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Wednesday, July 01, 2009 11:53:00 PM

Beaumont COC

Photo supplied by
Jim Rich, Vice-President COC

    The Southeast Texas Political Review has been leaked a copy of an email string between a Chamber of Commerce Member who is highly frustrated with the Beaumont Independent School District and the constant lying (we cannot call it anything else) by the Superintendent and the Board of Trustees. In the email string - Chamber of Commerce vice President Jim Rich unloads his frustrations and feelings towards Beaumont and the current situation with the ongoing fight with Beaumont Independent School District.

FLASHBACK : The BISD Bond fails - they go back to the drawing board. This time they go for the big bucks. Dr. David Teusher backed by the Chamber of Commerce backs the bond and it passes. They only do so with certain promises - all of which have now been broken including the situation with Southpark High School and Sallie Curtis Elementary School.

In the email - shared with permission by a third party and by the chamber member - Jim Rich explains the true current state of Beaumont Texas - as well Jefferson County Texas - and its true racial make up - as well as issues that the chamber faces.

We print this email not to embarrass Mr. Rich - but to show you our readers the truth to what we have been saying for years - yet denied by the people who make this place run and who have brought it to its knees with high crime, high unemployment and high taxation. Rich, who is and was to be the voice of business has widely been seen the voice for the politicos - not for business who continues to get taxed and run out of business in Beaumont and Jefferson County Texas.

The Review feels that Mr. Rich is a fine man, family man and an honest man in a very bad place. But his board (s) have put him in that place and frankly - he should not take a good hard look at the direction of the chamber and focus on fixing what is wrong - which is our elected officials that act like Gods, get paid like Gods and simply tax and spend us out of business in Jefferson County. As Dr. Carroll Thomas is doing.

The email - gives an insight with of the true reason the COC backed the bond - and here it is in Mr. Richs own words :

"In working to attract Eastman Chemical Company to this community for their $1.6 billion dollar industrial gasification investment we attempted to address an issue of great concern to their corporate leadership. The lack on investment in public schools.   Eastman will pay 11% of the taxes for BISD; they will be Entergy’s largest customer, and other industrial partners like Air Products  will spend millions to serve them.  We estimate 2000 new jobs rested on the outcome of choosing Beaumont over Lake Charles or other Texas cities.  We also had to convince BISD to step up with a tax agreement that caped their Eastman property appraisal in the initial years to solidify the project economics. With this background, knowledge, and negotiations underway, we did support the bond referendum to replace 220 portable classrooms, provide all new elementary schools on the West End of Beaumont, cap transfers at 92% of capacity instead of the previous 95%, and address needs at West Brook. We also received support for Roy Guess to flow to Austin and West Brook instead of Smith and Central, impacting real estate on the north end of town. Our board consisting of your friends and associates voted 47-3 to support the referendum. The election PAC we put together raised $65,000 from area businesses knowing something positive needed to happen to move the community forward and close the deal with Eastman."

 So now citizens of Beaumont - you know the true story of why the COC backed the bond. It was for Eastman and they came in and saw the "lack of investment" in the schools. Like any investment in the schools is going to help Southeast Texas? Make the school pretty and they will learn?

Oh it gets better folks :

"The distribution of Dr. Thomas’  book was paid for by ExxonMobil. It was their idea and request for us to mail it. By the way, they pay 25% of the taxes to BISD and one of the biggest challenges is recruiting new people to the community. Eastman and ExxonMobil, in effect will be paying 36% of the bond referendum."

The book? Oh that was the fluff piece that was done on BISD's Dr. Carroll Thomas that was sent to all chamber members. When asked if any member could simply send a mail piece through the chamber of commerce to all members about anyone - the member was told "no." Sources inside the Chamber told us tonight that : "it was a really bad decision to make." They went on to tell us : "If we could take it back after what we have learned now - we should have not done it. Thomas lied to us."

Ready for more? Hang on kids - here we go.

 "....Pietzch was not a part of this bond referendum and was before my time. I hope part or all of South Park is saved. I am sorry you feel that now is the time to drop your membership. I am disturbed and do not understand why you would attempt to hurt the only organization that works to provide a positive business climate for the area, recruit new businesses, and provide funding for small businesses to expand."

Folks - here is the denial and the illness that is sickening in Beaumont and Jefferson County. You are with us - or against us. And further, it is nice to see Rich and we guess the COC on the side of the.....well.....Greenies? Heritage in your city? That is the foundation Mr. Rich?

Moving on - now it gets dicey.

"Beaumont is a racially divided community that has not settled old disputes. To an outsider it is hard to understand or explain. Imagine having to explain Beaumont racial polarization and history to Eastman executives or any other international company."   

Wow! God Bless Him! Someone said it. Jefferson County has racial issues! No kidding? Where in the hell has Rich been. He needs to stand up and say it in every speech that he gives. To an outsider it is hard to understand? Uh no! Mr. Rich it is not. For years the power structure in Jefferson County has run things in their own way and "included" other races or for that matter parties into the fold when it helped them. The chamber has helped elected liberal one sided judges, councils, boards, and district wide candidates that are of one party. The democrats. You know - the party of inclusion! Well the black families have seen the inclusion and they do not like it. Hell, we are with them in the GOP. The COC is supposed to support business not help elect those who tax us to death or do anything they can to take from the community and fatten their pockets. Hey Jim? Where has the COC been during the massive tax collection in the county budget from 88 million to now more that 120 million in spending? Where were you guys Jim? You want to cry because you say this business man is "hurting" the only organization that helps business? With your organizations help....well you finish that sentence. Not one COC has done ANYTHING in this county to help business or keep our costs down. They have elected the good old boys who are not the good old fat cats.

But the Review knows you are hearing it now. Look in the mirror - the COC is part of the problem. This is a lie from your own web site :

"DIVERSITY CELEBRATED IN EVERY-DAY LIFE: Jefferson County is a very diverse area with 35 percent of its 246,000 residents African American, 13 percent Hispanic, and three percent Asian. The mid-county cities of Nederland, Port Neches and Groves that lie between Beaumont and Port Arthur are mostly white, but that is gradually changing. In Beaumont and Port Arthur, African Americans have prominent elected and appointed positions in city government and the school districts – including Beaumont school superintendent and Beaumont city attorney. One of Jefferson County’s four elected commissioners is African American as is the county clerk and two county-level judges. One judge is Hispanic. The Beaumont and Port Arthur chambers each have several African Americans on their boards of directors, and the new Port Arthur Chamber chief executive is African American. City Council representation is diverse with three African Americans in Beaumont and the mayor and several councilmen in Port Arthur. "  Beaumont COC Web Site

Who cares what color they are? Can they do the damn job and not be stupid and act like kings and queens? Why lie about the numbers? Or at least update them??? Racial???

Lastly, you would have to be blind, dumb and stupid not to see the racial issues. Look at the Concealed Handgun Permit Requests in this county. Look at the crime? Look at who is committing the crime? Look at the unemployment and who is unemployed? Come on Jim - be honest.

"If one of your major customers was unhappy with you, you would want an opportunity for a meeting to discuss and explain your side."

Jim - let us help you with this one. Really - listen. This is the culmination of frustration with men and women in southeast Texas that get up everyday at the crack of dawn and work until it is dark. They make payroll, they make a 941, they pay school, county, city, drainage district, hospital, navigation, sales, and any other tax that is thrown at them every single day of the week. The last thing they need is the one place that is supposed to be their advocate throwing support behind a liberal tax and spend democratic majority. There is a time where enough is enough. And Jim - that time is coming. As you will hear more and more of it - as well you little COC's that cannot get business to join - be advocates. Make sure that the elected officials know that during budget time and elections - that taxes will be held or dropped and spending can go down and learn to do more with less.

I guess to say it nicely Jim - WAKE THE HELL UP. Why are you not demanding Carroll Thomas's resignation and the resignation of the board of trustees who continue to lie to the media (they are gullible) and the people. They continue the backroom deals? WAKE UP MR. RICH! And your LITTLE BOARD TOO!

Oh wait? Here is your board of directors:

Oh hell we get it now! Make that racial speech now? Hmmm...when the hen is in the chicken shack you get a hell of a bunch of rotten eggs. Guess who is in the hen house kids?

Now you know the real story of the COC and its relationship with BISD. It is again - an inside deal.

Sadly folks - this is an example of the cancer that has spread in Jefferson County. The mindset. You are with us or against us. Eastman - and we know you read this site - think twice. This place is a hell hole. And it has to do with leadership. One party politics. Who you know - not what you can give.

And so.....we have said what many have wanted to say to Mr. Rich.

Again - Mr. Rich is a fine man - we like him - but he must understand - he is leading his troops to their death and if he does not stop - rethink and challenge the status quo - when Jefferson County dies - and it will - his name will be in history forever.

And you elected officials - remember you can manipulate the media - but you cannot manipulate a thing called history.

Enough said.

Greenies Revenge

    The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Leaders of the Beaumont Independent School District have been served with papers by the state of Texas - not for a lawsuit - but for violation of STATE LAW concerning tearing down a Texas Historical Location.

According to sources both outside the district and inside the district, it is a CRIMINAL PENALTY for anyone to tear down a State Historical Location. Anyone responsible for such can be charged with a crime. Including the person or persons conducting the act - or anyone who orders it.

Sources tell the Review that Dr. Carroll Thomas was informed of this during the bond meetings however choose to ignore it. Further, Thomas refused to speak with Beaumont Heritage Foundation officers regarding the law - which forced the foundation to report it to the Attorney Generals office.

We contacted our source in the AG's office and they stated : "We are aware of the situation in Beaumont. That school is a historic building in Texas and has been designated as such. The chances of it coming down are slim. Why anyone would go against this law baffles us," said the source.

Us too!

And in this mornings Beaumont Enterprise - the spokesperson for the district said the following when asked about tearing down the building :

"Jessie Haynes, special assistant to the superintendent, said the district did receive the petitions, but that the 3,000 signatures did not all represent people who lived in the BISD area. Signatures came from people who lived all over the U.S., she said."

Great PR person! Keeping that BISD tradition alive! Right?

It gets better - how about this quote :

"So throughout the process of the public hearing, the research, and talking to people, the best thing that came up was to build a new South Park and, if at all possible, to incorporate some historical perspective in the new facility."

Well lets ask this question - where in the world was the agenda item up for discussion before the BISD board. In fact, the Review has learned that the meeting was done behind closed doors and not even in front of the public which may be a violation of the open meetings act.

The Review further recieved a copy of a letter from the State Historical Society - written on June 23, 2009....well....we will just let you read it:

click here to view full size click here to view full size

Our take?

This thing is a political nightmare for the district at this point. As well as a legal one. However, their arrogance will overtake any discussion. You watch and see. They are going to do whatever it takes to shut down the history of Beaumont Texas. Just like it was done in Port Arthur.

And now you get to see your future - citizens of Beaumont.

BTW - Egg on the face awards go to : David Teusher, The Beaumont COC board of directors, the city of Beaumont City Council (and all of them). As well - certain county officials that are not willing to stand up and be counted saying that it is not their issue.

Yes it is - this may be another link in the death of Jefferson County Texas. But it is kind of funny to watch while you rank and file democrats who say you are conservatives let the left wing of your party run all over the place.....

Another day!

Side Note : Does anyone know Jeff Fox? Beaumont has a new mayor?


    The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this morning that an injunction will be filed against BISD in the morning effectively shutting down the teardown of the former Southpark Middle School in Beaumont's Southend.

According to sources - Attorney Mike Getzs will call a press conference in the morning on the steps of Southpark Middle School and layout the Injunction order that has either been filed or will be filed in the morning.

Getz will represent the Beaumont Heritage Society and numerous other plaintiffs.

According to sources, Getz will have in his possession proof that BISD officials lied to the public regarding the structural integrity of the building as well as the safety issues that BISD has told the media and public.

As source close to the plaintiffs told the Review this morning : "Carol Thomas lied. He is now caught in the lie. As well David Teusher lied. He is caught in his lie. Now it is time to expose the rats. And they will be exposed."

Contact was made with Attorney Getz who confirmed the press conference and as well advised us that we would have to wait for the details until in the morning.

In numerous appearances in front of the public and government entities - both Thomas and Teusher told audiences that Southpark would not be torn down and that it was an important part of Beaumont's Heritage only to change their minds less than three months later after saying there was safety concerns and stability issues to which the lawsuit declares a lie.

Our take?

Good - someone finally is standing up to Thomas and his lying tribe. It is time to win one for history folks. Let's watch this unfold.

If the media handles this well - it will be the first real look into how the public was lied to. And the board of trustees are shaking in their boots right now. The RATS will be exposed.

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