from Jack Lawrence

  1 Former South Park ISD Administration Building and adjoining four (4) acres to about where power line easement cuts across block.

  2 One (1) acre of land being offered to BISD gratis (free) if BISD builds new middle school on this block; just north or the "2" is the South Park Fire Station, which would be in a perfect place for rescues at the school, or in case of injured student needs emergency transporation.

  3 Another acre of land whose owner is willing to sell for $25,000.00 to anyone interested. County appraisal is around $18,000-20,000 according to owner.

One of the criticisms of this site which Dr. Thomas had was that school buses couldn't be turned around on the narrow streets, Woodrow and West Virginia. Putting a bus garage at "3" solves the problem with the school buses, and is also off-campus.

  4 The area behind the SPMS Historic Building is perfect to build the new school. All but between one and five of the temporary buildings were moved in and assembled after the lawsuit was filed and Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) granted.

Alternative Suggestions Published in Letters to the Editor:

Letter to the Editor - submitted by Sarah Nobles Zimmerman Letter to the Editor - submitted by Sharon Voss Letter to the Editor - submitted by Miriam Cade Nichol Letter to the Editor - submitted by Patrice Kihlken

From: Howard Hayes
Date: 8/21/2009 4:38:31 PM
Subject: "least Drastic suggestions"

Continue the cleanout, save the demolition money, use the classrooms and offices for maintenance personnel and supplies.

Use all of the above for a neighborhood storm shelter, as there are plenty of bathrooms for both genders and an efficient cafeteria to feed everyone who has to stay there for as long as they have to. The whole place can run on generators like the hospitals and supermarkets do. Powerline crews can be accomodated there, too, when Ford Park is overrun. Think what a positive spin BISD could get on it's image. I've said before that I pray to Almighty God that it doesn't get torn down and then LOTS of people NEED it.

Insirational education curricula could be taught there, like seminars, lecture series, etc. Summer band camps. The auditorium is fairly good, acoustically.

Even senior citizen's dormitories would be a lot better than demolition. COME ON, EVERYBODY, THINK!!!!! Howard Hayes, Class of '69

From: Patrice Kihlken
Date: 8/22/2009 8:19:56 AM
Subject: suggestions for south park

I think BISD should sell their IH-10 frontage property. Use the money from that sale to renovate the SPHS building and move Admin offices to SPHS building. Build the new school on the vacant land behind the stadium. Any funds left over from the sale and renovation can go to offset the price of the new school being constructed. This would bring much needed jobs to the south end of Beaumont. Plus it allows administrator's to take advantage of Lamar University campus - which is just up the street. When SPHS was going strong - the community had a lot of small businesses - burger stands, corner drug store, grocery stores, etc. Think of the resurgence of commerce in the area!

Another idea is to convert to artists lofts, or for small business incubator spaces. Office space is another idea.

Turn SPHS into a community center. Build the new school on the vacant lot

There have been a lot of ideas submitted in the paper - read all the comments at the bottom of the articles - not just the articles. Letters to the editor also included some good ideas.

From: Carl Sheffield
Date: 8/22/2009 12:38:18 PM
Subject: SPHS

Mr Getz,

My suggestion for Least Drastic Alternative involves the participation of Lamar University. If LU could make use of the building, then some arrangement could be negotiated which could be worked out without demolishing the building. The building would still need refurbishing.

Lamar began in that building and many graduates of that high school have gone on to LU and brought honor to that university. It probably would take legislative action for funding. Lamar could reduce itís expenditure by swapping any vacant land they may have which would be suitable for a middle school. Lamar might also consider leasing the building from BISD.

As for a use, I am not qualified to answer that. I have heard that the LIT component of LU could be interested. Perhaps it could host the Lamar Liberal Arts Academy for high school students. All it needs is an independent department of LU that could exist a few blocks away from the main campus. Many universities have research centers located like that.

There are many alumni and philanthropists who might contribute to help Lamar accomplish this goal. In return Lamar could honor the South Park name by leaving it on the building, or naming it for some of the many South Park supporters who have had connections with LU, such as, but not limited to, Todd Christopher, Mr. Vincent, etc.

Thank you for your consideration and help to South Park,

Carl Sheffield

South Park Class of 1968

From: Jerry Stopher
Date: 8/22/2009 1:34:23 PM
Subject: Simple win-win for the High School

The money to tear down the High School can be used to refurbish it, if it really needs to be done. (I don't know of anything wrong with it, having been in it on 6 June 2009.) Then it can be used as a Magnet School for Academics and Performing Arts. And of course it can be called South Park High School. Why not?
The money to build a new school can be used to build a new school at the other end of the campus, facing Maddox Street. This new school can be named Barack Obama Middle School, in honor of our President.
All should be satisfied by this plan, and it's simple, straightforward, and there should not be any need for more money to do it.
Everyone wins!

Date: 08/22/09 19:49:54
Subject: SPHS

I heard at the last front of school meeting that there were two men, I believe one was named (redacted), that wanted to rent office space in the school and would write out a check for (redacted). for the first months rent on the spot if it was available. He wanted the Principal's office. The other one wanted one upstairs for the same money. I wonder how it would work to advertise when we get the go ahead? Carol Huff Broussard '59

From: patricia nolan
Date: 8/23/2009 10:08:31 AM
Cc: Sherry Lumoto; Miriam Nichol
Subject: SP Building

Let me thank you for taking the time and effort to help us make the public aware of the mishandling of the bond concerning the demolition of the SP High School. I really do appreciate your efforts and hopefully the awareness has caused some taxpayers to stand up and take notice on what is obviously a corrupt school board and Superintendent.

On the subject of alternative uses for the building , one of my first thoughts is a Magnet Arts High School. I know that in Dallas one of the older high schools has been converted and is a highly sought after program to get into. Another thought is a community center(since they torn down Alice Keith) and a museum of sorts because of the first school and a beginning to Beaumont.

Once again, thanks and let me know if I can help in any way.

Patricia (Cade) Nolan
Class of '73