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Whitley Co, Kentucky


Latitude: 36.726335, Longitude: -84.1857115


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Berry, Elizabeth  27 Oct 1786Whitley Co, Kentucky I55693
2 Blevins, Elisha  1 Mar 1826Whitley Co, Kentucky I37686
3 Blevins, Nancy  1826Whitley Co, Kentucky I37864
4 Blevins, Stephen T.  1825Whitley Co, Kentucky I37684
5 Brooks, Jesse Nicholas  8 Nov 1857Whitley Co, Kentucky I93530
6 Corder, (daughter)  Between 1835 and 1840Whitley Co, Kentucky I37715
7 Corder, (son)  Between 1835 and 1840Whitley Co, Kentucky I37714
8 Floyd, Ancil Turner  2 Sep 1889Whitley Co, Kentucky I55669
9 Floyd, Jeremiah Franklin "Germie"  9 Dec 1891Whitley Co, Kentucky I55670
10 Floyd, Nora Myrtle  16 Apr 1894Whitley Co, Kentucky I55671
11 Harp, Elizabeth  1837Whitley Co, Kentucky I91931
12 Jones, Nancy Minerva  11 Feb 1882Whitley Co, Kentucky I38234
13 Russell, Charlotte  15 Mar 1831Whitley Co, Kentucky I49404
14 Russell, Elizabeth  30 Mar 1827Whitley Co, Kentucky I49402
15 Russell, Lewis  1 Apr 1829Whitley Co, Kentucky I49403
16 Russell, Rebecca  19 Mar 1825Whitley Co, Kentucky I49401
17 Sammons, Bertha Mae  28 Feb 1902Whitley Co, Kentucky I91934
18 Sears, James Simeon  Abt 27 Apr 1809Whitley Co, Kentucky I55690
19 Sharp, John J. Crittenden  22 Nov 1849Whitley Co, Kentucky I55665
20 Sharp, Lora Alice  22 Feb 1903Whitley Co, Kentucky I55667
21 Sharp, Louisiana  18 Nov 1819Whitley Co, Kentucky I55689
22 Sharp, Nathan John Lafayette  20 Dec 1826Whitley Co, Kentucky I55678
23 Sharp, Sarah  1820Whitley Co, Kentucky I55684
24 Sharp, Thomas J.  1824Whitley Co, Kentucky I55685
25 Skinner, Elisha L.  17 Aug 1856Whitley Co, Kentucky I55656
26 Skinner, Greenberry (Green B.)  1 Mar 1863Whitley Co, Kentucky I55659
27 Skinner, John Wesley  1 Jan 1870Whitley Co, Kentucky I55662
28 Skinner, Joseph L.  12 Sep 1871Whitley Co, Kentucky I55663
29 Skinner, Martha Angeline  10 Jun 1867Whitley Co, Kentucky I55661
30 Skinner, Mary Emiline  10 Jun 1867Whitley Co, Kentucky I55660
31 Skinner, Palestine T. "Pal, Powell"  10 Dec 1858Whitley Co, Kentucky I55657
32 Skinner, Rachel  27 Sep 1860Whitley Co, Kentucky I55658
33 Skinner, William Burgess "Bird"  2 Nov 1852Whitley Co, Kentucky I55654
34 Worley, Ellen Lula  10 Feb 1888Whitley Co, Kentucky I62129


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Berry, Elizabeth  18 Nov 1865Whitley Co, Kentucky I55693
2 Chesnut, Elizabeth  May 1880Whitley Co, Kentucky I91928
3 Floyd, James Wesley  18 Sep 1894Whitley Co, Kentucky I55664
4 Harp, Elizabeth  1936Whitley Co, Kentucky I91931
5 Manning, Mary "Polly"  1867Whitley Co, Kentucky I89470
6 McKeehan, Martha J.  24 Jan 1923Whitley Co, Kentucky I55696
7 Rogers, Rachel  1850Whitley Co, Kentucky I92520
8 Sammons, Jesse Wilson  12 Jun 1880Whitley Co, Kentucky I91929
9 Sears, James Simeon  Abt 11 Mar 1897Whitley Co, Kentucky I55690
10 Sears, Sarah C.  Abt 14 Oct 1856Whitley Co, Kentucky I55686
11 Sharp, John J. Crittenden  16 Jun 1919Whitley Co, Kentucky I55665
12 Sharp, Nathan John Lafayette  20 Jan 1910Whitley Co, Kentucky I55678
13 Sharp, Thomas P.  6 Nov 1833Whitley Co, Kentucky I55676
14 Sharp, William Eperson  10 Jan 1891Whitley Co, Kentucky I55682
15 Skinner, John Wesley  17 Oct 1948Whitley Co, Kentucky I55662
16 Skinner, Joseph L.  15 Jun 1873Whitley Co, Kentucky I55663
17 Skinner, Mary Emiline  31 Aug 1903Whitley Co, Kentucky I55660
18 Skinner, Rachel  7 Jun 1925Whitley Co, Kentucky I55658
19 Vanover, Samuel  1860Whitley Co, Kentucky I97355
20 Walker, Mary "Polly"  Aft 1860Whitley Co, Kentucky I92517
21 Wells, Aaron Frank  9 Jan 1972Whitley Co, Kentucky I91935
22 Woods, Jane  7 May 1934Whitley Co, Kentucky I91933


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Blevins, Andrew  1830Whitley Co, Kentucky I37726
2 Blevins, Elisha  1820Whitley Co, Kentucky I37701
3 Blevins, John  1820Whitley Co, Kentucky I37808
4 Blevins, Stephen Sr.  1820Whitley Co, Kentucky I37660
5 Blevins, Stephen Sr.  1830Whitley Co, Kentucky I37660
6 Corder, E.R. (not son)  1830Whitley Co, Kentucky I37697
7 Corder, Edward  1830Whitley Co, Kentucky I37665
8 Corder, James S.  1840Whitley Co, Kentucky I37391
9 Wyatt, Delaney Wilkerson "Lain"  1850Whitley Co, Kentucky I98712
10 Wyatt, Milton Enoch (son of who?)  1850Whitley Co, Kentucky I79744


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Blevins, Stephen Sr.  1830Whitley Co, Kentucky I37660


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blevins / Corder  23 Mar 1822Whitley Co, Kentucky F12886
2 Blevins / McKee  16 Aug 1819Whitley Co, Kentucky F12894
3 Blevins / McNeil  12 Apr 1827Whitley Co, Kentucky F12917
4 Corder / Corder  Abt 1831Whitley Co, Kentucky F12901
5 Ellison (Allison) / Manning  19 Dec 1824Whitley Co, Kentucky F29799
6 Floyd / Skinner  10 Dec 1885Whitley Co, Kentucky F18282
7 Sammons / Harp  7 Sep 1852Whitley Co, Kentucky F30857
8 Sears / Sharp  12 Nov 1840Whitley Co, Kentucky F18289
9 Sharp / McKeehan  27 Apr 1848Whitley Co, Kentucky F18292
10 Sharp / Sears  16 Feb 1819Whitley Co, Kentucky F18287
11 Sharp / Skinner  Abt 1889Whitley Co, Kentucky F18283
12 Skinner / Siler  Abt 1851Whitley Co, Kentucky F18281
13 Vanover / Vanover  25 Mar 1830Whitley Co, Kentucky F32732
14 Wells / Sammons  Abt 1915Whitley Co, Kentucky F30859

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