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A Bad Week

Ya is sometimes a good thing just to go home, run a bath and just forget about everything. You know - a week you just wish that you could forget. And that must be what many are thinking in the BISD on this Friday.

Think about it?

On Monday a judge in Jefferson County calls your super a liar. And he is.

On Wednesday your police department is caught in crime - but ignored by two of the big three.

On Thursday - the media calls you down on illegally called meetings and wins? Without an attorney?

It is a good sign you have had a bad political week.

First, lets be clear - the hero of the week is Jerry Jordan and Don Dodd of the Examiner. They blocked a clear violation of Texas Law. And get this - the districts attorney tried to try it? Behind closed doors. Thank God for an honest Judge - Mickey Sheffield. Don Dodd - and Jerry Jordan - get a big times hats off by the Review - and all of you taxpayers. They stopped what was an illegal meeting! Headline - ARROGANCE?

Second, the media for all parts other than the Examiner, KBTV and the Enterprise ignored a violation of State Law. So did the powers to be. Spending taxpayer money on personal causes? Sick. Arrogant?

And lastly - going to argue a called meeting outside of state law? Sick - simply sick?

What it shows you dear reader is that fact that Beaumont Independent School District is run by social liberals that want to make the law what they want it to be. They will spend your money how they see fit, under their rules and simply do not care about the LAW of Texas.

And get this - YOU VOTED THEM IN! Yes you did! It is your fault that this district is run the way it is. Blame the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce. Blame the school board. Blame David Tauscher. Blame those in the GOP that backed this deal.

They have the money - they have the power - and they will do what they want? Right? Until the people speak. And folks - they spoke.

This week is just a scrape of the corruption that we call Jefferson County Texas. We say a good one for the people - they spoke. The courts ruled and we exposed the corruption.

It is what it is! Jefferson County Texas?

Questions and comments? Bring it on!

And we wonder? How are the "childrens" doing?