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Wilkes Co, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baird, Sarah  1765Wilkes Co, North Carolina I49894
2 Baker, Susannah  1786Wilkes Co, North Carolina I55286
3 Blackburn, Eli Austin  Abt 1806Wilkes Co, North Carolina I55323
4 Blackburn, Martha Ellen  Abt 1839Wilkes Co, North Carolina I55325
5 Blackburn, Phoebe  14 Oct 1807Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6127
6 Blevins, John Floyd  13 Jan 1873Wilkes Co, North Carolina I55328
7 Blevins, Vallie  28 Sep 1907Wilkes Co, North Carolina I55333
8 Bolling (Bowling, Boling), John  1777Wilkes Co, North Carolina I91987
9 Brown, Elizabeth  Abt 1795Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19518
10 Brown, Jesse  Abt 1797Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19519
11 Brown, Joseph II  Abt 1801Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19522
12 Brown, Joseph H.  Abt 1839Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19655
13 Brown, Mary "Molly"  21 Sep 1800Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6179
14 Brown, Mary Ann  15 Nov 1805Wilkes Co, North Carolina I84562
15 Brown, Nancy  Abt 1799Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19520
16 Brown, Nancy E.  Abt 1840Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19656
17 Brown, Richard P.  26 Nov 1822Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19647
18 Brown, Sarah  Abt 1806Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19893
19 Brown, Thomas  5 Nov 1794Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19892
20 Crawley, Mary  Abt 1805Wilkes Co, North Carolina I74700
21 Curtis, James  Abt 1796Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19898
22 Curtis, Samuel Calvin  Abt 1819Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19665
23 Dick, Mary "Polly"  28 Dec 1786Wilkes Co, North Carolina I86784
24 Durham, Elizabeth  Abt 1815Wilkes Co, North Carolina I55349
25 Farthing, James H.  Abt 1837Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19650
26 Farthing, Lindsey W.  Abt 1839Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19651
27 Farthing, Reuben P.  Abt 1809Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19894
28 Farthing, Thomas B.  Abt 1833Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19648
29 Farthing, William W.  Abt 1835Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19649
30 Gambill, Samuel Johnson  27 Dec 1811Wilkes Co, North Carolina I60590
31 Gambill, William Jr.  12 Jun 1779Wilkes Co, North Carolina I60588
32 Gentry, Permela (Milly)  Abt 1806Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6181
33 Greene, Susan  6 Mar 1795Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19517
34 Hagler, Abraham Waden  Sep 1788Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19883
35 Hagler, Albert Erwin  Abt 1810Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19548
36 Hagler, Benjamin  29 Nov 1793Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19888
37 Hagler, Benjamin Burton  Abt 1811Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19529
38 Hagler, Benjamin Jones  1 Sep 1791Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19497
39 Hagler, Christine  Abt 1778Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19868
40 Hagler, Cleveland  Abt 1785Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19490
41 Hagler, Cynthia  Abt 1802Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19526
42 Hagler, David H.  Abt 1819Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19534
43 Hagler, Edna Louisiana  1 Aug 1807Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19527
44 Hagler, Elisha Perkins  Abt 1839Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19969
45 Hagler, Elizabeth  Abt 1792Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19524
46 Hagler, Elizabeth  Abt 1799Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19511
47 Hagler, Elizabeth B.  Abt 1787Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19494
48 Hagler, Elkanah W.  Abt 1806Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19514
49 Hagler, Elvira  Abt 1822Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19536
50 Hagler, Frances  Abt 1789Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19495
51 Hagler, Greenville  Abt 1812Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19550
52 Hagler, Greenville  Abt 1835Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19695
53 Hagler, Hiram  Abt 1796Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19502
54 Hagler, Isaac  Abt 1797Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19510
55 Hagler, John  10 Dec 1789Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19885
56 Hagler, John III  Abt 1802Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19876
57 Hagler, John  2 Jan 1808Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19546
58 Hagler, John  Abt 1817Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19533
59 Hagler, John  15 Dec 1841Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19696
60 Hagler, John Leland  30 Jun 1789Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19874
61 Hagler, John Marcus  14 Mar 1831Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19688
62 Hagler, Larkin Joel  Abt 1795Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19508
63 Hagler, Larkin Jones  26 May 1839Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19966
64 Hagler, Lindsey  Abt 1814Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19551
65 Hagler, Lorenzo Dow  Abt 1820Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19555
66 Hagler, Martha  14 Feb 1831Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19962
67 Hagler, Mary  Abt 1793Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19499
68 Hagler, Mary  9 Dec 1795Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19890
69 Hagler, Mary  Abt 1804Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19542
70 Hagler, Mary Isabelle  19 Apr 1835Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19964
71 Hagler, Matilda  Abt 1804Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19899
72 Hagler, Nancy  Abt 1790Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19506
73 Hagler, Nancy  Abt 1798Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19897
74 Hagler, Philadelphia  11 Mar 1801Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19538
75 Hagler, Ralph  Abt 1815Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19532
76 Hagler, Robert Lewis  23 Apr 1833Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19689
77 Hagler, Sarah  Abt 1792Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19492
78 Hagler, Sarah  23 Aug 1823Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19556
79 Hagler, Sarah Elizabeth  12 Feb 1833Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19963
80 Hagler, Shelton Wilson  24 Oct 1802Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19540
81 Hagler, Silas Mercer  Abt 1804Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19881
82 Hagler, Thomas  5 Nov 1791Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19887
83 Hagler, Thomas  Abt 1818Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19554
84 Hagler, Thomas J.  Abt 1833Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19694
85 Hagler, Weightstill  6 Jun 1825Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19902
86 Hagler, Wiley Alexander  8 Mar 1817Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19552
87 Hagler, William  11 May 1781Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19872
88 Hagler, William I  Abt 1798Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19503
89 Hagler, William C.  Abt 1829Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19961
90 Hagler, William F.  Abt 1831Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19693
91 Hagler, William L.  Abt 1809Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19901
92 Hagler, William Robbins  28 Feb 1787Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19505
93 Hagler, William Walton  Abt 1806Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19544
94 Hagler, Willis Thurman  26 May 1802Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19879
95 Hagler, Wilson  Abt 1813Wilkes Co, North Carolina I19531
96 Harris, Sophia  Abt 1788Wilkes Co, North Carolina I83053
97 Hubbard, Frances Elvira  Abt 1836Wilkes Co, North Carolina I86774
98 Johnson, Gilson  9 Oct 1871Wilkes Co, North Carolina I33396
99 Johnson, Harvey  17 Mar 1849Wilkes Co, North Carolina I66742
100 Johnson, Robert  25 Oct 1783Wilkes Co, North Carolina I66751

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Matches 1 to 60 of 60

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Sarah Elizabeth  Aft 1820Wilkes Co, North Carolina I84560
2 Bauguess, Henry  Abt 1840Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6182
3 Bauguess, Robert  Abt 1872Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6096
4 Blackburn, Nancy  1846Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6153
5 Bourne, Celia  19 Jan 1863Wilkes Co, North Carolina I66752
6 Brown, Mary Ann  May 1850Wilkes Co, North Carolina I84562
7 Caudill, Lucinda  7 Aug 1911Wilkes Co, North Carolina I55343
8 Davenport, Mary* (Sarah)  Bef 1775Wilkes Co, North Carolina I2145
9 Denny, James  1789Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6151
10 Foster, Phoebe  3 Dec 1827Wilkes Co, North Carolina I103105
11 Foster, Thomas Jr.  21 Mar 1811Wilkes Co, North Carolina I103106
12 Gambill, Benjamin  1839Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6250
13 Gambill, John  1839Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6247
14 Gambill, John  Aft May 1859Wilkes Co, North Carolina I84559
15 Gambill, Captain Martin Cleveland  20 Feb 1812Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6236
16 Gambill, Polly M.  27 Sep 1906Wilkes Co, North Carolina I66743
17 Gambill, Samuel Johnson  7 Nov 1890Wilkes Co, North Carolina I60590
18 Gambill, William Sr  1779Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6152
19 Gambill, William Jr.  1850Wilkes Co, North Carolina I60588
20 Graves, Jane  31 Mar 1775Wilkes Co, North Carolina I88646
21 Hammons, Mary  21 Jan 1853Wilkes Co, North Carolina I66746
22 Hammons, Mary  21 Jan 1853Wilkes Co, North Carolina I66755
23 Johnson, Chloe  9 Jan 1877Wilkes Co, North Carolina I60589
24 Johnson, Gilson  11 Nov 1956Wilkes Co, North Carolina I33396
25 Johnson, Jeffrey  Aft 1758Wilkes Co, North Carolina I66747
26 Johnson, Jeffrey  Aft 1760Wilkes Co, North Carolina I66758
27 Johnson, Samuel  15 Sep 1834Wilkes Co, North Carolina I66745
28 Johnson, Samuel  15 Sep 1834Wilkes Co, North Carolina I66754
29 Jones, Elizabeth  4 Mar 1803Wilkes Co, North Carolina I85708
30 Jones, Frances Virginia  4 Mar 1803Wilkes Co, North Carolina I85709
31 Knight, James  1821Wilkes Co, North Carolina I81025
32 Knight, Ursley  1817Wilkes Co, North Carolina I81027
33 Lane, Miry  Bef 1845Wilkes Co, North Carolina I49897
34 Lindsey, Nancy "Ann"  Bef 1827Wilkes Co, North Carolina I36277
35 Lycons, Elizabeth^  15 Jun 1780Wilkes Co, North Carolina I80370
36 Parks, Capt John  1791Wilkes Co, North Carolina I49243
37 Risdon, William John  1781Wilkes Co, North Carolina I102069
38 Sharp, Mary  1785Wilkes Co, North Carolina I49244
39 Sharp (or Sharpe), Mary  1778Wilkes Co, North Carolina I79273
40 Shores, Sarah  Aft 1830Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6086
41 Shumate, Betsy  18 Mar 1895Wilkes Co, North Carolina I66744
42 Shumate, William  Aft 1825Wilkes Co, North Carolina I66764
43 Sisk, John  19 Apr 1806Wilkes Co, North Carolina I100168
44 Smith, Mary Margaret  1812Wilkes Co, North Carolina I81026
45 Snider, Charity  1828Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6164
46 Sparks, Colby  Abt 1869Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6105
47 Sparks, Joel  Dec 1849Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6098
48 Sparks, John Wesley Sr  1840Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6087
49 Sparks, Reuben  13 Jul 1840Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6125
50 Sparks, Samuel  1858Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6168
51 Sparks, Solomon Jr  Aft 28 Dec 1817Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6144
52 Sparks, Solomon* Sr  1790Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6085
53 Stringer, John  1855Wilkes Co, North Carolina I55285
54 Triplett, Elijah  1840Wilkes Co, North Carolina I81028
55 Triplett, Elizabeth  Aug 1878Wilkes Co, North Carolina I81029
56 Triplett, Mary "Polly"  1850Wilkes Co, North Carolina I81032
57 Van Hooser, Elizabeth  Aft 1820Wilkes Co, North Carolina I20044
58 Vanover, Cornelius  1 Jan 1818Wilkes Co, North Carolina I97349
59 Walker, Rachel  Aft 1758Wilkes Co, North Carolina I66748
60 Wash, Caterine Gross "Caty"  1800Wilkes Co, North Carolina I84558


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Blackburn, John  1820Wilkes Co, North Carolina I80005
2 Sparks, Joel  1820Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6098
3 Sparks, John Jr  7 Aug 1820Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6103
4 Sparks, Joseph  1830Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6170
5 Sparks, Joseph Hardy Sr. (son?)  7 Aug 1820Wilkes Co, North Carolina I9920


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Sparks, Solomon Jr  28 Dec 1817Wilkes Co, North Carolina I6144


Matches 1 to 54 of 54

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alexander / Sparks  18 Mar 1820Wilkes Co, North Carolina F2605
2 Bauguess / Sparks  Bef 1810Wilkes Co, North Carolina F2636
3 Bauguess / Sparks  26 Sep 1817Wilkes Co, North Carolina F2638
4 Blackburn / Caudill  Abt 1838Wilkes Co, North Carolina F18161
5 Blevins / Caudill  Abt 1868Wilkes Co, North Carolina F18170
6 Blevins / Wiles  Abt 1905Wilkes Co, North Carolina F18163
7 Brown / Hagler  30 Jan 1794Wilkes Co, North Carolina F7154
8 Combs (or Coombs) / Nantz  31 May 1779Wilkes Co, North Carolina F34821
9 Dowell / HIckman  23 Sep 1797Wilkes Co, North Carolina F27704
10 Gambill / Brown  7 Sep 1822Wilkes Co, North Carolina F27715
11 Gambill / Morgan  26 Jul 1785Wilkes Co, North Carolina F19847
12 Gambill / Nall  23 Sep 1777Wilkes Co, North Carolina F19844
13 Gambill / Shumate  Abt 1848Wilkes Co, North Carolina F21595
14 Gentry / Sparks  1825Wilkes Co, North Carolina F2637
15 Hagler / Magee  7 Nov 1797Wilkes Co, North Carolina F7156
16 Hagler / Mullins  29 Apr 1800Wilkes Co, North Carolina F7370
17 Hagler / Neathery  16 Mar 1787Wilkes Co, North Carolina F7153
18 Hagler / Robbins  7 Jul 1786Wilkes Co, North Carolina F7400
19 Hagler / Triplett  26 Jan 1828Wilkes Co, North Carolina F7182
20 Hagler / Triplett  11 Oct 1829Wilkes Co, North Carolina F7183
21 Johnson / Sparks  1784Wilkes Co, North Carolina F2627
22 Jones / Cleveland  10 Jun 1807Wilkes Co, North Carolina F34810
23 Jones / Robins  18 Nov 1792Wilkes Co, North Carolina F28163
24 Maynard / Smith  25 Dec 1801Wilkes Co, North Carolina F15276
25 Pruitt / Durham  Abt 1839Wilkes Co, North Carolina F18174
26 Pruitte / Blevins  Abt 1896Wilkes Co, North Carolina F18172
27 Pruitte / Caudill  Abt 1925Wilkes Co, North Carolina F18168
28 Sanders / Triplett  22 Feb 1797Wilkes Co, North Carolina F25198
29 Schmidt / Linville  10 Mar 1780Wilkes Co, North Carolina F3073
30 Sisk / Simpson  1798Wilkes Co, North Carolina F33688
31 Sparks / Blackburn  27 Jul 1814Wilkes Co, North Carolina F2602
32 Sparks / Blackburn  10 Oct 1828Wilkes Co, North Carolina F2607
33 Sparks / Brown  5 Jan 1815Wilkes Co, North Carolina F2431
34 Sparks / Brown  1817Wilkes Co, North Carolina F2633
35 Sparks / Demmitt  4 Feb 1822Wilkes Co, North Carolina F19510
36 Sparks / Fields  Abt 1816Wilkes Co, North Carolina F2606
37 Sparks / Lane  5 Sep 1844Wilkes Co, North Carolina F16443
38 Sparks / Lyon  1845Wilkes Co, North Carolina F27763
39 Sparks / Mainer  Abt 1815Wilkes Co, North Carolina F2609
40 Sparks / Parmelee  14 Aug 1781Wilkes Co, North Carolina F11779
41 Sparks / Pruitt  28 Dec 1822Wilkes Co, North Carolina F2608
42 Sparks / Rose  Abt 1806Wilkes Co, North Carolina F2632
43 Sparks / Shalley  23 Nov 1846Wilkes Co, North Carolina F16442
44 Sparks / Snider  1785Wilkes Co, North Carolina F2624
45 Sparks / Sparks  Abt 1824Wilkes Co, North Carolina F2604
46 Sparks / Walsh  1801Wilkes Co, North Carolina F2598
47 Sparks / Wilcoxson  1821Wilkes Co, North Carolina F2634
48 Stapp (Stepp) / Hagler  24 Mar 1817Wilkes Co, North Carolina F7174
49 Stringer / Baker  Abt 1805Wilkes Co, North Carolina F18147
50 Taylor / Roark  1792Wilkes Co, North Carolina F28823
51 Triplett / Knight  24 Dec 1798Wilkes Co, North Carolina F26462
52 Triplett / Triplett  7 Jan 1822Wilkes Co, North Carolina F26463
53 Walker / Wilcoxson  27 Nov 1778Wilkes Co, North Carolina F31096
54 Wheeler / Triplett  14 Feb 1848Wilkes Co, North Carolina F26464

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