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of, Charles Co, Maryland



Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eden, (..)  Abt 1750of, Charles Co, Maryland I36723
2 Hughes, Anne  Abt 1680of, Charles Co, Maryland I21074
3 Lambert, John  Bef 1643of, Charles Co, Maryland I5974
4 Scott, Robert  Abt 1740of, Charles Co, Maryland I36716


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Addison, Esq. John  Aft 1704of, Charles Co, Maryland I2830
2 Barton, Mrs Mary (..)  Aft 1717of, Charles Co, Maryland I21659
3 Dent, Rebecka  Aft 1716of, Charles Co, Maryland I102213
4 Dixon, Thomas  Aft 1706of, Charles Co, Maryland I25914
5 Dodson, Margaret  Aft 1800of, Charles Co, Maryland I67020
6 Douglas, Jesse (son?)  Aft 1775of, Charles Co, Maryland I36735
7 Douglass, Benjamin Jr.  Aft 1734of, Charles Co, Maryland I102214
8 Gwinn, Josh  Aft 1723of, Charles Co, Maryland I102103
9 Howard, Elizabeth  Aft 1790of, Charles Co, Maryland I36731
10 Howard, Thomas  Aft 1717of, Charles Co, Maryland I3055
11 Marshall, Sarah  Aft 1765of, Charles Co, Maryland I85263
12 Posey, Elizabeth  Aft 1717of, Charles Co, Maryland I40202
13 Stone, Anne  Aft 1750of, Charles Co, Maryland I19251
14 Stone, Benjamin  Aft 1757of, Charles Co, Maryland I36738
15 Stone, Betty Ann "Betsey"  Aft 1791of, Charles Co, Maryland I36721
16 Stone, Chloe  Aft 1760of, Charles Co, Maryland I20573
17 Stone, Daniel Jenifer  Aft 1772of, Charles Co, Maryland I19235
18 Stone, David Jr  Aft 1750of, Charles Co, Maryland I19248
19 Stone, Elizabeth Land  Aft 1775of, Charles Co, Maryland I36737
20 Stone, Margaret (..)  Aft 1758of, Charles Co, Maryland I36726
21 Stone, Mary  Aft 1750of, Charles Co, Maryland I19250
22 Stone, Rachel  Aft 1775of, Charles Co, Maryland I36736
23 Stone, Samuel  Aft 1790of, Charles Co, Maryland I36725
24 Stone, William  Aft 1759of, Charles Co, Maryland I36728
25 Swann, Burch  Aft 1743of, Charles Co, Maryland I96116
26 Swann, Edward  Aft 1743of, Charles Co, Maryland I96114
27 Swann, Edward  Aft 1743of, Charles Co, Maryland I96121
28 Swann, Elizabeth  Aft 1743of, Charles Co, Maryland I96118
29 Swann, Mercer  Aft 1743of, Charles Co, Maryland I96115
30 Swann-Dyer (or Dyson), Sarah  Aft 1743of, Charles Co, Maryland I96120
31 Swann-Wheeler, Susannah  Aft 1743of, Charles Co, Maryland I96117
32 Warren, Ann  Aft 1757of, Charles Co, Maryland I16049

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