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of, Angelina Co, Texas



Matches 1 to 78 of 78

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Catherine  Aft 1870of, Angelina Co, Texas I58535
2 Armes, Marion (step son?)  Aft 1860of, Angelina Co, Texas I22995
3 Bruce, Lucinda M.  Aft 1900of, Angelina Co, Texas I58533
4 Burns, Andrew M.  Aft 1910of, Angelina Co, Texas I103199
5 Burns, Earl  Aft 1910of, Angelina Co, Texas I103200
6 Burns, Eunice  Aft 1920of, Angelina Co, Texas I79202
7 Burns, Hazel  Aft 1900of, Angelina Co, Texas I103167
8 Burns, Ruth  Aft 1910of, Angelina Co, Texas I103165
9 Chatham, Emmie  Aft 1870of, Angelina Co, Texas I103195
10 Chatham, Willie  Aft 1870of, Angelina Co, Texas I103196
11 Collins, William Lamar  Aft 1900of, Angelina Co, Texas I103174
12 Cooley, Mrs. Ellen Bersheba (..)  Aft 1870of, Angelina Co, Texas I41645
13 Forrest, James  Aft 1870of, Angelina Co, Texas I103193
14 Guinn, Mary  Aft 1880of, Angelina Co, Texas I93479
15 Hancock, Gertrude M.  Aft 1910of, Angelina Co, Texas I5657
16 Hancock, Ray H.  Aft 1910of, Angelina Co, Texas I5656
17 Hawkins, Ford C.  Aft 1920of, Angelina Co, Texas I93485
18 Hawkins, Mrs. Gillie B. (..)  Aft 1920of, Angelina Co, Texas I93484
19 Hawkins, Guy A.  Aft 1920of, Angelina Co, Texas I93486
20 Higginbotham, Frances Elizabeth  Aft 1940of, Angelina Co, Texas I103198
21 Jones, Anna  Aft 1900of, Angelina Co, Texas I103144
22 Jones, Britton  Aft 1900of, Angelina Co, Texas I103142
23 Jones, Eliza J.  Aft 1860of, Angelina Co, Texas I21511
24 Jones, Emilie  Aft 1870of, Angelina Co, Texas I23794
25 Jones, Enoch  Aft 1860of, Angelina Co, Texas I21240
26 Jones, Eugenia (step-dau?)  Aft 1860of, Angelina Co, Texas I22996
27 Jones, Gertie  Aft 1900of, Angelina Co, Texas I103141
28 Jones, Jesse Hamilton  Aft 1860of, Angelina Co, Texas I20778
29 Jones, Mrs. Julia (..)  Aft 1860of, Angelina Co, Texas I22575
30 Jones, Lucy  Aft 1860of, Angelina Co, Texas I22134
31 Jones, Maria  Aft 1860of, Angelina Co, Texas I21230
32 Jones, Mary M.  Aft 1860of, Angelina Co, Texas I21280
33 Jones, May  Aft 1900of, Angelina Co, Texas I103143
34 Jones, Mirtie  Aft 1900of, Angelina Co, Texas I103140
35 Jones, Rhoda  Aft 1860of, Angelina Co, Texas I21436
36 Jones, Rhoda M.  Aft 1860of, Angelina Co, Texas I79146
37 Jones, Rhoda N.  Aft 1860of, Angelina Co, Texas I22566
38 Jones, Richard  Aft 1860of, Angelina Co, Texas I21639
39 Jones, Mrs. Susan (..)  Aft 1870of, Angelina Co, Texas I23796
40 Jones, William  Aft 1860of, Angelina Co, Texas I21053
41 Jones, William Frank  Aft 1900of, Angelina Co, Texas I103149
42 Jones, William M.  Aft 1860of, Angelina Co, Texas I22690
43 Lovelady, Anna May  Aft 1900of, Angelina Co, Texas I49714
44 Lovelady, Bulah  Aft 1900of, Angelina Co, Texas I49718
45 Lovelady, George Washington  Aft 1900of, Angelina Co, Texas I13112
46 Lovelady, Laura  Aft 1900of, Angelina Co, Texas I49717
47 Lovelady, Louis Nolan  Aft 1920of, Angelina Co, Texas I49713
48 Lovelady, Willie  2 Oct 1900of, Angelina Co, Texas I49715
49 McEwen, David H.  Aft 1870of, Angelina Co, Texas I103192
50 Morehead, George W.  Aft 1880of, Angelina Co, Texas I58484
51 Morehead, Henry  Aft 1880of, Angelina Co, Texas I58486
52 Morehead, James T.  Aft 1880of, Angelina Co, Texas I58481
53 Morehead, John H.  Aft 1880of, Angelina Co, Texas I58485
54 Morehead, Katie Luella  Aft 1900of, Angelina Co, Texas I58538
55 Morehead, Mary Adline  Aft 1910of, Angelina Co, Texas I58541
56 Morehead, Oma Carry  Aft 1910of, Angelina Co, Texas I58540
57 Morehead, Sofireah  Aft 1880of, Angelina Co, Texas I58483
58 Norris, Berdie May  Aft 1900of, Angelina Co, Texas I49724
59 Norris, John  Aft 1900of, Angelina Co, Texas I49723
60 Norris, Lula  Aft 1900of, Angelina Co, Texas I49722
61 Norris, Robert  Aft 1900of, Angelina Co, Texas I49725
62 Norris, Wedderburn  Aft 1900of, Angelina Co, Texas I49726
63 Norris, William  Aft 1900of, Angelina Co, Texas I49721
64 Parish (Parrish), Henry  31 Dec 1951of, Angelina Co, Texas I68460
65 Parrish, Martha Almyrta  Aft 1880of, Angelina Co, Texas I58487
66 Scarborough, Amanda  Aft 1870of, Angelina Co, Texas I103185
67 Shelton, Abbie  Aft 1910of, Angelina Co, Texas I61615
68 Shelton, Apostal P.  Aft 1910of, Angelina Co, Texas I61620
69 Shelton, Bulah  Aft 1910of, Angelina Co, Texas I61616
70 Shelton, Ella  Aft 1910of, Angelina Co, Texas I61619
71 Shelton, Gospel  Aft 1910of, Angelina Co, Texas I61617
72 Shelton, Lela  Aft 1910of, Angelina Co, Texas I61618
73 Shelton, Mrs. Mary (..)  Aft 1910of, Angelina Co, Texas I61612
74 Shelton, Mattie  Aft 1910of, Angelina Co, Texas I61613
75 Shelton, Ola  Aft 1910of, Angelina Co, Texas I61621
76 Shelton, Oma  Aft 1910of, Angelina Co, Texas I61614
77 Shelton, William F.  Aft 1910of, Angelina Co, Texas I61611
78 White, Sarah Jane "Sally"  Aft 1860of, Angelina Co, Texas I20567

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