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Monday, July 06, 2009 05:37:00 PM
Out Of Control

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned late this afternoon that Hearst Newspapers will reach a decision on the fate of the Beaumont Enterprise no later than September 1, 2009. According to our source in Houston - the transition is not going well - and there was another outsource of jobs called another layoff this past week.

"Yes, I can confirm another layoff at the paper," a high ranking source at the Houston Chronicle told us.

"If you think we are happy we are not. Simply put we have to make a decision. The product is not being purchased," said the source. "We are spinning out of control over there."

The Review was given numbers by the Chronicle - being the audience now dropping to less than 37,000 with the Sunday at less than 42,000. According to ABC the numbers seem to show the drop on average and are very close to the numbers we were given.

So we made some calls to our sources at the Enterprise - "It is not good. They are going to close VIP because we lost our editor and the product is horrible now. It is depressing. Everyone has a resume out. They changed our seating and structure. We all know it is a matter of time," said the source.

Another source angrily told the Review : "You think this is funny? This is our job! This is our paper. This is the communities paper and advocate!" - Said the source. other news - a movement has begun inside the GREENIE movement to save Southpark to end subscriptions of the Beaumont Enterprise after their scathing and seemingly threatening editorial naming the Judge, Bob Wrotham - with words like "let it go" and "using the courts" - this is the advocate of the people?

As well, their top rated blog (right) did an entire piece headlined : "You had your chances Greenies, now move on." In that piece that infuriated the movement - calls were made. And ace reporter Emily Guevara wrote a story that had to be corrected because of the upset. The Review was sent the original copy and the corrected - with no apology to the readers or the interviewee. Here is what was sent to the Review :

"South Park was absorbed by the Beaumont Independent School District about that time, and the high school's students went to West Brook. The old building was turned into a middle school and in 1988, it received its historical marker, according to the Web site."

Corrected Copy

"In 1983, Jefferson County commissioners attached the dissolved Beaumont Independent School District to South Park ISD, which later was renamed Beaumont ISD, according to Enterprise archives. In 1986, the school board voted to make South Park a middle school and send its students to West Brook High School, the archives state. In 1988, the building received its historical marker, according to the Save South Park Web site."

Interesting take on words????

And adding insult to injury is there Enterprises continued problems with getting the paper distributed throughout Southeast Texas. The workforce is....well lacking or in jail?

Our take?

We got word this last week from a loyal KFDM employee that another round of Furloughs might be coming and each employee was asked to take a pay cut. KFDM is having sales problems - as it's sister company. They are associated with the Enterprise and the political corruption as well as the Enterprise.

The two other stations in town are doing just fine. In fact, one is growing.

Interesting? Well yes. The two places in the city that for years many "have turned to" are turning away. Turning off and not buying? Why?

For the Beaumont Enterprise they are reaping what they have sewn. That is a liberal group of think tanker writers that simply do not get it. They can move chairs around, they can get rid of editors - but they simply do not trust them. The agenda is and has been big government. And not holding the attention of the readers. The Examiner and Don Dodd has cleaned their clock. And we mean cleaned it. You have to simply love the headlines and going after politicos. All the while the Beaumont Enterprise is six days late on a story.

We predicted this years ago - and we were laughed at. To think the Enterprise would self destruct? Everyone thought we were simply stupid. And now KFDM talking about another downsize? Because nobody can trust them and their relationships with politicos? Do we need to flashback to the employee that was RECALL CARL? And doing it from work? Or the city council thing?

We do not want the Enterprise to close - we like success. We really do. But there is nothing left. Let it go - and then maybe bring it back with some leaders and editors that really want to be an advocate for the people. Investigate stories - not just fluff and obits. And to suggest that history is not important? How about if someone got a big old bulldozer to the Martian Luther King memorial? Oh....boy.....would you hear it!

Or maybe even simply becoming more conservative. Like the population in some cases?

And for the Enterprise to outsource their jobs to India? Oh yes they did. They fired employees here in Beaumont and sent their jobs to India according to our sources. Can you say wow!!!

It will not happen. So you folks mark this day - the Enterprise as we know it will be gone by this time next year. And we hope we are wrong - but unless there is a huge turn of events - they are done. Gator bait....giggle.

And that is sad for everyone.