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THC Marker No. 10566 issued 1988
(Current SPHS Marker)


21 June 2009, E-mail to Dr. Scott Sosbee, Executive Director East Texas Historical Assoc., from Debra Lynd Pearson (SPHS-86)

22 June 2009, Response from Dr. Sosbee to Ms. Pearson

23 June 2009, E-mail from Ms. Elizabeth Butman, Department of Architecture, Texas Historical Commission, Austin, Texas, to Ms. Pearson,

21 June 2009, E-mail from D Pearson to Ms. Darlene Chodzinski, Beaumont Heritage Society

25 June 2009, Response from Ms. Chodzinski to Ms. Pearson -- "Beaumont Heritage Society has initiated proceedings to file an injunction against BISD to stop the demolition of the building."

Letter of Eligibility for National Register
Dated June 5, 2007
from Gregory W. Smith National Register Coordinator

Information how to obtain Recorded Texas Historic Landmark
Dated July 24, 2007
from Bob Brinkman - Historian
History Programs Division
(with attachments)