Your Predicted Haplogroup is I-P214

Haplogroup I dates to 23,000 years ago, or older. The I-P215 lineage is about 15,000 years old and began in southern Europe. Today it is found primarily in Sardinia and the Balkans. Haplogroup I represents one of the first peoples in Europe.









Some of these matches have been identified. The following hyperlinks will show the kinship chart to John:


Doug Oglesby, Genetic Distance of 2:  Kinship: 7th cousin 2x removed


Richard (Oglesby) Wilson, Genetic Distance of 2: 5th half cousin 3x removed


 John Shelton, Genetic Distance of 2: 4th cousin 3x removed

Note:  John Shelton descended from the first child of Lucinda Shelton, an unwed mother. Through DNA and proximity of family residences and a lot of research revealing other coincidental events, it is evident that the father of that first child was Gustavus Adolphus Oglesby, who married Lucinda’s sister about a year later, thus the Oglesby DNA.  John Shelton and Richard Wilson Shelton, as well as  Doug Oglesby all shared a 0 Genetic Distance to each other.


David Allen Emerson, Genetic Distance of 3:  Unknown; but throughout lower levels of testing, there are matches to Emersons and Hendersons at varying Genetic Distances. All but these in Y67 dropped off after higher testing.  The connection to Emersons/Hendersons is unknown at this time; but they seem to be quite distant.  


 Thomas Clinton Broach: Genetic Distance of 4, co-incidentally is 7th cousin 2x removed, but not by Y chromosomes.

Note:  First, the Sheltons are on Broach’s mother’s side.  Beside that, the Sheltons that are in Broach’s lineage seem to be from the Ralph Shelton/Mary Crispin line, which we believe is our maternal line of Sheltons.  The Shelton line that John Shelton (above), is from the Dan River Sheltons.  As I understand, DNA has proven these two Shelton lines to be separate.  There must be a yet undiscovered path to explain Broach’s Y DNA match.


Mr. F. Robert Henderson, Genetic Distance 4:  Unknown


James Edward Emerson, Genetic Distance 6:  Unknown


Everett Glen Emerson, Genetic Distance 6:  Unknown


The rest, Genetic Distance 7, probably too far back to ever find.


If anyone sees this who can explain the Emerson/Henderson connection to the Oglesbys, please email Sherry Sharp, lumoto1@gmail.com


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