The many thrills of high
   school years
   have refuge in the past;
In football games, in
   senior proms;
   the joys that will not

Only memories linger still
   in the halls
of old South Park;
Just the thought of by-
   gone days,
   of English, math or art.

Yet we wonder if spirit
   reigns in South Park
Spirit unfaltering
   through these years,
   the will to do or die

As we dream upon the past,
   our faith is strengthened,
   firm and fast;
Before our minds these
   words appear,
   full of memories,
   cherished and dear;

"The sun that sets
   may never rise,
But Greenie Fight
   never dies."

         Class of 47

This poem was submitted by Bruce Jackson, Class of '69. He states that Eddie Jackson was his uncle, and that this poem was printed in the 1952 Spindletop after Eddie's death from a rare brain disorder. He added that his grandmother kept the last verse, that has become the slogan for our beloved school, on a banner in her house until she died in 1975. Thank you, Bruce Jackson!