchell, Thomas Warren  8 Jan 1807Tazewell Co, Virginia I95454
33 Mitchell, William  20 Jan 1871Tazewell Co, Virginia I95450
34 Murphy, Pleasant  1863Tazewell Co, Virginia I61979
35 Runyon, Joseph  1852Tazewell Co, Virginia I86350
36 Sayers, Hannah Elisabeth  1903Tazewell Co, Virginia I95414
37 Sparks, Fielding Kirk  19 May 1955Tazewell Co, Virginia I95386
38 Sparks, Jonas J.  8 Nov 1911Tazewell Co, Virginia I80952
39 Sparks, Jonas James  18 Jan 1875Tazewell Co, Virginia I6174
40 Sparks, Marvin Eugene  11 May 2008Tazewell Co, Virginia I95466
41 Sparks, Sarah (dau of who?)  6 Mar 1936Tazewell Co, Virginia I95433
42 Thompson, James B.  Bef 28 Aug 1821Tazewell Co, Virginia I52877
43 Webb, Elizabeth  Tazewell Co, Virginia I95416
44 Whitt, Amanda Elizabeth  26 Sep 1903Tazewell Co, Virginia I95445
45 Williamson, James  24 Jan 1880Tazewell Co, Virginia I95447


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bonham, John S.  1830Tazewell Co, Virginia I65629
2 Doak, John  1830Tazewell Co, Virginia I52954
3 Runyon, Joseph Isaac (son?)  1820Tazewell Co, Virginia I86205
4 Thompson, Rachel  1820Tazewell Co, Virginia I50344


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Thompson, Major Archibald  28 Aug 1821Tazewell Co, Virginia I52883
2 Thompson, John  28 Aug 1821Tazewell Co, Virginia I52885
3 Thompson, William  28 Aug 1821Tazewell Co, Virginia I52895


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Thompson, George Washington  28 Aug 1821Tazewell Co, Virginia I52879
2 Thompson, James Doak  28 Aug 1821Tazewell Co, Virginia I52876
3 Thompson, Lydia  1821Tazewell Co, Virginia I52881
4 Thompson, Rachel  1821Tazewell Co, Virginia I50344


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Runyon, Adam  1806Tazewell Co, Virginia I86348
2 Runyon, Adam  1811Tazewell Co, Virginia I86348
3 Runyon, Joseph Isaac (son?)  1806Tazewell Co, Virginia I86205


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Thompson, James B.  28 Aug 1821Tazewell Co, Virginia I52877


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Asbury / Brooks  23 Mar 1820Tazewell Co, Virginia F32107
2 Asbury / Hankins  22 Feb 1837Tazewell Co, Virginia F32108
3 Asbury / Harrison  1 Jun 1854Tazewell Co, Virginia F32103
4 Beavers / Hankins  Abt 1821Tazewell Co, Virginia F32124
5 Belcher / Dillon  25 Dec 1818Tazewell Co, Virginia F28602
6 Boothe / Hankins  27 Sep 1855Tazewell Co, Virginia F32121
7 Compton / McGuire  1784Tazewell Co, Virginia F9201
8 Doak / Thompson  Between 1798 and 1800Tazewell Co, Virginia F16583
9 Hankins / Burke  1850Tazewell Co, Virginia F26439
10 Hankins / Hankins  27 Mar 1838Tazewell Co, Virginia F32109
11 Hankins / Linkous  1 Apr 1894Tazewell Co, Virginia F26437
12 Hankins / Mitchell  22 Feb 1806Tazewell Co, Virginia F32105
13 Hankins / Mitchell  2 Jan 1814Tazewell Co, Virginia F26438
14 Hankins / Sayers  Abt 1844Tazewell Co, Virginia F32111
15 Linkous / Sparks  19 Apr 1875Tazewell Co, Virginia F26436
16 Lusk / Runyon  25 Dec 1806Tazewell Co, Virginia F28416
17 Marrs / Tabor  10 Nov 1853Tazewell Co, Virginia F28464
18 Mitchell / Asbury  17 Oct 1844Tazewell Co, Virginia F32129
19 Mitchell / Bandy  20 Jan 1871Tazewell Co, Virginia F32128
20 Mitchell / Sparks  26 Jan 1904Tazewell Co, Virginia F32096
21 Runyon / Collins  1 Feb 1810Tazewell Co, Virginia F28506
22 Runyon / Neeley-Lusk  6 Jan 1807Tazewell Co, Virginia F28408
23 Sparks / Hankins  Abt 1848Tazewell Co, Virginia F26435
24 Sparks / Harrison  10 Feb 1865Tazewell Co, Virginia F23664
25 Sparks / Mitchell  23 Apr 1855Tazewell Co, Virginia F23663
26 Sparks / Mitchell  15 Jun 1927Tazewell Co, Virginia F32101
27 Sparks / Sparks  17 Oct 1881Tazewell Co, Virginia F27764
28 Stafford / Runyon  10 May 1803Tazewell Co, Virginia F1649
29 Tabor / Runyon  30 Oct 1834Tazewell Co, Virginia F28463
30 Thompson / Peery  Abt 1798Tazewell Co, Virginia F17318
31 Williamson / Beavers  10 Aug 1865Tazewell Co, Virginia F32126
32 Williamson / Beavers  17 Dec 1921Tazewell Co, Virginia F27731
33 Williamson / Mitchell  1895Tazewell Co, Virginia F32127

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