BISD Bond Proposal Pamphlet
Published October 26, 2007

(New school to replace South Park (No demolition of Old South Park)

BISD - 3DI Program Management, after-Jul 28, 2009
"Scope of work: New school. Demolish; save as much existing structure as possible."
(see Remarks: "Weekly Project Status (July 25-July 31) PBK was directed to
continue with the design phase until advised otherwise by the BISD."

CABC Proposed Facilities' Solutions for BISD
Bond Presentation Revised 9-11-07

(pg 16) click to view the entire pdf)

South Park Middle School Presentation (July 27, 2007) pdf

Bond Proposal Submitted March 22
South Park: Page 10
It says: "Build a new school on the South Park site
keeping as much existing structure as possible"
"South Park was also priced as an alternate as a renovated facility."
click on: 3DI's Projection Costs for New and Improved Facilities
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Bingman Elementary
(Page 14)
Blanchette Elementary(Page 16)

Consolidate Bingman with Blanchette and build a new school on the Blanchette site.
The portables should be removed from this site.

Southerland will move into the Bingman school once the consolidation is complete.

Bingman (5265 Kenneth Ave @ Florida Ave) Start -- Blanchette 2400 Lela(End)